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How the discovery of human remains in Antarctica in 1985 revealed surprising information about indigenous South Ame… we doing enough to combat coronavirus? We speak to a World Health Organisation adviser @NeilHarold380 @TorreySmithWR @BBCSounds Thank you, Neil! Join us in counting down to Season 2 of…'ve just added an absolutely stunning video to our new @BBCWorldService @YouTube channel - about the Taal volcano…
Retweeted by BBC World Service(11/11) Get a hand-picked selection of our best podcasts, documentaries, interviews and reporting straight to your… “They wanna knows my role model, it’s in a brown bottle” 🎶 How did hip hop develop such a taste for Cognac? Developed by a toy company in 1890, how did slot machines become a symbol of gambling addiction? We travel around the crowded streets of Lagos to hear stories of life amid the congestion They’re our oldest and deadliest enemy, but who is winning the battle? It was the last major epidemic of its kind, but in 1974 these doctors helped to eradicate smallpox once and… So many things in this world are designed with men in mind “Smart people very often don't think they're biased” Three experts explore why we ignore facts, even if it’… Electric lights and noisy streets - is modern life stealing our sleep? How does living in a place where conflict is the norm affect your mental health? Some of the highlights from the World Service this week 👇 (1/11) Conspiracy theories, misinformation and h…'s the latest on the #coronavirus worldwide? Here's a 60 second update ⏰ memory quilts are helping grieving families come to terms with their loss's been almost 10 years since Colonel Gaddafi was killed - but is Libya any better off today? chiefs are breaking the code of silence - in return for a lifetime in witness protection, rather than a life… if your urine tested positive for alcohol but not a drop had passed your lips magic of Mané ✨ What tricks does @LFC & @FootballSenegal forward Sadio Mané have in store for the remainder o…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceIn a galaxy far, far away - and a long time ago - the fabric of the universe was punched by an explosion so large i… reports its first case of the coronavirus that began in China.
Discover the music that inspires composer violinist @sfbeamish - from the heartbreak of @rufuswainwright to jazz jo… Silicon Valley night bus provides shelter for some of California's huge population of homeless people Toy Poodle's owner says it’s a miracle 🐶
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceThis is what Taal island in the Philippines looks like now, more than a month after the volcano erupted. Relatives… Iran, women are prohibited from riding motorcycles in public. But after years of campaigning these women have be…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceWe evolved to sleep outdoors, so what happened to our bodies when we moved inside? fight against #coronavirus is at a "decisive point", says @WHO - here's the latest developments around the worl… you want to hear more about the touch test, listen to this edition of Health Check masks might not be a very useful way to stop people catching the #coronavirus 😷 Great Mosque of Cordoba is a symbol of the co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews dating back to medieval… artificially induced rainfall prevent floods? 🌧️ continues to spread to new countries, with the World Health Organization saying there are now more new…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceBooan Temple was one of the lesbian activists who stormed BBC News live on air, 30 years ago #LGBTHM2020 genuinely made us quite emotional @NasriAtallah thank you for sharing this story! #BBCWorldService might be tough to raise bilingual kids, but a new study says it's worth persevering 👉 Ebola could - just possibly - lead the way for a coronavirus Covid-19 drug a Florida school over-react toward a six-year-old who seems to have got out of control? did this notorious cattle thief from Kenya decide to make peace with his Ugandan neighbours?
The beautiful faces of soul 🎶 Listen to this playlist from @jculpeppermusic - Tracks range from @Khruangbin to… World Health Organization has said that most new coronavirus cases are now occurring outside China Latest upd… has seen its worst violence for decades traditional Quilombo diet uses fresh local ingredients. It’s also zero waste, organic, gluten-free - and practi… have an ingenious feeding technique 🦟 are in the North West of Kenya, in West Pokot with @kasujja. Tomorrow, he will be live from Kotikomor Border Pea…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceThe 62-year-old held the plank position for over eight hours 💪 😮 He shared a few tips with us this really what a #yeti looks like? 🤔 writer Ha Jin, Chinese romantic poet Li Bai was unlike any other happened when a farmer from the USA and a farmer from Africa started to talk about their lives? maintenant c'est nous qui vous écoutons @QueensChristine #BBCWorldService you have trouble sleeping, scientists have discovered something which might help coronavirus cases are appearing around the world, so how do you build a picture of where the outbreak is headin… know we need to wash our hands to avoid infections, but what germs live on phones?
