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lapras @bbylapras 18 🇨🇦🇻🇳

comm mgr. @uvsect - valorant mgr. ♡ @gabersenn

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@1HUNNYU u hatin on ur own twin rn @cloudyerin_ im cryingim about to dress up as sage for halloween so that maybe he’ll mesSAGE me back 😒💔 @gabersenn @lilmesx hi @justinn604 all good also i found out i cant move until after winter break =D im mad but its ok @justinn604 meow @cuhrisVAL his name is lazypickles12 @1wiiree ur cold @justinn604 ur trash kid @ayeTop_ hi topherwhy pass my exams when i could just pass away 😼 @cuhrisVAL @AlvinBach LMAOO
@gabersenn debatable. hows ur poop going? @gabersenn u probably like one of those girls who simp over hawks and reads fanfics about him @gabersenn nice pfp @LayziVAL @LouVLRT_ ong @1wiiree felt that frft. top thanks for gassing me up .. @181RAYS stfu @florscnt u ask me every month. i give u the same answer, no. what do u think 😑 @notrxchel LOOOL @WasteManOP ??? @1EDEN_ oh.. @1EDEN_ which m word ? @celestfps its ok gabe holds my hand in valorant and roblox @CarbynVAL never cus im gatekeeping her from u @celestfps i sold my vr and this was from like 3 months ago @CarbynVAL @gabersenn we cant be together yet until december and im malding @Skrrtfps ong.. they should be worrying about how their first year old hs is gonna go @sarachashrimpp i felt that… mainly just mute the underage girls that post lewds or ppl who r super negative when t… @viscwtf no stfu @sarachashrimpp twins LOL @Kezyyz no @f8lconz i dont even know u bro @Toastedtw HAHAHAH @xuvszn nah bro dw @lialovesyu ofc @Skrrtfps @LoganFxke LMFAOO @lumeirae im scared even reading their “new to nsfw” tweets 😭 @chlofps @veoash AYOO LMFAOOO WHEY @veoash @chlofps im about to beat u both up @LoganFxke LIKE DUDE THESE KIDS ARE 15 WHAT R U DOING BRO D= @Skrrtfps it is @xuvszn THATS SO DISTURBING EWWW @LoganFxke i feel so uncomfy when i see ppl tweet it esp with anyone associated w the kid im like o_O @LoganFxke yes ive seen it multiple times it’s disturbing 😭 @veoash the numbers go up every month by 50 users @ChefAmyyyy IM CRYINNB HAHA @xuvszn i feel like a mom having to even tell them to stop but they always resist and have something to say :| nsfw… @veoash im tired of it bro @1HUNNYU ur not why would i respond 2 u on the tl if u were ?!? stfu u my twin bitch @1HUNNYU stfu @celestfps no loldont even get me started on the 14 year old girls on NSFW twitter 😭😭 pls no @CarbynVAL no @haelyli RIGHTT??? @wrthfps im scrolling thru ur twitter rn :|im just tryna see funny tweets and sad shit on my tl … maybe animals but pls god no lewds or im gonna block u or ju… ur under 18 pls dont post lewds/thirst traps until ur of age … i cant stand seeing kids who are like 14-17 (or e… @sinkfps @Denz_JK @KayrosGG @gabersenn @11tzuki its juicy i wanna eat it @VyBowlCutt @1kotaaa ^ @LoganFxke ur fucked for that @mistmie LMFAO @WasteManOP 18 👍 :3“what do you wanna be for halloween?” loved lol @LoganFxke Wow real lycus empire logan @cuhrisVAL )= @KyuriH_ LMFAOOOOO im a broke uni girl and i have the attention span of a goldfish and a brain the size of a raisin…
@akusenasu WHAT TH E. FUCK @akusenasu PSYCHOLOGY BRO LMFJAOOOO @HK4RI @uvsect HIKARI LMFAO @uvsect @Rec9k @fishszns @uvsect ong @1HUNNYU what i#the fucksova :3 @haejeoks BAHAHA @YoloVAL_ @17 @18 happy bday bro @aloeson mogu mogu the best @madifps @cowffeeeee @mistmie @florscnt jett you are utter dogshit pls go back to gold you pole sucking bitch you p… @viscwtf @KaedenVAL lol @KaedenVAL k idc @spoofzera . @viscwtf @KaedenVAL lol @KaedenVAL k lol @KaedenVAL then dont join or say anything ?? lol @Exertt_ no same one @LayziVAL im in my discord @ysk1ng prob new west by douglas @ysk1ng fr? cus im tryna find a place for nov cus of finals in dec :/// @LayziVAL @lialovesyu u wanna play val in a bit while i stream @fluffyyFPS @lialovesyu dont think i aint hear u say it before @lialovesyu @LayziVAL @lialovesyu @gabersenn @lialovesyu @fluffyyFPS @lialovesyu @gabersenn @lialovesyu @LayziVAL @DerekJoon come to vancouver bro im cryin