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@bbcworldservice #ClimateChange: What are the facts? (6/7) @bbcworldservice .@Amazon is often criticised for its huge carbon footprint. The company now says it aims to becom… @bbcworldservice The day of global climate action was sparked by @GretaThunberg who’ll attend the New York event. W… are so many young people joining the #ClimateStrike? Here are some voices from different parts of the world:… @bbcworldservice You can follow the latest updates on the global #ClimateStrike here: (2… of people around the world are taking part in #ClimateStrike to demand action to tackle #ClimateChange (1/… by parenting? You're not alone:"Looking back I realised it was a disastrous mistake." The regrets of Anthony Blunt, exposed in 1979 as a Soviet spy stranded dolphins in Florida have been rescued by a human chain 🐬's CEO has said he wants the company to become carbon neutral by 2040. But some of his staff want more ambiti… Moscow trying to win a race already won by Beijing? Julian Marshall in discussion with Olga Kulkova of…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceHave scientists found the key to curing the #commoncold?⚽️ ‼️ PODCAST ‼️ ⚽️ On #BBCWF with @BBC_Mani @HeatherOReilly and @PatNevin we hear from: ⚽️ Leading goal scorer i…
Retweeted by BBC World Service"Corruption is the driving force behind these atrocities" award for the man who stopped a mega-dam and saved the rainforest.
Rebel with a cause: how Albert Camus's novels transformed 20th century literature sneeze for yes, two sneezes for no - these African wild dogs are remarkably democratic when they vote on huntin… Barkan knows he is dying, but he's determined to use the time he has left to fight for healthcare reform. List… year fires in Indonesia create a smoky haze, choking millions of people in the region. It's caused serious he… provides 70% of the world's hazelnuts – and the biggest buyer is Ferrero, maker of Nutella and Kinder Bueno.…‼️ PODCAST ‼️ On #BBCStumped @AlisonMitchell @jimmaxcricket and @SUNILGUPTA_SUGU discuss: 🔸 A summer like no othe…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceEvery five minutes, someone, somewhere dies from a snakebite... but this team is hoping to change that. From the P… Africa's president says his country is one of "the most unsafe places in the world to be a woman". These scho… Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of the great classics of children's literature. CS Lewis's stepson tel… Zambian government wants people to switch from eating maize to millet, sorghum and cassava. Why? was born without a uterus, but she desperately wanted to be a mother Stahl hunted down violent criminals on German TV - but when his five-year-old son was bullied and beaten at… Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has apologised for wearing skin darkening make-up and a turban at an A…
The BBC has gained incredibly rare access to Taliban-controlled territory in Afghanistan to meet people most at ris… Buddy Carter says he believes in #climatechange but he voted against cleaner coal plants... So, is… Governor @GavinNewsom rips into @realDonaldTrump on @BBCNewshour -- accuses him of "lies" over ending CA…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceDownload the Crowdscience podcast to find out more 🎙️ secret power of introverts... and Andy Saunders of @comedyallstars1 are speaking up for indigenous Australians… scientists agree that in order to tackle climate change, we need to radically transform our energy supply🗨️ 'You’re not entitled to any of it working out, but it’s really fun to try’ #BMX world champion Alise Willoughby…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceYoung women around the world with a South Asian heritage are forming an alliance on Instagram 👊 traumatic brain injury left Sarah Vallance unable to read and write. But her dogs gave her the motivation to re-t… wanted to cremate her husband when he died. But for Greeks that’s not as easy as you might think. Hear more:… UK Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament. Foll… Parker fell 20 feet (6 metres) down a waterfall and had to crawl for two days before he was rescued… Korea has a long tradition of hair shaving as a form of protest that's rooted in traditional Confucian teachi… if you want to listen to World Questions from Botswana you can find it on this link. It will be available from… @MaxxMcguire @UKinBotswana Hi, yes it will be available from this coming Saturday (21 September). You can find it o… a delight listening to the story of Wear Sunscreen on ⁦@bbcworldservice⁩ love the bit about who did the voice…
Retweeted by BBC World Service"This has to be looked at like hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. They're not optional, they will happen." Publi… South African choir @ChoirAfrica win big on TV contest 'America's Got Talent'? leaders denounce deteriorating human rights and abductions in Zimbabwe
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Israel election result too close to call - exit polls
