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lapras @bbylapras πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

tiktok creator and twitch streamer β€’ powered by @hyperx @kovaaks @addiceinc /

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@Governor_Val i stay up to play valorant because i love Valorantyea ok i end stream bc im tired, get in bed and now im woke asfI'll never live this down
Retweeted by laprasplaying 10scrying cus im shadowbanned on tiktok | !tiktok !org !sub | SUB GOAL: 45/50 @uvsect @DerekJoon @HK4RI @maidchu @Toastedtw Wh y @HitBox_Hiros Hi @DerekJoon @HK4RI @maidchu @Toastedtw no im srs lmao i be too shy to talk to guys or even ppl in general πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™ trust… @DerekJoon @HK4RI @maidchu @Toastedtw joon all the ladies want u dw theyre just too shy to say wassup lol @DerekJoon @kaytea831 u act like i dont exist @DerekJoon @HK4RI @maidchu @Toastedtw i will gift u 5 subs if u find him a gf that stays w himi think im shadow banned ): but pls go like n comment @scaryZK ? what r u talking about @WHYMAXIMILIEN link @ahad @DerekJoon LOL @ahad @DerekJoon no way @scaryZK oooooooooo cracked @DerekJoon @FaZeApex so true king @ahad @DerekJoon did he actually shave his head @ahad @DerekJoon HUH @_madisonVAL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @Slastt ???lol this fr @Slastt i thought u had a gf @DerekJoon yes!! noti @DerekJoon @FaZeApex LMFAO @ch6rts HAHAH @FPS_Parker why @ctrrlz hi!! @JimmyJamTV @DekyFPS ill need to experience it first hand πŸ˜’ @TorontoManOP why what happened @LayziVAL ok @nickVAL_ LMFAOOOOOO @Lear_VAL @ahad zzz @ahad nah pass @ahad how much we talking @cycotic W @ahad ? @saloful u got an issue? @LayziVAL ????? show me @nickVAL_ @LayziVAL if u had me i would carry zzz @wackyzx i need this for a tiktok it has to be done @9outers dude router LMFAO @nickVAL_ @LayziVAL nothin (: hbuare you a sova drone? because i want you to open up my cat 😫🀲 @TorontoManOP r u ok @nickVAL_ @LayziVAL hi nick @LayziVAL okay @LayziVAL oh. @LayziVAL arent you 15 @_madisonVAL hey shawty 😏 @nrbil get shit on @nrbil zzz @Bre4ad @TorontoManOP what the @DerekJoon dude @ShawnBM_ ): oh nooo
@chainsxo @uakuya shut up @chainsxo @uakuya ? @chainsxo @uakuya no this is the default size @ahad LMFAO OHMG @uakuya how u know?!?!? its huge its all abt the angles @oMinitsui dunno @ahad might just shave my head tbh @kazeius blue looks bad on me lol been there done that @chainsxo too big i need a nose job zzzi had a dream that i dyed my hair and i might just do it tbh @akusenasu ??? @aiaskii FACTTTS @ctrrlz @stare_val waht @downbad4040 how long did this take @Evs2x ??? U DONT WANT ME ON RAZE HAVE U SEEN MY ULTS @HK4RI thx @fluffyyFPS @1kotaaa yeah im sad πŸ˜” @Bre4ad HUUUUH???? @fluffyyFPS @1kotaaa he throws my unrated elo @downbad4040 yes im also hungry and iwant a muffin @akusenasu LMFAOOOOO @wackyzx @1kotaaa sorry @wackyzx @1kotaaa wrong persob n @ctrrlz @HitBox_Hiros hi vinny :3 @HitBox_Hiros WAIT A SECOND @_Od26 ok but ik theres a lot of misogynistic guys under/around plat elo .... @HitBox_Hiros WAIT @HitBox_Hiros @FPS_Parker NO! @HitBox_Hiros hru @HitBox_Hiros zzz @etherealVAL_ BETTER @sh0pguy u dont even follow me zzz @1kotaaa im queuing rn @1kotaaa @akusenasu LMFAOOAOO he got u there @Prxshant WWWW @wackyzx HEHEHEH @wackyzx im ok but iykyk πŸ˜πŸ™ hru doing @_madisonVAL hey bae 😏😏 @wackyzx hi wacky!! @FPS_Parker IT IS PLEASE GET ME OUTTY @FPS_Parker no im desperate @ameiaval wassupppp @mariokartcrip why