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@thatPoleLouis Hi Louis. Accessible versions of programmes (with AD and Sign Language) often appear on iPlayer afte… @sianeliz Thanks for that Sian. We tested these programmes on our end and encountered no issues but it's clear from… @TheC4p7ain Hi there. We're sorry to hear you didn't receive a response the previous time you raised this issue. If… @Miss_Peg Hi there. Can you let us know which programme you have noticed the subtitle lag and we can look into this for you? @sianeliz Hi Sian. All on-demand content is subtitled and can be accessed from within the media player once playbac… @gillditch55 Hi Gill. We're sorry to hear this. Let us know more about your device/set up here:…
@DrWho_Torchwood Hi! We've no plans for Class and TSJA currently, but we always appreciate the feedback from fans.… @PhilPhenom Hi Phil. For us to be able to give you some help we'll need to know more about your device/set up. Easi… @CopyrightRuth Hi Ruth. This issue is still under investigation. Keep an eye on the help site and of course in the… @Grogee2 Hi there. If you start watching live the live stream will stop after 3 hours. I’m afraid we can’t always… Strike is not your average private investigator. All episodes of #Strike are streaming now on… @coopcaitlyn Hi there. You can find help for accessing iPlayer on a PlayStation here: If yo… @ar_fraser Hi Alasdair. Apologies for the delay. We were aware of this, but ep 2 should now be available without AD… the cheerleader, save the world! #Heroes is now available as a boxset on @BBCiPlayer:
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@JenBandicoot Hello Jennifer, sorry to hear that. try switching on BETA mode: If this doesn… @NixxiJ Hello Nicci, there are no current plans. We really appreciate the interest in making it available again. I… @g_vores Hello, we don't have a date yet for Series 4 of Better Things. Please keep an eye here:… @elektron95 If your TV is a new model, it’s possible that it’s awaiting certification. The BBC cannot comment on a… @elektron95 Hello Gellert, an 02001 error message relates to your internet connection. Try these steps:… @lemony_lizard Hello Tessa, the programme is already available, here is a direct link:
@laurenweller Hi lauren! This is something we are aware of and we are looking to get this fixed asap. Hopefully, it… @ObvzItsAndrew Hi! I've checked this myself and I was able to download the episodes without any problems. Please fo… @RealTimVine Can’t promise you the live breakfast footage, Tim, but hopefully this is the next best thing! 😉
🎉 Well done to all of our winners at this evening's #BAFTATV awards and good night!
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerCongratulations to #TheLeftBehind on the #BAFTATV Single Drama award!
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerCongratulations to @gbemi_ikumelo on the #BAFTATV Short Form award for #BrainInGear! Look out for a full series on…
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerWe loves it! #GavinAndStacey is the #BAFTATV Must-see Moment of the Year
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerCongratulations to @RomeshRanga and #TheMisadventuresOfRomeshRanganathan on the #BAFTATV Features award!
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer🦊 Congratulations to @SiansUniverse on the #BAFTATV Female Performance in a Comedy Programme award for #Fleabag!
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer🌍 Congratulations #RaceAcrossTheWorld on the #BAFTATV Reality and Constructed Factual award!
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerGood evening! Follow us for updates on tonight’s 2020 #BAFTATV Awards
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer @gymjamjan @bbciplayer Hi! Yes, you can watch both series and you can see this here: @TomTugendhat As Marc mentioned, the best troubleshooting you can do is to uninstall and then reinstall the app aga…
@LaurenStreeter2 Hi Lauren, I've raised this fault with our product team who are investigating. They've asked if yo… @marcda671 Hello Marc, sorry for the delay. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've had a look at the episo… @JaneWilliams_0 Hello Jane, sorry for the delay. Please try these steps: If these don't hel… @Laura_Marshall Hello Laura, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately if your downloaded programmes wont play you will nee…️⚽️ Remember when @IanWright0 was on #TheRealMcCoy? Here he is reminiscing with @DJAce:
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@Lesley_C12 On the homepage in the TV app there should be a 'Continue Watching' section for all programmes you've s… @Lesley_C12 Hello Lesley, what device are you using to access iPlayer? are you using the iPlayer website or app? We… @Donna7821 Hello Donna, sorry for the delay. It appears you're getting an 02001 error message which relates to your… @Bzlwzl Hello Brona, yes the final two episodes air on BBC4 tomorrow and next Thursday. Please see this link for th… @CourtneyFPhoto Hello Courtney, sorry for the delay. I've checked episode 1 and it's definitely working. Please try… @Tanuja_A Hello Tanuja, sorry for the delay. Please try switching off autoplay: Let us know…📺 Influential sketch comedy show #TheRealMcCoy comes to @BBCiPlayer today. @DJAce talks to the cast and famous face…
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It's @mescal_paul's world, we're all just living in it #Emmys2020
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer @MrDanMak Hi Dan, unfortunately due to rights restrictions it's only possible to make episodes available for a limi… @talkingaway Hello, thanks for the feedback! We appreciate the interest in making Series 2 available again. I have… @Ria1984 Hello Ria, yes all episodes of Series 1 will be available on iPlayer tomorrow once they've aired on BBC4.… @karatejenny Sorry for the delay.Please contact the team here: with your television make, m…
