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ActorDirectorWriter Hugo Strange (@Gotham) "whiterose" (@whoismrrobot) BD has no periods. Also the host of SOMETHING'S KILLING ME on @hlntv

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my +1 and collaborator @techandtransit are currently debating if you meant party of how many or at what time! and you!
omg isn't it just great when a person doubles down on self-dickishness?! do the right thing, ass! doubling down nev… we love #fanart, you mean SHARE?, it’s terrible. That’s why every time you ask for TV suggestions it’s always near the top. WTF DUDE.’re actually totally wrong about this, I’m afraid. Sorry. President’s Weekend 2. E&O Kitchen, Sutter St. xo am dead serious about this, Sir!, it’s true: @sfmta_muni bus announcements featuring the voice of @aliwong will undoubtedly improve the quality o…
hehe no that wasn’t Olga Merediz! essential #mta bulletin from @techandtransit about @awkwafina voicing all the announcements on the 7 train… to your @emmyrossum people, it’s true and it’s a trip. @awkwafina is @NoraFromQueens PREMIERES THIS WEDNESDA… ikr “@awkwafina is @NoraFromQueens” NEXT WEDNESDAY 1/22 10:30p on @ComedyCentral’m really proud of my work in this show. norafromqueens comedycentral @ Flushing, New York @ashlieatkinson he likes u 2. PS i owe u email. is #Wally. He is in @awkwafina is norafromqueens. He loves his daughter. His daughter is a pain in the ass. He…
Tonight in #LA, we are unleashing @awkwafina is norafromqueens upon the unsuspecting world and we are all very prou…
WHOOZ YR DADDY. @awkwafina is @norafromqueens on @comedycentral JANUARY 22. YR DADDY. @awkwafina is norafromqueens on comedycentral JANUARY 22. @ Flushing, New York
not for nothin but HC is a #pyromaniac which some people would call “unstable.”
So perhaps, understanding her, you don’t like her outcome because it’s not the outcome you wish for yourself. But i… for you. i don’t think Elliot seemed in the least bit satisfied by her death. you think he appeared satisfied by her de…, good on you and how judge-y to call someone who would automatically unstable because they don’t follow your r…’ve never loved anyone who didn’t return your love? Who you might do anything for? If so did that make you “unst… had belief in Elliot. She believed that Elliot would as she said “come to an understanding,” because it was all… New Year #grantrose think she believed he WOULD believe. I think the gun was brought into the room for her to “step aside”. I think s… will answer to illuminate or defend. can only add this: crazy is not crazy to one who believes in something so deeply. What can I say, she believed. A…, it seems like somebody doesn’t grasp a fundamental truth about the show: that everything we are seeing in it is… did you want Elliot to say instead that wouldn’t be “pathetic”? storyline IS a plot device for the main character, yes. honey, it’s both.’m too old to start now. can’t help you if you don’t get that scene or see what is anti-stereotypical about her in 411 in the Black Room.… you did not! lapped it up like honey. after my son points out that #whiterose’s gray matter in this fanpic is @TheRealTriscuit and what looks like del… would only be so if #whiterose’s actions & choices were irrational & mentally unstable choices that were compl… is a completely different, albeit hilarious, matter entirely.
I always wanted very badly on @whoismrrobot to pay homage to #hollywoodroyalty #NancyKwan & her iconic collab w/… all four seasons of whoismrrobot #MrRobot I wanted very badly to pay homage to #hollywoodroyalty #NancyKwan and… Thats different tho. all have only one face! You can’t have a different face than the one you have. can I say. She makes complete sense to me. I’m sorry you don’t love her the way I and other fans and other tra… assessment is really astute and three dimensional and nuanced (sarcasm) you can’t have watched the whole show and really think that.
@whoismrrobot news #MrRobot, so somebody thinks we should take this person’s statement as fact. Okay... where did you get “Angela likes older men?”, I kept the white dress. @whoismrrobot You’re breaking what I consider the first rule of #MrRobot appreciation: just go with it until it tel… that b*tch was no world destroyer., please help me out here: I am unaware of trans women being stereotyped as psychotic world destroyer villains.… I don’t think you have. #MrRobot there, thx for your comment. I’m sorry you didn’t get more out of #whiterose than “psychotic world destroyer vi…
I told you guys not to make me come down here. pic is very fun to caption. #shitlookslikewegottamoveagain IS NOT WHAT I MEANT WHEN I SAID REDO THE WHOLE PLACE IN RED & GREEN. nice photo taken before 20 guys were gunned down in my foyer. We threw one hell of a Christmas Party. whoismrrobo…
OMG the cemetery has a Twitter. 🤯 I have!!! @HLNTV obviously @whoismrrobot #MrRobot
Retweeted by BD WONGI don’t think everyone is also taking into consideration what she is actually saying. And what those words actually… I can. First, find your remote...then, push the “DVR” button...ok let me know when you get that far... less than a week to go in 2019, we want to know, what has been your favorite television show of the DECADE?…
Retweeted by BD WONGyou mean less than half of one percent of the entire English speaking world? sorry, no. would you do it if he told you to jump off a bridge?
2019 MY POINT LISTEN TO YOURSELF. me get this straight: I’m gonna sign a petition for a spin off of a character that’s NOT MINE? wouldn’t necessarily put it that way. Maybe I would say we substantiated and validated the existence and actions… you don’t now, please look it up in the feed. a minute, lemme look through my bag I know I got the scarecrow’s brain and some hotsauce in here but I don’t… for this. I’ll just say I feel sure she was sure it would work. There were signs it might not, but she want… yes she did say that. But THAT is the thing she said that you found hard to believe??“whiterose is GURLEY” #MrRobot #merrychristmas case you were wondering how I killed the time during ramimalek and @christianslater’s closeups for whoismrrobot…; this was already asked and an answer was given here earlier...❤️❤️❤️ IS a fictional character, of course. But it’s also nice for people to know that it’s okay for them to curb thei… is a light-hearted but serious chance for a #learningmoment: It’s in better taste never to ask questions like…’s on my @instagram @wongbd don’t have any memory of that. Who says I can’t have a MASTERMIND TOO, HUH?? maybe if you wrote your own TV show you would idealize #fruitypebbles too.