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Barkha Rani Jamke Barasti Hai. Emmy Nominated Reporter. Wannabe Lawyer. Columnist @WashingtonPost Contributing Editor @TheWeekLive. Argumentative!Yaaron Ka Yaar

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Great news. Congratulations @MalikAshok : may you birth many pacts well and beyond your winning 'Khan Market Consen… Nobel Winner Abhijit Banerjee meets the prime minister, here's what he said in #BehasWithBarkha- "Modi only lead…
@khalidbshah @samirsaran @MalikAshok @Aparna_Pande I would have loved to hear this. Share link soonestExit polls predict an easy BJP sweep in both Maharashtra & Haryana. Hardly surprising. There is no substantive oppo… on the right wing attacked Abhijit Banerjee. But in this interview with me, his analysis is clinical, objectiv… @ritesh_to Thank youNobel Winner Abhijit Banerjee talks to me on #BehasWithBarkha - on Narendra Modi, NYAY, the Congress, the state of…
@santwana99 @liyer @PiyushGoyal yes. in my interview, he lists all the different parties/state governments he has w…"NYAY was NOT a great scheme, needed changes"- Nobel winner Abhijit Banerjee tells me "NYAY would have had to evolv… @scribe_prashant Thank you prashant"Minister should use language that does not typecast people or damn then. I've worked in Gujarat under Modi as CM,…
#WATCH OP Singh, UP DGP on #KamleshTiwariMurder: Prima facie this was a radical killing, these people were radicali…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SandipGhose @LloydMathias @TheBengalClub Many many condolences and prayers sandipLook out for the best highlights of @WeTheWomenAsia on @MirrorNow at these times on the weekend. This is our Kolkat… and the #QuestforSpice by @suvirsaran - interesting factfile written majestically and with some detours to n…
Retweeted by barkha dutt#Column | "What makes the PMC Bank fraud especially outrageous is that this could have been caught much earlier",…
Retweeted by barkha dutt
The PMC Bank fraud exposes the limits of capitalism. I have this hit on @htTweets"Left-leaning, people rejected his views in the elections"- @PiyushGoyal on Nobel winner Abhijit Banerjee @Ozsanjay I dont disagree with that. But need a level playing field noLocal elections will be held in #Kashmir later this month. They give BJP an unfair advantage. Here's Why. I am… Bangalore. Dont forget to register. The link is now open on the We The Women Facebook page. Block your seat n…
The #PMCBankScam is the most undertold news story in India today. Three people have died this past week. It is a sh… & Restless. The New Rebels. The New Feminists. Delighted to share this sterling, passionate panel from… @NehalAgarwal26 @ShashiTharoor please share details. this is distressting @hariiyengaar I didnt say anyone sided with Pakistan. Its a matter of emphasisWhere @ShashiTharoor takes down Pakistani interference in Kashmir in style at the IPU and shows his party how impor… think one should laud the lion not the man for this!
Retweeted by barkha dutt @raghav355 @SinghNavdeep 😎 @raghav355 So do you want Saare Jahan to be canned?An Uttar Pradesh headmaster has been suspended for making students sing Iqbal poem 'Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua. " Not just… ideological camps on Kashmir gloss over inconvenient truths. One wants to push a normalcy that isn't. The othe… @sonaliranade I have a problem with the question sorry madam, when you know precisely how I am attacked for the lam… @sonaliranade And incase you haven't noticed I have many laments as well. For which, unlike you, I get abuses, deat… @sonaliranade You're too intelligent to frame your question in these bizarre binaries. But if youd like an answer l… Apple trader from punjab shot by terrorists in #Shopian. Militant groups are scaling up their attacks especiall…
The BJP promises a Bharat Ratna for Veer Savarkar. But his views were quite often different from those of the RSS.… @BhopalHouse Thanks sounds fab @BhopalHouse Lovely title @DebiprasaMishra @qzindia Thank youThanks Barkha @BDUTT. Exact were my bewilderment with the comments in both cases. Thank you for putting it so sharp…
Retweeted by barkha duttTruck driver killed, orchard owner beaten up in Shopian. Dastardly, condemnable and the biggest illustration that f…
