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Awful poster, poor content. Stage 4 Phazon Corruption. Frolicking with Kazuma Kaneko in his eternal flower field purgatory. (Secrets: @Onsenepisode)

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@NightmareModeGo americans gloating in their air-conditioned houses made from shed materialme and my boy on our way to get 3 piece chicken and chip @MonsNoobis Gameover Greggy
2020 @baabekyuu it is my duty to prevent this @baabekyuu don't get too cocky remember ubisoft @RavenPrivate Buy cheap, buy twice @Goobbue_XIV Alisaie was so good this expansion @gothlorenzaccio I genuinely forgot he was even a party member, but that would explain it. Looked at his stats and…'ve been bimbofied by that meme png and atlus knows it, i hope they charge £1000 for him before people play the… to lose Raidou Kuzunoha is such a self own havent had a coherent thought since I saw Fandaniel @NightmareModeGo Doesn't help that US politicians all have busted names like "Dogen Gungrol"
I think Nao is the cinderella girl most often seen with a sword
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWorkFFXIV has the best story beats of any Final Fantasy. I'm going through the new update stuff now and backflipping reflexively. @NightmareModeGo You can really tell they made a Photo Mode, then a game after @NightmareModeGo Absolutely. Get that new character bonus and absolutely blast through Realm Reborn
At a point in FFXI where I'm finally getting Shantotto content. Finally she's gonna become more than a Dissidia cha… @Hellzapoggin thank you 😊 @Thene_tho Eternally shocked by sheer volume of people who'd rather pay a monthly subscription than download the mo… @Thene_tho microsoft excel creepypasta @Thene_tho I don't know what Blaseball really is but I believe this
I wanna draw lineless more often, I always wind up more satisfied by them in the long term @Goobbue_XIV It could slot in perfectly @baabekyuu Latelatelategame is when it gets really stupid. A sniper rifle with a silencer that never runs out, when… @baabekyuu i been sayin thisHED PE for president 2020
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWork @MonsNoobis @JAVdottxt thank you for the cautionary research brother. see you in churchDo this with Die Hardman actually his voice really suits it<beepbeepbeep> Sam. Deadman here. That Friend is an Ezo Red Fox. They are shy and tend to keep their distance, b… is such a good trainer design @Thene_tho I was sick to death of Olivia more than anything. If she'd shut up I'd play beyond the cowboy shootout bit I left it at. @DreaminErryDay It gets easier the more you do it
This game was designed by and for psychopathsI was wondering why I couldn't mine from a mineral deposit in FFXI. Turns out I had to open an item trade with the… got so scared by the auction house I accidentally spent all of my money on glueHaving the most insane experience playing FFXI right now. This scalding heat mixed with these mandatory wiki guides… reading your posts on this site not even exaggerating
Playing FF11 lost blind and dumb. I managed to open the quest menu and it felt like I accomplished something. @gothlorenzaccio Shadowbringers ends so nicely I don't think there's any prying need to return. Not that the patch…'The House Inside Her Head' - from @AntonM_NG
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Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWorkひたすらポスカで描く日々
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I love how this Tweet springs back into life whenever Jonathan Blow so much as blinks @RyanNovosielski @surlybassey Shut the fuck up Ryan餃子を配達する夢見りあむ🥟
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWorkJehuty in 1080p @PlayApex Apex Legends Release On Steam Challenge @WetCrowsFeather you weren't kidding jesus christ @WetCrowsFeather Oof I was aiming for neutral but if it's a faff I might just do thatStarting SMT4, I think this man will be very polite, Flower Sun & Rain. Kind of demanding or miserable games that I don't blame anyone for not having the en…
@baabekyuu Thanks for sharing this, I loved it. You might already know of Futurasound Productions but they put out… @baabekyuu I'll never argue with anyone who thinks mgsv is a piece of shit but I'd crack drinks with whoever likes it as much as I doBrooooooo her peace
@baabekyuu I think he was good in the vid honestly @TheAlfax hmm everything seems okay here. have a good day sirアプリ見た時からアドバーグさんを降ろすしかないと思っていましたが 我ながら完璧では……?
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWork @gothlorenzaccio I've been thinking about it too, at a breaking point where I'm sick to death of having functioning…昔の辻ちゃん加護ちゃんの写真かっけ〜
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWork @NightmareModeGo Aaaah my guy, I'm so sorry. If there's anything you need from me I am open to help.
@87th I was enjoying a stream earlier @baabekyuu yesss @Thene_tho glad you enjoy it but i get more enjoyment out of making fun of it. have a nice day @Thene_tho Creatively bankrupt game lmao @baabekyuu I'm glad, Robert Wise movies seem the goat @letshugbro noI routinely die on the "this element from this game is shit on purpose, that's why it's good" hillIf they remove the mandatory open-world chores inbetween missions I'm taking that as a mark of cowardice今週も日曜出勤! 期限は守るのがポリシー (´・ω・`)
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWork @baabekyuu 220ms..... too many single player gamesThis has been the fiftieth Bunnysuit Day on Twitter this year, and yet the noble Jiangshi remains dayless...??
Retweeted by Motherboard Slumd0g from the WetWork NetWork @DC_Draino "I am so proud of my two large adult sons for their on-camera temper tantrum."
@SteeScribbles When'll this frickn game hit Steam already aaaaaacase # 93214 where i sketch a full body and lose all earthly interest when i finish the bustDraco birthday tribute effigy @baabekyuu Tanking is so stressful. Once a dps reminds you to put on tank stance you might as well just unsub for health reasonsIt took three days to download one episode of Ganbaruger and it already seems worth it back to Arknights because of the anniversary event, and remembering the game eventually just becomes activati… firmly believe Mario Strikers would be huge if a competent one came out on the Switch
Conducting business calls with facerig @Hisuphallo eat upThe texturing on some Persona 5 models is kind of insane. Kaneko designs can lose a lot in the transfer to 3D, but… @Thene_tho The guns are SO HEAVY it's so satisfying, pure audiovisual ASMR @Thene_tho Deathwing is basically this and I have no idea why people don't like that game lol, it kicks so much heavy ass @baabekyuu @letterboxd ooooooo i'm inJust brushed my teeth for the first timeけものフレンズ ご飯
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@baabekyuu Jake being one of the hottest men alive but spending that entire movie completely bug faced @Thene_tho been saying this for years and nobody believed mefeeling fucked up so i'm watching chobits to feel even more fucked up @Soul_Slappy excited!!!