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Back this week with the final shows of this series bringing you performances from: 🎤 @Harry_Styles 🎤 @FKAtwigs 🎤…
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Take a trip to 1900s Vienna for a very unique murder mystery... 🔍 Thrilling new crime drama #ViennaBlood. Starts t… struggle of having an unusual surname. 😩 Who else can relate? 🙋
This device can instantly translate one language to another! 😲📱🌏 #ReggieInChina | Sunday, 9pm | @BBCTwo |…
#ReggieInChina with @RegYates starts Sunday, 9pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer! inventor in China has built a flying motorbike! Could this be the future of travel? 😲🏍️ #ReggieInChina‘England have won the World Cup’ 😩 TOO SOON. #MockTheWeek rare chance to see the Dragons at feeding time…and it’s all for @BBCCiN. See @dragonjones, @SaraDaviesCC,…
Retweeted by BBC TwoTONIGHT'S THE NIGHT 🤩#ChildrenInNeed2019 Starring: 🌟@bbceastenders 🌟@bbcstrictly 🌟@bbcdoctorwho 🌟@England 🌟…
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@SaoirseJackson Novels That Shaped Our World is on @BBCiPlayer now: is so moving... Derry Girls' @SaoirseJackson reads a powerful passage from "No Surrender," an early novel abou… countdown! Take a moment out of your day to slow down and celebrate a certain anniversary… 🖌🎨👨‍🚀…
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The heat is on! 🔥 Six more professionals compete for a place in the #MasterChefUK quarter-finals, tonight at 8pm on…
Retweeted by BBC Two"How is any millennial EVER going to own a home?" @AlexEdelman on the housing crisis is just BRILLIANT. 🏡😂…
@BBCArabic Undercover with the Clerics: Iraq's Secret Sex Trade is on @BBCTwo tonight, 00:05am, or you can watch th… as young as 12 are being pimped by Iraqi Muslim Shia clerics through “pleasure marriages." A @BBCArabic inve… @justinlong #GiriHaji continues, Thursdays, 9pm, on @BBCTwo, or you can watch the full series right now on… do you film an epic gun battle? @JustinLong talks us through it... 🎥 (Warning: This video contains exploding c… WEEK: Five fabulous acts for the fifth show of series fifty four! 👋 @foals 👋 @niluferyanya 👋 @sudanarchives
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🐋 @StephenGraham73, Tom Courtenay and Peter Mullan board @BBCTwo drama #TheNorthWater, as first images from Arctic…
Retweeted by BBC TwoHands up who wants to party with @JosieRones. 🙌😂 #LiveAtTheApollo
🎣 That's right, @RealBobMortimer And Paul Whitehouse are coming back for a third series on @BBCTwo. 🐟…
Retweeted by BBC TwoWatch my set on full set on on Live at the Apollo on @BBCiPlayer @BBCTwo
Retweeted by BBC Two#LiveYourBestLife. NOW. OR ELSE! 📱😂 @TomAllenComedy #LiveAtTheApollo
"A reminder to vapers, you don't look as cool as you think you do." It's unlikely things to hear over a tannoy! 🔈😂…🤣🤣🤣 woke up a 3 but feeling like a 1 now 😀 #MasterChefUK: The Professionals, tonight at 8pm on @BBCTwo @MGaletti01
Retweeted by BBC TwoThere’s nothing funny about vampires, apparently. #WastedOnSome
Retweeted by BBC TwoWith a Pakistani dad and a Bangladeshi mum, here's what life was like for @EshaanAkbar growing up... 😂 #MockTheWeek
Not coming soon to a cinema near you... It's unlikely lines from a blockbuster movie! 🎬😂 #MockTheWeek
Natural World: #MeetTheBears is on tonight, 9pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer! 🐻🐻's the real reason bears scratch their backs against trees? 🐻🌳🤔 #MeetTheBears to your screens this Thursday & Friday on @BBCTwo... 💥@TheRealKano 💥@joycrookes 💥@nerijamusic 💥@metronomy 💥…
Retweeted by BBC TwoNatural World: #MeetTheBears is on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer tonight, 9pm: nine month old bear cub has never seen bees before... 🐻🐝 #MeetTheBears
That moment when @BBCDoctorWho's Jodie Whittaker was surprised by her @Coldplay heroes - Jonny Buckland and Will Ch…
Show Day! Tune in to #BBC2 at 10pm for our take on the last seven days. Joining Dara and Hugh are @rhysjamesy
Retweeted by BBC TwoYou can watch #QI right now on @BBCiPlayer! polite reminder this #WorldVeganDay that avocados aren't strictly vegan... 🥑😲 #QI Fairley, Tom Burke and Stephen Campbell Moore lead the cast for new @BBCTwo factual drama…
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The brilliant #GiriHaji written by @JoeBarton_ continues tonight (Thursday) at 9pm on @BBCTwo or watch the whole se…
Retweeted by BBC TwoAnd joining Jools on the sofa tonight will be this week's 'Even Later' co-host @LadyLeshurr & comedian James Acaste…
Retweeted by BBC TwoIt wouldn’t be Halloween without a monster movie... #KingKong is on @BBCTwo right now! 😱 🦍 could be the solution to the climate crisis, but they’re under threat. 🌲💔 @simon_reeve - @BBCLater have announced @Harry_Styles will make his show debut on 21st November! 🙌🤩 He joins…
Retweeted by BBC TwoEveryone's childhood was ruined by one scary movie, what was yours?
