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@deannosbest @Telegraph Stop using American English then. Twat. @___Michael99___ @DailyMailUK Troll with a far right feed. @FluffyRona @BorisJohnson The sweetener for independence. Boris is playing swingball alone while the other leaders are playing chess. @sussex_police Get on a motorbike and sit in Brighton’s traffic and early morning. Puff city. @DrNobody8 Yes. The land will have such little value it will be sold for development producing homes for Britain as… @runyourmouthoff @SkyNewsBreak As Britain’s economy is heavily reliant on the service industry it’s not just the Hi… @thetimes The police need to be involved as universities’ leadership are incapable of translating UK law onto life on campus. @Independent The final death throes of the High Street. @notacunningplan @Telegraph You made me laugh this morning. It’s so true. It’s often like reading the edited news i… @brightonargus Dumb as rocks. @BBCSussex Students went home before this lockdown. Plenty of parking and lower rates her in Brighton. @thetimes Utter scum. I do hope he’s facing prosecution. @jdblackhall @sean_antrim @RobertJenrick Privatised profit nationalised rescue. These Tories have it all mapped out…
@WhiteHouse @FLOTUS @gjherbert @britcultarchive There was never a nice bit. The Nag’s Head was the only positive and that’s flats now. @SkyNews Humans dumping landfill as usual. @DailyMailUK He’s got issues and shouldn’t be with young people. @PeteApps This is utterly disgusting and that man should be serving a prison sentence. @DailyMailUK Read the story and it was a correct decision to remove him. @EE @RitaOra CovEEd communicator. @BethRigby @SkyNews He’s playing chess while Johnson is playing swing ball alone. @KentPiano @Telegraph Ha ha ha. So true. @DailyMailUK @MailOnline The Mail readers hate the NHS and nurses. They’re just behind Megan Markle in the Mail readers’ hate league.This beauty was taken from Patcham last night after thieves broke in to a garage,. Black and Orange KTM Super Duke…
Retweeted by The Beagle @DailyMailUK I’ve got one of those boxes on the kitchen table. It better not be filled with frogs. @TSalfordian @SkyNews Her own party stabbed her in the back. Surely you remember that. Weasels. @standardnews I’m small. A Scotch egg is a week’s food. @DailyMailUK He sounds boring. @DailyMailUK No it hasn’t. @brightonargus Yawn. @YourWullie We used to do it in the 70s and pretend we were collecting for charity and we’d buy 10 Embassy No 5. @sean_antrim @piersmorgan Because some women are so oppressed they don’t own their own vaginas. Soon the Govt will… @CraigJones1966 @Sacha_Lord They won’t get tested because they’ve been meeting up and won’t want to be stopped from going home. @Telegraph Bot accounts don’t use them. @3ylie @DailyMailUK She’s got more muscles in her arms than you. She should be your personal trainer. @3ylie @DailyMailUK Of course you do. That cheap hotel room probably costs the same as your outfit. Ask mum for more pocket money. @3ylie @DailyMailUK I’m not but if that gets you off then fill your Sports Direct trainers. @3ylie @DailyMailUK Imagine if you fucked off and became someone intelligent and interesting. @BlaineCoughlan @MetroUK There’s nothing like nuts in your mouth. @TheSun Good. That will keep the pink haired anti vaxxers away from me. @eatmychuddies @BBCNews Because there was no need as nothing was wrong however they don’t seem to bother anyway eve… @eatmychuddies @BBCNews That beach doesn’t look like a large public gathering so what’s the problem. I was on anoth… @ChappersLuke28 @St3v3nParker @jeremy_hume @BorisJohnson Your algorithm is jammed. @CarolineLucas @alfie_stirling Five days shoved into a four day week. Employers love it. @silvercab49 @standardnews Trump developed bone spurs at the sight of a military uniform and a call up paper. @eatmychuddies @BBCNews There’s hardly anyone there. However London was heaving with protestors and Nottingham Uni… @DailyMailUK Will the police be involved if bank statements were forged? @ChappersLuke28 @St3v3nParker @jeremy_hume @BorisJohnson No but they’re a good measure of how boring you are if you… @MetroUK Selfish spoiled brat. @ChappersLuke28 @St3v3nParker @jeremy_hume @BorisJohnson Get some followers botty @paulv790 @piersmorgan @GaryLineker He’s in his care bubble. @BorisJohnson Come on Johnson, you aren’t one for diversity or religion. You’re a horrible little Englander. @davemacladd He’s