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Must be time for a cup of tea in the sunshine. morning Weather Watchers! Lots of sunshine in the forecast today, #UV levels will be high or very high.
Weather Watchers Pic of the Season is back! 🤗 Vote for your favourite photo of spring from 8am on Monday.
Not sure if Ken M has sent us a weather observation or an art class example. Beautiful either way. Thanks Ken M! for lots of the country today....but not quite all
Nice little man made rainbow 🌈 this morning in Wolverhampton...
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersThe sun is out top and tail of the country ...but cloud straddles central areas. Here’s the view from our…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersAltocumulus lenticularis cloud ➕ twilight ➡️ amazing cloudscape 😍...
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersHappy Tuesday! The sun's shining in Pontypridd. How's it looking where you are?
Welcome to #BankHolidayMonday ☀️
Beautiful cloudscapes this afternoon, fields and verges all bursting with colour's the lunchtime view from across the UK. Sunshine amounts increasing from the south and south-west as pressure… morning Weather Watchers! Here are some of your early Sunday pictures.
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
Wow! Some very dramatic skies this afternoon as heavy showers and local thunderstorms swept eastwards. windy today!'s a bit 'fowl' this afternoon for others... sunny but with gusty winds, a very wet and windy day for large swathes of Scotland. very heavy showers have been moving eastwards through parts of Wales, the Midlands, southern & eastern England… of variety already from your Weather Watcher pictures. Sunshine, showers, rainbows, rain and windy!
Rude awakenings ...but fantastic photo opportunities for some of our #WeatherWatchers in South Wales this morning⚡️… awakenings ...but fantastic photo opportunities for some of our #WeatherWatchers in South Wales this morning⚡️⚡️
Alistair Llangollen tells us this place is called Velvet Hill. Seems rather apt today
Bowness-on-Windermere looking marvellously misty today just squeezing through the cloud in Denbigh. Can't quite manage it in Cupar
Morning! Here's the view, though the lens, of Monday so far
Two very different window views from this afternoon. few of you are spotting sun halos this afternoon. They form when sunlight refracts through ice crystals in high c… contrasts across the UK today and beautifully captured by our Weather Watchers. Thank you.
A lunchtime view across the UK morning Weather Watchers! Eastern and north-eastern coasts hogging the best of the sunshine at the moment.
Friday reflections cloud and sunny spells across the UK this afternoon a chilly start for some of us this morning. The frost risk diminishes over the coming days.
Good morning sunshine! 🌅 #ThursdayMotivation
"Liam Ball" was lucky enough to view this near Dawley, and we're all lucky that he shared it via @BBCWthrWatchers T…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersIrrigating a potato crop near Edgmont, north of Telford. Not sure Nature will for a while. Thanks to "GrannyAnne".…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersIt was a cumulus sort of day over Bingham, Notts. Thanks to "DylanLucas". @BBCWthWatchers"Hydellum" reported little sun, snow down to 800m and a good covering on the Cairngorms. @BBCWthrWatchers of your @BBCWthrWatchers photos from across Scotland. #StayHome #StaySafe
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers📷Some of our @BBCWthrWatchers are getting up mega early to catch the fabulous morning sunrise 🌄 As I suspect most…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
A snowy scene in Sumburgh, Shetland Islands. Thanks to Beenister for sharing. has raided it's #winter wardrobe this morning! #Snow is not unheard of in Scotland at this time of year, BUT t…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersBlades of grass glisten during a frosty sunrise in Loose, Kent. Pic by Liam Kenward. morning! A frostier start to the day in England and Wales today ...but sparkling under sunny skies for many
Happy Monday!
A few more of your brilliant bunting beauties to round off the day. Thanks to all for sharing them with…, but very effective. Thanks for your pic, Gillian bunting, blue sky bunting and bucolic bunting out to mark #VEDay75
The swingball final is underway in Scarborough great shots of sun halos today!
