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stygian as fuck.

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@OwenTheHammer @tvaziri not only have I watched the making-of doc, I link to it & quote it in the next tweet's young Hugh Keays-Byrne circa 1974, also known as Toecutter & Immortan Joe
Retweeted by priscilla pageI wrote about Collateral, one of my favorite Michael Mann movies
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@mortalken @Patreon thank you, Ken! @misterpatches just saw it! (& sorry for the delay)devastating. RIP to a legend @_Hallospaceboy_ this is extremely flattering & hugely appreciated @al_ambition @marcmaron I do! I saw Caan tweet about it recently but totally forgot, so thanks for the reminderThere seems to me something distinctly evil about conservative Democrats losing their races because they have zero…
Retweeted by priscilla pagefor those of us still talking about The Irishman, here's a great essay by @BBW_BFF #TheIrishman #MartinScorsese
Retweeted by priscilla page @hijaktaffairs thanks! @SoundsDee lolFor Americans asking about how to help these kids now - you can! The program starts on Dec. 4, you can choose a let…
Retweeted by priscilla pageI am in shambles. We live in the cruelest society
Retweeted by priscilla pageI had not seen Collateral since '05 or so. It kind of washed over me then & had not revisited it. This essay sparke…
Retweeted by priscilla page @_Hallospaceboy_ thank you, Doug!Evening on the North Shore, 1924 #gagnon #impressionism
Retweeted by priscilla page @est__grey thank you! @CharliePlummer6 excellent choice @CharliePlummer6 thank you! & I highly recommend a rewatch - it's a movie I love more every time I see it @HFDSP I think it's gotta be part of itHow about everybody ignore that bad IRISHMAN take and read this good take by @BBW_BFF instead.
Retweeted by priscilla page @CharliePlummer6 wise (and thanks!)wow TERFs are really out here like "spare a lesbian?"
Retweeted by priscilla page @YoyodyneInc I respect that she doesn't like the movie but it's weird to assume that no one is talking about it bec… @shentenza it's a weird take! @chris_ludovici lol @Bro_Pair this is very comforting, thank you (and I agree) @JKDAnthony10 okay!it's fine not to like the Irishman! but it's whack to act like "literally" no one is talking about..........a Scorsese film @AwkwardBeardMan yes! plus, we've all kinda been busy with other shit this particular yearsomeone CC'd me on this tweet earlier because they linked my Irishman essay, and the replies nearly gave me a heart… talk about it. like, with other people, who are also still talking about it
@jesawyer as much as I like looking at it, I don't think I'd want to drive a yellow car regularly. white/red sounds amazinggoing on the record as a huge fan of this little yellow Fiat 500 they're using in Mission: Impossible 7… lot of people pointing to the GLAAD style guide, which is, I think, not the best on this specific issue! The…
Retweeted by priscilla pageLook, it’s a woman writing an exceptional essay on one of the greatest films of the past 20 years and it’s me, anot…
Retweeted by priscilla page @misss_ff Mann is, I think, among the filmmakers most frequently cited by the 'some films are just for boys' crowd… @AmeliaMangan I literally never would have figured that out myself, or suspected that people might feel bad about it! @robbelushi thank you, Rob! 🙏 @skullmandible @leucocrystal well saidcounterpoint: I have considered all this shit already. anyway, I sincerely regret suggesting that a person making a… Cushing at home in 1964 working on one of his flm set models...
