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TEASER: American actor James Gandolfini was born on this day in 1961...for which TV series is he best known❓🤔… for new students, from leases to budgeting to bank accounts on the On Your Behalf podcast. Listen back here: enjoyed tonight's show. Listen here is you missed it -
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterAs Autumn arrives @davidgmaxwell heads to Co Armagh for apple harvest, he travels to Carrickfergus & Gracehill to m…
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Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster @Prof_johnbrewer on how victims of political violence can make a vital contribution of peace processes around the w… back LIVE tonight from 10pm @bbcradioulster & @BBCRadioFoyle. With @Margaretkeys and studio guests…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterDue to essential maintenance you’ll be unable to hear us on 1341 Medium Wave for around 2 hours from 2.05pm today.… week begins and another letter takes centre stage in our #AtoZofSuperbSingers Kerry McLean here, hoping yo…
#SundaySequence @AudreyCarville A report by the UN shows the world is near a horrifying equilibrium with almost equ…
How about a walk in an fruit laden orchard in the golden glow of autumn sunlight? Sound idyllic? Join… morning @davidgmaxwell heads to the 'Orchard County' to find out from Davy Uprichard how to grow award winnin… Marie McAleese joins our very own bird expert Dot Blakely at Glenarm as it's that time of year the birds are b…
Anne Marie McAleese meets archaeologist Cormac McSparron about a book he has written on the historical connections… The Arts Show tonight, Michael Bradley is joined in studio by four piece band Mosmo Strange, an Alan Bennett dou… non - iTunes people BBC: DIRECT:
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterLatest #WhenIWas25 #podcast with Joe Lindsay. He talks growing up in North Belfast and memories of his dad…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterOn @GerryKellyShow at 3pm @Rigsy talks to Vivian Campbell (@DefLeppard) about his career & new radio show starting… up this weekend on Gardeners' Corner the best kept front garden in 'Mid and East Antrim In Bloom' and the be… to essential maintenance you’ll be unable to hear us on 1341 Medium Wave for around 2 hours from 1.30 today. Yo… week On Your Behalf is talking student finances. Budgeting, leases and bank accounts. Only 3% of consumers swi… @DefLeppard guitarist Viv Campbell for his new rock show on BBC Radio Ulster and @BBCRadioFoyle. Every Tuesday…
This week John visited Northern Ireland's first ever Menopause Café in Bangor. Join us Saturday at 11am to hear wha…'s time to start bringing in the harvest in the 'Orchard County' and @davidgmaxwell is there to find out what it… all those listening in Lisnagarvey. Due to essential maintenance on one of our transmitters, there is an outage…'s off @kerry_mclean 3-5 @bbcradioulster with #MovieNews #AllRequestThursday 🎶 #Nowplaying the man in Black! Wh… I blame the director @iain_webster #CommunityLife Sunday 2:45pm @BBCOneNI
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🎶🎶‘I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!’🎶🎶 Kerry McLean here and that’s the tune currently rattling around in m… tonight's Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley - he takes a tour through the ominous basement of Lifford Gaol, with… are live @bbcartsshow ! Tune in to hear @AmerAnimals under Mike's movie microscope and @UniAtypical give us a… Working on an exciting tv project with @stellifymedia for @BBCOneNI. I’m presenting a new show alongsi…
Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster#CommunityLife back on @BBCOneNI Sunday at 2:45pm. Some amazing charities and appeals
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#NowOnAir @kerry_mclean 3-5 #Tunes #Nowplaying #Whitney I'm Every woman enjoy! Fancy a song❓Text 81771… of their show in the @nerve_centre later this month @mosmostrange joined us live in studio for a stripped bac…'s @StephenNolan with what is in today's #BBCNolan #podcast DOWNLOAD:
Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster"That's how repressed I am as a human being, I can't even speak to my mother. I have to write a play in order to te… Cahill @saltandsparkle reflects on the changing season and the Jewish tradition of #RoshHashanah
Our @vinnybelfast is BACK on air now with #VHS. Sara Cook and @SuitorBrothers in studio. LISTEN:… Churches congregations fall and collections shrivel, should they receive money from the government so they can b… Inside today's #BBCNolan podcast w/ @StephenNolan we have... Listen: Also in your…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterHello all! Kerry McLean here, hoping you can come up with some great submissions for the ‘F’ category of our… Jordan @crookedshore is a sensitive sole
Join us live now for Morning Service, which today is a service of Holy Communion from Christ Church, Londonderry.… @roisinmcauley Do we demand too much from our churches to be there for big events like weddings an…
Caught red handed Mr Brophy!! Conductor or no conductor, hands off @johnnytoal's confectionary #LNOP Three Tenors ... @johnnytoal @midgeure1 @karlmccuckin backstage banter LIVE from #PromsinthePark #LNOP Kay Mullan got in touch with #GardenersCorner this morning about her Courgette plant which has yellow leaves a… morning it's the first #GardenersCorner roadshow of the season from @HillmountGarden. 9 year old Oliver Burns… on Your Place and Mine, we have live music ahead of Derrylane's Flax Mill Open Day. It's the only active linen-…
