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We're going again for another #UKSingalong! But what song should it be? 🎶 We'll join @1Xtra, @BBCRadio2,… @Rihanna & @CalvinHarris ❤️ 4. ❓ 3. ❓ 2. @Coldplay 🏖 1. ❓ @Scott_Mills runs Jade from @LittleMix through their… // TUNE OF THE WEEK // @BBCR1 @SCOTT_MILLS
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1What 𝘪𝘴 "Monday"? (🎩🐇✨ magic courtesy of @truman_black) can see how much it means to them 😬😂 It was meant to be @WatfordFC vs. @SouthamptonFC this weekend, so… by our wonderful @BBCR1 #earlymorningcrew Thank you to every single trucker doing our country proud. We…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Meet Erin: a 16 year old climate activist, who's on a mission to save the planet 🌍 Tell It follows her on a protes…
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We just played @jaguarworldwide's first Dance Floor Moment from Emily Nash with Strangest Things - it's sure to get…🎵 Tune in to hear these Beautiful Faces on the @BBCIntroducing show now! 🎵 We're talking about @DeclanMcKenna and… to @AliPlumb's full Movie Mixtape featuring @lauvsongs, @lizzo, @perfumegenius and loads more on @BBCSounds 👇 in loser, we're picking our favourite 21st-century Teen Movie tracks 🛍 @AliPlumb has picked his Top 5 songs fr… anyone confirm if @DeclanMcKenna just dreamt this up? @__mealtime we're looking at you 👀 Hear the full intervi… off the first ever BBC Introducing Dance with @jaguarworldwide this evening from 00:30 Tune in to hear you… Sunbathing 'against social distancing rules'
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They're not finished yet - join us for the 2nd hour of @Diplo and Friends with @ProjectParadis going strong! They… on @Diplo and Friends @mrcarmack & @promnite step up to the decks for a 2 hour special with their joint project… night's show on @BBCR1 via @BBCSounds... New music from @followthefishtv, @CalvinHarris, @hotsince82,…
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🚨ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE ALERT 🚨 @PeteTong awards @hotsince82 for his 100th release on @@KneeDeepInSound! What do you t…🐦@DuckSauceNYC are BACK! And have made a Mini Mix for @AnnieMac! Listen to the Quackery shenanigans below 🐦🙌@netskymusic celebrates his return to DnB with a 'Around The World' Mini Mix for @AnnieMac! You can download the w…🌶THE HOTTEST RECORD IN THE WORLD 🌶 The don is back making Drum and Bass and @AnnieMac gives it a big thumbs up! It…“She’s made a phenomenal impact on the electronic music scene and the world of techno.” 🔉 @petetong has high prais… Official Chart time on @BBCR1! Will it be @5SOS or @DUALIPA with the nation's Number 1 album? Find out with…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1You’ll want to put the sound on for this one… 🎤🎵 Thanks to everyone for joining the #UKSingalong this week!
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Obsession. Never. Dies. #KillingEve
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1🎂🎉 @grimmers has been helping listeners who are celebrating their birthdays in lockdown with some special surprises… makers of the children's book The Gruffalo have drawn their characters practising social distancing to help kid…
"I don't really get boys sliding into the DMs" @SophieKasaei_ spills the tea on her playlists and lockdown routine…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Tonight on Front Row @DUALIPA will be revealing her lockdown reading list and what box sets she's been watching. Tu…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1We'll be showing our appreciation at 8pm tonight! Get ready to #ClapForOurCarers 👏👏👏 this? It's just @tomogden93 from @blossomsband performing in his lounge for @scott_mills & @chris_stark... You'… into @scott_mills on @BBCR1 today from 1pm to hear Tom perform ‘If You Think This Is Real Life’ live from his…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1"Sometimes the worst ideas are the best ideas" 🤔🥚🕳 @gregjames asked @GreggAWallace to come up with a new recipe an… @BBCSport YES YES YES 🙌🙌🙌📢 @bbcsport announcement 📢 We're opening the archives across the BBC to relive some of sport's greatest moments.…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1❤️ @bbcasiannetwork #UKSingalong @DrRadhaModgil @BBCRadio2 @BBC6Music @bbcasiannetwork @1Xtra 🙌💕 #UKSingalong @WilliamsBeccaaa ❤️❤️❤️#UKSingalongIf you missed it, or if you want to enjoy it all over again, you can listen to the #UKSingalong on BBC Sounds now 🎤…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1That was so much fun! #UKSingalong As @gregjames said, isolation doesn’t mean you have to be lonely ❤️ Thank you…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1"Isolation doesn't mean you have to be lonely" - @gregjames Thank you to everyone who joined in with our… IS SO PURE 😭💕 #UKSingalong @_MrsC_S LOVE THIS SO MUCH ♥️ #UKSingalong @Tom_Grennan YES TOM 🙌🙌 #UKSingalong @emilysevenoaks @gregjames ❤️ @SonyMusicUK 😘 @BRITs 🙌🏻 @lois_felicity 🙌🏻🎤 ONE HOUR TO GO! 🎤 #UKSingalong
