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Director of Immersive Learning at @ReadyLearner_1 | Writer at @VRScout & @MobileNations | 2019 VR Awards Judge | cheese pizza lover | Linkedin: bcarlton

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@VRmaninJapan They missed an opportunity. @dan_talmon Did they? @laurenlizardo @scott_squires @scott_squires for the twitter win. High five, Scott.Can I complain out loud a little bit here? But how come no one in Star Wars wears glasses? I guess Darth Vader wore…
Lauren is having some #VR scaling issues. Anyone have suggestions for her? @russellholly @heybrucewright Goodbye wheat!! @TeacherWinters @oculus @qhenderson @micahshippee @Iancdavey @covili @nick_r_harris @wsd_tech @RJofToday @DueyBui L… @nassaraf @prsarahevans @ProductHunt Yeah yeah!! Congrats!!!!Stanley Kubrick had virtual production figured out 50 years ago. #2001
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @FXG_VR @MaxN0ir @WiredIsotope @vrworldnyc @Nreal Wish I could make this one!! @laurenlizardo Ugh...been there. Where you able to fix? @theMiaSmith @tiltbrush Somewhere on my computer there is a poorly drawn X-Wing fighter that I drew when I first go…
@splashmango @AIXRorg @AltspaceVR @VRAwards @vr_sam @Scoobiewhite @MakeRealVR Not sure! @AIXRorg? @AltspaceVR? @StarTrek fans around the globe should be pissed the EFF off. Please discuss. took some photos from yesterday @AIXRorg @AltspaceVR event for the @VRAwards. I always love it at the end when pe… @zeGladScientist Oh yeah!! That’s Open Reel Ensamble. They’re awesome!! They do some really cool stuff.
@Shoseki @project8vr @vr_sam @AltspaceVR @MakeRealVR This one was actually created by UK folks! @Shoseki @project8vr @vr_sam @AltspaceVR @MakeRealVR You need to look at all events. Sometimes the events tab only… that was a lot of fun. Thanks @AIXRorg and @VRAwards. Thanks @MakeRealVR, @vr_sam, and @Scoobiewhite. Thanks f… @CathyHackl @Scobleizer Is that talk available out there? @CathyHackl @Scobleizer @bcarlton727 It all is bright and happy before the terrible use cases start dominating. I b…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MRThis all happens at 3pm EST / 8pm UK time today!! Looking forward to digging into the #VR work coming out of… @kathrynyu @BenVRAR @_JP_Jupiter @menym Literally...EVERYTHING about this is amazing. Right down to the toothpast tube controllers. @azined @russellholly @androidcentral @micahshippee @jlubinsky @ReadyLearner_1 @stevensato I was really surpised at… @azined @russellholly @androidcentral @micahshippee @jlubinsky @ReadyLearner_1 @stevensato Yep! @CathyHackl I was in a conversation today with a friend about #AI and #FacialRecognition. Ethically there's a lot w… @daviddejong90 @Navahk @EducatorsVR @rumiiVR @AltspaceVR @EngageVR That is wondeful! I'll see you at the summit!
Uber Eats India uses #AR marketing to interact with over a million people in 5 days. Via @VRScout is really cool. Nissan crashed into a Tesla Model X, ripping it *in half* as seen in the video below. Most impressive part: “The…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR
@fayenicole @Bett_show @perpglo @moniquefranzsen That room is trippy. @ChickenWaffleVR just posted this on their FB page. This is incredibly inspiring. This is how students are learning… me in @AltspaceVR this Thursday at 3pm EST. I’m partnering with @AIXRorg to moderate their AMA Series with… good writing 🤖 new system, new rules. Enough with this backyard AI research. We need more transparency & regul…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @ronchoqa @isosmrt That thing looks beefy!! @ronchoqa @isosmrt But yes..I agree with you. I had issues with controller battery covers popping off during intense gameplay. @ronchoqa @isosmrt I believe there are third party straps out there. Check amazon. @tacolamp Hmm I guess if it means saving the ThunderCats. I’m all for it. @TheHappyLass Now that’s the ThunderCats!!!Both good headsets for VR depending your thing. #unity3d #VR #education #VRconsole #gaming #gamedev
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @ARstories No joke. Big thumbs down, IMO. @firegold21 I guess so. I’m just crying over here. @dan_talmon Fluff and giggles.This is how I wanna die during a zombie apocalypse., yes. It’s comfy and easy to jump into #VR. Hand-tracking and Oculus Link are big steps. Sideloading is a plus,… @deep_rifter @stevensato @SLeBaron @steve_bambury @anna_ksigou @EducatorsVR @vreducation @VRScout @thevrpodcast did Cartoon Networks do to my ThunderCats!??!!!!?? @VRespawn represent!! @theMiaSmith @srx_immersive Congratulations!! Excellent news!! @saouderkirk You are now a master.