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceThe same party has been in power in Botswana since 1966. But could that change in next month's elections?… the farmers who take their herd to New York to help the city get rid of poison ivy and thorn bushes 🐐 audience arrive for tonight’s #BBCWQ in Gaborone, Botswana, which takes place just weeks before October's elect… were launched against major Saudi oil facilities from southern Iran, says a US official Africa's Cape Town is regularly referred to as one of the world's deadliest cities. But is that label fair? we lost sight of how deadly the fighting in Afghanistan still is? A total of 2,307 people were killed in Augu… visits the US's last leper home in Louisiana to find out if the stigma of leprosy still exists and how the… of the deep: the history of the submarine and the extremely precise egineering needed to keep these metal ca… fish, shy bears... just some of the contenders for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 🐟 🐻 🐦 in a job worldwide: 49% Men in a job worldwide: 75% What stops women getting jobs? We hear from women in Jo…"Over 120 genes seem to increase the risk of someone developing a migraine." A neurologist on the link between gen… do so many people think that things are bad, and they're getting worse? 😞 we tap into the cold of outer space to produce tomorrow’s electricity? Cameroonian lawyers have decided to down tools:
Banking services via mobile phones have spread all over Africa. But is there a dark side to the sudden availability… tiny uninhabited Scottish islands – handed on from father to son and bring them closer together. More extr… learned to perform life-saving operations like this one in just three years. Listen to the People Fixing The… events linked to climate change are occurring sooner than expected, says the UK Government's former chief s… might be normal to be gloomy on a Monday - but are we actually wired to be pessimistic all the time? 😞 say flavoured e-cigarettes clearly appeal to children incident has cut global oil supplies by 5% and prices have soared. army marches on its stomach - and the invention of canned food helped them do just that. Listen to the new episo… has released Ukrainian prisoners - but it hasn't given up any of the territory it seized babies need surgery even before they're born - and this new glue could help keep them safe. The new episo… affects millions of women worldwide. So you’d think we’d all know about it – and that doctors would know…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceThis American mayor says he was wrongfully detained by border patrol agents in New York:
6,000 people in a concert hall and yet you could hear a pin drop"The language we have is useless." Why many people who reject religion aren't comfortable being called atheists eit… do the Saudi oil attacks mean for fuel prices? said there was "no evidence" that drone attacks on two Saudi oil facilities came from Yemen - and inste… a campaign of fake news being used to target protests in Algeria?"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours." also rallied outside the British Consulate, demanding that the UK press China to maintain freedoms guarant… had the pleasure of presenting 'Music Life' for the @bbcworldservice. Composers @JoQuailCello, @sfbeamish,…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceBrexit hasn't just divided political parties - it's torn families and friends apart. So how can you talk about it w… destroys women's lives around the world - so why aren't people talking about it? Find out more 🎥… baby stolen from a Cape Town hospital in 1997 discovered the truth, 17 years later
Five years after the war in Ukraine began, 13,000 people have been killed. And Russia’s powerful propaganda machine… gardens of the Strawberry Field children's home in Liverpool, where John Lennon used to play as a boy, have ope… rebels in Yemen have taken responsibility for the drone attacks in Saudi Arabia - and said that more could b…⭐️ World Athletics Championships: Meet the stars ⭐️ The #AthleticsWorldChamps starts in less than 2⃣ weeks so find…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceWhat practical solutions can we introduce into our daily routines to combat desertification? #WorklifeIndia denied it. But has any other UK prime minister even been asked the question? leaders are gathering in Harare for the funeral of Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe 9:11pm Weight: 9lb 11oz Date: 9/11 😲😲😲"This is going to become one of the most famous comets in astronomical history." ☄️
How can natural farming methods help combat desertification? #WorklifeIndia 1519, a Portuguese explorer set off on what would be the first circumnavigation of the world. But he was killed… do people in Venezuela cope with the economic crisis? Take a look at Ingebjørg Kårstad's photographs pleasure = playing your favourite track on repeat. But do musicians ever get bored singing the same songs al…‼️ 🏉 RUGBY PODCAST ‼️ 🏉 🏆 We preview the @rugbyworldcup with @heelsonhalfway and @robvickerman 🇿🇦 Former South A…
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