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Barkha Rani Jamke Barasti Hai. Emmy Nominated Reporter. Wannabe Lawyer. Columnist @WashingtonPost Contributing Editor @TheWeekLive. Argumentative!Yaaron Ka Yaar

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@MalikAshok @tanvi_madan You had better swiftly own the phrase that is defining the culture wars of 2019 😎 @gonsalves_r Pucca looks lovely. Is the coffee good. That's the test 😎Powerful photo 😥 #MemorialDayWeekend
Retweeted by barkha dutt @gdalmiathinks Congratulations to aanya and the entire family @Sonakshi_V @ysjagan @NewsHtn Yes very honest!"Naidu poached 23 of my MLAs & his number reduced to 23 on 23rd May. Poetic Justice," says @ysjagan to me. On vindi… Jagan Juggernaut Exclusive: @bdutt talks to @ysjagan on the Andhra Sweep
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SirEdvink @NewsHtn @ysjagan @narendramodi Somehow doubt thatComing up at 4.30 on @NewsHtn @ysjagan in conversation with me on his landslide win in Andhra and his meeting with… #AayegaToModiHi election and the road ahead: with @Ish_Bhandari @anuraag_saxena @DrGeetaBhatt @sadhavi was on the @BBCRadio's Today show with @MishalHusain & @SunilKhilnani on Modi's Mega Mandate - you can listen two… @dpkpillay12 True and I make the same point sir. @dpkpillay12 She also insulted an officer in uniform who was killed in the line of duty. And praised the assassin o… Tweeple: Life Beyond Politics. We are recording #ThisIsUs on two complex & powerful subjects - India's Abortion… bowed before the constitution in a powerful image of supplication to democratic values. I hope one of the first… @romurroy ThanksFine speech by PM @narendramodi vowing outreach to minorities and a government that earns #SabkaVishwas- very diffe…
@brainpicker I loved this ❤️ @brainpicker @kinderus The Patriarchy of popular cultureIn which @zafarsareshwala friend of Modi over many years, says, "Campaign Modi & Prime Minister Modi will be two di… @aparnaswarup Many happy happy returns my dearest friend#WATCH Delhi: Narendra Modi bows before the Constitution of India before starting his address at the NDA parliament…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @jgopikrishnan70 @narendramodi 😎 @VinodSharmaView @INCIndia @RahulGandhi I know. But its needless and counter productive drama @_pallavighosh @VinodSharmaView @rssurjewala @INCIndia am talking of briefing after. where he said it was unanimously rejected. @VinodSharmaView sure. one is reporting as it has happening and the cwd did rahul no favours by making that announcement @VinodSharmaView @rssurjewala @INCIndia Meaning? At the official press conference it was announced that his resigna… @VinodSharmaView Good but why would randeep surjewala make the opposite announcement adding to chaos and confusion @RaisinaSeries No. Makes the cwc look stupid for announcing otherwise @Avijit_Das ThanksHere @Ish_Bhandari says "2019 win is not same as 2014. Modi's base will expect party to act on manifesto promises-… Modi is now both the message and the messenger, @BDUTT writes
Retweeted by barkha duttThanks v much has Rahul rejected the rejection of his resignation @javaidBashir15 @JmuKmrPolice Yes terrible. BJP should expel herMany happy returns to @karanjohar a real yaaron ka yaar apart from being pop culture king of our consciousness. Have a great oneAnd now this. @rssurjewala says @RahulGandhi has not offered to resign. @sanjayuvacha @vramani10 @manojladwa Kwality the bestThis charade of CWC rejecting a Rahul Gandhi offer of resignation is worse than no offer to quit at all.In which @anuraag_saxena talks of the world's view of Modi and says the election win was in large part about "resur… @chhavi @sanjukta @sanket @RahulGandhi thank you ChhaviWhere @tehseenp another Congress supporter does not think @rahulgandhi should resign but calls team around him "jok… @VaradSharma @Biorahul @manojladwa Im sure so do you varadIn which @sadhavi who as a Congress supporter has angry words for @rahulgandhi & party for letting go of Ntionalism… @v_shakthi ExactlyHa ha! Well I neither drink chai nor champagne 😎 and frankly Khan Market is too gentrified to even be trendy any mo… @manojladwa But I thought you liked khan market :-) Lol ! Culture wars 2019 @vargheseKgeorge Of course our job to raise questions about vitriol and violenceWorst thing the commentariat can do is to judge fellow citizens for voting a way it disagrees with. Its akin to Hil… @anand_986 Well you can watch me elsewhere na 😎 @WS_Dude Journalists are meant to question all. That is the only consistency requiredThank you 😎 and you may be assuming my views. Im an equal opportunity offender 😊 @IDdocAdi Thanks aditya @priyangpandey @rammadhavbjp @vijai63 @manojladwa @sanjeevsanyal @smitabarooah Ha ha 😎 and the other side will say… @MogheAmruta @washingtonpost 😎 ThanksThank you v much 😎 @Brucest00543263 Thanks
