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you say we’re small and not worth the mention // nocturnal

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@paigelol ILL PLAY IF U R PLAYING IN 20 minswoke up feeling dead af
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @venusiangirl junko @sod12345678910 hate u @strulovr helloooo i am glad ur back i hope you’re doing well @danteclap y did i never see this happy birthday danteeeeeveryone go look at my gf @325amu AAA SO PRETTY SO HOT @325amu UR SO CUTE @okayeimi yes @kousukehirahara ITS A LOVE STORY this song fits it so well @325amu ILL MAKE U IT WE CAN SHARE IT WITH TWO STRAWS LIKE A COUPLE MILKSHAKEstrawberry milk @325amu strawberry milk yayay @325amu i want more than that.i think i’m in love with @325amuasian fetishization rly weird + not rly funny
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @danteclap ?? @m4rukt idk for sure though i hope it’s truee @danteclap it will rain is my fav @m4rukt I SAW ON TIKTOK THERES GOING TO BE A BRUNO X GIVEON SONG?? i am so excited @danteclap I WOULD KICK U @danteclap hello @325amu carry me please @cuckaru @ybjared @Stephen_Snps i wanna go to the beachshark coochie board w sand seasoning ft the homies <3
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @venusiangirl THOSE LAYERS i want my hair to b as voluminous as urs omgi got the milf cut
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @washedcloud panda express is not s tier @venusiangirl ur hair is so prettyyyhi
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@esexIover tiff? @aheggaos red orange yellow pink grey @zzzotoya im not dumb im zeth @zzzotoya ok @zzzotoya i’m abt to cry tooguys my sweet baby is sick and needs to go to the vet , please share and donate if possible , thank you πŸ’•β€¦
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @zzzotoya aka dummy @pixlgirlfrnd feel better bbygod im so hot lmfao
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Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @325amu On my way! @325amu my gf. @325amu the prettiest baddest bitch to walk this earth plz give me a chancelove you
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Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺhi if some burner account acc dms you plz come to talk to me abt it!! they’re making up false statements abt me @lilrorivert can i be ur friend 😳 @draco_top wtf kpop idol
@venusiangirl so perfectan attempt was made
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @7UVBOT YESGirls cut their hair to say β€œi miss my long hair” for the next 8 months
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺBOOST PLS! I’m currently fighting FAFSA and the grants I received from them that payed majority of my tuition and I…
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @romieandjuliet look at me plzlooking left bc u didn’t treat me right :/
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @okayeimi ur so cute πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί can i kiss ui think my makeup looked so good yesterday (no flash vs flash)
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @kousukehirahara FLAME THEM @nelo_welo NELO ROAD TO CHALLY?? @BasiilLeaf @sennying @austhuy HAHAH i lost to them kinda sadedater tft buff 2/2 @sennying @itsoklategame wait i’ll give u my priv toosomeone.. yubee plz we can beemaw yubee bot lane @itsoklategame @bblossoming @itsoklategame ahem i will claim them later today
@pixlgirlfrnd MUAHkiss me thru the phone
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺtwitter fleet quality </3 @hrtfeIt i hope i see u when i go to heaventhey filed a missing angels report on me
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺtwitter fleets <3 @junkcock u look so comfy n cute king that jacket @itsoklategame ok ty for inv lol @kanamayeo FIRST SET @admir3s WHERE HAVE U BEEN @kakyommi how do u look so perfect @romieandjuliet kiss plz @SMOLBABI3 so hot so cute i love ubest girl (´q‒ α΅• ‒q`) β™‘
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺjinx players dm me 😚
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Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺcomfy :3
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺomg open for a surprise πŸ™ˆ
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @angelshwty omg says uuui hate jackbox @danteclap it was i could find most of them were in spanish 😭 @Baizhugf ITS SO CUTE
@abgmulan ur so prettyimagine dating her
Retweeted by s ⁣𓆩♑π“†ͺ @junkcock my voice gets higher and soft around the boy i like IDK WHY AND I HATE ITwhen satan can’t reach you so he sends you a discord gamer boy @hrtfeIt good morning cutiegood morning gfs
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