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Brad Sams @bdsams Cincinnati, Ohio

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@jmitch Poorly lol
@jmitch What type of business? The service listed on their now looks interesting. @jmitch Orca is much better IMO @film_girl @lindhartsen We really need to reboot the simulation. @ToddKlindt of Microsoft is SharePoint with a different color applied to the window chrome.At this point, I assume that Xbox Live is really just built on SharePoint. @KvnAndrsn @alex I did too, a 2.5% rate is fun. @NerdPyle about two more days and they will be at the top of Space Mountain @ow i suggest you never turn your back to the kittyExcellent video explaining how to get to near 0 kelvin and how to use temps this cold to detect gravitational waves… @Jetiii7 big in a way that's surprising she is leaving a very senior role at Microsoft to go to Magic Leap @panzer There's also the concept that not everything one writes is suitable for publication on X site.Teams Phones get New Capabilities for Meetings and Connection to Nearby PCs -
Retweeted by Brad Sams @darth spoilers pls darth spoiler @Simone_Lazzaro no @maryjofoley if any part of Magic Leap ever sells to Microsoft the tin foil hats will be coming outand more Johnson issuing a burning platform memo on day 1 fits into 2020 perfectly.Peggy Johnson is Leaving Microsoft -
Retweeted by Brad SamsCOVID-19 looking at the billions spent on "open office floor plans"
Microsoft to Unveil Next Generation Xbox Games on July 23rd
Retweeted by Brad Sams @sinclairinat0r it means close the door @seldo "The reason go90 failed is because the user had to turn their phone" Meg, probably. @jjthomas @HackingDave @HackingDave there is crispy and wrong lol @HackingDave that bacon is not cookedit begins, from @maryjofoley - @JonasKuske @zacbowden third-party tool to remap capslock @PhilMickelson @vistajet what calf workouts are done on the plane? @MichaelGillett Figured you would have installed Live Tiles @ALumia_Italia is the new home the office? @zacbowden easier move is to remap caps lock to launch it @TheBigM72 yeah, but some are bigger than others @jarrichvdv not sure if re-write is accurate - it's certainly the preferred way to write games going forward. @thurrott @RicksterCDN we should start drinking his honorI am stoked that @bdsams is presenting at the Columbus Citrix User Group on July 14th. Brad's presentation a couple…
Retweeted by Brad SamsThe Latest on Xbox Game Core @MichaelGillett xCloud is the project name...hasn't officially been branded yet#MondayPoll: Will you be using the consumer version of Teams when it becomes available?
Retweeted by Brad Sams @Tim_Stevens oh drats man, til valhalla @NextGamer1981 @Microsoft you do realize that if Xbox dies then Sony has very little incentive to: Make the PS5 mo… @JezCorden I DID NOT DOUBT LE JEZMicrosoft to Unveil Next Generation Xbox Games on July 23rd Time...put me in coach @LuchoAntunez @divangreedy88 @backfromdead16 based on what lol...this is about as dumb as it gets @ShanesCows is there a powerapp to get my kid to clean up her toys? @geeketernal not related @Tim_Stevens there a German word for when one company that loses billions each quarter buys another company that also loses money? @Rohankay1410 @Casey @Casey bubonic plague is easy to treat that's the silver lining of the day.Exchange Online and Teams Get Important PowerShell Updates -
Retweeted by Brad Sams @alex oh fuck i needed this laugh today @MrboomstickXL @Microsoft @Xbox not explicitly implying Xbox, it's a company-wide things...not going to speculate h… don’t know the scope or who it’s all impacting - trying to understand msft org chart is a riddle I’m not going to… like there is going to be some re-org happening with @Microsoft ...good luck everyone. @MichaelMuni !!! if you dont want it, lol, i'd put it to good use
@mehedih_ holding you to this for once the world stops sucking and we can move more than 5ft again @mehedih_ is this tweetn?Always enjoy finding new Xbox icons @shieldsjames Add in Crimson Skies for the perfect trifecta. @BenThePCGuy thought of you. is averaging 350yrd drives at #RocketMortgageClassic ...insanity. @AmericanOutlaws @KvnAndrsn Five years?? This was three weeks ago, tops. @alextaylornet T8 is solid! Probably more $$$ than I want to spend 😭 @lindhartsen @sinclairinat0r Is yeetube trademarked? About to start at 24hr meme stream channel.🤔 @wenti_man I don’t. @jonathanmpierce Jfc
@lylesback2 Yeah then don’t spend the money but I quite like my 4 with LTE...leave my phone at home frequently. @lylesback2 They are quite nice though, if you have an iPhone, well worth it. @Teskemj Hosta game is weak lol @catire98 That’s the right amount of corn on the cob @charlemange93 Maybe leave politics out of this one.Murcia. something all day @JustinR08225109 @jeffwilcox Buy...why?
@witchilich one i believe @lHybr1dl Not as exciting as you would hopeHolidays: Where I scroll twitter from the couch, instead of the deskIt’s just taking a nap, right? @mehedih_ @thurrott's the writeup for this: Video - > Apps you will need -> @lindhartsen lol 2fast4me, hit f5 now @sinclairinat0r @matvelloso good to know I am not alone lol - it hasnt happened in awhile but it has happened @matvelloso ever had your spouse mad at you for something they dreamt? Fun times.Excited to announce the SixFiveSummit in partnership with @danielnewmanUV. This digital event will feature the lead…
Retweeted by Brad Sams @doubleyewdee 😂Xbox live party chat is all messed up tonight @BradWardFight Loved it
Besties. @MichaelJM10 Y @B_Nasty21 Yep @sethjuarez 🙂The deer is about to f up the dog mid 2020