Thanks v much Where’s ur draft Me:
Retweeted by barkha dutt @shehryar_khanum @MiLOKMAT Checking linkDecoding Modi’s mega mandate on Democracy Live with @bdutt and @DrGeetaBhatt @sadhavi @anuraag_saxena @Ish_Bhandari
Retweeted by barkha duttDecoding Modi’s mega mandate on Democracy Live with @bdutt and @DrGeetaBhatt @sadhavi @anuraag_saxena @Ish_Bhandari
Retweeted by barkha duttEnjoyed having you all on 😎 @VikramWolf Chalo ek bar sahi 😎Modi's Mega Mandate- @manojladwa talks to me on @NewsHtn - Calls his policies "religion neutral, gender neutral." s… @parthpunter @ReshmiDG completely agree. microeconomics and targeted delivery was a huge factor @SauravDatta29 @_YogendraYadav @NewsHtn Well I think he raises important questions, given the scaleHere's @_YogendraYadav speaking to me on @NewsHtn "Congress not just redundant; it's an obstacle to building an opp… Musa eliminated is a big big story. Al qaeda backer who demanded a caliphate in the valley was one of the mos… @ManishTewari @capt_amarinder Congratulations Manish. Well fought. Well deserved. @Sushank_kr @htTweets True thatSeven ways to unpack Narendra Modi's Handsome Victory. Here I decode the Big Win for @htTweets -tell me if you agr… @vijai63 Thank you. Am usually sober. Youve been uncharacteristically fighting with me 😎. Best wishes and congratul… @smritiirani Headline of the day and the second biggest story after Modi's sweep. Congratulations @smritiirani for the win of wins. @catchsid1986 @washingtonpost ThanksIndia & her politics are irrevocably altered. This is Modi's India Now. In @washingtonpost my take on the… is Modi's India Now. I write in @washingtonpost on the sweep and scale of the prime minister's victory. 2014 w…
Total domination. Stunning.
Retweeted by barkha duttOn #Verdict2019 on @NewsHTN @Priyankac19 to @BDUTT 'It is unfortunate, Rahul Gandhi is stuck with a team which is n… @vivekoberoi to @BDUTT 'Modi not Divider-In-Chief but Uniter-In-Chief' on @NewsHTN @anuraag_saxena IndeedWatch Naresh Gujral in conversation with @BDUTT On @NewsHTN. 'Democracy, diversity, secularism & federalism - pilla… Congress leader to be congratulated today is @capt_amarinder who held his state against the Modi wave. One of… Naresh Gujral in conversation with @BDUTT On @NewsHTN. 'The voice of development has transcended caste & cree… BJP storming back to power comfortably. Special live coverage with @BDUTT and @sandeep_bamzai
Retweeted by barkha duttOn @NewsHTN, @TVMohandasPai to @BDUTT, about Smriti Irani's erroneous behaviour as a minister but fantastic politic… @TVMohandasPai in conversation with @BDUTT, 'Rahul Gandhi is good person but a bad politician.' Watch… @narendramodi the day belongs to @smritiirani. Huge huge win in taking #Amethi from @RahulGandhi and beating… #Verdict2019 @priyankac19, 'A democracy needs a strong opposition, unfortunately they didn't build a strong narr… @priyankac19 to @BDUTT on whether smaller parties feel dwarfed by the hegemony of the BJP: 'India has moved towar…
Retweeted by barkha dutt#Verdict2019: PM Modi set to return with a bigger margin. Watch live with @BDUTT @CharuKeya and @vinitgoenka
Retweeted by barkha dutt#Verdict2019: PM Modi set to return with a bigger margin. Watch live with @BDUTT and @CharuKeya
Retweeted by barkha dutt.@TVMohandasPai speaking to Tiranga TV's @BDUTT says, 'Congress had a bad product, who is Priyanka Gandhi, the Mess…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @LagbhagSecular @ysjagan @PrashantKishor Read pinned tweet and then commentHuge win for @ysjagan in Andhra in both the Lok Sabha and assembly polls. Perhaps the only non BJP party that has r… #Verdict2019 @manojladwa to @BDUTT on @NewsHTN 'Modi voted back in only on the basis of a Vote of Confidence.' #Verdict2019 @manojladwa to @BDUTT on @NewsHTN on how this was a great victory that surpassed all expectations a… was on air with @manojladwa key BJP stategist and confidante of the prime minister. Watch him decode the Big Win… really was the #AayegaToModiHi election. A @narendramodi win so handsome that its an inflection point in Indian… Election results live coverage with @bdutt and @manojladwa
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