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On the latest #CoronavirusNewscast… 👥 Groups of six can meet outdoors from Monday 🇪🇺 @bbckatyaadler tells us the…
Retweeted by katya adler @adamfleming @ChrisMasonBBC @BBCkatyaadler @bbclaurak We thought you might like this: how the broadcast engineers…
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This made me lose it all over again @meggiefoster Brilliant!
Here's a recording of the @UKandEU discussion on “Brexit: the state of the negotiations” With @BBCkatyaadler
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SIGN UP for our next #IsolationInsight event on WEDS 27 MAY @BBCkatyaadler @iainmartin1 @CSBarnard24 and…
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Spain’s PM says his country will open for international tourism from July #COVIDー19
But you win no prize for realising that each side thinks the other will have to blink first or more often.. or for… you need to know by heart all details in both letters? Not really. It’s pretty you’re-wrong-no-you’re-wrong. Bot…“A letter is not the right place to negotiate” is main thrust of the EU’s chief trade negotiator’s written response… are we? Is our personality fixed? I’ve loved taking part in a 3part miniseries on One to One, exploring persona…
Retweeted by katya adlerObvs meant to write “backdoor” not “bankdoor” in point /3 above. Darned autocorrect..UK handling goods entering NIreland. UK says no. That would undermine its sovereignty. It’s not make or break here… will increase tensions between the two sides about what is required under protocol. EU figures off record say… goods remain in NIreland and are not headed for Republic of Ireland and rest of single market. EU disagrees.… true in law, UK signed up in practise to NIreland effectively remaining in EU customs union and in its single… will be huge frustration in Brussels now the UK has published its expectations of the requirements of the Iri…
touching on other key relationships too eg energy, transport, fight against terror. Details matter and details take time /3Clock is counting down. Negotiations expected to get properly tough in autumn ie last minute. Deja vu from last yea… this point in trade negotiations, EU + UK see the other’s position clearly. Each has told the other to completel… a text that would ever be acceptable to EU or US. Also huge areas of detail missing, as we might expect, but wh…
Retweeted by katya adlerGood summary of U.K. draft legal texts for trade talks with EU -made public today👇Let’s say: EU not impressed… coming with unprecedented EU oversight of our laws and institutions.” UK has now made public the various…“It does not have to be like this” saysUK chief trade negotiator in a letter to his EU counterpart Michel Barnier.… to @BBCkatyaadler interviewing @WiebkeBleidorn about #personality. Fascinating - "traits are stable and a…
Retweeted by katya adlerWho are we? Is our personality fixed? I’ve loved taking part in a 3part miniseries on One to One, exploring persona…, PR and some Franco German va va voom.. Some thoughts on the building of the EU’s Recovery Fund #Covid_19
"Grinds, Debs and shifting" Possibly the best BBC News headline ever as @LarissaKennelly explains Normal People to…
Retweeted by katya adlerItaly’s PM welcomes the Franco-German recovery fund proposal as “an important first step”👇This is by no means the e… Spain planning MONTHLY BASIC INCOME SCHEME for the most vulnerable households hit by coronavirus pandem… to breath life back into idea of Franco-German motor of EU: Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel announce join… size of the fund still tbc. Ratio of loans vs grants (as contentious as the whole corona bonds debate) still tb… to encourage involvement of richer northern countries is that funds spent on the above in weaker EU econo… proposes no limits on which sectors can apply for the money in a country but conditionality would be tha… would ask country requesting money from the recovery fund to present a national recovery plan - ie what… the 80% to member states, this is not purely those worst affected by health crisis eg Spain, Italy. It's worst a… be used Commission sources tell me, to re-inforce "stakeholders" so necessary during fight against pandemic -… proposal is to divide up money raised: 80% to member states where economy most damaged by effects of… over and above budget to get guarantees from member states in order to borrow more money from capital marke… says the fund needs to come as part of the still-to-be agreed and hotly contested new 7 year EU budget.… President @vonderleyen has been talking to member states to get their crucial support. European Parliame… European Commission is ready with an outline of propsal for recovery fund to help EU member states whose econom… previously trialed a basic income scheme for a year - ending 2018 - guaranteeing 560 euros for two thousand…'s government has called for a universal basic income to counter looming global recession which Bank of Eng… can work while receiving the payments. The scheme is aimed at encouraging people to look for work, rathe… is to become first country in Europe to introduce a permanent universal basic income programme to help people…
Stand-off or stalemate: What’s going on in EU-UK #Brexit trade talks?? that Irish Backstop? Gov is only now beginning to openly discuss practical consequences of #Brexit alterna… Many Italians on social media are furious at the government’s decision. “What’s the sense of all this af…
