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Sometimes, I think the "Birdman of Dalfern" has an unfair advantage. Or is it just envy after a cold and wet day in… #snow scenes from the weekend ❄ autumn hues under cloudy skies in Pooley Bridge, Cumbria, earlier. Pic by David. stellar shot of last night's near-full moon in Sunderland. Thanks to Ar for sharing. #BeaverMoon more mam-mazing than usual! 😍 Beautiful mammatus clouds seen at sunset in Northamptonshire last night.! 👋
Impressive cloudscape captured in Northern Ireland this morning morning and welcome to Monday! It was a beautiful sunset/moonrise in Hastings on Sunday evening. Thanks to Br…
Just beautiful ..., sunshine, fog & #snow ... a real mix of weather across the UK today fabulous shot of a circumzenithal arc in Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire this morning. They're sometimes called 'upside d… joke ... a wintry start for parts of Wales and the West Midlands this morning
First proper #snow of the season for some in the Inverness and Speyside areas this morning. #uksnow #winteriscoming Writers Guild ( Inverness and Nairn branch) getting excited about something this morning. Thanks to ""Tattie…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Tino" recorded the flooding at Woodhouse Mill, near Rotherham, early this morning. @BBCWthrWatchers severe flood warnings now in force on parts of the River Don: Latest on all flood warnings here:…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersGlorious start, if cold, to Friday in Hampshire. Thanks to "Phee Nomennaa" @BBCWthrWatchers! Floods ongoing in some areas, but many of you are actually starting the day sunny and frosty, and yes ...t…"Aisling" caught the dawn at Omagh, Northern Ireland. And the good news is... it will stay fine, sunny but cold all…"Tracky Tom" is watching mist and fog near Mendham, Suffolk. Frosty start for many. @BBCWthrWatchers at the ready... frosty start to Friday for parts of Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, east Anglia and S England.…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Julius" stayed safe and caught the scenes of flooding at a retail park in Rotherham last night. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
It's certainly not 'rain for all' today!!
Fingask Loch looks a great place to watch the day come to a close weather comes in many forms ...some of them on show this morning
Ooooooohhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh! view beyond! lunchtime pictures from across the UK., rain a hint of sunshine and rainbows ... just your typical November morning. two sides of misty/foggy weather. The beautiful v The annoying...
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
"I love the drama of the clouds in shades of blue and orange, contrasting with the dark silhouette of the riverside…"After a day of grey clouds and a lot of waiting, the sky turned to a lovely orange and the Abbey looked beautiful… big thank you to all our #WeatherWatchers from @SarahKLweather #WeatherWatchers4 ending the day on a wet note."The grey herons were fishing for eels [in Toome] and the weather was cool but supplied beautiful colours. I love t…😊😘"Living in Shetland, my favourite time of year is between May and July when it never really gets dark, known as the…"A curious cloud cat intrigued by the brightly lit mice on the M25". More Editor's Picks chosen by you…"This was taken on Christmas Eve [2018]. I opened the curtains and there was this magical view waiting, with mist d…'s @WeatherNick with some special birthday wishes... #WeatherWatchers4"This sums up what is great about the seaside and holidays in the UK. A perfect summer's day, blue sky, bright suns…"A storm front moving towards Guernsey created an impressive cloud formation over the islands of Herm and Sark. The…"Genuinely one of my favourite parts of the job" - Weather Watchers makes a huge difference to our regional present…"Taken as the Beast from the East got going [March 2018]. Cloud dropping heavy snow, whipped along on the gale-forc…😊😘 is waking up a bit bleary-eyed this morning. Should perk up soon 4th anniversary, #WeatherWatchers! 🎉🎁🎂 Thank you for sharing your favourite images with us…
"Wendy from Moray" stayed safe but still caught the fury of yesterday's seas at Hopeman Harbour, Moray.…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Whose idea was this?" Thanks to "Squiz" for capturing one of those days in eastern Scotland. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersEvidence of last night's rain in Suffolk, captured by "Juniperbeddy". @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersThanks to "Ar" for this view of the fireworks at Waltham, Lincs last evening. @BBCWthrWatchers Phil
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