Good job we've got a while to think about this one 😛 Who do we wanna see when festival season gets going again? you’re watching Tiger King on Netflix, here’s a reminder that Louis Theroux met Joe Exotic for his own documenta…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1It's nearly time for our Great British Singalong! ⏰ Join us Thursday at 9am by listening to @BBCR1, @1Xtra,…"Can I go out on a limb and say he's a 'Bad Guy'?" 😂 @AnnaKendrick47 and @jtimberlake playing Unpopular Opinion is… good is this! 💜💛 @jcstewart performed from his lounge for @scott_mills & @chris_stark and... just, wow. 😍"If I'm honest, I've fallen in love with her." 💘 Nigel and Lauren have been spending lockdown together, having sta… "totally refutes" claims from a workers union it is risking employees' safety by not enforcing social distanci…"My house is good for five hours" 🏠😂 Are you a celebrity living it up in lockdown with a fancy house? Then…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1“People who drink coffee are WEAK!!” ☕️ @AnnaKendrick47 agrees with this Unpopular Opinion and @jtimberlake DOES N… song gets your motivated to exercise? @DUALIPA & @CalvinHarris are part of our Workout Anthems mix on…
“So is someone flipping burgers like in a squat position?” 🍔🙅‍♂️ Looks like we need to go to @jtimberlake’s house… the most romantic moments in films are actually before the kissing... This is a journey of cinema's langua…😂 @AnnaKendrick47 and @jtimberlake putting their own twist on the Unpopular Opinion theme, while jet-lagged, is TOO… 1's Power Down playlist is EXACTLY what we need right now 💆‍♀️ @claraamfo played tracks from… Thursday at 9am we’re having the biggest ever radio singalong but what song should the UK sing? Here’s your… thing you never thought you'd see in self isolation... @AllTimeLow's @AlexGaskarth singing to his goats 🐐🎶 He'…“Staying indoors really is just a small price to pay to hopefully see everybody healing and coming together a lot h…"Can I have a beer please?" 🍻😂 @gregjames challenged @jordannorth1 to learn some 'Jordan type phrases' in Korean,… Sophie has been taking part in @thebodycoach's #PEWithJoe classes every morning - so @celspellman and…
2020 song would the whole of the UK singalong to? #UKSingalongIf you needed something to soothe your brain, this should help 😌💜 @maisiehpeters performed from her bedroom for… lighting up the Live Lounge to owning the Big Weekend stage, @MileyCyrus never disappoints! 💜✨ We've compiled… @glastonbury #glastophoto @MileyCyrus ❤️ guess this could always happen in a 💥 DOUBLE 💥 IAN scenario right? 🤷‍♀️ Jenny told @gregjames about a time when…"We get to feed 400,000 children" @MarcusRashford tells @sallynugent on #BBCBreakfast all about his work with…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1 @Mr_joe_Williams @gregjames 😂Now @gregjames needs your help - what song should he choose to represent Radio 1? Remember it will get played on all the other stations 😏Join in with all five of our Pop stations having the biggest radio singalong ever, this Thursday morning 🎤…
Proper Sunday vibes from @kokorokomusic's BME Session with @huwstephens on the @BBCIntroducing show now! @DUALIPA chat to @MollieKing about some of her favourite tracks from #FutureNostalgia 👇 @jtimberlake and @AnnaKendrick47 get voice-recognised as their @Trolls characters? With kids? Not so much. Pare… you're craving live music then check out the @bbcintroducing show tonight from 11pm! @huwstephens has sessions f…👉 We continue with @whoisPURGE who goes deep with an hour of Bass, Dubstep and Drum n Bass all in the mix for…
Now on @Diplo and Friends, production duo @BigGigantic step up to the decks and really do go BIG with an hour of el…📝 NEW TO THE PLAYLIST 📝 Listen out for brand new tracks on Radio 1 from 👇 💎 @DUALIPA 💎 @theweeknd 💎 @AsheMusic
🚨ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE ALERT🚨 And yes, they've done it again! @mathame_ofc get another big thumbs up from Mr.… vibes only is @FinnMcCorry's mantra for his Mini Mix for @AnnieMac / @DannyHoward! You can download his 'Hardc…🌶THE HOTTEST RECORD IN THE WORLD 🌶 And it's big! It's the new one from @CLIPZULK with @Ms_Dynamite, @MsBanks &…"He's such an amazing person and such an incredible artist" ❤️ One day we'll be able to go watch live music again,… there ever been a better time to party in your PJs? 🎉 The world’s best DJs have put together their favourite s…"This is just a cheeky little taster of what's to come..." 👀 We're were already obsessed with @LittleMix's 'Break… 5 Best Rom-Coms of the 21st Century are _________ 📝 @AliPlumb picks his 👇 James is a firefighter and wanted @GregJames and @BigNarstie to surprise his girlfriend Emily who was in i…"All of my creative output is happening via live streams" - @charli_xcx discusses catching up with… Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms, says No 10.
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Weekend challenge: learn the dance routine from @DuaLipa's 'Break My Heart' music video at home 💔🕺 What's your fav… was emotional 💙 What was the reaction like where you live? #ClapForTheNHS new @LittleMix era has begun! 🙌🏻
We'll be celebrating the release of #FutureNostalgia with a @DuaLipa Takeover on Best New Pop with @MollieKing! 🚀✨…, Britain says thank you to our NHS Carers 👏 #ClapForOurCarers
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