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The Story of Leelavati, 70 year old, alone,abandoned whom I met at Bandra Station. Angry to see people I know nothi… the Children of the Lockdown. They leave homes, schools, books behind and get onto the back of crowded trucks…"We do it better than China"- From Kasaragod, in Kerala, my ground report on why this district was held up as a mod… nurses are in high demand, whether in Maharashtra or UAE. From a village in Kannur, my report on the story o… @AmitTiwarifab thank youRemember the Heartbreaking viral Video of a child waking up his mother at a railway platform, She had already died.… @SureshNakhua Sorry? What does this tweet even mean"Why are N-95 Masks not of standardized quality and price?"- just one of the many pointed questions raised by veter… @sunetrac 🤗😘Sunetra, Rajiv Bajaj has always been sharply critical of the lockdown for instance in this interview with me. Why d… @BDUTT for representing this part of the story. I as an RN have gone through this feeling during this situ…
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From 26/11 to Bleeding in PPE Nurses in Mumbai's Cama Hospital speak out on all they've seen & battled. This is an… checks late night on Mumbai's Private Hospitals showed them functioning at 20 to 40 percent of their capac… @bindwho @RujutaDiwekar 💕🤗 @jamwithsam @satishacharya Thank you and how nice is your twitter handle @bindwho @RujutaDiwekar Dear Bindu it was absolutely delicious and Hanuman has been sustaining us for a few days. in gratitude ❤️ @PuroPolitical @PramodPammu8 The then army chief said this was a lie. Obviously this gent thinks he knows more! @ShantanuEditor Thank you very much Shantanu @ttindia @ShantanuEditor @ParanB_2012 Thank you for this on our work Paran @BDUTT says she knew she had to be on the road with the migrants to bring their suffering home to Indians. “There w…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @RujutaDiwekar I'd like to inform you that I ate a cheese wala burger from a sweet shop with halwai chips for lunch and i ❤️ u.If any of you need to reach me with an idea, a struggle, an opinion, a suggestion, a personal story you want to sha… @tuhins Hello Ji who is being mocked @Shivendras2607 will wear as we step into crowds and spaces.And now reporting the Cyclone and Coronavirus. Day 79. On The Road with the Pandemic @shahid_siddiqui thank you shahidIn Mumbai the cyclone is only one reason many COVID patients have been moved across hospitals. I met some who've be… impressed by the passion of @DrMuffi & team (Dr Neeta Warty & more) helming Mumbai's COVID 'Dome'. This is my… @Apurvasrani @TheAmitSadh Apurva I love this piece its enough to make the most jaded of us believers. Love to you b… @priyagupta999 thank you priya :-) @MurudkarSmita @satishacharya thank you :-) @SarbDhaliwal48 thank you sir @DMahidhara Thank you 💕 @BDUTT It's a humble tribute to you, for being the voice of poor & forgotten migrant labourers during this lockdown. Thank you.
Retweeted by barkha duttDear @satishacharya this is so so beautiful. If this is what jokes look like, I forever want to be a cartoon. Thank… @rabiiik527 @satishacharya It truly is @BDUTT @satishacharya This is a fabulous certificate Satish. But then when it comes to Barkha, everybe is showing t…
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@PuroPolitical Thanks muchWhere Convicts and Cops, Cancer Patients and Pregnant Woman all battle Coronavirus under the same roof. Inside Mumb… Impending Cyclone in Mumbai is just one reason that nearly 250 patients have been moved from a Field COVID Hosp… @manoj_naandi Looks beautiful @AmazonianPixel @satishacharya thank you @gauravvkchawla Yes so I guess field hospitals ahead of monsoons under German tents are. A bad ideaGreat one @satishacharya @BDUTT indeed stood there with thousands of voiceless people giving them a voice during…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @rupasubramanya @satishacharya 💕😏🤗 HahhaOmg I 💕💓❤️ this. From the genius that is @satishacharya thank you Mumbai because of the cyclone, 250 COVID patients are moved from the MMRDA Field camp to the Dome Facility. I t… @JaiMishra_20 Well done Jai @amanmanzur 💕 @swastika24 You always look nice"Instead of posting videos of yourself cooking or working out on Instagram come and volunteer" - an appeal from… you @SamsungIndia for very patiently walking us through our filming and tech issues. Grateful saw the video of the little child trying to wake up his mother on a railway platform. She had already died on t… mean. Is TV news even a thing any more. @Joydas @VermaKiran thank you JoyA pioneering journey reaches the Southern tip of India under the worst possible conditions. Hope this serves as a s…
Retweeted by barkha duttKerala Model - What's that? Citizens say it simply- "We are Educated, We help one another"- I spent three days on t…"Believe in Science" says @shailajateacher Kerala's Health Minister to @themojo_in in this interview I did with her… @ankita_mtl @themojo_in thank you and loveI was only just doing my job . That is saving lives . But I was super impressed with your commitment to your job…
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@Joydas @VermaKiran thank you joy @Kevin16117 hello and thank you -) @DeepalTrevedie Lovely needed that @swapanseth Omg I love this. Borrowinng. @NakuulMehta @themojo_in 💕💓From a family that suffered untouchability to becoming a global phenomenon, @shailajateacher and why she has only o… you missed it, The Story of Leelavati, waiting alone, abandoned for a train to Delhi in Bandra Station . After t… @brain_fag @themojo_in I dont follow you want the worker to be called a worker and not by her nameYou all saw the viral video in which a little toddler is trying to wake his mother at a railway platform, she had a… Mumbai runs short of hospital beds and staff, citizens step in to help fill the gaps. We follow Ambulances into… @darth_pariksith Thank u @RahulDevRising @themojo_in Rahul 💕 thank you @DattaAmeet @themojo_in Ameet thank you and also for your offer of helpThis is how our news story on Leelavati ended. A happy ending. And the journalism we commit to at @themojo_in @FarahKhanAli 💕😘 @Soni_Razdan thank you soni. All hugs are needed and most welcome. Emotionally battering experiences these days @BDUTT Big huge hug to you @BDUTT and it still won’t be big enough ♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🤗
Retweeted by barkha dutt @_TheFinanceGuy_ thank you @nagraj_prabhu @rnkroy 💕 @nebuer42 Exactly and thank you 💕 @PratibhaSan Exactlyपत्रकारिता एक संकट के दौर से गुजर रही है लेकिन इस संकट में भी कुछ नाम ऐसे हैं जिनकी पत्रकारीता ने समाज को झकझोर कर…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SanjayAzadSln Thank you sanjay ji @AnalystBuddha34 @SanjayAzadSln @VermaKiran Yes. Thank you for pointing that out @VermaKiran @SanjayAzadSln Kiran thank you for looking after her. Bless you 💕 @VermaKiran @SanjayAzadSln Thank you @DrRahulGhule11 @1rupeeclinic Thank you will follow upBig heroes of this crisis- Dr Muffazal Lakdawala & team, running 600 bed COVID hospital at Mumbai's Dome. Many pati… @chibberratna thank you ratna @reachsindugk Thank you for understanding 💓 @BDUTT Admire your relentless reporting on the ground since childhood. Be it a war, or a pandemic! You're an inspir…
Retweeted by barkha duttMany of you want to know why I did not practice social distancing here. We do try every single day of these 77 days… @Jeeveshu 💓💕 @Prachiiii7 Thank youThe only ground report you should be watching. @BDUTT Always the best. Such an inspiration.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @BDUTT @SanjayAzadSln @themojo_in This hit me straight in the heart. I hope she finds a loving home to keep her wel…
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