Retweeted by katya adlerBREAKING. #Italy to exempt EU countries - UK included I am told - Switzerland and Monaco from quarantine rules appl…
Retweeted by katya adlerShadowboxing or stalemate - How much trouble are EU-UK trade talks really in? Some thoughts.. #Brexit the movie industry ever be the same again? @KermodeMovie, @simonmayo AND @mrchrisaddison join the…
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If EU so worried about level playing field then UK says it has floated possibility of aiming for 98% or 99% tariff… official says UK engaging in all areas of talks + has made an offer to EU on level playing field provisions but… senior UK negotiating official says: UK being very realistic. Only asking EU for PRECEDENTED relationship – eg al… 3rd round if trade talks EU and UK each accuse the other if being unrealistic and of needing to change their… level playing field argument: EU at pains to point out that it’s not asking UK to align itself with EU regulatio… make it clear: to those upset I’ve not given more detail of David Frost’s position while I’ve liberally quoted B… @PeterWalker59 I’m following a Barnier press conference live. Frost released a very brief letter. Thank youBarnier says EU will never make an agreement at the cost if its own single market. Says EU will never allow a 3rd c… says U.K. can’t have benefits of single market and customs union without restrictions. If there’s to be a d… says he’s « determined but not optimistic » about how EU-UK talks are going. #Brexit /1Previously the declared aim had been to decide by June but useful leverage for EU in talks as financial services of such importance to UK /2Barnier rules out co-decision-making EU and U.K. when comes to granting equivalence on financial service institutio… raises concerns about Northern Ireland Protocol (again). Reminds UK it must be up and running (with provisi… acknowledges receipt of letter from UK raising concerns that some EU countries haven’t yet made clear the p…« Real lack of understanding of consequences of U.K. leaving the customs union and single market. U.K. needs to be… says progress needs to be made in parallel in all areas discussed in EU-UK trade talks. Has previously accu… « EU is not going to bargain away its single market for benefit of U.K. businesses «Barnier says line by line negotiations on tariffs - based on Michael Gove’s recent suggestion if that is what it ta… says EU wants mutual reciprocal agreements on environment , state aid etc - says U.K. wants to maintain hig… says 1) EU ambition is for free trade zero tariff zéro quota agreement which would be unprecedented for EU… of talks this week « disappointing » says Barnier after round 3 of negotiationsNo progress on most difficult subjects except for moderate progress in talks on fishing quotas says Michel Barnier… negotiators and experts on each side EU and U.K. in trade negotiations, says Barnier after round 3 of talks #BrexitBrexit is a school of patience says Michel Barnier following round 3 of EU-UK trade negotiationsDavid Frost cites EU insistence on UK signing up to level playing conditions, limiting UK ability to decide own reg… round 3 of trade talks with EU since #Brexit the UK’s chief negotiator says: « “I regret ...that we made very… Germany relaxes quarantine restrictions for travelers from the EU, the Schengen passport-free zone and th…
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This on the same day the EU wrote to the UK accusing it of not respecting freedom of movement regulations that coul… Gove has written to the European Commission about concerns regarding limited progress in some EU countries… @jessbrammar Congratulations!!!!!EU says “These shortcomings have an impact on current rights of EU citizens in UK + also risk effecting implementat… Commission has sent a formal letter to the UK, which is the first step in its infringement proceedings. The UK… European Commission has launched legal proceedings against the UK for allegedly violating EU law on free moveme… ‘Confinement Compliant’ Hats Good for social distancing and publicity but maybe not the most fashion consci…
Retweeted by katya adlerBreaking: Emma de Souza forces change in immigration laws in the UK. All Northern Ireland citizens - British or dua…
Retweeted by katya adler @IsabelHardman @KingstonHospNHS @JZWoodcock Congratulations!!!Even if European borders begin to open up in the coming weeks and months – a big if - there’s little expectation t… is expected to announce a 1.5 billion euro plan today to relaunch the tourism industry. A quarter of the cou…
Cue: EU breathing sigh of relief that reality being faced now👇#Brexit's also hoping that this times EU countries will better co-ordinate their actions. When comes to public health th… proposes starting with travel between European countries with similarly low corona virus levels. As with… recommends that tracing apps EU countries are introducing to help contain the virus be designed to work… prioritising travel for goods and workers in the EU to help the smooth running of Europe’s single market; the… as a whole, plus other members of Europe’s passport-free travel zone, Schengen, sealed themselves off to non-ess… still have travel restrictions in place within their own borders. France for example has green zones where inf… more in the case of individual countries like Greece and Spain. But we’re not talking here about jumping from l…’s no surprise the EU is keen to kick-start tourism. #COVID19 linked recession is hitting Europe hard. A summer…