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Bobby Carlton 🚀 @bcarlton727 Saratoga Springs, NY

Executive Director of Immersive Learning at @ReadyLearner_1, Writer at @VRScout, Judge for the VR Awards, cheese pizza lover, LinkedIn bcarlton

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AirPods Pro Motion Tracking on the Web! @aframevr Here’s @umarqattan playing around with an iOS app we made that…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @NathieVR asks the question that we're all asking ourselves. Are you ready? I'm a big fan of everything Star Wars i…
This #rollerskating rink is about 30 minutes from my house. I’d bring my kid there often and it was always a blast.… every student with the most exciting, most inclusive online virtual robotics and coding competition! Join fr…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀To celebrate my new job at Phaser Lock Interactive, I'm giving away some keys for Final Assault!! To ENTER: Like t…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀Upgrade Your Wardrobe With AR-Enhanced Pins Of Star Wars, Marvel, Capcom, And More via @KlyeOnFire
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@TheSilentG @HardingArt Me too!! @NY_Comic_Con is heading into the #metaverse. This will be interesting. Everyone gets a front row seat. to my buddy, @HardingArt for his killer cool hardcover Marvel in the 70’s book. @ledzec It was out for maybe 30 minutes. But it felt like eternity!!!!!
Controlling #Blender3d #greasepencil with TouchOSC app. The real question is... how did I film this video?? 🖐🖐🖐
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @gmail Hey gmail!! Thanks for checking in!! I went to bed thinking..." this how it ends? I'll never know what w… @John_Westra @aryzon_official @Lenovo @unity3d Yeah..sadly that headset didn't get the support it deserved. @aryzon_official Yes!! I supported the Kickstarter! I still demo the headset (well..did..before COVID) at conferenc… really wish the @aryzon_official #AR headsets were more popular with people. They actually deliver a decent immer… @nikkmitchell @FXG_VR @MaxN0ir @VRchazen @Navahk @Costello_SDiego @_LucasRizzotto @b4olivas @russellholly @Nreal I… time you think your job sucks, think about this person. really love the detail in this game! @bcarlton727 Those of us NOT using GMail
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @sea_gates_X Well that’s fucked up.The AR anime filter has made Snapchat relevant again
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀Gmail and entire Gsuite is down. The world is on fire.
Thrilled to announce a new book from @ReadyLearner_1. The #eSports Education Playbook.’m looking forward to checking out live #VR theater/opera this weekend with @lumafestival’s Miranda. I want it to… @downtohoerth I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. We're all rooting for you. On a personal note...I hope the… @rsundayr @meckmann I was 4 years younger back then! @nikkmitchell @Kevo @Aidan_Wolf @museumpaige @eminus @CheetosOnToast @daviddejong90 @JesseDamiani @NathieVR
@downtohoerth You’ll be the toast of the town.A great way to turn your hands into tools! @JoshuaCorvinus @rje Sign me up! Would love to see this! @grapple_vr looks to bring vertical #VR multiplayer shooter action into the world of #eSports. #K12 education,…’s anime filter is interesting.
Want to win a copy of Pistol Whip from the heroes over at @magicswordmusic? 👇
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @bcarlton727 i've always looked this way. i'm just better at taking selfies now
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀I guess I’m gonna be in the waiting room for Quest 2. Via @VRScout @teamsweeting What happened?From software, to hardware, to training, we support the implementation of your personalized #K12 learning initiativ…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀What are the ABCs of setting the #SocialVR scene? @Navahk and @VRchazen will be doing an interview live on…
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @jlarson17 @CookOutGame Im blushing underneath my mask. @MaxN0ir @FXG_VR @nikkmitchell @VRchazen @Navahk @Costello_SDiego @_LucasRizzotto @b4olivas @russellholly Oh man..I… @CheetosOnToast @FXG_VR @nikkmitchell @MaxN0ir @VRchazen @Navahk @Costello_SDiego @_LucasRizzotto @b4olivas @downtohoerth You should keep it if it comes with a matching coffee mug and baseball hat.One year ago!! This was a blast. @FXG_VR invited me to be part of #DimensionX. @nikkmitchell and @MaxN0ir are now p… @jlubinsky, @micahshippee and @clionbailey..can we get @ReadyLearner_1 mugs on a matte black mug? I want to hand th… my @PUBG coffee mug! They have an office just down the street from me, and it is one of the most awesome looki… @grobmVR Mark..I want to thank you for that X-Men reference.
