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@BBCBreaking @BBCNews The #Coronavirus Newscast podcast, with @adamfleming, @bbclaurak, @BBCFergusWalsh and… @BBCBreaking @BBCNews There are many helpful #coronavirus explainers on the @BBCNews web site. @BBCBreaking You'll find live #coronavirus updates on the @BBCNews web site and app: #covid19UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has coronavirus, has been taken to intensive care
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4She was a role model for a generation of women. She was 94. Jamabo worked as a carer in the community for Cherish Elderly Care in Bury. She was 56. is carrying the daily government #coronavirus briefings live and providing context for the story every day. Pres… to the full show with @amolrajan on @BBCSounds🎂 Government guidance permits you all to sing Happy Birthday loudly wherever you are working or locked down...'s how you can sing along with the Archbishop of Canterbury on Easter Sunday. cope with the sheer volume of bad news, @talkRADIO presenter @iainlee sometimes switches his radio off. 📻 How a… @jonholmes1 @jakeyapp @Ommasalma @Natt This week the Now Wash Your Hands supergroup dropped in - virtually, of cour…🩱 👖 🦺 🩳 What is the correct attire while socially distancing? For the lockdown, we've asked comedy supergroup… @kathyclugston @janegarvey1 Don't start.Here's how to make a sourdough starter, in case that helps: can only apologise..."It was a safeguard against imagining there was nothing bright or special in the world." - Brian Patten exactly is a continuous dry cough? Daily #coronavirus updates on @BBCSounds
Today's #R4Appeal is for the charity @PHASEWorldwide, presented by broadcaster and smallholder @KateHumble from Downing Street... Queen's message to the nation"We will meet again"Celebrating your 100th birthday at a safe distance... Daily #coronavirus updates on @BBCSounds life hack: download JAM to your phone in the @BBCSounds app... news from @underthecranes. Get well, Michael! xxx gratitude can increase your happiness 😊's #R4Appeal is for the charity @PHASEWorldwide, presented by broadcaster and smallholder @KateHumble
What exactly is a continuous dry cough? Daily #coronavirus updates on @BBCSounds
"When DID first aired, it was part of the BBC’s broader effort to make life during wartime slightly more bearable.… to Sue's amazing NHS Front Line #coronavirus podcast on @BBCSounds this sentence: "I wish I had someone with whom I could share…" Here's what you need right now: a 36-quest…'s a fascinating thread about a new series... exactly is a continuous dry cough? Daily #coronavirus updates on @BBCSounds @fourperleg @neilsleat @valw53 Please report back. #shipsbumnotemysteryListen to the whole amazing 15-part audiobook online now: @MarielleEvans19 @jakeyapp @Baddiel @mermhart @marcusbrig @rachelparris @thehistoryguy @Natt @Ommasalma @jonholmes1 wear next time please Robin. #standards only known wartime film footage of a secret site connected to Bletchley Park has emerged. It shows workers rel…
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👏 👏 👏 and former doctor @amateuradam wrote this message of support for NHS carers for @BBCWorldAtOne 🏥👏…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4Behind the scenes on the wards at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Download The NHS Frontline podcast from @BBCSounds's #R4Appeal is for the charity @in2ScienceUK, presented by broadcaster Steph McGovern @stephbreakfast. now on @BBCSounds and the first episode will show up on your mobile automatically later today!, incidentally, there's a whole series of the original Boosh radio series for you to download on @BBCSounds!, stay at home. Please stop the spread. has chosen a poem by our own @MichaelRosenYes, who is currently recovering from #covid19 in an NHS hospital.… we asked how the lockdown was going for you - many lovely replies here... last cancellation was for the Second World War..