Wind hasn't been the only problem in southern Britain this morning. Latest warnings for rain and wind here:…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersWindy across much of northern Scotland. Thanks to "Freddy" with this view from near John O'Groats. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersBright enough start to the weekend in Edinburgh. Wetter and windier further north in Scotland though.…"Jackieo" is in the thick of it at Mudeford, Dorset. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersWith gusts in excess of 80mph in exposed areas, care will be needed if on the move. Thanks to "Haggiswhisperer" for…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersPorthmeor Beach, St Ives looking less than inviting. Thanks to "Hakeybaymaid" for this view. @BBCWthrWatchers
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Ebb&Flo" are making the most of the sunny start to Saturday in Essex. Much wetter and windier later this morning t…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers"Seahorse" stayed safe but captured this scene from a balcony above the tumult off South Devon this morning. Gusts…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersI noticed East Yorkshire farmers were making the most of dry weather this week, but it rained yesterday and will ag… to "Blackcat" for this from near Newcastle upon Tyne this morning. @BBCWthrWatchers Phil"Alan O" is on patrol near Topsham, S Devon. Very windy conditions here and wet too. Latest wind warnings here:…
Retweeted by BBC Weather Watchers
Who says it's good weather for ducks? Even seafaring ones get fed up with the rain murky out there in many places but there's a few bright spots too
South west England showing a definite east west split this lunchtime. Padstow in Cornwall enjoying a sunny break in… and dry in many places today but there's plenty more rain in the forecast. This photo from milliegeorge&me i… damp in Devon earlier this morning"Arr, it be a pumpkin patch!" 😂 #HappyHalloween!
Neath is wearing its autumn colours well. Thanks to Mike for sharing. wintry start to the day in Auldearn. Thanks to Airthrey Princess for sharing. in time for #Halloween! Spooky brocken spectre seen at Castell Dinas Bran, Denbighshire. The optical phenome… of a pea-souper in Barnsley this morning!
York today after the River Ouse burst its banks yesterday. @victorthevole It doesn't have to be a photo given an EP - just one that's special to youThanks for your submissions to our anniversary gallery. There's still time to send in your personal Ed Picks… chilly but stunning start for many.'s cirrusly lovely in Spratton this Tuesday morning! Thanks to Will for posting.
Ben Nevis as the sun slid down this afternoon wearing its Sunday best...on a Monday Monday! Mist shrouds the city during a vivid sunrise in Manchester. Thanks to MCRShaun for sharing.
Hope you managed to enjoy some sunshine on Sunday. Thanks to "Navigatio" for this image from Aberystwyth.…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersIt's a much drier day for weather watching today (for most!). What do you enjoy photographing most in autumn? Share…
Anyone for...? Even "Weatherwizard" couldn't magic up a bit of sunshine... until late in the day in Ludlow.…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersRain? What rain? "mrs strivzy" has obviously been watching the forecast and broke cover as the skies cleared across…
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersMake your mind up, weather! Dramatic skies over Mallaig as captured by "Terrace Views" @BBCWthrWatchers Phil
Retweeted by BBC Weather WatchersWhat a soggy scene in Ampleforth this afternoon - also proving that cows don't always lie down when it rains! fantastic sunshine and showers pic from Port96 at Port Glasgow - and a rainbow to boot! How's it looking where yo… morning Weather Watchers! We're expecting more soggy pictures across England & Wales today but some sunnier on…
Pretty murky under that cloud and rain today
Camborne's finally had a dry day after a run of 31 consecutive rainy ones. But has autumn really been as wet as it…'ve been checking out some cool web sights today... 🕸 sundog captured in Lincolnshire yesterday. Pic by TwoWei. looked like it was being swallowed by fog earlier. Thanks to jeanniedev for the pic. morning! It's a stunning start to the day in Leeds. Thanks to Andy for sharing.
Tuesday tailing off Guernsey Weather Watcher has spotted what looks like funnel clouds during showers over Alderney. Thanks for shari… @BenJamesPhotos We've received it. Many thanks, Ben, and we're so pleased to hear how much you've enjoyed being a Weather Watcher!#WeatherWatchers, time for you to get into the editor's chair streams through the trees in Ealing, London. Pic by BA James. was a beautiful #sunrise across northern England this morning. More of your pics here