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'We're looking at starting the #Covid19 vaccine trials' NHS wants people who have recovered from coronavirus to donate their blood plasma It's part of a trial looking…
Retweeted by BBC Wales NewsDos and don'ts: Wales' lockdown rules explained are made for the dangers of porn to be included in the new Welsh school curriculum What can you do in a Wales-wide lockdown?'I still have nightmares most nights about being completely out of my depth,' says ward nurse has been given for accommodation to house four young people'There are three kinds of #lockdown rulebreakers - people who don't understand, don't think they are important or t… the first full day of #lockdown - here's what you can and can't do🚶‍♂️ @captaintommoore inspired us all during lockdown and particularly artists. 🎨 Hundreds of donated artworks are…
Retweeted by BBC Wales NewsThe Welsh government is looking at how porn should be considered in its new curriculum to £2bn of taxpayer money may have gone to criminals using fake companies, spending watchdog says says it plans to add 5,400 jobs in the UK and Ireland by the end of the year Holidays has been ordered to meet refund deadlines or face court action by the regulator you living in Cardiff in 1980 and helped out a rape victim? You may be key to a new cold case investigation 'would have been blind' without the 15-minute operation'Waiting lists are humongous and - like with the last recession' coroner has ruled Mark Milsome’s death was accidental was starting to go blind - just when his partner needed him the most
The intervention follows an investigation by BBC Wales Investigates‘This is a tragic incident’ Minister Mark Drakeford says it would be unfair to treat small businesses differently to supermarkets was jailed for 10 years after shaking his 12-week-old son factors which took us into the 'firebreak' lockdown'I'm getting very exhausted easily just talking all the time' virus is commonly found in the faeces of people with confirmed cases‘Mark's death should never have happened’ now need trace those who helped the victim - four decades ago Mills McBeth's mum and dad hope a range of Christmas cards featuring him will help change perception of Down… in an English border city cannot use toilet facilities at a drive-in cinema because they are in Wales‘We have tragically lost a valued and long-standing member of our team’'If it makes you feel nice, why not have it done?' Thomas was given free surgery by a private clinic after his story featured in a BBC Wales report more:'s how the new rules apply to education and childcare establishments Read more: Mills McBeth has Down’s syndrome and his mum and dad are hoping a range of fundraising Christmas cards featu…'It is a straightforward matter of fairness, we are in this together here in Wales' six charts – what has taken Wales into a 17-day lockdown? James says the experience was like being a 'lab rat' living in a 'prison' water is being tested at 20 sites in Wales has Wales gone into a firebreak lockdown? This map shows the spread of the virus over the past two months Read… is now in lockdown for the next 17 days. Here's where you can - and can't - go Read more:…‘No-one should ever die for the sake of a shot’ McDonnell says the case is 'increasingly looking toward a miscarriage of justice' nationwide restrictions are aimed to 'slow' the Covid-19 rise with a 'short, sharp' lockdown is Wales going into a firebreak lockdown? This graphic shows how the total number of positive cases has grown a… is Wales going into a firebreak lockdown? We can see how some areas have localised hotspots, including in stude… is Wales going into a firebreak lockdown? This graphic shows how the numbers of Covid-19 patients in hospital h… is Wales going into a firebreak? This graphic shows how the R-number has gone up in Wales – the higher it is, t… 32-year-old man has been arrested how the coronavirus case rate has changed across Wales over the past two months you agree with the decision to stop supermarkets selling non-essential goods like clothes? 23-year-old has been trying to see loved ones before the firebreak lockdown begins tonight is no evidence that Covid is spread through sewage systems, say @WHO further 13 people in Wales have died with coronavirus 761 new cases have also been reported say advances in forensic techniques have led to new leads - now they need to trace witnesses from 1980 have been told they cannot sell 'non-essential' goods, such as clothes, during Wales' firebreak lockdo… have warned Wales' lockdown may cost more than £500m our live coverage of the Welsh Government's coronavirus press conference as Wales prepares to go into a 17-d… you think the firebreak lockdown will ruin the economy? Or is a 'short, sharp shock' is the right thing? Read… people of Wales have been told to 'stay at home' for 17 days from 6pm this evening for cosmetic surgery treatments has boomed since lockdown in March, according to new research Morris's conviction for the Clydach murders should be reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, says…' 17-day 'firebreak' lockdown starts later today, with the health minister saying the aim is to ensure 'a much…
Retweeted by BBC Wales NewsRhys James spent 61 days unable to leave a hotel room in Florence after testing positive, restaurants, hotels and non-essential shops will shut from 6pm this evening shadow chancellor John McDonnell says new witness information should be investigated is set to enter a firebreak lockdown from 6pm tonight. Here's where you will - and won't - be able to go Rea… non-essential businesses will have to shut for two weeks from 6pm tonight Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further extremes of rainfall and high temperatures ship - which the public voted to name 'Boaty McBoatface' - has left her Merseyside construction yard 4.5 million people took a payment break on their mortgage, loan or credit card since the start of the pandemic Doris Merkl-Davies says members are ready to fight for their colleagues' jobs
What we can learn about coping with family separation during the pandemic, from the lives of the Windrush generatio… about the types of businesses forced to close was only published this morning and potential new witnesses raise questions about the strength of David Morris's conviction has featured in TV productions including Dr Who, Songs of Praise and Sex Education'I want to reassure people that hospitals are safe places to come in for the care you need' passed a motion of no confidence in the university’s leadership over plans to cut 200 jobs'Householders and individuals also need to take a share of responsibility''Waiting until the day before the lockdown comes into force does not give businesses the time that they need to pre… Hanniford, 91, settled in Wales after arriving in the UK by boat in 1961 are 'crucial questions' on the financial implications of the move, say @Plaid_Cymru'You get to the point where it chips away at your mental health' This is what it's been like for thousands of stud… businesses have to close where Covid cases are low? will be barred from selling items like clothes when Wales goes into a two-week lockdown award-winning tree sits in the ruins of one of Wales' first Cistercian abbeys were closed during the summer lockdown and have had restricted opening since July'Going away to university can be a difficult time for many students, which has been exacerbated by the circumstance… chief speaks out as numbers of people catching Covid while in hospital rises by 50% in past week Canary Islands added to UK's safe travel list
Retweeted by BBC Wales NewsThe Windrush generation left behind partners, spouses and children in order to provide for their families you run a business? Have you had enough time to prepare for the lockdown? are the rates of Covid-19 infection across Wales after another 1,134 people tested positive for coronavirus R… students may be asked to self-isolate as a way to allow them to return home for Christmas, says…'s Quay have confirmed boss Andy Morrison will not face disciplinary action over comments made after the Euro…
Retweeted by BBC Wales NewsAlmost three-quarters of schools in Wales unaffected by Covid-19 during October, says Education Minister Kirsty Wil… canopy has provided shelter to visitors since Victorian times, says @CoedCadw should have consulted the Senedd on 'how much this decision is going to cost the Welsh taxpayer,' say… Cardiff is seeking volunteers for redundancy after a 'significant loss of revenue'