Retweeted by BBC TwoBe powerful. Keep your family close. From Giri/Haji, it's Fukuhara's Guide To Being a Yakuza... #GiriHaji |… there anything scarier than looking after young children? 😱 It's the #Motherland Guide to #Halloween! 🎃😂
#Guilt starts tonight, 9pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer!"Yer sacked. It's your performance, your drinking and, frankly, the odours." 😂 #Guilt's the UK's only aquatic songbird! 🐦🍁✨Say hello to the dipper, often spotted in fast flowing rivers searching for…
Retweeted by BBC TwoDisgusted by hot priests and Brummie gangsters? Maybe BBC iPlayer just isn’t for you… #WastedOnSome
Retweeted by BBC Two#GiriHaji is on @BBCTwo tomorrow, 9pm, or you can watch the whole series right now on @BBCiPlayer!'s what happened when Will Sharpe taught Kelly MacDonald some unique Japanese phrases... 🇯🇵😂 #GiriHaji
This hedgehog clearly decided the other was eating something tasty! 🙈😂 Hedgehogs have home ranges they like to keep…
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Happy Birthday to "The Dance" which was first broadcast on BBC2 on this day 17 years ago.
Retweeted by BBC Two#GiriHaji is on Thursdays, 9pm, or you can watch the entire series right now on @BBCiPlayer: is a complete mood. #GiriHaji sure who this @leemeadofficial chap is on #Motherland on @BBCTwo tonight, but he looks the spit of our Lofty 😍…
Retweeted by BBC Two @leemeadofficial Brand new #Motherland is on tonight, 10pm, or you watch the whole series right now on @BBCiPlayer!"Lee Mead! Lofty from Holby! Lofty from Holby!" That moment when @LeeMeadOfficial moves into your neighbourhood...… the quagga, an extinct subspecies of zebra with only half the stripes! 🦓😲 #QI
🎞 Jonathan Glazer's powerful new short #TheFall drops @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer.>>
Retweeted by BBC TwoT H E F A L L
Series two of #Pose starts Saturday at 10pm on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer. a #Pose, children! ✨💁🏳️‍🌈 The House of Evangelista are back and the category is series two REALNESS!, 10pm, you can watch a brand new #QI on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer! 📺👏 quails have less sex. I run BBC Two's social media and I have to type these things for a living... 🐦🚀😂 #QI"Everything we do is an echo of something." The gripping thriller #GiriHaji is on @BBCiPlayer now...… new #QI is on tonight, 10pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer: warned Sandi about wearing that green shirt. 😂 #QI new #QI is on tonight, 10pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer! do porcupines have sex? Very carefully... 😂 #QI's the third episode of #TheAmericas this Sunday at 9pm on @BBCTwo -- i'm travelling down through beautiful and e…
Retweeted by BBC TwoWait - do the clocks go forward tomorrow... or back? ⏰🤔 #TheMashReport
"The first time I heard about @BBCLater was when @Stormzy did it...instantly the doors were open." Ahead of his a…
Retweeted by BBC TwoKenzo is given a deadline to get out of London alive... but he can't leave without Yuto. #GiriHaji continues, 9pm,…'s been a busy year for news... here are some of #TheMashReport highlights! 🤣🗞 Duff, Rafe Spall, Mark Addy, @AnnabelScholey, Johnny Harris & @MyannaBuring cast in @BBCTwo's new three-…
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Watch #YourHomeMadePerfect at 8pm on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer., two architects use virtual reality to compete for the chance to build a garden room in Shrewsbury... and t… and wife Dan and Anastasia were forced to flee their home separately in the 2018 California fires. At the… we replace plastic straws with pasta? This entrepreneur thinks so... 🍝😲♻️ #DragonsDen doesn't have adamantium claws, but he is the OG. Watch Weasels: Feisty and Fearless, Friday 25 October 8pm on …
Retweeted by BBC TwoThis week: @liamgallagher @KojeyRadical @celeste @rexorangecounty #AmylandTheSniffers with co-host @JessieWare
Retweeted by BBC TwoTHIS. 🤣 #Motherland rise! #DefendingTheGuilty will be returning @BBCTwo for a second series >>
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#NaturalWorld: Weasels - Feisty and Fearless is on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer, Friday, 8pm. badger don't care what you think, he's a genius. 😂🦡 #NaturalWorld attempting to catch the bouquet at a wedding 👐💐 Watch Weasels: Feisty and Fearless Friday 25 October at 8pm on …
Retweeted by BBC TwoFed up of young people mangling the English language? Maybe BBC iPlayer just isn’t for you… #WastedOnSome
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Before the recording of tonight's episode, @wiggywalsh and @SusanCalman went head to head in a fiendish QI quiz. Ca…
Retweeted by BBC TwoI’m on @qikipedia on Friday. I got to wear a Star Trek style cosplay costume. And I had a sing along with…
Retweeted by BBC TwoThe world has changed significantly since many of these men were imprisoned. Before they’re released, they use virt… quarter of the prisoners on Earth are believed to be in the United States. @simon_reeve new #QI is on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer tonight, 10pm! you pick up a hitchhiking robot? 😀🤖 #QI
Two cities. Two brothers. Two murders. A daring tale of morality and redemption. #GiriHaji starts tonight, 9pm, on… Channel Tunnel - Life on the Inside is on today, 7.30pm, on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer!