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author of the New York Times/IndieBound bestseller Dreyer’s English and its young reader adaptation (newly on sale!) • he/him/his • #CopyeditingProTip

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Speaking of being completely affected, I always feel vindicated every time I get to play AEON at the 🐝. @HoboCEOE There's only one doctor I'll trust on the subject of nanoparticles and time travel, and she's wearing a p… @selfstyledsiren I find the plots of most detective thrillers garbled (which may be a me thing), and the question i… @filmystic Shelley Winters, Overboard Overbroad Broad."Don't kill Grandma" vs. "Don't kill, Grandma." Science. @kemulholland Well spotted and noted! @deafgirly That too.Sudden flashback to a conversation including a young person whose accent was pure New Rochelle who said "zed" when… being me, I also can't help but notice the odd little Brit affectations: Dr with no period (full stop, whatever)… if you die, you die. Science. @undrgrndairport Well, this all leads back to how long it took me to apprehend that "Oxbridge" is a concept, not an actual place. @LouisPeitzman @susanorlean Uh-oh. @susanorlean Here, I've downloaded last night's dreams. @susanorlean "You know it's sinking, right?" "How long do you think I'm going to live?" @Halcyon270 An effective low-key and eloquent moment—all about how invisible and washed-up she is—when she finishes… @AtreiyaN7 I probably saw it but remember nothing about it. I'm sure I'll watch it, given the chance. @duchessgoldblat 👋🏻Speaking of overbroad, Shelley Winters is fearless.I'm watching Harper for the first time in twenty-odd years, and though I recall it as dull, now I'm mostly finding… @susanorlean I dream of going to Venice and never coming back, who even knows when. I don't have the capacity rig… publisher (@Flatironbooks) made a series of digital “baseball cards” for the four main individuals in my book.
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @Mededitor It's also called the spectator comma.I'm advised that the series comma is also called the Oxford comma, but that's not a term I've ever encountered before. Thank you, Twitter!This is gonna keep going into next week, good lord.[back on my bullshit] @davesikula @jaketapper You will, Dave, you will.
@akakarenwilson @MrJoeKeenan I never got much exposure to summer stock, alas. The best I have is South Pacific at t… @kevinddaly I was just hearing that in my head. My Kenn and I saw that revival from the front row of the Majestic… @kevinddaly And then you realize after the fact that the only person in the show who knows her name only ever calls her "honey." @jondmaas @MrJoeKeenan I know I could look it up, but did he do anything on Broadway after King and I besides Homer? @kennymellman A toast! A toast to Susan Johnson! @MrJoeKeenan This feels comparable to my seeing John Raitt as Curly in 1969 or so at the Mineola Playhouse!It’s time to sling some bullshit It’s time to fake a fight It’s time to take false umbrage On the CPAC Show tonight
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerFirst time I saw The Most Happy Fella (the brief Tozzi revival at the Majestic), I knew zip about the show (except… @RepSwalwell NO, CONGRESSMAN, HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY BE—— Oh right yeah he does. @Winter @DanaSchwartzzz I have a distinct recollection of the sound of her trying to pound her way out of the—— *shivers with horror* @Winter @DanaSchwartzzz Followed shortly thereafter by Angela’s majestically pathetic “Can we still be married?”Also, the big kids swinging in “When I Grow Up” in Matil—— *bursts into tears*“What’s-a you name?” “Amy!” @StevenLaFond Hey, you heal well and fast, okay? @eggsbened @CafeMuscato @akakarenwilson @Johnny_Allman Well, sure, he’s only three decades older than Vanessa, it’ll be swell! @BrentNYT I may have walked right past you!If you like this, you may want to attend the launch event on March 9, emceed by @BCDreyer:
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @eggsbened @CafeMuscato @akakarenwilson @Johnny_Allman Okay but seriously whom do we want in this setup for Fredrik… @kevwarner @artcrimeprof 🤭 @eggsbened @CafeMuscato @akakarenwilson @Johnny_Allman I don’t necessarily want Franco as Fredrik, but he’d be an invigorating Carl-Magnus. @CafeMuscato @akakarenwilson @Johnny_Allman Kempson-Redgrave-Richardson, hi. With a Redgrave on hand as Charlotte as well.There is no Twitter rebuke quite like "You are showing a real lack of maturity." @indyfromspace @WFKARS She loves Central Park. You should see her trying to climb trees to get the squirrels to, um, play with her. @pklinkne Though the response with the threat built into it was certainly an eye-opener. @WFKARS @indyfromspace Samesies. @LAblesSayre @kevinddaly @ConnieSchultz Oh, how wonderful! And yes, she was.Donald Trump literally lives at a country club he owns.
