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I guess I'm a screenwriter. THE NIGHT HOUSE, SUPER DARK TIMES, WOLF IN WHITE VAN et al. Writing partner to @luke_piotrowski

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Was struck with a sudden and inexplicable desire to watch Broken Flowers again tonight and I’m really glad I indulged itOkay this is a long shot but does anyone have a theory or opinion about who wrote the letter in broken flowers?the autechre counts don’t even factor in the 50x I’ve listened to that record on vinylHell yeah mine rules @PhyllisNagy Yr probably right but I love that it was hitchcockian levels of suspense right up to the last play @PhyllisNagy I think we still have some games to win. A true dodgers loss is way less dramatic than thatHunter (at least during his active crack use) smoked cigarettes in his bed. his breath must have been atrocious. bu…
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“Will you accept the commission?” Yeah the s3e1 of trek discovery just gave me a few tearsDigging the death stranding influence on this season of trek @otherellaroby Interesting possibility! @Jikorijo Lol @GrahamReznick @handsome_pal @luke_piotrowski and I did a whole podcast companion for it! Analyzing each episode an… @handsome_pal @GrahamReznick Brother I cannot recommend literally anything more highly @GrahamReznick It hits like morphine or somethinglate last night i had a sudden desire to eat cake. possibly the first time in my life i can remember specifically d… friends: anyone who skips the opening credits of evangelion is a cop
@MKupperman Nah it’s funny @timothuney @SyncRatios Wow damn that posted fast“Welcome Back”
Retweeted by Ben Collinsi would like it if pets were deeply religious and if you wanted to adopt them you had to convert
Retweeted by Ben Collinsdo you guys follow The Frankenstein Project? it's a group of doctors who produce videos making fun of the monster they created
Retweeted by Ben CollinsI just feel fortunate to live in a world with so much disinformation at my fingertips.
Retweeted by Ben Collins @kariwave @AOC This is a great arc for you and I encourage more tweets like this @Timobros That looks fucking sick dudeI want to hear more about this line of stuff please @Bryanw702 It rules @gawbyweinstein Hey thank you! I was really proud of it myself @bdgrabinski ♟♟♟ ♟♟♟♟ ♟*calls pixar* "you know that new sound yr looking for?"
@Nate_Matteson @emmabarrie Wow! Good memory Nate @8BitSancho I thought it was awesome. It’s been really difficult to focus on anything during the pandemic and this… @redheadfilm I go in and out of intense engagement because i don’t always have the time or emotional bandwidth to f… out the big winner tonight was me, when I beat death stranding at 4am @handsome_pal Nor should theyIdk guys maybe the right wing attacks on fatherhood will escalate to the point where trump brags from the debate st… deserved the win tonight. They played a great game. Here’s hoping we’ve got something to bring on Friday @AlexDelyle But also let’s be real about all of the dodgers being beautiful hunks each in their own way @AlexDelyle That’s kinda what made me ask the question because I hear Turner come up a lot but Bellinger seems like… @jon_redick I appreciate all input! He’s the one I’ve heard mentioned the most but I wasn’t sure if that was becaus… there a consensus among the ladies as to which dodgers player is the hottest? @biblioklept Lol I just picked it up. I’ll see for myself @Kingsinbackrow This is fucking amazing! Thank you for showing me!I love that every time betts takes a base they get a shot of him being friendly to the player on the other team @JoshRaby It’s one of the best movies
@itslizhannah I too acquired my first tracksuit recently and can second this @whmullally Ah so yr a Red Sox fan
Retweeted by Ben Collins @AlexDelyle YesMookie Betts is very fucking good at playing baseballThis pitcher on the rays looks like the guy my female friends would all talk shit about but then hook up with anyway @mangiotto Super impressive though man
@clayhining No way man that was an incredible series! Either team would have deserved iti'm so happy about the dodgersWanna know every tv show/anime/film that's mentioned in @luke_piotrowski and @BDavisCollins #NeonGenesisEvangelion
Retweeted by Ben CollinsUnbelievable. Fuck yes dodgersBraves pitchers are the spinal tap drummers of this seriesWill smith is the hero of this series no matter what happens
@whmullally I was literally just saying to my friend that we watch that one nextJust watched A Fish Called Wanda for the first time in many years. I loved it as a kid and I’m very pleased to know… @rodblackhurst Yes it is @JoeBarton_ Stay strong brotherI honestly can’t believe they leaked text messages of Biden being a great dad.
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@JasonJTatum It’s nothing against the braves. But when they’re head to head I have to pick a side. I’ll cheer for t… grew up outside of Atlanta so the braves were the only team I ever knew but I’ve been in LA for almost 12 years s…’m proud of the Dodgers @Joshua_Erkman It’s so fucking good. People will catch up eventually @jbowditch Good. Imo it is the best franchise in narrative media @jbowditch I see you. I hear you. What exactly are you watching?Tuned in just in time to see the historic Will Smith va Will Smith moment in the dodgers game and it was fucking great
he's on the ropes! vote for @nithyavraman #NithyaForTheCity
Retweeted by Ben CollinsBetween Hillary Clinton and the police union, Ryu is insatiably horny for bad optics. #NithyaForTheCity
Retweeted by Ben Collins @biblioklept damn that cover is sick @biblioklept yes get itThis autechre record is one of the most sonically interesting things I’ve heard in years. It’s like an undulating h… enjoy imagining Gaspar Noe and Nic Refn getting in a physical fight over who gets to license one of these new autechre tracks first @handsome_pal It’s a brotherhood. We are brothersNew autechre album just dropped. First track is rad as fuck and I like to imagine somewhere Alex Garland is listeni… @mollyw_123 I’m always curious but I have no ideaI think I made a wise purchase.
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@bdgrabinski Oh brother that’s a such a nightmare @rynoisneato I haven’t watched that show. Is she good in it?Tonight, someone employed by the trump campaign was called into a meeting where they had to convince Don jr. that H… @Prodbombay Yes it’s hypnotically bizarreThe creepy blond girl in e5 of The Third Day is giving such a fascinating performance. I have no idea who she is bu… @BlGSTUPlDBABY Hey that’s a really sweet thing to say and I appreciate it @avishaiw Exactly! @avishaiw Yeah it seems like it worked well. But I’m more curious about how it would impact the culture in a larger wayI’d like to visit a parallel dimension where we domesticated foxes instead of wolves just to see how that worked out
each state should have an allocation of 100 years of age for their senators. you can send two 50 year olds but if y…
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@robpilk I just tried updating the app but no dice @JGDillard This sounds like it would make a fantastic 7min single shot short film @robpilk I feel like I’m the only person who wanted that feature to begin with and I can’t get it @robpilk You motherfucker howYes, as predicted the Tangerine Dream score for Sorcerer goes quite well with Death Stranding an unashamed fan of iceberg lettuce this makes me very happy @volarrecords thank you! I'm always glad to hear when someone enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll still make some more that are almost as good @volarrecords solid plan. and death stranding would be a worthy addition to that list @volarrecords well I'm 36 and I didn't play video games for like 15 years. but recently, as a screenwriter, podcast… @volarrecords oh hell yeah then you know what's up