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pretty bitch but I’d rather be dead

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🤨 @PRAY4DEME ugh those were the days...i had to do something for one of my favorite days ✨ get something for your lover/homie/friend 🤎#forlovers
Retweeted by SUCCUBUSi really love her can’t believe it’s been almost FOUR years since I shot these photos of Tay
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somebody pick me up!FYTB @Scamron_Giles niggas forget durk early shit went crazy @geordeen I def did i got so excited @internette101 what was the name of his clothing line i still want a shirt from therethe way i cried when i lost my bring me the horizon T-shirt im still pissed
@uglyfren exactlyif u smoke swishers I’m calling the cops @zazazinkkaa oh okay i understand carry on 💗 @zazazinkkaa ma’am @mannyuptown @shez_a_virgo FEEL MEClearly I’m in my 8th/9th grade bag today BETTER RUN BETTER RUN FASTER THAN MY BULLET!!! listening to Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People!!! @zazazinkkaa 💅🏽💅🏽 @zazazinkkaa giving very much cookout teas @zazazinkkaa nah same lmfaoooooo hittin that lil two stepu just gotta do a lil swirl around it @RobWalks_ @RobWalksCOOKS husband gonna he from Brooklyn or the south i already know itsome of them got good style but they not for me frthe only thing i like about Harlem niggas is how they talkAquarius season? @kaylawillsaveu what happenedkids are so mf weird they will just growl mad randomly and carry on like nothing happenedit’s up for Hatshepsut!!!! @shez_a_virgo it’s so good it’s up for our girl also thee first gender fluid pharaoh like legendary shit @shez_a_virgo @shez_a_virgo okay so essentially he was a baby so he couldn’t rule so she was like ima hold it down n get shit in… @shez_a_virgo once i found out that her son in law was like nah fuck her i was sick!!! she gave u everything!! she put u in the game!! @shez_a_virgo like after all she did for Egypt.....they did her like that i wanna fight for her @rilllycute 20in is in the house hair i can’t be outside w less than 24 @shez_a_virgo have u heard about Hatshepsut they did my girl GRIMEYKia is right archaeologist are fucked up @shez_a_virgo right like after i learned the reason for the tombs and everything i was just like wow so they just d… @rilllycute bc they do @shez_a_virgo that was me after watching them dig up ancient Egyptian kings and queens niggas are always corny, if not they whole personality it’s something in particular they do that makes them corny @jonovelli_ exactlyGym Class Heroes. “Cupid’s Chokehold”. 💎💎
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @m1t09uay it was that Tim Westwood one too made my chest hurti think the pettiest reason i had to stop talking to a nigga is bc he gassed that princess nokia freestyleRest In Peace Fredo Santana. He passed 3 years ago today. July 4th, 1990 - January 19th, 2018 We miss you.
Retweeted by SUCCUBUSMentally, I’m Here.
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @DrinkSolaPop both dubs scene in Belly also, Unda Wata riddim>>>>>>
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @RobWalks_ the slide always is lmao @kaylawillsaveu like do not contact me until at least 12 @kaylawillsaveu exactlyi dead need to stop playing and get my license i wanna go on a drive so bad rnI could go for like 2 klonopins and a bottle of wine rnRowdy Rebel freestyling w/ Asap Rocky on Yams Day
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @godmuva_ this the girl who was making videos w that white boy? @1luv95 I’m so seriousI’m sewing up my vagina like a closureNast got the fire style toocrazy how Yams and Ferg are the true stars of ASAP Moblike they truly don’t get it lmaooo losernobody press u more than a nigga u don’t want
nah JT is mad funny i need her to stay on TwitterLMFAOOOOOO
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @internette101 try Etsy tooi had a dream about a nigga i never met or even spoke to last night now I’m scared what this meanI’m definitely the friend saying “again” wanna go back home lol I’m tired of NY alreadythese migraines been beating my asslemme just put this in my future hairstyles folder
@RobWalks_ my jaw is on the floor i never saw a brine w the onions skinsHappy 59th Birthday to the one and only, Jim Carrey 🎂🐐 There will never be another.
Retweeted by SUCCUBUS @uglyfren FINALLY YA SEE THE LIGHT! @m1t09uay it’s just “designer weed” @zazazinkkaa will sell a kidney for u @zazazinkkaa it’s okay we’re growing boo @zazazinkkaa sometimes u gotta make ur hood nigga trauma into jokes lmao @zazazinkkaa like come on we cannot go into Trader Joe’s like this pull it together!wow hbd to the god Betty White another Capricorn full of greatnessdrag me but i was watching the old Madea plays last night n i got my lifeLORD @zazazinkkaa like do u have to rap NBA Young Boy rn we in western beef relax @zazazinkkaa it’s literally this or they start rapping mad louds/o to all the capricorn women. y’all be fine as shit and sad as hell.
Retweeted by SUCCUBUSdreaming of the pit bull puppy i don’t have
why is Hailey so mean..... meanest angel