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See you back on @BBCOne tomorrow when @MissAlexjones and @ronanofficial will be joined by @alexandramusic and… you know that 73 million people have watched The Crown so far?! 😱 👑 @itsanitarani tells @ronanofficial and…'We want everyone in the country to be involved and we're going to start with trees.' 🌲🌳 Here's @itsanitarani with…'I'm going to make 27 minute tracks to annoy everyone.' Luke Goss tells Bros superfan @ronanofficial all about hi… and simple are those Hear'Say reunion rumours true then @msm4rsh? @missalexjones and @ronanofficial find out…! Luke Goss' former drama teacher gives us her verdict on the trailer for his new film! #TheOneShow to @itsanitarani who has the honour of presenting the next @TeachingAwards winner! Big congratulations to Ke…'s time to celebrate some of Britain's classroom heroes! The next @TeachingAwards for Primary School Teacher Of… you spot this on @bbcmorninglive ? @gethincjones gets up to mischief with a little festive prank for @msm4rsh!…'s your fave Christmas film? @itsanitarani, @msm4rsh, Luke Goss, @ronanofficial and @MissAlexjones have picked… do you think? Are Christmas get-togethers worth the risk? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!…'s #TheOneShow is full of surprises! Join @MissAlexjones and @ronanofficial when they'll be catching up wit… who it is! @MattAllwright's on a secret mission to surprise this year's @TeachingAwards Primary School Teach… deer of #BushyPark will appear on @BBCTheOneShow tonight from 7pm and Assistant Park Manager, Bill Swan, will f…
Retweeted by BBC The One ShowIf you can’t find me, I’m working my way around the country surprising teachers who have won a prize at the…
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💚 for watching! We'll back on BBC One tomorrow where @missalexjones and @ronanofficial will be chatting to… of the best One Show confessions ever. ❤️ After many years, @judymurray reveals she was the one sending her so… tells us all about her new docuseries, 'Driving Force', raising awareness and visibility of women’s sp… week #TheOneShow will be announcing winners of this year's @TeachingAwards! The first award for 'Teaching As… McConaughey explains the title of his book, 'Greenlights' - a story of his life so far. #TheOneShow |… Stefanie! 👏 Stefanie from South Eastern Regional College, in Lisburn Northern Ireland has been aw… Hislop gives his take on the whirlwind year that is 2020 in the new Private Eye Annual. #TheOneShow |…'I grew up thinking I was Little Mr Texas.' Matthew McConaughey shares one of his mum's white lies...…👋 @missalexjones and @ronanofficial are live now on BBC Two! Get in touch if you have anything to say about the s… up tonight on BBC TWO! 👉 Kicking off this week's @TeachingAwards celebrations 👉 Hollywood actor…'s a sneak peek of the moment @thequeenmehreen surprises a very special teaching assistant! Find out who recei… wanted to ask @McConaughey, @judymurray or Ian Hislop a question? Well now is your chance! Reply with your Q’… tonight's #TheOneShow, @missalexjones and @ronanofficial will be chatting to: Ian Hislop, @JudyMurray and…'s Gold Winners week! We'll be celebrating some of our wonderful 2020 Gold Winners Monday to Friday with daily fe…
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@thekannehmasons Thank you for stopping by! So lovely to see you! 👋 @Meghan_Trainor Thanks for stopping by! 👋 See you at the panto! 🎭That's all for tonight folks! 👏 Big thanks to @mcflyharry, @Meghan_Trainor, @ShekuKM, @IsataKm, Braimah and Konya… a little bit special now! Here's a stunning version of 'Redemption Song' performed by @thekannehmasons excited that the nine finalists in our as you write it competition have been revealed! Find out who they are o… Kanneh-Mason shares the story behind her collaboration with Michael Morpugo and Olivia Colman! #TheOneShow'It was a natural choice for us.' @IsataKm tells us all about the piece of music that inspired the brand new album…'I know that @AnneMarie is gonna be a superstar and have the best time.' @Meghan_Trainor on stepping down from the…'s a very @meghan_Trainor Christmas look like then? 🎄 #TheOneShow tells us why her Christmas decorations went straight after Halloween! #TheOneShow any questions for tonight's guests? Or if you have any thoughts on anything in tonight's show then get in touc… do the @thekannehmasons have in common with @meghan_trainor? 🤔 A shared love of Bob Marley and reggae music!… your Friday night started right! 🙌 🎤 @meghan_trainor talks new music 🎻 a stunning performance exclusively for y… the weekend off in style with these superstars! ✨ @meghan_trainor@ShekuKM, @IsataKm, Braimah and Konya…
That's a wrap! Huge thanks to tonight's guests and @jjenas8 for hosting this week. 💚 @missalexjones will be back t… exclusively for #TheOneShow, this is @joshgroban's beautiful rendition of 'She'. ✨ Listen in full over on…'We as a cast are just delighted.' @jjchalmersrm on the prospect that former contestants @nicolaadamsobe and…'We're excited, but we're holding our breath.' L.A. based singer @joshgroban shares his hopes for the future of hi… responds to the exciting news that the UK plans to launch a rocket into space by 2022. 🚀…'Brush up on my geography.' 🗺 @astro_timpeake reveals what he would have done differently before his first ventur… you have a question for tonight's guests, @joshgroban, @astro_timpeake or @jjchalmersrm? Or anything else to say… #TheOneShow tonight... 🌟 @joshgroban joins us from L.A. to chat new music 🌟 @astro_timpeake celebrates 20 years… tonight's show we'll be getting a @bbcstrictly update from JJ Cha-Cha-Chalmers himself! Have you got any quest… we'll be treated to a performance from our friend @joshgroban! He'll be singing a track, exclusively for…
Tomorrow @MissAlexjones and @jjenas8 will be chatting to the brilliant @joshgroban! 🙌 💬 If you have any questions…'We can't blanket a rule for all of us. We need to break it up.' @marcuswareing calls on the government to step in…'In that room you're seeing everything that's going on. I quite like that!' @MGaletti01 on how recent restrictions…'It's like a uniform!' @GeriHalliwell tells @MissAlexjones and @jjenas about her recent all white wardrobe choices. called upon a famous pal to help her when she channeled Queen Elizabeth I for her 'Rainbow Girl' se…'It's like The One Show on steroids!' @gerihalliwell talks us through her new girl power adventure series 'Rainbow… you come across any other scams recently? If so let the @foxnikkifox, @MattAllwright and the @bbcwatchdog tea…⚠️ Beware! ⚠️ There's a nasty scam doing the rounds at the moment. It's called 'Courier Fraud' @bbcwatchdog's… note! ✍🏼 @BBCWatchdog's @bbcfoxnikkifox shares her top tips for finding bona fide online courses. your thoughts are on tonight's show, we'd love to hear them! Get in touch with your comments below! ⬇️…'s a sneak peek from tonight's #TheOneShow @bbcstrictly's @BillBailey gets the seal of approval as he unwinds… up tonight with @MissAlexjones and @jjenas8 🌟 @GeriHalliwell drops in to tell us about her latest Girl Powe…'s a sneak peak from tonight's #TheOneShow @bbcstrictly's @BillBailey gets the seal of approval as he unwinds…
That's a wrap for tonight! ICYMI catch our interview with @DollyParton on @BBCiPlayer now! @MissAlexjones and… shares the advice that she would give to her 18 year old self, and it's every bit as wonderful as you… hedgehog anyone? 🦔 💎 So down for a @dollyparton x @ChrisGPackham and @MeganMcCubbin collab! 🙌…'We need to step up for nature!' @ChrisGPackham on why we need to do more for nature. #TheOneShow for a quick #RickshawChallenge and @bbccin grand total update! 🥁 Drumroll please! Take it away @missAlexjones @DollyParton seen the real-life Jolene recently? 🤔 🎶 #TheOneShow | @MissAlexjones | @jjenas8 you know that 'A Holly Dolly Christmas' is @DollyParton's first Christmas album in 30 years?! Here's the ador…'Why don't we go down and let's just over exaggerate me, as if that's possible!' That one time @DollyParton lost in… a question for @dollyParton tonight? Let us know and leave a comment below! #TheOneShow | @MissAlexjones |…'I'm a very proud girl today to know that I had anything at all to do with something that's gonna help us through t… on @BBCTheOneShow we’re off to Oxfordshire to meet the lovely people going above and beyond for some snuffl…
Retweeted by BBC The One ShowIt's beginning to look like a very Holly Dolly Christmas tonight on The One Show! 🎄 Join @MissAlexjones and… on The One Show the legendary @DollyParton joins @MissAlexjones and @jjenas8! Do you have a burning q…
It's true! 🙌 @DollyParton joins @MissAlexjones and @jjenas8 tomorrow to chat about her new Christmas album and muc… sure to head back tomorrow to catch the Queen of Dollywood, @dollyparton adding some festive sparkle to the sh…'No one ever leaves my house without a hat!' @boygeorge and his ever-growing hat collection. 🎩 #TheOneShow tribute to the legendary entertainer Des O'Connor, who sadly passed away at the weekend at the age of 88.… will Walford cope with the return of Kim Fox? It's certainly been a lot quieter without her on the block!… huge thank you to everyone who supported the #RickshawChallenge over the weekend. The total now stands at a… dream team! 🤩 @missalexjones and @jjenas8 find out how our amazing #TeamRickshaw are feeling after their trium…'That's gonna be very emotional.' @boygeorge is returning to the stage and reuniting with @realcultureclub for a o… @BBCTheOneShow @BoyGeorge @RealCultureClub @Tameka_Empson @bbceastenders @BBCCiN @kevduala @MissAlexjones @jjenas8
Retweeted by BBC The One ShowHave a question for tonight's guests @boygeorge or @tameka_empson? Or have anything else to say about the show? P… on #TheOneShow! 👉 @boygeorge with @realcultureclub news 👉 @tameka_empson on her @bbceastenders comeback 👉… the week off with @missalexjones, @jjenas8 and a star-studded line up! Catch them chatting to @boygeorge a… the sad news that Des O'Connor passed away over the weekend, we'd like to ask you to share your memories of th… @boygeorge joins us for a big @RealCultureClub announcement! 👀 Are you a Boy George fan? Is there anything…
@shelatahir Thank you!Congratulations to Lauren, Lewis, Rosie, Eoin, Sarah, Jim and Matt Baker who cycled an epic 830 miles and raised a…💛 @lindseyfrufru Thank you Lindsey! 💛Tonight we look back on 10 years of the #RickshawChallenge, find out how many miles our amazing #TeamRickshaw clock… @igwatters Save us one Orla! They look delicious!