@JanCurt70219721 Ouch, so sorry! Best of luck! @VSOvoice Best of luck, Victoria! Keep listening - lots of new advice programmes in the schedule now... @KateLewisjewels Looks idyllic! 👏 👏 @KarenGouldingNL Good luck on that curve! 👍 @PeterSmithard Vital work! 👍 👍 @GauriMalur Sorry to hear that. Hope it all works out! @DixonCathi Ouch. Hope it works out, Cathi! @CraftWorkshopUK Good luck with your new projects! 🤞Nine days into the #coronavirus lockdown, are you still going to work? Or locked down at home?The last cancellation was for the Second World War.. about three steps (2m) away from others 🚶‍♂️📏🚶‍♀️"We have an NHS. In Nigeria there isn't that infrastructure. If you are living in the West, you've won the lottery.…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4 @_SmartUK @jonholmes1 @jakeyapp @Ommasalma @Natt @BBCSounds Correction, Now Wash Your Hands is a @BBCSounds exclusi… @_SmartUK @jonholmes1 @jakeyapp @Ommasalma @Natt @BBCSounds Good point, Martin. The podcast episodes will appear in… can listen to this on @BBCSounds 📱 or, you know, ON YOUR RADIO 📻"…even when their true feelings remain mysterious." Flirting in the movies - a terrific short film by @sankles, for… #R4Today some of the BBC's best known voices will offer their favourite poems of #comfortandhope. Here…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4We all know Florence Nightingale as the founder of modern nursing, but did you know she was also a trailblazer in t…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4Listen to the bumb towel (and nearly 700 other fabulous Tweet of the Day birds) on @BBCSounds the scenes with frontline NHS staff on the wards coping with the onset of COVID-19's a late-night comedy coronacast! @jonholmes1, @jakeyapp, @ommasalma and @Natt Tapley drop in on isolated home-b…"It is incredibly impressive. If this was a hospital built in another part of the world we'd be saying how amazing…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4🎮 A few months ago we asked you if a video game had ever changed your life… This Game Changed my Life is a new pod…
This music mix is very popular on the @BBCSounds app right now, just fyi. @cardiffbred @MikeyC74 Doesn't count. Sorry. @RogerNewman294 Also permitted. @bolehillbilly Obviously. Look out for more from the archive on @BBCSounds in the coming weeks, Ben!"This feature is about the power of poetry. And about seeing the world differently from everyone around you."… @marcellocarlin Do you remember one called A Love Supreme? ;-) @LaxBowel 👍👍 @nlitchfield @BBCSounds Yeah but exactly what on @BBCSounds?Tell us more here - why, your favourites, recommendations etc.What are you mostly binging on during the lockdown? 📺🎧📘🔘 @BBCSounds @HaltonHannah @missbarton @GregProops @louistheroux "Boys and girls don't seem to develop different pref… @BBCSounds @HaltonHannah @missbarton @GregProops @louistheroux 🚀 🧳 ❄ 🖼 🧤 We're updating this thread with fascinatin… let's send messages with loads of love to Michael Rosen. Right now as he is in hospital. RIGHT NOW..…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 4Download this masterpiece to your mobile and listen in lockdown (or wait till you're allowed out again - it's on… from Michael Rosen's family... could help with the lockdown. #CoupleGoals - comedians and real-life couple @CatherineBohart and @sarahkcomedy look at the realities of re… decisions will have to be made but "80-year-olds shouldn't be written off". Dr Brown from Bradford Roya… what to listen to tonight? Here's some of Fi & Jane's favourite things on @BBCSounds, pre-Twitter, pre-iPhone, pre-coronavirus. #coronavirus #Covid19Prof John Wright is recording from the hospital wards for NHS on the Front Line Royal Infirmary is preparing for a "tsunami" of Covid-19 cases well soon, @MichaelRosen! We're thinking of you. really matters... #covid19 #coronavirus at home works… #covid19 #coronavirus
We're thinking of you, Michael. See you back in the studio soon! really matters... #covid19 #coronavirus🎮 A few months ago we asked you if a video game had ever changed your life… This Game Changed my Life is a new pod… at this fabulous illustration!