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My anger about the GOP hypocrisy on this isn't even directed at them. Of course they were lying then when they came…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryYeah. It’s messed up. road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @cauthon5960 This is quality content. Well done. @jleighflorence @BalefireTweets Straight into the first Mistborn trilogy and then the Stormlight Archive.
unfortunately the dune movie fired me as music supervisor. villeneuve rejected my vision of gradually making “sands…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry is not supposed to be sweet. We have pound cake for that.
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryRemembering the great James Gandolfini. Yesterday would have been his 59th birthday. R.I.P. #JamesGandolfini 11x17…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryVampires are self care.“Well you wanna know what I think? I think Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich.” “Hey, they do look alike.” “I wonde…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @invisiblelad007 That’s insane. and Bob Daisley are a legendary rhythm section. First two Ozzy records: Lee Kerslake: Former Ozzy Osbourn…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryThere is no good reason good can't triumph over evil, if only angels will get organized along the lines of the mafia.
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryTrailblazer. Wife. Mother. Justice. Warrior. Icon. #Myart #Illustration #RBGLegacy #RBGRevolution #RBG #RIPRBG
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R.I.P. #RGB #RuthBaderGinsberg 11x17 watercolor, oil, mixed media
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryIt leaves something to be desired. donated a bit more to @DougJonesHQ. Rest of the day I’m baking bread and changing guitar strings and preparing…
Logging off for tonight. All y’all be safe and take care of each other. @NaeblisMhael This is my guess. Brown holds the ancient party lore. @MatsPips I feel like Browns would have ancient party knowledge. Reds would have a killer playlist that surprised everyone.Which Ajah throws the best parties? #twitteroftimeButterfly 🦋🙄
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberrymake this a TV show
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberryyou can all stop looking and go home. i’ve found the best tiktok.
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryThere it is. Woo!
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryLet's be clear: conservative hatred for the 1619 Project is rooted in their (correct) understanding that their narr…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryI can tell I’m in a bad mood because I looked at a logo of Colonel Sanders from KFC and thought “shut the fuck up”
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryThe new remix of “Caravan” is problematic af.‘After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.’ Philip Pullman #ThursdayThoughts
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry"When my master and I were walking in the rain, he would say, 'Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere.'" — Shunryu Suzuki | | □∧◯
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @Kramer_Reading @treylane That book covers a lot of weird territory. I’d love to see it adapted over 2-3 seasons. @J_BassAckwards Give the people what they want.
THE ROCK is streaming on Prime, and I don't mean the well-regarded wrestler-turned-actor. I mean the finest film…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryC’mon, know you want to. Rose
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryTommy Tuberville: Silent when it comes to defending our fallen soldiers. Silent when a hurricane hits Alabama.…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @realDonaldTrump Rock sums it up nicely
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryTeaching a writing class for under-10s: Me: So, everyone, what does a story NEED? Small boy: A character! Small boy…
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Lauren Bacall in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944) dir. Howard Hawks
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryWatching a classic. @JTEmoviethinks @dhookstead of the new 3 mile bridge near Pensacola is missing. Photo: Lawrence Rogers #Sally #flwx #10weather
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @notreallyjcm Boiled okra. Can’t do it. @realDonaldTrump is a lot like a college football team's "12th Man." Sure, it's an imposing group with a name, but it's not o…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry You stay safe, @treylane we talk about the statue near the Han River in South Korea that is dedicated to the monster from The Host?!
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryJoin me in supporting Alabama Democratic Party - Federal Account via @actblue @scottEmovienerd Yup. Worse the older I get.
@TessFowler Good news! is Dazzler... get anyone else like Emma Frost idea out ya mind. Bonus: A Dazzler movie soundtrack done by Gag…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @ScottWamplerBMD It’s the Texas Chainsaw voiceover guy!Got that new @LordGrimdark @jimcramer Interesting take, “Impotent Jim.”My dad worked for NASA when I was a kid. I’d follow him around at work and look at all the cool, futuristic art on… @malkiersking @sarahenakamura @KristyLeighLuss @Dinstaardude @ronincomics @WyldBao @tWoTcast @wolf_hopper @GOP @realDonaldTrump @panmalazan @DanielBGreene Same, and I kinda hate that, because I really loved it and it’s perfect for a certain so… @TessFowler Positive thoughts headed your way! @realDonaldTrump Broke ass bitch @DanielBGreene Loved Malazan Book of the Fallen, but I don’t recommend to everyone.Remembering saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, born on this day in 1928 in Tampa, Florida. Here he is playing "Arrivi…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @johnhornor I ordered an Army Field Manual a few weeks back. 2020 is a cruel mistress.Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley. Remember their names. So many more have die…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberrythere is no virtue in suffering, the people who want you to believe that have a vested interest in making you suffer
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @jonathancoulton #2 dad just doesn’t have the same ring to it.The words of politicians are pretty much worthless and their actions can be covered without diving up their asses a…
Celebrating #CocteauTwins' sixth studio album 'Heaven or Las Vegas' (1990) originally released 30 years ago this we…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @ThatDarkfriend Love that show. Good stuff. @kibblesmith I’ve trained my whole life for this moment. *proceeds to bore everyone around him*“How do you hide from something you have found?” love cinematographer humor:
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryAll workers deserve a living wage. This shouldn’t be controversial.
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryThrow the whole JK Rowling away.Excellent if true. Also, this bodes well for a new Fantastic Four has incarnation. @RadioFreeTom Your crazies want a white ethnostate. Our “crazies” want people to have healthcare, housing, and a c…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryDon't think there is anything that brings me as much joy as seeing Kaiju suit actors doing their own roars
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @manatee73 That’s some pig! @biggray It gets me every time.Sometimes when I’m feeling blue, I enjoy watching Orson Welles slur his way through a wine commercial. (Thanks to… @panmalazan I think she made the right choice. No one really remains uncompromised in war and her efforts paid real… miss the days when people in cults at least had sex and fun lil costumes before all the paranoia and death and mu…
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryI’ll give them $20 in cash for the whole lot.