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@SenCoryGardner When exactly did you decide to give up on the American form of government?If you're not rich but you're afraid of socialism taking away your freedom, all I can is is "what freedom?" Debt is…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @jamiedupree Couldn’t happen to a more reprehensible set of people. @jamiedupree lol they’re both awful Here’s hoping they destroy each other. @LindseyGrahamSC It’s like a mob trial, Lindsey. It’s hard to get testimony from anyone in the organization who isn…’s literally safer to assume that any man over 55-60 here in Alabama is a piece of garbage. Not true in all cases… @realDonaldTrump My heart says you should fuck off.It’s possible that the Whitecloaks are bigger jerks in audiobook form. #TwitterOfTime @scottderrickson @TheInvisibleMan @LWhannell Upgrade was excellent. Can’t wait to see what he does with Invisible Man.Joni Mitchell, 1968.
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @Mathew5760 Welcome!First look at Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE title logo.
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @realDonaldTrump Seriously! What stupid, demented fuck would hire John Bolton?!I hear too often that a news organization "leans left" if it seeks to give voice to people of all description.
Retweeted by B.C. FortenberryLet's Dance Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues Let's dance to the songs they're playin' on the radio
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @JTEmoviethinks Train to Busan @jamiedupree Bolton and Muvaney need to testify @cavaticat Mine occasionally gets spooked by sticks. @Lexialex Nope. Not familiar. @biscuitkitten Oh god. I chose Carpenter as well but went with The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes because he likes work…’s diseased. @HANSEN_SOGROOVY They last few episodes fell off a bit and the big reveal with the kids was ham handed. Some cool i… I’ve seen the past few days: The Curse of La Llorona- decent. I can see why they’ve put the director on the… @HauntedMeg Just like the good ol’ days of Deep Star Six and Leviathan. I really enjoyed Underwater! @DougJones Bolton and Mulvaney must testify @LindseyGrahamSC Benghazi, asshole
@CherylHubbard44 Screw off into deep space, Nazi. 👍🏻 @scottEweinberg Salem’s Lot @CherylHubbard44 Has anyone told you to go fuck yourself today? If not, let me be the first, racist. @n1ntendh0 Faster and faster. For me it was 2005 twenty minutes ago. @MattOswaltVA @MollyJongFast @chrissyteigen @FANGORIA Wow! Didn’t know that. @whnt Prince @GailSimone J’accuse! @tworivertobac @KaitlinGulstad Same @Lons Bloomberg 2020: Purchase the Feeling! @owillis She should endorse whatever product she uses to get the blood off her hands. @ByEliott Seems like Belarus would’ve been the go-to choice. @TDPattillo I feel that way about Biden. I’ll vote for the nominee, though. 100%John Carpenter’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes me two weeks off my meds to prepare and I could do this standing on my head. @aravosis Now or twenty years from now? @cspan @RepAdamSchiff @jeffvandermeer Cool beaks @AstorAaron @im_winzane The polling looks crazy dire for conservatives with the under 30 crowd. Voter participation… @GovHowardDean I don’t think that would be possible without millions of prefrontal lobotomies.Your father said he hates New York “even more than I should,” called California “a disgrace to our country,” said C…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @im_winzane @AstorAaron Demographic change in places like Texas and Georgia will probably render the question moot… @im_winzane @AstorAaron I understand that the right doesn’t care for democracy. @DougJones @Alyssa_Milano Thank you for your representation, Senator.Sometimes civility isn’t the way forward @agentfitz777 Sausagecon @malkiersking @sarahenakamura @KristyLeighLuss @BarneyHarriso @JCheonGarcia @Dinstaardude @ronincomics @WyldBao @igorvolsky Here’s the President calling most of us awful people. The motherfucking President! I’m supposed to be n… @EHR_Podcast @ARyhajlo A live look at “Dagger Mat” @igorvolsky 1)They’re not wrong. 2)The person making the jokes is a Republican 3)Have you ever listened to conser… @craigengler The Others @grmartin Glad you’re okay @im_winzane @AstorAaron You’re arguing for the imposition of the will of the minority on the majority by defending… @kjulsgard Yeah, I live in Alabama. @im_winzane @AstorAaron Why should Tennessee get to impose its cousin diddling laws on the (more numerous and econo… @thehill Trump has around a 300 word vocabulary and that’s being charitable. He doesn’t have standing to call anyone else dumb. @EWErickson Super rich coming from someone on conservative talk radio. Y’all call people baby killers (erroneously,… @RepKenBuck “Majority” 😂 @davidfrum Republicans and idiots, but I repeat myself. @politico I’m sure the Russians will cover the shortfall. @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump @mikepompeo Yeah, they’re both garbage. @AstorAaron One person. One vote. A person in New York is worth the same as a person in North Dakota.Tony Scott’s version of Man on Fire @JonahDispatch So is writing a book called “Liberal Fascism” @YNB @OhNoSheTwitnt *raises hand*There’s a well know anti-intellectual culture in the American Southeast. It’s not a secret. It’s not difficult to p… @ByronYork It’s funny because it’s true. @BeetleEasy @QS31236476 @OfLouisa @carol_morehead @SenatorBraun @realDonaldTrump My point is that if you’re going t… @soledadobrien I laughed. They’re dead on- and I say that as a resident of the Deep South. @BeetleEasy @QS31236476 @OfLouisa @carol_morehead @SenatorBraun @realDonaldTrump *your @SteveGuest @realDonaldTrump @donlemon @WajahatAli @TheRickWilson Hilarious. Thanks for posting! @scottEweinberg I did the audiobook. The last section creeped me the fuck out. One of his best late-career works.Breaking News: From John Bolton’s book draft: He says he voiced concerns to William Barr that President Trump was e…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @jamiedupree Just like Benghazi was a ploy to damage Mrs. Clinton. They’re scum with no sense of honor or fealty to the nation.Can’t wait to see her as Moraine Sedai in @WOTonPrime! #TwitterOfTime vs. Starr - I’d say we made this, but really he did
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberrythe rewards of the mortifying being loved ordeal of…
Retweeted by B.C. Fortenberry @chrislhayes And the bit is cosplaying a pile of garbage. @SenTedCruz That settles it. I’m not voting for Hunter Biden. We should remove the fuckstick of a POTUS, though. @QS31236476 @OfLouisa @carol_morehead @SenatorBraun @realDonaldTrump Awww, I didn’t think robots had feeling to hur…
@QS31236476 @OfLouisa @carol_morehead @SenatorBraun @realDonaldTrump Anonymous account- yup String of numbers in th… @SenatorBraun @realDonaldTrump When did y’all decide to give up on the American form of government? @nickschifrin @NPR @michelekelemen @SecPompeo @NPRKelly This White House is filled with un-American cowards. Weak m… @jamiedupree I’ve decided I won’t be voting for Hunter Biden for President. @malkiersking @JCheonGarcia I say @biscuitkitten I love Ben Gazzara in that film. He looks like he’s having the time of his life. @garywhitta @JohnBoyega @Karoli I’m still cackling about Ken Starr bemoaning the impeachment process. It’s like the Twilight Zone. @msdanifernandez “One day when this fellow met this fellow.. and the knew it was much more than a hunch..” @nytimes He lied. Have some damn self respect. @AstorAaron @thehill So offensive! Much outrage!