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It’s a big loss for Dianne and Andy. 😭 But at least they’re still taking home a pretty pot of cash. #TheWall“Who’s addicted to Coronation Street? Can we have him escorted from the room!” A nutty bit of @BBCEastEnders on… has a mate who muddles their words up! Reply with something you’ve heard recently. 👇 #TheWall bounce can change your life forever in the ultimate game of risk and reward. It’s #TheWall with @MrDDyer now on…"We're not sobbing our eyes out on the sofa, you are... An inspiring routine from @WillBayleytt and @jmanrara 🧡. …
Retweeted by BBC OneThe Charleston has never looked so cool 😎. @AlexScott and @Mr_NJones really pumped it up this week! #Strictly
Retweeted by BBC OneA Salsa to Who Let The Dogs Out may sound barking mad, but it's actually a pawfect match! Grrreat routine @kayzer_1
Retweeted by BBC OneThe wall gives and the wall takes away. We’re back tonight with @MrDDyer at the helm at 8.35pm on BBC One and BBC i… people, extraordinary times. Does Harry have what it takes to lead his troops at the front line?…“You’re on a good roll here, kids!” @Dani_MasDyer visits her dad, @MrDDyer, on the set of #TheWall. (Just for fun… @Scharzenegger discovered a pile of naked men in Andy Warhol’s studio. 😂 #TGNS Alfonso Ribeiro joins the judging panel, it's not unusual to see our #Strictly stars doing the Carlton. See yo…
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In his new film, the Terminator gets… *dun dun duuunnnnn*... a day job 😂 @Schwarzenegger #TGNS The Graham Norton…"Oh my God I'm going to cry my eyes out!" When you're singing a bit of @Coldplay... and two of the band come along… can act... but can they sing? Britain's biggest stars are recording a special album for @BBCCiN. #GotItCovered’s a star studded line up on tonight’s show... ✨ @LiamPayne performing live! 🎶 ✨ #TheGreatestShowman actress Reb…
Retweeted by BBC OneSo you DO have some maternal instincts, Robina? #WorldOnFire
Retweeted by BBC OneWe absolutely NEED to talk about the latest episode of @RuPaul, or we will end up as a complete hodge podge of a me… Have we mentioned that @LittleMix are getting their own BBC One show? 🙌 #LittleMixTheSearch original line up of the #Sugababes is back together... 😍 And they're on The Graham Norton Show tonight!…'s Friday! Joining @grahnort on the red sofa tonight are: ⭐️Debbie Harry (@BlondieOfficial) ⭐️Arnold… from the Caribbean! Here’s a sneak peek of the new D.I taking over from Ardal O’Hanlon to unravel the is…
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Little Mix are looking for incredible singers to become part of a new band to support them on tour. 🎤🎵 To apply, h…“The emphasis is on all the characters’ very ordinariness, which in turn makes the parallels with modern times all…👋 @cathship27 says goodbye! 😢 #Casualty @BBCOne
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Feeling playful? It's time to test your #TheApprentice knowledge! @BBCApprentice*SPOILER* Sorry, Souleyman. Looks like @Lord_Sugar wasn't turtley keen on Tommy. We'll see you next Wednesday at… the name of the game " haven't got a cludo " even made me laugh @bbcapprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneMe trying to remember if I turned the oven off... #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneDoes Ryan-Mark know he still has a balloon on his head? #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice feel ya @Lord_Sugar. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice 😂 @Lord_Sugar @PiersMorgan @BBCApprentice #TheApprentice is calling Dean Lewis and did so all through the task Its a wonder she never call the retailer JOHN DEAN
Retweeted by BBC OneDear Santa I’ve been very good this year so please, for the love of God, don’t send me a Tommy the Talking Turtle.…
Retweeted by BBC One“What’s not fun about a turtle that lives in your hand” #Genius #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneBecause everybody needs an emotional support turtle named after Thomas 🐢 #WalkingTalkingFriend #LivesOnYourHand
Retweeted by BBC OneIt’s the tie over the shell that makes Souleyman’s outfit sing. 👔 #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneThey're all really happy with the advert. 🙈😆#TheApprentice @BBCApprentice to scale this business up. 🎼🎶 #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneNo, wincing with pain.
