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Either the worlds getting crazier or I’m Bipolar.

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@c_gunny73 @coachafl You can jolt your head just falling over. @ABertwhistle @NZBirder @reallyMMM @SBSNews Well only an idiot would be blinded by charisma. I’m sure I could do a… @FOXFOOTY @tommorris32 AFLW and Australia’s car industry are starting to have a lot in common. @NZBirder @reallyMMM @SBSNews But she wore a hijab 🧕 that’s all that matters. It’s all about feels.
@Dyson What do I do with an $800 stick vac that goes flat in 5mins? I should never had moved to battery power. Curr…
@SkyNews As most of us would. @HuffPost Suck it up @dpakman The dumb fuckery of the mainstream media @GuardianAus The bundle of sticks Dr Nobody blocked me. Ouch! @Facebook @4ur3liad Change my algorithm please, I just want newest post to oldest. I’ve seen the same shit all day… @jaketapper @JDiamond1 @ZcohenCNN 😂😂😂😂 fuck me I love the way you try to spin BS. @GuardianAus Well you better put a muzzle on the left because they’re carry on about absolutely everything is the cause of it. @newscomauHQ Breaking mainstream news 😂 how old is this?
@TeaPainUSA Um the same Schiff that made up the phone call? @newscomauHQ @PaulineHansonOz Always double check before being outraged over a news headline. @newscomauHQ @ScottMorrisonMP It’s always funny when when someone who’s famous for being a clown tries getting serious. @gotmilf7 Automatic follow 👌🏻 @carinajoe2 Some guys strike it lucky. @intheMatrixxx Will he do an Epstein? @RepAdamSchiff Just like a false phone conversation hey Adam.
@RealJamesWoods It’s nearly as good as the magic wand comment. @MSNBC He looks like he’s farting again. @KrockFootball Same thing as the last 9 years because our club didn’t have the balls to get a new coach. @_TalkingTotal @carltonfc_w @taylaharriss @aflwomens Great way to move on from it all and bring it up again. @wjaodnes @7AFL Everything about AFLW has to be some sort of political statement. They wonder why people can’t be bothered with it.
@SBSNews The fix against Burnie is in 😂 The DNC trying to finger him again. @tamosaurus_ 9 @anndeejam The humanity. @SharleneMelb It’s because of the cost of using the bigger grounds. @smh It’s almost footy season woohoo @FOXFOOTY @stkildafcw It’s all about something different every week. @jes_wilkie @WLudbey @stkildafcw The boundary stole the show there @RealJamesWoods This little guy has been well looked after since his troubles went public. @elizaorlins Not a good promotion you just gave yourself 😂 @TinaCutrone Nice bolt ons @brianklaas @BrianKarem Just didn’t get the Hillary treatment. @AFL Yay sport and politics. @TeaPainUSA That’s TDS Tea. Clear cut case.
@Chris_Simms24 @KelloggsSpeshK @SkyNews I bet you still believe everything Adam Schiff says even after his parody of Trumps phone call. @TeaPainUSA Why would anyone be against Assange getting a pardon? @holden_aus If only you made better choices Holden. @cadoges @YouTube I always thought they made the ZB “commodore” about 10k too expensive. Especially after getting t… @correzpond Did the liberals design cars nobody wanted? @ellymelly Yes I was thinking this today. What’s the need for it now other than greed? @GM Got anything to say about @holden_aus ?? Fucking pathetic wankers.
@KTHopkins Imagine the power of over a billion people uniting against their communist government. @MSNBC @maddow This guy just can’t get Trump out of his head. @holden_aus Has @GM even said anything publicly?
@FordAustralia Don’t be like Holden, take notice of social media comments. @OfficialHSV Time for you guys to go all in and start building your own cars. I’m sure you’re more in touch with th… @GM What about right hand cars for Australia! Ran like cowards from our market. Weak as piss!!