Why should women holding a peaceful protest in Kashmir be detained? Our democracy gives us the right to peaceful as… @asiddh @EchoOfIndia Ah well some of us did stand up against our bosses (two sets and counting) and.. Ah well the rest is a book 😎Well said. Same is true of news media @anhedonia1983 @sonaliranade so many words to spend on fall from grace lol @queenbee1605 @sonaliranade thank you savita @sharmanator992 @sonaliranade huh?? ha ha#Video of #CyFy2019 panel 'Coalitions Against Killer Content: Heeding the #Christchurch Call to Action' with @BDUTT
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sonaliranade You have to put aside personal prejudice and respond to the concept 😎 @sonaliranade I leave that to you 😎. It's not on economic issues vaise @KapilChopra72 @PostcardHotel Great congratulations“The responses to both Sitharaman and Duflo give away society’s subliminal, but essential discomfort with female ac…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @EchoOfIndia @nsitharaman @qzindia My view would be the same. I am not interested in what someone's spouse has to s… on the ONE thing Nirmala Sitharaman and Nobel laureate Esther Duflo have in common via @qzindia
Retweeted by barkha duttHere's what @nsitharaman & Nobel Winner Esther Duflo have in common. My take on @qzindia Kashmir, the local body elections to be held later this month, give the BJP an unfair advantage. Here's why. I a… Banerjee & Esther Duflo, Nobel prize winners, speak at MIT after the big win. Comments on the state of the…
@scribe_prashant mubarak jiHey @EconomicTimes this headline is just not OK. Esther has not won the Nobel for being Abhijit's wife. And she has… ring again in Kashmir, forty lakhs of them, but what about normal political activity? I look ahead at local… @aamirwani88 true but I have to express my sentiment at leastPostpaid mobile phone services are finally back in Kashmir. Not data and not prepaid yet. Welcome back friends. @VKrishnaAnanth ooof. come up with something better. My response to this is on record. Look it up @VKrishnaAnanth yes actually. Had a problem then. Have a problem today. Now? @AshleshKalta yes it has been embargoed for a few days by organizers. Will release in a few days @Aagan86 he has every right. Why should she be benchmarked against that? He is just another citizenWould Ma Sheela have killed for Osho Rajneesh? I ask Sheela this because after all he accused her of attempted murd… have a huge problem with using an article by the husband of @nsitharaman to try & embarrass her on the economy. S…
@Mungphali1 @Bakrolwala Indeed @pratima25522827 Embargo by organjzers for a few days. Right after that @rwac48 oh I LOVE THIS @GulPanag - this and his grand grand name.“My father told me #Failure is an event not a person ... I have no fear of failure” - @AnupamPKher speaks to me at…
Retweeted by barkha duttMore power to you @keshav_suri - in support and solidarity for all the good work being done by the @KSF_IN @keshav_suri @WeTheWomenAsia @KSF_IN @ItGetsBetter Thank you Keshav for all that you and the foundation do. Bless you @amazinganjali Thanks the first excerpt is out @suneelwattal its tomorrow. @orfonline please share @megirish2001 lovely and my that cake looks good. Happy birthday to sirGandhi would be fasting against India’s discriminatory new citizenship law, @BDUTT writes
Retweeted by barkha duttLooking forward #CyFy2019 @theRohitBansal thank you :-)))) many. @sanjaygul @tiscatime thank you sanjay @Bakrolwala YesExclusive: Osho Rajneesh "was involved in wrong drug use & wrong company" says 'Ma Anand' Sheela , in her 1st on-ca… @vkexpress Thank you so much @AatishTaseer @tavleen_singh ♥️😎
♥️ Thank you for the kind words. One only has to go offline to realise how much warmth and goodness there is out th… @stoic_gautamkr Thank you so much @Chandreshdelhi Totally unfiltered @sneheshphilip @TheSatishDua Birthday greetings to the forever young general saheb @TheSatishDua rock on sir @WParkRenew Yes an old classic @TedhiLakeer @CChristineFair Hey Christine!!!! Happy happy may you always be fully totally irreverent @abhimanyuafc Yes and her memoirs and other available researchA wild conversation with Ma Anand Sheela at the Dehradun Lit Fest this evening. I asked her why she continued to 'l… story in @VOGUEIndia on @WeTheWomenAsia - thank you... #WeTheWomen
@rajamukherjee4 data shows no greater benefit to India on exports vis a visa FTA countriesYou remember the disturbing video of a woman being assaulted by her in-laws (father-in-law is retired judge) and hu…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @AnoopChathoth ExactlyAs Modi Xi meet, we need to worry about RCEP, a multilateral trade agreement that is in effect is a free trade pact… would be fasting against India’s discriminatory new citizenship law, @BDUTT writes
Retweeted by barkha dutt