Retweeted by BBC One @bbcapprentice #TeamClaude 🙌It's what we're all thinking. @ClaudeLittner @BBCApprentice #TheApprentice that... is that a smile, @ClaudeLittner? #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice KEEP IT SIMPLE! Why so crazy and complicated 😂😂😂 mad ideas omg
Retweeted by BBC OneNo #TheApprentice episode is complete without a @Karren_Brady disapproving look. @BBCApprentice @DavidHickman87 @bbcapprentice He certainly is!Yes, Thomas. 😬🙄#TheApprentice @BBCApprentice's expression is everything. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice you’re looking for a team name, Ryan-Mark’s your man 🙌 #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneNever have I ever enjoyed a hairdryer as much as Ryan-Mark. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice minutes to get ready?! It takes us 20 minutes to realise it's our alarm going off. 😂#TheApprentice are about to get a whole lot more playful on @BBCApprentice after last week's ice lolly task. 🍦 Let the chao… around like a crazy beast trying to finish work and make some food before Apprentice O’Clock! #TheApprentice
Retweeted by BBC OneTEN MINUTES UNTIL #TheApprentice reminder! That's ten minutes to test your memory of what happened last week...…'s what I call an announcement for our 10th anniversary celebration of #Miranda filmed at The London Palladium. E… enigmatic Detective Rob Reilly, played by Killian Scott. What's the dark secret he's hiding? #DublinMurders is the @BBCRadio2 Folk Awards with @themarkrad, and the writers of the Gentleman Jack theme tune -… celebrities did an INCREDIBLE job of recording this year's @BBCCiN #GotitCovered album. We can't wait for you…
Retweeted by BBC OneThe #HisDarkMaterials premiere last night was amazing ✌️✌️ u guys are gonna LOVE the show @darkmaterials
Retweeted by BBC OnePleased to say it’s *wonderful*, epic, foreboding. I legit sobbed when Pan first appears. Also Lyra tries to use th…
Retweeted by BBC OneLast night was simply incredible. The first episode of #HisDarkMaterials blew me away, and still flashes in my mind…
Retweeted by BBC OneLet @Lin_Manuel take you behind the scenes of the latest BBC blockbuster - His Dark Materials
Retweeted by BBC OneGet ready to take a closer look at our extraordinary planet. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet, with Sir David Attenborough,…‘My mum was told to pour me my last drink’ Recovering alcoholic @MelissaRice_1 explains how her mum was told by do…
Retweeted by BBC OneActress @EmAtack is shooting in London for her new summer range but her confidence gets shaken by online trolls. W…
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@lidlmix 😂 You and me both, John @socraticjunkiex It'll be worth the wait 😉When you have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next on #DublinMurders... #DublinMurders continues Mo… @HelenAntrobus @PhelpsieSarah So glad you're enjoying it 😁Flippin heck #DublinMurders is brilliant. Can't look away. Sarah Greene is sublime. Well done @PhelpsieSarah!
Retweeted by BBC One @D_P_Cock I get a tickle in my throat just thinking about it @charley89louise 👀👀👀 @milominder Now this is the kind of expert analysis I like to see #DublinMurders @pete_tonkin He is brilliant 👏 #DublinMurdersWhat is Rob hiding? #DublinMurders continues now on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer. @simonjward @darkmaterials ME NEITHER 😄Missing #TheCapture? Join @scottygb, @hayleycampbell and special guests Holliday Grainger, Callum Turner and writ…
Retweeted by BBC One @LucyeBarker SAME! Bless himIt was seriously cold filming ep3 of #WorldonFire but @celspellman & I were too tough for the earmuffs! 💪👨‍❤️‍👨
Retweeted by BBC OneThe hunt is on to find Katy’s killer. #DublinMurders continues tonight at 9pm on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer. of the greatest TV reunions of all time. #PeakyBlinders talks about the joy of getting to film #HisDarkMaterials in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @darkmaterials is the “global premiere” of #HisDarkMaterials - holy sweet monkey rabbits - I really hope people like what we…
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@EastieOaks See you again tomorrow 😉#DublinMurders continues tomorrow night at 9pm on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer. @CarthyRobbie 🤯🤯🤯 @rozlaws Oh no, I did too... 👀 #DublinMurders @milominder Well, when you put it that way... #DublinMurdersSo far, I am suspicious of absolutely everyone! E V E R Y O N E 🤨 #DublinMurders
Retweeted by BBC OneThe wailing mammy just scared the bejaysus out of me #DublinMurders
Retweeted by BBC One @sarahisnothere I needed to take a few deep breaths after that tbh #DublinMurders @MarieHolt50 👀👀👀 #DublinMurders @natasha_blazey So sassy #DublinMurders#DublinMurders this has me gripped
Retweeted by BBC One @ilikechowmein I'm so here for it #DublinMurders @EastieOaks He doesn't mince his words 😂 #DublinMurders @Aaron_Bannigan I WILL DO MY BEST @TedSleepy Here we go... 👀 #DublinMurders#DublinMurders begins now on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer.