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"It's very important that the messages on self isolating come from trusted leaders," says Lucy Yardley, Prof of Hea… performance by my colleague @robyounguk smoothly bringing the nation #business from @BBCr4today ... Many BA…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 Today"It's a very big ask to get people to self isolate...they absolutely should not be out of pocket," says Lucy Yardle… Burnham says infection rates are increasing in "8 out of 10" of our boroughs so "it was the right decision" an… Nassif Hitti, who resigned as Foreign Minister on Monday, says he's been warning "we are going down the drain...… France be next to come off the list of safe destinations? Simon Calder says uncertainty is damaging the indus… homes are worrying insurance costs could put them out of business. Insurers are worrying about homes getting s…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayComing up: Travellers from 3 more countries will have to quarantine on arrival in the UK - but how many people won'… morning, the presenters are @Marthakearney & @bbcnickrobinson #R4Today
The Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick told @bbcnickrobinson he "regrets" some of his actions in the Westferry pl… Jenrick says he has "no idea" how much property developers have donated to the Conservatives "because minist… Jenrick: "I wish I hadn't been sat next to a developer at an event and I regret sharing text messages with h…"We have a planning system that was a product of the 1940s Atlee Govt and is now quite outdated. It's very slow by… searches and a range of other data informs the Bank of England's predictions this morning that the recession…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayDevi Sridhar, Chair of Global Public Health, Uni of Edinburgh, says "it does seem to be that going to indoor bars o… is "really radical", says Hugh Ellis, of the Town & Country Planning Association, "this is not a democratisati… Conway of the Halo Trust warns "about 240 events like this have happened in the last decade" and in places li…'s 'growth' areas in planning changes will be deemed “suitable for substantial development” says govt's white p…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayComing up: The govt has outlined proposals to speed up the building of new homes in England (0715) & (0810); on the… morning the presenters are @bbcnickrobinson & @Marthakearney #R4Today message of thanks from Alice’s daughter Morag #findAliceandNorman #R4Today
The full story of how @Marthakearney, her old school friend Debbie Davidson and Twitter solved the mystery of an en…"Corruption is rampant in Lebanon and this explosion in a way is a physical manifestation of the level of devastati… this week, @Marthakearney and her friend Debbie Davidson enlisted the help of Twitter to find the owner of… minister Nick Gibb says the UK is "working urgently...on what we can do to help the Lebanese government with t…"It looks like older teenagers can transmit just as well as adults," says Prof Neil Ferguson. "The risk then is tha… Cooper says "serious errors" were made in the UK's approach to its borders in spring, and the quarantine and…"It's the worst possible time," says Nadim Shehadi of the Lebanese American University. "We are dealing with the re… up: Rescuers in Beirut are still searching for people after massive explosion (0709 & 0810); MPs say not qua… morning the presenters are @MishalHusain & @Marthakearney #R4Today
Last Sunday @Marthakearney was on Facebook when she found a message from her friend Debbie Davidson, who had uneart…"It's a massive ask, but there is no alternative...this virus is really dangerous, this virus doesn't get bored....… "50 per cent of contacts of those infected are being traced" in England at the moment and this needs to reach… of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has asked trusts to prepare for winter by returning non Covid service to near n…"This bar in particular seemed to be following all the's a reminder to us of how easy it is for the viru… up: Scientists say the test and trace system must be improved before schools open (0810), pupils in Scotland… morning, the presenters are @MishalHusain & @BBCsarahsmith #R4Today
"We need openness, transparency, scrutiny, and a leadership of people taking responsibility for the decision-making…"We were forced into a situation where we were labelled as people who were argumentative." Dr Rashid Abbasi told… Zahawi says "Only right that we wait for the police to complete their investigation....sometimes in these ca… next on #r4today: @timspector on the 'uptick' in Coronavirus cases
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayUp next on #r4today: Sir Paul Nurse and Dame Anne Johnson on a second wave, testing and the "shroud of secrecy" ove…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayLen McCluskey of the Unite union says "my executive will want questions answered" over the use of members' money to… would like short turnaround tests to "get used more extensively by the private sector, because there is a huge un… next on #r4today: Sir John Bell on two new rapid diagnostic tests for Covid-19
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 Today“Everything really round here is minimum wage” – the view on Merseyside as the IFS says the earnings gap between Lo…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayComing up: New rapid Covid tests are being introduced that give results in 90 mins (0709) & (0810); it's the start… morning the presenters are @MishalHusain & @BBCsarahsmith #R4Today
Tomorrow on #r4today: @timspector on the uptick, Sir Paul Nurse & Dame Anne Johnson on the second wave, Sir John Be…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 Today
"We announced the decision as soon as practical. I think that's what people expect" says health secretary Matt Hanc… Hancock: "I know how important the Eid celebrations are. I'm very grateful to the local Muslim leaders...acros…"Some of his tweets tend to be shocking, but what they usually do is bring attention to a pressing issue...universa…"We were so relieved when we got the weekly testing of staff and now the monthly testing of residents, but it's jus… next on #r4today: @carlheneghan on ‘the rules’… what you can and can’t do, and where
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayMayor of Great Manchester Andy Burnham says "the picture in Greater Manchester has changed over the past 7 days...… up: Parts of the north under new lockdown restrictions (0709), (0750), (0810), (0830); President Trump has a… morning the presenters are @BBCsarahsmith & @bbcnickrobinson #R4Today
Tomorrow on #r4today: @carlheneghan on ‘the rules’, @GenomicsEngland on sequencing the DNA of the seriously ill and…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayMore countries could soon be added to the quarantine list says Health Secretary Matt Hancock: "We just have to be r…"Although the figures show that completed cases are falling, those are cases that were being charged one to two yea… transmission happens "at the time of symptoms developing" but in rare cases the virus is "present in respirato… up: Isolation if you have signs of Covid in England is expected to rise to 10 days (0709) & (0810); prosecut… morning the presenters are @BBCsarahsmith & @bbcnickrobinson #R4Today
BREAK - After @EHRCChair told me businesses should set targets to recruit more people of colour for senior position…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayWHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge, told @bbcnickrobinson there is "about 3-4 weeks lag time between c… secretary Oliver Dowden: "We continue to look at all alternatives but we are not at the point where there i… has announced better-than-expected results, but might they face UK tax changes? Plus, university pensions, GSK…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 Today"We are receiving reports ... of a high proportion of new infections among young people … they have a responsibilit…"3.3m families already are on Universal Credit and the OBR thinks 1.6million people are going to be made redundant… data could help avoid a local lockdown, says Sean Fielding, leader of Oldham Council: "We get the numbers of p… Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye, says the Govt should look at alternatives to 14-day quarantine. He say… up: Fears of a second wave of Covid-19 - we hear from Oldham council (0730) & the WHO (0810); & how sounds o…“It was absolutely devastating, it was sickening.” The panic in a care home as untested hospital patients were move…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayBreaking: Heathrow says it expects opening of third runway to be delayed by at least two years because of coronavir…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayGood morning, the presenters are @MishalHusain & @bbcnickrobinson #R4Today
Understanding why people still believe “we are doing nothing" to tackle racial inequality is "absolutely critical..… Jimmy Whitworth, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, says a vaccine "may not be perfect and...might… is disappointing - I’ve had several meetings with David Isaac and he’s never said that to me. This is top priori…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 Today"There were loads of my front door with huge rifles, wearing sort of riot gear, and red lasers on Kai,… tourism losing "100m euros a day" says Ramon Estalella of Spain’s hotel federation, calls "at the European… - Head of @EHRC accuses govt of “dragging its feet” over racism&urges ministers to take “urgent action”.…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayComing up: The govt faces calls for clarity on travel to Spain (0709) & (0750); the chair of the EHRC says minister… morning the presenters are @JustinOnWeb & @MishalHusain #R4Today
.@crystal_palace's @andros_townsend tells @bbcnickrobinson that football has 'gone backwards' in regards to racism… Flintham is head of the UK's largest tour operator, TUI. He says TUI has cancelled flights to mainland Spain… CEO Christian Purslow tells @robbonnet that without fans, clubs outside the Premier League 'aren’t s… Thomas-Symonds: Labour is "in solidarity" with the 48 hour boycott of Twitter, in protest at the slow response… Thomas-Symonds says the 14 day quarantine is "a blunt tool" and he thinks we "need to introduce test, trace an… chef & Hairy Biker Si King says people in supermarkets often comment on how many ingredients he's buying… Sorahan, Ryanair Chief Financial Officer, says not many passengers cancelling yet as there "has been relativel…"I have just got the all clear from my cancer so it was a celebratory holiday with my family so pretty heart breaki… up: PM's plan to tackle obesity (0730) & (0820); could the decision to re-impose quarantine on travellers fr… morning, the presenters are @bbcnickrobinson & @JustinOnWeb #R4Today
Dr Dylan Watkins is a GP in Totnes, Devon, an area with low take up of flu vaccinations. He says it's "huge guess"… minister Helen Whately: "We want to increase the take up amongst health and social care staff...I'm confident…"It's great to have him back in the fold." ECB director of cricket Ashley Giles says the England team will rally… Belkina, RT Deputy Editor-in-Chief said Ofcom "is supposed to be completely free from political pressure" and… is under growing international pressure over its treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority. But Dolkan Isa, Pre… numbers show June's retail sales numbers are back to pre-pandemic levels, boosted by sales of household goods &…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 TodayComing up: Govt is preparing England's biggest ever flu jab drive - to prevent a winter health crisis (0810), Sir S…