Looking forward to seeing what Cliff does with this device. PS I'm wearing a tinfoil hat as I tweet this out. of the worst photos of me...but thank you @CookOutGame for the apron!!! @germanrifter I’d wear that!!!Capturing the emotions of people during the #Juneteenth March was just the beginning of how journalism will change…
@Hero_Kvatch Nothing worse than this design...I’m kidding..Captain Phasma design was pure fire. @fncischen @VRScout Here today, gone today. Just like the music industry. @MegavoltService @VRScout I can see PC VR still having a big impact in different parts of the workforce and specifi… @jlubinsky @JC_3D I love how the wings pop!!
Saying goodbye to the Oculus Rift S. Via @VRScout anyway, America is officially the place everyone feared it would be now (China, Russia II)
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @VRchazen I would wear a shirt that said that.I miss the "VR is dead" days.
Retweeted by Bobby Carlton 🚀 @agent_cooper That is very exciting news. Looking forward to checking that out. @SL33PYcasts @PhaserLockInt That is excellent news! Congratulations!I captured this little beauty yesterday while doing some yard work. @splashmango @oculus I wish it were that easy.
@vr_sam @oculus This is why I'm always chilly in VR.RIP Ruth...thank you for being the most badass mother fucking championing the Supreme Court has ever seen. You are… @SL33PYcasts Please don’t ever change. And yes this is perfect.Please DM me your short (under 280 characters) Rift S eulogy!! Thank you!
@CheetosOnToast @oculus Treat yourself during the holidays!! @DarshanDGayake @oculus But will it dry my clothes? @splashmango @SLeBaron @Navahk @micahshippee @AndyFidel_ @bolayer @paoplayz We all need a little diversion. And yes… @nassaraf @yur_fit Im sure this was the reason. @bolayer @SLeBaron @Navahk @micahshippee @AndyFidel_ @paoplayz @splashmango Totally agree. I just assumed it was ES… @SLeBaron @Navahk @micahshippee @AndyFidel_ @bolayer @paoplayz @splashmango By the way I am inviting everybody in m… @bolayer @SLeBaron @Navahk @micahshippee @AndyFidel_ @paoplayz @splashmango We did the late one. ☹️Just heard from my friend Rumi Oyama that her script Sengoku: Journey of Outsiders has been chosen as a semifinalis… @IT_ChrisP @oculus I’ll DM you! @SLeBaron Signed up for the same show! Who else wants to join us? @Navahk @micahshippee @AndyFidel_ @bolayer @VRchazen Sort of.
@eminus @oculus That was the face i made when I made adult decision. @jamesmccrary @oculus Dude. I made the mistake of putting my Quest2 into the shopping cart and for some reason deci… @oculus Quest 2 per-order will have to wait because apparently my dryer decided today would be an excellent day to stop working. @IT_ChrisP You got this! @mattlintott Sounds like you got the next few months planned out. May have to meet up with you in Oculus ChallengesSpeaking of challenges... Challenges could be cool.RIP Oculus Rift S. saw a glimpse of this in the background of the leaked Oculus Quest2 ad. This looks very cool. @LorneFade Not sure..but I'm sure they'll have a cap on orders to prevent people from selling them on eBay.Are you planning on pre-ordering your Quest 2 today? @augmentedorg @BeatSaber The Quest controller battery cover was my biggest complaint with the Quest.Okay...I'm into the Oculus fitness tracker.I'm tuned into Alex's livestream of Facebook Connect. He's calling everyone the best. Come join me...he'll call you… @SLeBaron What show? Let's see if others want to play! @cpaustin2000 Matte black with dark blue and red details please. @cpaustin2000 That’s great! I look forward to working with the team. Will you be issuing me my own astromech droid?
I want this job.... @DarraghDandy I’ll be sure to update your name in my contacts.Brush off the dust!! @Navahk But do I want an iPad?
Me 2 months ago: I’m not gonna bother getting a Quest 2. Me today: Shit..I wonder when pre-orders start. Via…