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Bea Hughes @beajammingh The belly of tech scum capitalism

Don't trust the Bea on Channel 83. (she/her)

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@dinodaizovi If your client base includes Saudi princess then the pay probably makes it hard to quit, and if you’re… @realist @riskybusiness @mdowd @marasawr Is it better than the national treasure of Farscape?God if you can’t trust Saudi princess to do the ethical thing what hope have the rest of us got? @thegrugq @haroldsmith3rd @iyad_elbaghdadi way to put yourself out of a job.
@thegrugq @haroldsmith3rd @iyad_elbaghdadi Someone has never tried to use one, let alone multiple Amazon Fire phones.*Screaming in to the void and sobbing for 2 hours* "thank you for coming to my TED talk" @amyngyn the fact you have to state that speaks volumes about the tech industry. @amyngyn sunk cost fallacy I think? If you're gonna leave after 1 year, then leaving 1year and a day vs 4years and… @xSoftPinkTruthx not here to kink shame, but...
@viv_yells So who did I reply to……. @viv_yells This isn’t yours? Oh… @viv_yells Strong agree.
@cybeej that was the idea.Carbon Black need to release a “Parents” Edition. @salisb_rach IT GOT CUTER! is being this cute legal? @mattjay well, that's just karma for having your car stolen! @MMeatloaf44 “Retired” my badass partner does though. @mjg59 I’ve used TripIt for years and still and not entirely sure why I do. @KieranJGarland @BBCNewsnight Matthew Holness is so wonderful in it. @KieranJGarland @BBCNewsnight @Phredward I don’t believe I would nor should.
@dbsmasher It would only ruin the sun… @liamosaur My bookshelf speakers are downstairs though. @abaranov Yeah, they mostly push my lip balm off of things though. @cafuego No kink shaming here.No matter how neatly I put this on the bookshelf I always find it on the floor. @cafuego Was this meant to be a DM to someone? (: @agentdero I never agreed to be an adult!The heavy sigh of trying to do basic things in Confluence’s “editor”. @JeffCarnage @Herring1967 It’s almost as if @Herring1967 has a brand! (: @Herring1967 Next she’ll be claiming she invented Alan Partridge… @NickInfoSec @MMeatloaf44 This isn’t Tumblr, attribution is a real thing here. @MMeatloaf44 @NickInfoSec You could just link to ?It’s hard to believe, but any day now, there will be people being born in the year 2020! @ElleArmageddon @billhulley Then it’s delicious and refreshing? @stahnma I think you mean rich? @builddoctor Who the hell wants some Bacardi?!Keeping secrets is bad. At least, that's what I've learned from Vault this week and being on-call.Dear infosec speakers, for some of you, this is the preferred state., Renaissance Faires aren’t what they once were. @mattjay Mate, hate to tell you, but judging by this photo, your car has been stolen…
Have a look at #MozillaLifeboat for pointers to great people looking for work (engineers, managers, operations staff).
Retweeted by Bea Hughes @quine @addelindh Love you! @stephenrwalli Ah thank you. It’s medical not problematic, so I reallllllly can’t, but it’s appreciated.Not drinking was easy, until the week I was on-call. Holy shit this is tough. @pdxlilly It’s because it’s delicious @pdxlilly Yes, every day until I do. @addelindh The blood of straightedges edges makes a great Bloody Mary. @addelindh Are you in the pockets of Big Straight Edge? @billhulley Not well.Despite the fact I cannot drink for another 3-4 weeks, is it too early to start aggressively drinking? @edyesed who the hell loves hashicorp? (:What backend are you using for Vault? (if you're not using vault, please tell me when keywhiz was finally released… @LexyTopping You know it is!Being deadnamed by an email from @TransEquality is pretty funny! (Yes I know I could probably just go change it…) @destructo9000 The good ones have chips!
Wow, being trans AND a migrant worker makes both of those things extra shitty and paperworky. Who knew it could get fewer fun? @jordansissel And this is the most punishing part of the ailment! @agentdero P much. @viv_yells No, welcome to being an American in America in their mid 30s... @nachosarah Oh it’s not that they’re offended by the term, they just don’t like long words. @thisKat For the office, or for Alaska?Yes, there’s fashion in infrastructure. There’s fashion in programming languages. There’s fashion in frameworks. T… @tophlammiepie that was my hope (: @thisKat If you can't feel your hands anyway, what difference does being freezing cold make? @beajammingh My bladder chassis overflowed, sadly.
Retweeted by Bea Hughes“Javascript is constantly changing frameworks, it’s clearly a toy language!” You say, as you rapidly try and migra… @thisKat Was there not a more direct flight? Are you that mad it didn’t actually snow this week? Wouldn’t you rather be warm? @GrandmaHenri Then are you in luck! ): @ansate Tweetbot ): @thisKat I have so many questions… @jtimberman I’ll let you know if/when Puppet IPO… (:Look, you don’t know my life. @viv_yells #onlyfansCc @SecureTipsIf you’re concerned about the security risks of today’s Microsoft patches a really simple fix is to move them to an…
@emilyst @dgibbons0 That’s my brand. @emilyst @dgibbons0 yes. @holdenkarau And I am sorry for their loss. @hirojin Tweetbot was just being funky for me this morning.I can't find the "horny on main" setting in Twitter. Is it because I use a third-party client? @darron so that's a no then (: @jtimberman How dare you! @ansate yup. @jtimberman Yup, they definitely say something about some kind of "code" ?Has anyone ever debugged a Java application who isn't a java developer? Exactly. @viv_yells you did just buy a car... which...Back in 20-low-teens, Etsy had SMS 2FA and only that for 2FA. The threat model was largely "how do we improve secur… @mjg59 I *double* *dog* *dare* you to post that to the cursed orange website. @marthakelly Are you taking on new clients? @haroonmeer Like I’d trust the NSA with important logo and branding work. @annthurium Nice work Columbo!Currently reading if you want to know how badly my night is going... @Fluttermind it and you are pretty great! @Fluttermind Heck you’re talented.If I go postal this week, know it's because I got paged right before I was meant to go to therapy, and thus have not theraputised! @riskybusiness @Metlstorm Ground breaking journalism (:“Apple taking away the headphones socket is dumb/I will never buy a an iPhone now” AirPod… @jaqx0r You’re going in to a coma?