@cm66uk I've tried searching for news of it on the BBC but it looks like it will just be available on Dutch TV when… @BobSluka @TinaBeattie @NickBHP @revkatebottley Hi Robert. Unfortunately, iPlayer is only available inside the UK.… @ianmac67_SE @KevinMageeBeeb @chrislindsay_ @bbcgaeilge @Macha_Media @NIScreen @BBCTwo Hi Ian. Just in case you sti… @DarrenOnRecord @BBCSPORTNI @Glentoran @BBCTwoNI Hi Darren. You can watch it live on iPlayer. Change you location t… @DrUdayKiran1 @BBCOne Hi Dr Kiran. iPlayer is only available to Licence Fee holders inside the UK. This FAQ page wi… @JackHCooper_ Unfortunately, the iPlayer on Apple TV does not support subtitles. They use a different format and it… @JackHCooper_ Hi Jack, we'd be happy to help with this, can you let us know which programme you are talking about a…
@ceinwen_sian No, thank you Cei 😊 It’s great to hear that you are getting a chance to enjoy it. @karatejenny Hey Jenny, it should be possible to pick up where you left off, The BBC iPlayer help page has tips on…
@SawBarlow This will allow you to watch live regional programmes from the TV schedule after you've changed your loc… @tinkujuicy Hello, I've tested playing the episode and it is working. Please try these steps:… @SawBarlow Hello Sean, sorry for the delay. Yes, you can change location in your Smart Tv. Please see this link for… @FlyingBellboy Hello Cameron, please try uninstalling & reinstalling the iPlayer app. If this doesn't work please c…
“This knife could cut between worlds.” Hold your dæmons close… #HisDarkMaterials returns to @BBCOne & @BBCiPlayer @greenvanman1 The trial is only available on the BBC iPlayer website and subtitles for live programmes are not avai… @greenvanman1 Thanks for clarifying. That would explain the subtitles issue you're having. Currently we’re triallin… @A_d_a_m1 If you're being asked to sign in every time on your phone that suggests your BBC Cookies may be switched… @petejkw Hello Pete, sorry for the delay. Episode 4 re-airs at 18.15 on BBC2 and will be avalable shortly afterward… @greenvanman1 Hello again Chris, sorry for the delay. Thanks for providing your system info. I've raised this with…✂️ Every episode of #CuttingIt is now available on @BBCiPlayer:
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@_DKilpatrick10 Hello, we have a wealth of information on our help site that can walk you through setting up BBC iP… @_DanielJHenry's powerful documentary here:
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer"This is not a trend. This is not carnival. This is a movement." Fighting The Power: Britain After George Floyd is…
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@A_d_a_m1 Hello Adam, sorry for the delay. Are you using a Smart Tv? You may need a firmware update if you're havin… @houldall Hello, you may need a firmware update for your Virgin Media box if you're not staying signed in. These tr… @PetrHuna Hi Petr, sorry for the delay. Please clear your cache: Check for browser updates:… @devonlady48 Hi Annabel, sorry for the delay. There have been some reports of downloading issues on iOS devices. We…
Welcome to #FortSalem: your new bingeable, heart-stopping, supernatural drama. All episodes streaming from Sunday…
Retweeted by BBC iPlayerThat's right, you heard it here first... @LMTheSearch will be all yours this autumn on @BBCOne @BBCiplayer
Retweeted by BBC iPlayer @JackWoodgate6 Hello Jack, is this still an issue for you? If you are still getting no sound on your BBC iPlayer ap… @topdeckofthebus Our BBC iPlayer help site has a wealth of information on how to fix issues like these:… @MisVeganthropic Are you able to tell us what system information is listed in your BBC iPlayer app on your TV? (iPl… @greenvanman1 Hello Chris, are you able to tell us what system information is listed in the BBC iPlayer app on your…
@jaaaraaad Hello Jarad, please try these steps which should resolve the issue. Check for browser updates:… @jasgodders Hello Jas, due to rights agreements, you need to be in the UK to stream and download programmes. For fu… @hbafilmshorts Hello Terry, not a current known issue. Please try uninstalling & reinstalling the iPlayer app. If t…
@AaronMLB Hi Aaron, thanks for getting in touch. There is currently no way of removing the 'Childrens' options from… @InFluxSince83 Hi, thanks for getting in touch. There are no current plans for 'The Nest' to be made available agai…
@sleepy_potato27 Hi there. We’d like to look into this for you but we’ll need to know more about the set up you’re… @TheC4p7ain Hi there. We’d like to look into this for you but we’ll need to know more about the set up you’re using… @warr10rz All episodes already broadcast of Olympics Rewind as well as those due to be added will be available here… @LucyAbroad Hi Lucy. We’d recommend our account help site for any issues you’re having with signing in:… @stish1977 Hi Steve. We’d recommend our help site for resetting your password: If you still… @ITSLNE Hi Liam. We're not aware of any current issues with xbox's so we'll need some more info about your setup to… @milominder Hi Miles. Devices not listed here: either have not reached the benchmark requi…
@JamesBliss Hello James, sorry for the delay. Due to rights restrictions it can only be accessed from the UK. For f… @theoelliott Hi, there should be two versions available with & without SL. Please try clearing the episode from you… @cango_uk Hi, we’re exploring the possibility of having the ability to remove or hide the children option for those… @SheilaH39882868 Hi Sheila, due to rights restrictions it's only possible to make episodes available for a limited… @MisVeganthropic Apologies for the delay in getting back in touch. Please contact the team here:…