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
Weather Watchers, help us to celebrate #VEDay75! Take a pic of the #GreatBritishBunting on your window (from insi… sun was looking lovely as it rose through the trees this morning. there .... Peak of the Super "Flower" Moon comes on Thursday #FullMoon #SuperMoon #FlowerMoon morning WeatherWatchers! I think we are all just a bit "cat staring out of window" at the moment
The odd break in the cloud over TomT's garden today the sunshine in you got a small person in your house? #homeschooling Would love you to get involved with the…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersBlue skies coming through this morning morning! Missed the stunning sunrise this morning? Don't worry ...some of our WeatherWatchers captured the mom…
Stunning sun halo spotted at the foot of Carn Brea early this morning. Pic by RichardM. Watchers, help us to celebrate #VEDay75! Take a pic of the #GreatBritishBunting on your window (from insi… phenomena can still be captured close to home. Keep sharing your #lockdownweather pics with us… bit of #MondayMotivation for you. Good morning!
Dark clouds and torrential rain for some this evening, and for others... a beautiful end to the day. of cloud around this afternoon with some heavy showers in places too, but for others it's a #sunnySunday morning Weather Watchers! A day of contrasts across the UK and watch out for the chance of further #rainbows l…
More fantastic cloudscapes around this afternoon skies again today from the showers
It's all gone a bit Turner-esque over the River Exe. Thanks to "Alan O", as ever. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Mikesnapper" caught the blue skies over Exmouth. More rain is moving across the Tamar as I write. @BBCWthrWatchers lovely afternoon over "Raj's range" in Shropshire, after a wet morning. More rain to come after dark.…"keggy" caught the passage of a weather front over Harborne, Birmingham earlier today. @BBCWthrWatchers of climate change in Redcar? Thanks to "Caramac". Weather change shortly - rain not far away. @BBCWthrWatchers❄️Frost ☀️Sunshine 🌫️Fog 🌈Hints of a fog bow 👌 morning! If it's damp and drizzly where you are this morning, here's a look at the sunny and frosty start in n… morning! A bit of sunshine around to start the day, but hints of red in the sky morning ...! Matt
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
Muted pinks at sunset in Rockcliffe, Dumfries and Galloway, last night. Keep sharing pics from your window…
Whatever else April has been for you, it's been the sunniest since records began in 1929. 212.5hr recorded by 0900…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Toton-Robbo" caught this earlier this afternoon in the skies over Nottinghamshire. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersDay's end in Selsey last night. Share Monday's sunset pics with us's extremes for you: Warmest : Frittenden (Kent) 20.6C Lowest Night Min : Katesbridge (Co. Down) -3.4C High…"Jaysea" has a super view of Fife from a lookout in Inverkeithing. @BBCWthrWatchers"Mikesnapper" describes the afternoon as "cloudy and muggy" on Exmouth Beach. Last time we'll be hearing "muggy" us…'s the weather looking like from your window or garden? Keep sharing your pics and we'll feature them in our g… lovely rainbows lit up the evening sky on Sunday.! A new week ...and more weather variety to capture from your windows this week
Monday: There'll be a little bit of rain for some tomorrow, and it's going to be getting cooler for most. The full…, sunshine and a few showers have all been on the menu for our Weather Watchers this Sunday. What kind of wea…
Stunning Conwy Castle, illuminated in rainbow colours yesterday evening for #ClapForOurCarers golf course may be empty, but someone is enjoying the view on their daily walk. Good morning WeatherWatchers!
📷Some fabulous shots posted by our Weather Watchers on a sunny #StGeorgesDay! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Thanks so much for sharing yo…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers🌈💙We're loving seeing these rainbow photos taken by our Weather Watchers! Please keep sharing them with us…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersSome of your @BBCWthrWatchers photos from across Scotland today. CB #StayHome #StaySafe
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersTwo of our lucky Weather Watchers managed to capture some of the #lyridmeteorshower last night morning all! Happy #StGeorgesDay
Tull's photo shows the hazy sunshine to be seen around much of the country today
With clear skies almost UK-wide, tonight will be perfect to watch the peak of the #lyridmeteorshower 🌠 🌠10-20 mete…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersWe love your pics but please make sure that you follow government advice when taking them. - During your daily out…