@newscomauHQ @ScottMorrisonMP Scomos alcohol tax is going to fix Australia’s problems. Put a cape on tax because it… @Nospare10 @shibz_1989 @JustMe68658649 @rohan_connolly Never @BlueWaveDave4 @franriz3742 @DavidJHarrisJr @realDonaldTrump Thanks mate, good luck with drunk Nancy and impeachment. @GeelongCats Thanks guys much appreciated. I’m itching to see how the boys and some of new faces are coming along 👍🏻 @philbangkok @billshortenmp He’s currently on his Hillary Clinton tour. @MikeCarlton01 @rohan_connolly Maybe do it out of uniform. @BarrysChins @JustMe68658649 @shibz_1989 @rohan_connolly I think some is having a crywank. Anyway I’m out, gotta Bunnings catalog to read. @JustMe68658649 @BarrysChins @shibz_1989 @rohan_connolly Yep my response to your comment is met with “racist crywank” no need to say more. @BarrysChins @shibz_1989 @JustMe68658649 @rohan_connolly Thanks for proving my point. @TeaPainUSA Bloomer is cringe 😂 @SENBreakfast I think AFLW needs it. @GeelongCats Can we see some more footage of the game somewhere? @DannyTempleton9 @MSNBC @JoeNBC It’s ridiculous to think he actually would but that’s the fear porn the media wants… @shibz_1989 @JustMe68658649 @rohan_connolly When a white person has an opinion. @Channel9 ✂️ @FOXFOOTY This carry on is why the men give robotic responses to the media. Give it a rest. @franriz3742 @DavidJHarrisJr @realDonaldTrump We know the left are horrid, thanks for the confirmation. @newscomauHQ Oh ffs here we go again. Watch the media try to make itself squirt over this bs. @MSNBC @JoeNBC Who could blame him if he did. @MattBatzel @Mike2020 Everyone gets a billion.
@TuckerCarlson Maybe you could do another interview but with big steel bars between you and him😂
@GABELORD @AFL 😂 @AFL How PC it is.
@7AFL Is it really only round two?
@SarahRe46782097 @JennyCraig @IKEAtoday @woolworths @RSPCAPetInsure @Fonterra @ArnottsBikkies @hcfaustralia @1116sen Why don’t we just play every second week so we can watch Better Homes And Gardens every other week.Bob Katter rips into a ‘lefty’ journalist, and then tells the journo not to open his mouth again. “Your city lily p…
Retweeted by Davo @SBSNews SBS reeeecism stories are as common as meat pies and dead horse. @agerealfooty When the PC bullshit runs out of legs and money starts to talk. Never saw this coming 😂 @3AWisfootball That extra pokie machine cash would be handy about now 😂 @TeaPainUSA You can always keep reading meatheads tweets to make yourself feel better
@superfooty @Robbo_heraldsun What about AFLXMEN
@dcransdell @rgoodlaw Thoughts on Bloomberg? @rgoodlaw If you still believe polls then you are a bigger dick head than Jeffrey Epstein. @RealJamesWoods @Cernovich Is there enough adrenochrome left on the shelf? @kylegriffin1 Oh you haven’t yet heard about Christopher Steele. @JustinB84741875 @TruthAJustice Explain the pink clothing thing?? @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump The cult thing is only someone’s opinion. @CalebJHull This was followed by a party at Weinstein’s place. @JackPosobiec I just planted some grass seed. @Bmac0507 But they all drink soy milk. @RitaPanahi Pretty sure they all drink soy milk though @RepAdamSchiff The parody guy loves the spotlight. @newscomauHQ First world problems displayed on a dress worth... @TeaPainUSA Oh where back to kids in cages again.
@Jacquifelgate @7AFL @carltonfc_w You look like you’d go alright on a wing. Bring your socks and boots next week 😉 @hflvin Are you ok?
@DiamondandSilk Impeach it 😂 @GovMikeHuckabee @realDonaldTrump They should all go have some play time with Avanatti or whatever his name is