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@PeterBale I was trying to be nice. For me.That thing Mnuchin does where he retracts his chin and purses his lips...I didn't know that Nicolas Cage was doing The Roger Stone Story. @TomasJMurray I listen to Adela's Theme often (it's on my morning playlist), and I'm always suspended between how m… you’re keeping score: @realDonaldTrump promised to “drain the swamp.” Instead, he appointed the swamp. Then pardoned the swamp.
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Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @CafeMuscato @bedwyrssong @shadygrantham ?
Has trump lost the election enough times for republicans to realize joe Biden is going to be our next president?
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerPipe Dream totally has the overture of a smash hit. @Lollardfish quid pro quos @CafeMuscato @shadygrantham I remember a review of Thomas Hampson's Night and Day disc that said "He sings the hell… @CafeMuscato @shadygrantham Let's not. @BengyCompson @CafeMuscato Let's toss her into Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and see who lives.You do not, under any circumstances, gotta hand it to Andrew Sullivan. @briankoppelman ❤️ @CafeMuscato Callas in Lady in the Dark? I'm there. @RepMattGaetz Your party can win only by disenfranchising legitimate voters. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.Today's quite the birthday day, isn't it. @JackViertel1 The Haunting of Hill House (my favorite).5 minutes before my zoom class: “I am about to collapse in stress and tears.” Class starts: “Hello, everyone! Happ…
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @ArmandDAngour Eleanor in The Haunting of Hill House."The only person in the world she genuinely hated, now that her mother was dead, was her sister." That's quite a sentence.John Lindsay was certainly a nice-looking fellow. (That's Glenda Farrell on the left, by the way.) theater whose interior looked, as someone once commented, like a French whorehouse.👇🏻 I did get to meet her, once, backstage after a performance of Belle at, of all places, the Drury Lane Water… seem to have seen her onstage only five times (and three of those times were Belle of Amherst). I should have done better. @jamiedumont I hope that she was splendid.Did we know that she toured in Lettice and Lovage?well, at least it's sundayHappy Julie Harris's birthday! his birthday @MarkHarrisNYC @jeremyoharris I'll be over with some rugelach. @AnthonyBLSmith gay purinaMother Dreyer had a few choice words tonight for this yutz. color commentator has entered the chat how many is that, pray tell @CafeMuscato "And I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to?" @PreetBharara Your not having a bingo card is on my 2020 bingo card! BINGO! @CafeMuscato "It seems to me to display a contempt for the ordinary decencies of family life that reminds one of th…'s not having it either. @CalMorgan It’s one of the best things ever to happen.I’m envisioning Billie Burke highly perturbed by the odd number. @InmanMatt 🤭 @BrandyLJensen @tomscocca ELL OH ELL @MatWBT JINX🎶 The one with the waggly Sorry, someone's at the door. BRB.🎶 How much is that orgy through the window? 🎶The sequel to We Bought a Zoo you didn't even know you craved to see."We interrupted a gang bang." I'm really trying to pace myself with this story, but it's increasingly difficult.but who's counting someone pay her to say "Rod Blagojevich"?oh great now I need to watch that clip another 50 times PLUS GAFLAYVINIndict her for this:"Tiffany who?"'s newsletter is dazzling, and if you're a writer or writer-adjacent you should mos def subscribe., no, I don't.I have questions. is one instance in which flouting Dreyer's Law of the Universal Possessive S comes in handy. @TomasJMurray The "line" line is mind-boggling. It's meta avant la lettre, if you will, or even if you won't.Just in: Thread of results from the city that knows Trump best.
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerYi[wow]kes. @itsdlevy Jesus absolutely freaking Christmas. @SollenbergerRC Nicely detected, Detective.
How Republican Senators find the chutzpah to criticize any nominee’s tweets is totally amazing. This is the party o…
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerBuster Keaton, Phil Silvers, and Zero Mostel on the set of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1965)
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @RebeccaCaine @kevinddaly Aspects for Drabinsky is really one of the underrated ALW scores. @kevinddaly As I blush to confess I exclaimed when I first encountered Nathan Gunn: It sings too?It feels increasingly unreal to recall that in those days if you wanted to watch a TV show you had to be in front o… Six Wives of Henry VIII (forgive me if I've inadvertently picked up shots from the subsequent feature film) was… Keith Michell's birthday! @Acyn That was nice of you to capture her with such a fetching expression on her face.Days of Heaven. A dozen times in a dozen weeks. [cc @InothatcatDaly]*mutters* oh for the sake of pete please don't announce to the world how a word isn't pronounced when that's in f… @eggsbened 🎶 They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them. 🎶The trick is to listen to Barbra sing "People" as if you hadn't already heard it twenty-five hundred times, at which point: Wow.Neera Tanden is smart, experienced, and qualified for the position of OMB Director. The American people decisively…
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @sesquiotic this television special is based off of theComplaining about mask mandates is literally the stupidest fucking hill to die on (literally). I'm out of nice word…
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @sesquiotic BASED UPON THE NOVEL BYI’ve had the words “temerity” and “effrontery” banging around in my head all day, fair warning.
@JenESmith Do I know any of these people??? @Sulliview Apparently you're supposed to be Andrew. Perish le thought.She
Retweeted by Benjamin Dreyer @ConnieSchultz I’m so sorry to know this, Connie, and I share some measure of your grief and anger. @selfstyledsiren Did you know that Canada Lee played Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi on Broadway in 1946, in whiteface?I would come with a towel in my hand And bend your head beneath my knees; Your ears curl back in a certain way Like…'ve had cause to be reminded of the mostly defunct construction "no one's else," so now it's your turn.While you're off purchasing cybers today, perhaps you need a 2021 desk calendar, now that we're more reasonably cer… Swift, born November 30, 1667. "I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ash…
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerVirginia Mayo, born 100 years ago this very day. Langhorne Clemens, born November 30, 1835. "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live."
Retweeted by Benjamin DreyerI just saw the phrase “the great Baseball Crank” and was reminded why Twitter has a block button.👇🏻 Her English is too good, he said, Which clearly indicates that she is foreign. Whereas others are instruc…'m perfect, she swears. You're perfect, goddammit. @lisajanepersky Response 1: Ha ha ha! Response 2: Hi, Lisa!Is it OK if I don't have vigorous opinions about people or things about which I don't know terribly much?One is perhaps always a little envious of people who had affairs with Gary Cooper.