Joe Carmichael first started collecting clocks and then began to fix them. On Your Place and Mine, Anne Marie McAl…'s now the weekend, but what's a weekend without @ItsmeHugoD? Fear not, you can make your weekend into one Countr… The Arts Show at 6.30pm, Michael Bradley previews a new play called 'My Dad's Blind' based on one family's exper… sits in for @GerryKellyShow today from 3pm, with live music from @arboristmusic & @Heaneythebarber. Tune in… weekend #GardenersCorner comes from @HillmountGarden in the Castlereagh hills. Isabella Warnock, aged 6, aske… to essential maintenance at one of our transmitters there will be a number of outages on Radio Ulster Medium W… do you do when a phone contract you thought was cancelled ruins your credit rating? Listen in to On Your Beha…’re talking Dog Sense on the John Toal Show this Saturday 🤣🐶🕚 John meets with Olivia Kennedy and many of her 4…
.@JordanAdetunji joined us live in session on Monday night. Watch his performance of 'Do You See?' here 👉…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterWelcome back @kerry_mclean @bbcradioulster #NowPlaying #Aerosmith #AllRequestThursday keep them coming! Song reques…⚠️IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PROMS⚠️ If you are attending this year’s BBC Proms in the Park at the Titanic Slipways…
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Join us now on Soundscapes as we explore the world of Ireland and England cricket international Boyd Rankin… a dry and hot July and a wet and windy August, it's time to give your lawn a little TLC with…
Fancy filling your garden with flowering plants for free - @davidgmaxwell has a few tips on #GardenersCorner
#NowOnAir @kerry_mclean 3-5 @bbcradioulster #ComingUp #TopTunes 🎶 #TellyNews Fancy a song❓ Text 81771… to essential maintenance at one of our transmitters there will be a number of outages on Radio Ulster Medium Wa… all! Kerry McLean here, back with you again and hoping you can come up with some great submissions for the ‘E…
Morning Service today comes live from Hillsborough Presbyterian Church and is conducted by the Reverend Doctor Alle… do you reconcile aspirations of a career as a mixed martial arts fighter with schoolwork? Parents' Evening expl…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterOn Kintra – the Ulster-Scots magazine programme – a tale of a world-famous tea magnate, learning about Ulster-Scots…
Coming up on the Saturday Club at 10: John Bennett revisits an interview with Joan Baez from 2003 plus there's the… morning @davidgmaxwell visits @JuneBlakesGarde in County Wicklow - you can get a glimpse of garden in this gal… us now on Your Place and Mine. Our satellite truck is live from Gosford Forest Park where The Rare Breed Show…
Foreign Trade vs Foreign Aid. With Theresa May's visit tour of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya to drum up trade pos… was a sellotape dispenser! Hope you didn't get 'stuck' on this one. 😆 Congratulations to everybody who got it… Church in Ballinderry is 350 years old and is one of the finest examples of a plantation church anywhere in… for fun... can you guess what this week's close-up image is of? Answer below, or text 81771 or call 0303080555… The Arts Show tonight, Marie-Louise Muir is joined in studio with the actors and director of Lisa Magee's stage… fantastic local Country singer John Glenn from John Glenn & The Mainliners joined @ItsmeHugoD today to chat abo… Gerry Kelly #Live until 5pm where his guests include American bluegrass husband and wife duo @DarinandBrookeA,… @LinleyHa for his 600th show tonight at 10pm. 🎉 🎺 #Jazz from @BoysModelSchool in Belfast talks about his experience with @YE_NI For more information:… Antrim woman wins a landmark case concerning widowed parent's allowance. She spoke to On Your Behalf in Apri… weekend on Gardeners' Corner @davidgmaxwell visits @JuneBlakesGarde in County Wicklow - if you like fireworks…
This week John Toal donned his walking boots and made his way to The Carrick Cottage Café nestled in the Mourne Mou… 🤔 John Ravenscroft was born on this day in 1939 - by what name do we know him❓ @StephenMainline 3-5… after 12:00 the Belfast Gilder is launching-but some are asking what the big deal is-we'll hear from…
Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster🛋️@BBCOne’s @BBCPoV are bringing their pop-up sofa to Belfast today to hear what you think about what you’ve seen t…
Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster @paul_bailie on the legacy of William Paley is a busy month for gardeners like @davidgmaxwell - it's a time to make loads of plants for free so your…
Join us now for Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley, as we take a walk through Plasy Monastery in Czechia.…'s a chill in the air, autumn is on the way - but @davidgmaxwell says it's the perfect time to make more plant… Which Disney film was released on this day in 1964 🤔 ❓ @StephenMainline 3-5 @bbcradioulster few showers but many parts dry with bright or sunny spells this afternoon. Angie
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterYesterday the wee man from Strabane @ItsMeHugoD was in conversation with the amazingly multi-talented @MaxTBarnes battle to end all battles! Holiday expert and Getaways veteran Joe Lindsay goes toe to toe with former rugby st…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterFootage this morning showing the devastation caused by fire to the historic Primark building in Belfast city centre…
Retweeted by BBC Radio Ulster
ALL buses operating IN and OUT of #Belfast city centre continue to be disrupted/delayed because of the fire at Prim…
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterAhead of the launch of their new EP, @FoxColony were in session for @acrosstheline , Listen to them perform 'Supe… open for @BBCGetInspired Unsung Hero 2018: #BBCUnsungHero #GetInspired
Retweeted by BBC Radio UlsterTEASER! Which American actress was born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra ❓🤔 @StephenMainline 3-5 @bbcradioulster