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stygian as fuck. I write about cars, movies, & cars in movies.

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yes’ve been waiting ages for this! My officially licensed Indiana Jones poster is released today @ 12pm EST through ⁦…
Retweeted by priscilla page @Roy_Matrix I think that's a great idea @Grief_Eater hell yeah, glad you enjoyed it! I love the chase, and his car, and his pizza scissors. just a totally… wrote about Tokyo Drift and Han, my favorite Fast & Furious character
Retweeted by priscilla page @CinemaPackrat sure why notmovies wrote a long essay on Martin Scorsese's The Irishman
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Honoured and privileged to be invited by director Chad Stahelski into the John Wick franchise, which in my humble o…
Retweeted by priscilla pageme observing today's discourse
Retweeted by priscilla pageperfect @SHMAMMER32 same, love both Boyka and Adkins. and I think 3 is my favorite, too. @TheCulljoy yeah that's one of his worst movies lol @TheCulljoy it rules. I'm sure it still made sense, but he has an incredible arc from villain/antagonist to hero/antihero in those 3 films.just saw Boyka: Undisputed is on Netflix & highly recommend it! if you haven't seen the Boyka movies yet, you'll ha… @Grief_Eater it's really ridiculous and fun. highly recommend it @RocketJaz just make sure to see Regeneration first! (and the very first Universal Soldier, if you have time - I think it's still on Hulu)just hit 3600 words on the Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning essay and I'm starting to feel like it actually make… @JonathanEby Guillermo del Toro: Cabinet of CuriositiesGuillermo del Toro on film criticism
Retweeted by priscilla page @wyntermitchell @arielallalong @wyntermitchell @arielallalong yes! he's made so many fun, good movies and Susan doesn't like any of them? a joyless existence @HalfMajesty love this movie & its title sequence so much @yytka11 oh no @Hank_HeyNow a solid choice. Treasure of the Sierra Madre is probably a top 3 Bogart for me @NotFunnyJ sickcan't believe they fucking stole Ash's hand @logunsound thick Stallone > shredded Stallone @PTFilm @hamiltonguy you shouldn't be. I love it @ambient_soup because I erased her last name and most of her handle from the screenshot @Grief_Eater or Cobra @Grief_Eater I do not appreciate your bad vibes, SusanSusan, this is not the place for your negativity菱木研二カラーに髑髏ツナギ 突っ込みどころ満載なアルダナのヨシムラZ なによりビックリのラムエア?冷却システム サンパチか!
Retweeted by priscilla page @potheadfckbrain @ScottWamplerBMD respect the KKBB reference @ScottWamplerBMD lmao I watched it and I feel like........... maybe I have to see this movie now @TheCulljoy @avocadoatlawnyc I'm not an expert but I think Adkins' accent is amazing. I was also told Boyka is one… @wyntermitchell I must confess...I haven't @JohnFusco12 @TheSlyStallone really great film, underseen & undervaluedIn a Lonely Place whomst, at a book signing, asked my name, and being a young egg, I told him, adding "for now" so he leaned in…
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@blastronimus totally get it. very easy to get excited about Rambo @Grief_Eater I'm Cormac McCarthy and this is Jackass
Retweeted by priscilla page @Grief_Eater lmao that was basically my reaction, too @DanielO66592307 lucky! I was...a little too young for it then. but I did catch it at the New Bev a couple years ago, and that was amazing @Grief_Eater I am very sorryBill Murray talks about the painting that stopped him from committing suicide after being asked if there were a mom…
Retweeted by priscilla page @thechimnae I would personally never forgive someone for doing that @BrndnStrssng ugh. I saw some photos of the rotting walrus prop and that was v upsettingtonight for the first time ever I read the plot of Tusk on wikipedia and googled images of the walrus, and... it ha… @FilmIntuition Lemmon and Mitchum are on my list, too! and Peter Falk. (shocker.) very easy to get carried away @blastronimus First Blood rules but the prompt doesn't allow Rocky or Rambo movies @wyntermitchell @solaana it's so weird and fun! @mlwshl great movie @solaana I love this movie night to celebrate the GOAT with a double feature of The Conversation (on Hulu) and Night Moves (on the Cri… @acashin @benirishhome @sewcialism no
Folks, If you are a CA renter unable to pay some or all your rent or utilities due to the pandemic, APPLY NOW for…
Retweeted by priscilla pageMr Lordi, singer of Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, receives his second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in Rovaniemi, Finl…
Retweeted by priscilla pageBeing a writer is 20% Googling certain words to make sure they mean what you think they mean, 10% looking up baby n…
Retweeted by priscilla page @DaveBautista @GovRonDeSantis get his ass, Dave @SharksOnCouches yes!! it's so bonkers I love it @SharksOnCouches oh!! I assume this means you started watching. enjoy!fun (maybe?) Patreon update: in the editing phase of this Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning essay and just got ba… @tvaziri total dreamboat @bubbleIPL yeah, the intensity is what I'm into. coupled with the fact that (I've heard) Ryan was an angel in real… @CrainHarrison he was never not handsome but I prefer the less clean-cut vibes of 'get really stoned' shirted Newmanhere are some of the all-timers, tho (& unsurprisingly), I'm gonna have to say Robert Ryan“How many people are vaccinated?” Fred Durst asks before Limp Bizkit launches into “Rollin.” “Very cool. Very considerate!”
Retweeted by priscilla pageSingle best description of Master and Commander (2003) I’ve ever seen ever.
Retweeted by priscilla page @IHeartFargo lol thank youit's me @sewcialism it's a cool and exciting and beautiful movie about 2 boys who are best friends
Per usual from her, damn good read from Priscilla about car/motorcycle chases in one of the best in recent cinema:
Retweeted by priscilla page @PaxTobiPax thank you, Tobi!Robert Ryan, The Dakota, NYC, 1969. photographed by Henri Dauman. only Live Laugh Love sign I’ll allow in our house
Retweeted by priscilla pageA woman just chased me down to ask if I just gave her a parking ticket. I’m wearing a t shirt with Deadpool smoking weed on it right now
Retweeted by priscilla pagesome of my favorite westerns ever are gonna be on the Criterion Channel tomorrow. highly recommended @HalfMajesty Day of the Outlaw might be my #1, another rare movie where he gets to play a hero/antihero. followed c… wrote about a movie I really love: Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece There Will Be Blood
Retweeted by priscilla page @HalfMajesty I checked out some of Ryan's westerns last year and it made me decide to watch more of his movies I ha… think Rogue Nation's car & motorcycle chase is only topped for me by Fallout's car & motorcycle chase. maybe. @JonathanEby 25 years is old to you??? blocked @JonathanEby yeah, realizing it's been 6 years since Rogue Nation is really making me feel the passage of timeobviously wrote about Rogue Nation's car & motorcycle chase realized it's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation's 6th anniversary so here's my little thread of the film's ci… @dvdschp @Criterion I haven't, but I'd like to @HalfMajesty a wise decision. On Dangerous Ground has quickly become an all-time favorite for me. and I love The Se… excited by this news. I loved Jordan's last novel She Rides Shotgun so much and cannot wait to read his new one @dvdschp @Criterion love it. definitely a contender for my favorite PTA
"The Donnie Yen-starring action thriller RAGING FIRE will open in North American theaters on Aug. 13" — @Variety
Retweeted by priscilla page @GenreFilmAddict oh hell yeah @caitiedelaney extremely bad & demoralizing! @gothfundme love it!personally love 2 hear the sound of my dreams being flushed down the toilet