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Bea Hughes @beajammingh The belly of tech scum capitalism

Don't trust the Bea on Channel 83. (she/her) (Avatar by @alohasushicore)

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@thegrugq @synackpse Camming doesn't count grugq! @ryanhuber You on a RHEL based system then? @dbsmasher honey, you're showing your age. no one uses BSD anymore... @agentdero Would you like a hint?Arch Linux is the crossfit of distros... @riskybusiness Am kinda envious in a way. Australia is closing state borders for safety, while America is trying to… are the jet skis of the sky.
@NickInfoSec Vurt by 2nd Gen. @viv_yells So proud of you! @qookins thoughts and prayers
@Paul_IPv6 want want want, all it is with people nowadays @billhulley no one likes a show offAre people who buy weighted blankets unaware of soul crushing depression or? @tpope As I plummet even lower in your eyes… @vaurorapub 💪 🔥🎉Cancer patient breaks up with his girlfriend for a while. days of July matter. @Matthew38184021 Hi. Someone who used to live in Australia here… (: @_miauczenie_ Welcome to England…? @dbsmasher The people of Boston in 1773.
@the_mckern @jordansissel She is. Yes. @jordansissel The harbour, in Boston?Seriously, putting the tea in cold salt water is nearly as bad as putting the milk in first.Happy Americans Not Knowing How To Brew Tea Eve.Why couldn’t Berlin be warmer? Then I wouldn’t be in country full of people who don’t believe in science and are de… @Fluttermind So I guess it’s back to making video games for you then… @chimeracoder Just don’t flush? @skamille Yeah but ugh, reading? I want pictures! @chimeracoder Then maybe you just haven’t tried decent drugs? @travel_danielle THIS IS THE BEST! @marcprecipice God imagine being enthusiastic about Biden... yikes. @ellenkorbes ): what do you game?Can we throw all computers in to the sun now please?
Nah it's good, since the pandemic my anxiety dreams are now only 50% working at Stripe and 50% being forced to be i… you know how companies have hiring bonuses, why don't they have leaving fines for when people quit because of t… @emilyst last just sat here with tears rolling down my face. 💜🏳️‍🌈This is the best thing to happen maybe this year. @emilyst wow someone likes lawsuits!I made an Alfred shortcut to kill Coreaudiod ): @agentdero As I said...Mea culpa: Latin for "I can't apologise properly".Remember when the news was only quite bad? @dbsmasher @lkanies "How does it smell?" "Terrible." @shafieikeyvan @jayKayEss have you met said government? @nachosarah 1v1 me brah!<I'm in this tweet and I don't like it dot png> know how some folks got really mad that TLOU2 has trans characters? "There's a huge amount of trans character…
Retweeted by Bea Hughes @JessConditt @bencolliver thank you for writing this! @sonic you're kidding right? nonbinary people, InfoSec doesn't deserve you. (It needs you, but it doesn't deserve you.)
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@devonstclair You! That's who to look after first! @Sereeena <3 @ryanhuber "There's still money to be made with shitty DSL and cable"We still have some #BlackLivesMatter stickers available. Order them from and we will ship…
Retweeted by Bea Hughes @haroonmeer You know me and gifts in the mail! <3 @jdiller saaaaaameFeeling salty. I made this.
Retweeted by Bea Hughes @threadreaderapp Fuck off! @Clodstriff @niffuGcaM @MeganBitchell Supersonic! Electronic! @DeathBoy Oh I'm not even sure it's them to blame, and Zoom is waaaay better than anything else around. @emilyst that was bad.... @emilyst bea% sudo vi /etc/sudoers.d/killcoreaudio >>> /private/etc/sudoers.d/killcoreaudio: syntax error near line… that I have to kill -9 coreaudiod at the start of every Zoom call to get sound.We watched Disclosure on Netflix last night and I cried my smol little eyes out. It's amazing and heartbreaking and… @Lethain Yes! How well they can write Perl on a whiteboard! @sophaskins I mean, you did. @Fluttermind Strong agree. @noopkat Not all romance lives in Hallmark cards. There is real beauty if you know where to look. @poggs And even Vine has died now... @billhulley not enoughHear me out, what if, instead of putting Xanax in the water, I just put it in all of mine? @poggs Is this the windows background? @DeMarko The Eternal Pride!Ah the 1st of July. Time to go invisible again and put away all the rainbow crap... @richmarr Knocking? @skamille OMG THIS @sophaskins @jayKayEss @bigmoodenergy @poggs kinda figured you would (: @jayKayEss @bigmoodenergy this sounds exactly like @sophaskins and @poggs' channel! @danieljbaird “Here’s this Brief List of 237 things to do, but don’t worry, we gave it a cool youth name!” @chimeracoder Because they want huge amounts of money?Every time I see MITRE's "ATT&CK" framework, I want to crunch down on the lucky tooth with the cyanide in it. @noopkat I just die at how romantic you are. It's beautiful. @ElleArmageddon YESSSSOpen Source Software when a change is asked for to be less offensive: "Please don't bring politics in to software,…
@viv_yells I’m a murderer, apparently. @chimeracoder USA! USA! @chimeracoder Communist. @nigelkersten It was the 90s... no no it wasn't (: @nigelkersten That chin hair needs a mask! <3America is the richest third world country on earth."/me is not supported in threads. Sorry!" What is buddy? What is? @DeathBoy This is such a 🔥 reply and just not enough people will know why. (:Eat the rich. @sophaskins I was thinking of you as I typed this.Someone just sent me a zipfile full of other zipfiles.... ...there's a lot to unpack here. @thatgrrlpdx Nah, Maynard Keenan being a creep ultimately did.Estradoodle valerate does not bring out the flavour of this wine particularly well.
@lilsmichelle you are the true heroine out there!