Retweeted by priscilla pageI volunteer with Red Hook Dog Rescue; adopted my dogs Bono & deafblind senior Tango from them. Harriet rescues some…
Retweeted by priscilla page @leucocrystal oh it's definitely not a funny joke but I'm 99% certain it's a joke all the same. & even if it were s… @patleenichols lol no, but I have written about Rambo movies before (like 4 years ago) @Zach_Team @Matthew_Coman @patador it's Rambo III, dudes! @HalfMajesty thank you, John! I don't know what it is about this particular Mann film but it's definitely the one I… @YoyodyneInc the final act of that film remains one of my favorite things I've ever experienced in a theater. @jrhennessy yeah I kept finding myself in the mood to go back and see it and just kinda accidentally found myself d… @JorCru I saw someone describe the "people who live outside NY" thing as being like a "what's the deal with..." kin… @pbAstronaut we have gas stations, 7-Elevens, liquor stores. I think the tweet being so specific about bodegas and… @PhilPirrello thank you, Phil!
Retweeted by priscilla pageHe was a baker. When his neighbors were suffering, he prepared baskets of bread, pizza, and sweets. He left them o…
Retweeted by priscilla page @_CraigHB ! thanks! also agree re: Collateral's leanness and efficiency. impeccable filmmaking imho @RamVenkatSrikar that's so nice, thank you! @1brightman1 thank you! @DamianNieman @donwinslow thank you! and, sorry you don't love the end. I personally feel the whole thing really works @JellyandJemima @donwinslow same. one of my favorite filmmakers. @DamianNieman @donwinslow I disagree. & feel like the essay makes it pretty clear why I think the end works. @blood__red__ yeah I love the way it looks, and how Mann is more interested in the city that's actually lived in vs… @abollmer [spoilers] it's very easy to miss and people gripe about it all the time (i.e. "how did Max do that when…'s something Michael Mann says in the Making of Collateral doc that I think is very beautiful & have been think… Angeles, California (1992). A woman sits on a car, observing the destruction during the Rodney King riots. Phot…
Retweeted by priscilla page @KyleDHiggins on twitter, everything is controversial @abollmer thank you! @JakePlunkett I don't know her at all but it seems to me like the anger being directed at her is bizarre & unjustified @KyleDHiggins really confounded by the sheer volume of angry bodega-related tweets I've seen today @MaraWilson it just feels sacrilegious not to watch it on a big screen @blainecapatch @MaraWilson this frankly sounds awesome @JorCru well, right? which is why I (maybe wrongly) assumed it was part of the joke @levimacdougall lol they're emails from FandangoI feel like this person just wanted to make a joke about impulse-purchasing candy, and it somehow kicked off the In… @Valiant_Bore I think it's best on the biggest, loudest screen availablewait, according to my records, I've also seen Mission: Impossible - Fallout 7 times in theaters. (& would see again.) @JeeB1er I think I saw that one...4 times?runners-up are John Wick, which I probably saw in theaters about 6 or 7 times, tied with the first Avengers (I was… @JeeB1er respectI must confess I've probably seen Fury Road like 15 or 16 times on the big screen. (pathological, I know) joke, Priscilla is one of the best online film writers going. Go subscribe to her Patreon so she can keep writin…
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@gumsandal wow, this is lovely feedback. thank you! @JohnWoods333 thank you! @BookishPlinko thank you, Anya! @liamwong hope you dig it! I also adore this movieIf you’re a Michael Mann fan and love Collateral, this essay is almost mandatory reading. An excellent piece of wri…
Retweeted by priscilla page @DAlkhed thank you! @ScottWamplerBMD thank you, Scott! very happy I didn't disappoint @Mania715 @ScottWamplerBMD wrote about Collateral, one of my favorite Michael Mann movies @robbelushi thank you, Rob! @FrankyFilmmaker I think Michael Mann said the movie ends at 4:20am, so I was proud to finish slightly ahead of sch… @StAdkison no @paulpuccio ahh thank you! this is the first feedback I've received, and I am very relieved to hear that(it's 3am so I'm not posting the link just yet, but if anyone wants to get an early look at the essay, it's already up on my patreon) @DarthBoring it's noir, so I can totally see how that might work (tho I love the film's colors)*whispers* I have finally finished my Collateral essay© Justin Locke Pyrenees France 1956
Retweeted by priscilla pagethis remains one of my absolute favorite movies of 2019