Would a robot win a rap battle? Explore how #AI can enhance a musician's ability"It's a lot more than simply just shutting the doors and saying everybody's got to stay at home" as #LGBTQ in the Middle East can be dangerous. So one women created a website where people could be the… a few more sleeps until Season 2 of #13MinutestotheMoon. Relive Apollo II's final moments - as told in Season… Cooper made the first mobile phone call in 1973 - and the phone weighed more than a kilogram 🤔 does space smell like? Clue: it's meaty... 🥩 hungry bear on the loose in the streets of Monrovia, California 🐻 could be around 30,000 bits of space debris floating around our planet 🌍🌠🌌 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – ousted by the military in 2011 – has died in hospital in Cairo aged 91
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceFrom The Walking Dead to 28 Days Later, why are so many people fascinated by zombies? 🧟 MMA World Champion in 2018, now he's facing the fight of his life to hold on to his belt, back in his hometown o…"My dad is dying, rotting away in the most undignified manner... I don't know whether he knows me." Former Blackbur… Chinese journalist in Wuhan describes the way the coronavirus outbreak is being tackled"She really helped shine a light on a kind of history that we really hadn't paid much attention to before"
"The trash has been taken out" - Rose McGowan on Weinstein verdict. The actor gives her reaction to the conviction… have been used by mathematicians and scientists for millennia. But they've acquired a new level of power… to the #coronavirus outbreak, these couples in the Philippines tied the knot wearing masks 💒 the project was planned in the 1980s, it was going to be the largest gun in the world - but many were sceptica… Weinstein, once Hollywood's most powerful man, found guilty in sex assault case that spurred #MeToo movement
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceNasa mathematician Katherine Johnson has died at the age of 101. She was instrumental to the Apollo project and h… India, nearly half a million transgender people struggle for acceptance. Some hope a sex change operation will h… mathematician Katherine Johnson, who helped launch the first American into orbit around the Earth, dies aged 1…
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceIn the South Korean city of Daegu, hundreds of people have been pictured queuing to buy face masks #coronavirus would Gandhi have said to Trump?
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceCar drives into crowd during carnival procession in German town of Volkmarsen, injuring several people, police say
Retweeted by BBC World ServiceThe prison where inmates write rhymes, make music and imagine their future in a different light Tanzer was born into a family of Romany sex workers. She grew up illiterate, discriminated against, and in p… going through the #Covid19 #Coronavirus questions listeners have sent in for our #GlobalNewsPod coronavirus sp…
Retweeted by BBC World Service"We never thought it could come here" #coronavirus drones improve pregnant women's life chances in Sierra Leone? Find out on our YouTube page 👇 Perlman is often known as the "mother of the internet" - how does she feel about the way the internet is used… urbanisation and deforestation are endangering some of India's best loved species. How can we save the countr… Korea now has the second most cases in world and North Korea has quarantined hundreds of foreigners"Namaste Trump" - The US President will be welcomed by a huge rally in the world's largest cricket stadium in Ahmed…"When I sneeze, I see soot and blood." Kalio Keturah Nicholas remembers the time she could eat fresh fish from the…
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How poetry can make us more empathetic much of our food is natural v synthetic? And should we be worried? #BBCFoodChain“If you set a goal, say something audacious. The universe finds a way to make things happen.” @gadhadar on… this really what a #yeti looks like? 🤔 passenger was allowed to leave the Diamond Princess cruise ship, travel home on public transport and then later t… of the world’s population breathes in toxic air on a daily basis Fury says he was destined to take the WBC heavyweight crown from Deontay Wilder #TysonFury2 🥊 founder Jeff Bezos has pledged $10 billion in grants to fight climate change. Here's where the money could g… Fury produced a punch perfect performance to beat Deontay Wilder and become the WBC and Ring Magazine heavywe…
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Check out Ugandan superstar @Ksheebah1's two essential items that she carries in her bag when in a hurry and has to…