such a spoiled baby. @piersmorgan She looks 12. @BrightonNewsJo In the 80s I went to a club in Cardiff which would give you a baked potato to by pass licensing hou… @CroCoach11 @ukboffin1 @fraserb @MrRussellmyn @SkyNewsBreak I know. The political trolling by fake accounts is enor… @round_windows I’m tiny so a packet of crisps is a substantial meal. @Telegraph Their previous convictions were bad enough with sexual offences among them. The sentence for killing PC… @CroCoach11 @ukboffin1 @fraserb @MrRussellmyn @SkyNewsBreak Social media, personal data and digital companies have… @2037GenaWR @yorkshireangbee @theJeremyVine Thank you. @MrRussellmyn @SkyNewsBreak Supermarkets sell essential products. Pubs and bars don’t. If they could close supermarkets they would.All in it together latest: A former Tory Councillor whose firm lost £500,000 last year has paid himself £500,000…
Retweeted by The Beagle @SaucyBeast0453 @PantalaimonSil1 @JenMckiness @xlaurensj @DailyMailUK @RosieisaHolt That looks like a load of old shite. Knots Landing on acid. @Helenmarchant9S CO2 monitor. @katebevan It’s 9.01 on a Monday. You’re not keen for this week to start are you? @BobJone65614319 @DadJokeMan @ChrisDo30828241 We drank a lot in the 80s. We smoked and didn’t eat out, there weren’… @TheSun It’s one long lockdown until Easter so stop lying about a third.
@ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine Ask mam first. I’m off to Westminster in the morning for a Tory Tier 2 breakfast about levelling the north. @DailyMailUK Having read the story, he shouldn’t be teaching his personal beliefs. @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine You must lose a lot of money by guessing how people vote. Craig quit gambling. Stick to true crime and tattoos. @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine Wrong type of beagle. Harriers are for hunting. Bet you didn’t know that. @thatconnieshin What’s the definition of rock bottom? @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine You couldn’t afford it Craig unless you still live rent free with mum. @DadJokeMan @ChrisDo30828241 It’s odd that as the tins got smaller people got fatter in the UK. @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine I’ve been called leftie and a Tory today. What will you bet on it Craig? The housekeep y… @your_ears_93 @Telegraph His girlfriend is woke. He’s still a disgusting, rutting old bastard. Eton needs demolishing. @DailyMailUK He said it would be over by Christmas. He needs to stop regurgitating historic quotes from books. Liar. @DailyMailUK Your readers hate the NHS and nurses. Read your comment pages. Wankers. @Telegraph You lot brought it back to the UK at the start of the year. Stay home this time. @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine Sit Craig. @ldinsdale98 @CatherineMrt @HagleyTom1234 @BBCNews Flu has a predictable path for people. This virus doesn’t. It’s… @Independent Bone spurs Trump will be laughing. @standardnews Our companies are dumping their leaseholds in London and keeping us home. @Telegraph Millions of us have signed a petition against the Etonian wankers who have wreaked havoc on Britain. @standardnews The attacker was a known threat. The safest action would have been to keep him in prison. @AngelaRayner These lot should be in prison. Absolute wankers. @JuliaHB1 I hope wear it inside your mouth. Best Christmas gift to Britain. @DailyMailUK It doesn’t mean they’ll bother stopping them. @Ottojizzmark A Fish Called Wanker. @CatherineMrt @HagleyTom1234 @BBCNews Oh do fuck off Tom you drama queen. You’re hardly in the trenches. @HagleyTom1234 @BBCNews Take responsibility Tom. Don’t be scared. @theJeremyVine Disgraceful driving. I’d like to know what the driver was doing at the time of collision. Texting, on the phone? @ChrisWidge @theJeremyVine Stick to betting and tattoos. Never get behind the wheel. It needs brains. @yorkshireangbee @theJeremyVine Angela you need to re take your driving test if you have a licence. @petedjackson @HagleyTom1234 @BBCNews How can it be a lie when it’s not yet Wednesday. Lay off the weed. @Stirlingyoung @BBCNews Ha ha ha. I don’t they have it in them. It’s the ‘glamping’ generation. @HagleyTom1234 @BBCNews Hardly. A party at a uni and then back to mum’s house on Wednesday to put her in hospital. @Stirlingyoung @BBCNews Any parents with students at Nottingham need to change the locks this week. @BrexitBuster He sounds nuts. Delusional, unwell.