I can see this happening. you've never attended @steve_bambury's #CPDinVR series, I highly recommned you do. He always curates an amazing… @MegavoltService @schaeferyn @BestBuy Ryan, I still think the Go provides a lot of awesome value for new #VR users,… local @BestBuy told me they haven’t been able to keep the Quest and Rift S in stock. Things are looking good for…
@VRmaninJapan @kentbye @AndyFidel_ @JesseDamiani @AltspaceVR @VRScout @Forbes @verge @TheHappyLass @mgzhangVR the pleasure of chatting with @nikkmitchell from @FXG_VR last night. Really wonderful dude doing some great wor… @DennysKuhnert’s work with #VR and #physics is incredible. Amazing what you can do in an #OculusQuest. @RoblemVR @mitrealityhack The first thing you should do is “borrow” that neon sign.Blah..came down with a virus and spent most of today under blankets. No energy to actually do anything, but my thum… @theMiaSmith @AltspaceVR @Pfeiffman26 @TechNurseJon Sorry I missed this one, Mia. Next one for sure. @mlhope Happy birthday!!! And enjoy what looks like the beginning of your global takeover.
@joelcomm Magnetic Dynamo is the worst hero name. @grobmVR @nev23 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145 @bcarlton727 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @grobmVR @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @grobmVR @nev23 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145 @nev23 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @grobmVR @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145 @nev23 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @grobmVR @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145 @nev23 @SkarredGhost @Navahk @grobmVR @theextendedmind @jlubinsky @2020cv_inc @VRchazen @clionbailey @benz145! What a full, incredible, fun, inspiring day. The @Microsoft Hacker Lounge was full all day of hackers working,…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @RoblemVR @John_Westra @CharlieFink @evankirstel @CathyHackl @techcatgirl @AGraylin @ryan_a_bell @mitrealityhack Th… @BenVRAR Hahaha..and has the urge to rip your face off.I’ll be on @talkSPORT tonight at 10pm EST during @WillGav’s show to talk tech. That’s 3am UK time! Tune in! Do peop… I saw an owl!! games in arcades! seeing #VR games with no technician required to help you. Just put in your credits, put on the headset and go.… and checked out a #VR @HOLOGATE installation. Really cool set up that was easy for players to get in and out o… @never_render @AndyFidel_ @AltspaceVR @kentbye @JesseDamiani That’s a party photo. @BenVRAR @paoplayz Yessssssss....... @Navahk
@AndyFidel_ @kentbye @JesseDamiani @AltspaceVR @VRScout @Forbes @verge @TheHappyLass @mgzhangVR @KlyeOnFire out this video of @jlubinsky at #FETC2020 talking about @ReadyLearner_1's partnership with @XennialDigital an…
For research.’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be partnering with @AIXRorg for an event in @AltspaceVR on January 23rd at 3pm E… @sutu_eats_flies @Azadux Be careful for what you wish for!コントローラーと違って、手でつまんで動かすとフィギュア操作している感覚がアップして楽しい #PlayAniMaker #OculusQuest #Handtracking
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR
This partnership between @mozillareality and Pico could be huge for innovation in #VR technology. Via @VRScout you seen @samluckart's #VR demo reel? Some really incredible VR work! #storytelling @sutu_eats_flies @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @SL33PYcasts @mgzhangVR @theextendedmind @samluckart @AndyFidel_ @kentbye @JesseDamiani @AltspaceVR @VRScout @Forbes @verge @TheHappyLass @mgzhangVR @AndyFidel_ @kentbye @JesseDamiani @AltspaceVR @VRScout @Forbes @verge @TheHappyLass @mgzhangVR @KlyeOnFire you run into the Ready Learner One team during #FETC2020? Ask them about #RealityBytes and how can you get you…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @sutu_eats_flies @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @SL33PYcasts @mgzhangVR @theextendedmind was honestly the best part of #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths with Brandon Routh jumping back in as Superman a very cl… @bcarlton727 @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @SL33PYcasts @mgzhangVR @theextendedmind
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 #VR/#AR/#XR/#MR @samluckart @SL33PYcasts @Navahk @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @sutu_eats_flies @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @mgzhangVR @androidcentral Still rocking the iPhone XS Max. @cYnborg That seems to be the go to route for any type of fitting issue. Wonder how it would effect eye-tracking. @samluckart @SL33PYcasts @Navahk @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @sutu_eats_flies @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @mgzhangVR @samluckart @SL33PYcasts @Navahk @CelineTricart @_LucasRizzotto @sutu_eats_flies @VR_Rosie @AndyFidel_ @mgzhangVR @cYnborg It's not adjustable?