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @indyfromspace ❤️ @FeldmanAdam ha you said "number one" @DaMijit @jaketapper Hi. You retweet transphobic memes. Go lecture someone else about class. @jaketapper By which of course I mean he’s very much like a waste product emerging from the nether regions of a flying rodent. @john_self 65p to view super tweets, 85p to view no tweets
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @jaketapper Matt Gaetz is like a stream of bat’s piss. @pklinkne Apparently I’m not a big enough person to say yes, because I started with no, read all the thoughtful responses, and remain at no. @KimPowersABC Oh my! @Glenn__Kenny @artcrimeprof As Ruth Gordon once said, more or less: I don’t see the problem with being pretentious… @Glenn__Kenny @artcrimeprof It was truly, in the moment, sweet and affectionate and joshing and I took it as such.… @ConnieSchultz It’s like Six Degrees of Patricia Neal! @ConnieSchultz Oh my GAWD!one year ago today, some stupid fucking idiot assured us that 15 covid cases would soon go down to zero. how about…
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @artcrimeprof Though this remains the single most important thing that ever happened to me in a classroom. @arrroberts @RebeccaCaine @stephenfarrow *sprints to Wikipedia* My gosh, you are! @RebeccaCaine @kevinddaly Also, every time someone starts to sing 2! 4! 6! I'm always disappointed that it doesn't… @symptomatic The Big Meaulnes, right? @arrroberts You make a wonderful point, and it should surely have occurred to me. I guess I almost think of Aeneid… @artcrimeprof Freshman or sophomore year of college I commented to an English professor that D. H. Lawrence was my… anyone else have something a teacher said burned into their brain? Mine is when I answered a question in a sem…
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @RebeccaCaine And, hey, if you'd been in Calgary you'd have been justified in fleeing it, from what they tell me.Once again I am happy to point out the extreme oddity that Les Misérables has no universally accepted English title… @SKleinedler Precisely, and you passed with flying colors. Well done, Steve. @RebeccaCaine Also, it's a tomahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhto. @RebeccaCaine I'm sorry to be the person to have to tell you this, Rebecca.I just attempted a Barbra Streisand reference but it came out as a Madeline Kahn reference and no one said anything…, that lengttthhhhhhy one-take monologue at the end would be impressive coming from any actress, much less one…, OK, why not. Neal does grammar. might think that the film's showing us where Nettie goes when she disappears makes overexplicit what the play l… am as always happy to go on the record in asserting that Patricia Neal's performance in The Subject Was Roses is… is, of course, totally my shit. just encountered a headline that desperately needs a series comma (and, obvs, doesn't have one), but to quote it… @johnlingan Yup.I’m going to figure out the LuPone joke buried in “nanopatticles” if it’s the last thing I do.5. Throw computer out window
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer🧐 you have to do is peer beneath “beneath contempt,” and there he is. @j_smithcameron I sure tried it!Leslie Caron, 1963 - photo portrait by Yousuf Karsh
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer“shove”? wait, there’s more! @ConnieSchultz Love you too. This may be my favorite column of yours yet.The intro to The Modern Library's Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite pieces of my own writing.
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️, just the one writer. Repeatedly. You'd think it would sink in eventually.