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max turnbull 🌺 @beakfriends Nottingham, England

worm making a "videogame" about "laundry" 🧦+🌴 queer he/him beakfriends @ gmail (cover: @lucybrrt)

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@OhWormst YES @qorquiq its true @Spdrcstl you might just need to add git to ur PATH environment variable o:Do I know anybody who’d be willing to donate some board/ card games to a mental health facility in London at all? T…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @moth_jpg yaaay worms!!!!! @merryh @heavyxeyed ok ..... listen i don't like the majority of taylor swift bridges if there's a part of a tay… @desplesda transform find + getcomponentsinchildren in a foreach loop is gonna give me a heart attack jonyes i do find myself strangely drawn to chidi anagonye why do you ask @Enichan petition for twitter to add "nuance text" which is like alt text but it allows you to add extra nuance to… @GameDesignDan speaking of which i'm sending you a brainlink message now that says go to bed @GameDesignDan yes via our brainlinkhow are you people able to be "sure" about anything??????? i'm perpetually uncertain @GameDesignDan don't have a cow, man @GameDesignDan don't even know if i do tbh. sometimes i don't even eat the fuckin thingwhy is this website so against having complicated feelings towards something. i have complicated feelings towards e… your politician making too much noise all the time? is your politician stomping around driving you crazy? is you…
i will like every single artist rendition of bernie and his mittens and you can not stop mecongratulations to low energy jeb for being sworn in today @heygirlsngays yeeahhhhhh i know but i'm accepting that people need a moment of relief[me congratulating my american pals before returning to life in tory britain]: @heygirlsngays ITS TRUE I do this sometimes if I'm changing the song and at MOST someone will shoot a laser before…
it does work! it's softer but less likely to stay in its place. I made this piece to represent my very deep and com…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @shockpine LOL big samesomeone: so why don't you want to learn to drive me: oh it's a gay thing someone: oh i figured it was something t… @shania_tamago absolutely @Leozaur i love diet coke but i need the caf :( @HazelMonforton zora are good but every single goron is shaped like a friend @milkibee right!!!!ol' maxie three-drinks they call me round these partshow many drinks (open drinks that you're currently consuming) do you have on your desk on average i generally have… @mnsoleart !!!!! THATS A BIG STEP you should be proud!!!!returning to stock unity/unreal after working on a multi-year game project literally feels like when you start over… @studioanisa @kaikaipnsk yesssssssssssss @studioanisa w i d e @MsMinotaur 👀👀👀👀👀!!!!!!!! @BreakinBahiyya oh good charlotte .... how i miss youthinking abt when i asked which hades character i was and 35 people instantly and unanimously said Hypnos
@millicentgames where are the pictures!!!!! @Ayyzerrdev they tried to but it got lost in the @TazioBettin @zoethorogood ah yes i love to cater to the current politically correct fad of "writing characters wit… @cuddlepuunk fucking love thisme: yo pass the aux friend: you better not play trash me: hey you know the noise of other people talking me: yeah brain: you know how distracting that can be when y… @MllePilgrim omgggggg mym @GameDesignDan it's like you'd been training your whole life for this momentif you haven't played it yet, honestly, please do? the art and sound is.., all so good. i'm so proud of this. and i…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @zoethorogood i get this too but instead of extremely binary female empowerment it's "can we make it abt their struggles as a gay" @eugelng !!!! congratulations!!!
@cuddlepuunk like @breadwitchery let's play sometime!!!!! i miss that game @SandraMJdev yup ):< i use a laptop without a num pad or num lock so i'm shit out of lucki'm still on twitter break but this was importantkeyboard layout designers really said "people are never gonna use a """bullet point""" but what they do need urgent… @HazelMonforton big yep at this thread
when ur heart says "ok"
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @heygirlsngays they're. who cares @heygirlsngays i don't like to shame people who are just living their lives unless their disney adults @almightyplate love this and youimproving my relationship w social media wasn't one of my new years resolutions but it probably should've been ....… sorry to be that guy but i have to tweet it or i won't do it ) time for a lil twitter break! gonna let my anxiet… @millicentgames i believe in you friend! let's hit our fuckin goals! @GameDesignDan sound of the summer @innesmck none of us can truly know what another living thing is experiencing but the best we can do is let them know we're listening
@marbleblarg it's quite common for game dialogue! i don't love it tho(this is just for writing, the text would never be displayed like this) @ghostmara lmaoPERSON: hi how are you OTHER: i'm okay thank you OTHER: just living my best life OTHER: just pure vibes ~~~ or ~~~… @mark_drizzle imagine believing its for any not self-serving reason @haraiva please. lets organize this @NoHumanzA i can not BELIEVE how much of a look this is @breadwitchery I LOVE @NoHumanzA LOVE THISi published the post. it is a reply to Cecilia D’Anastasio's thread, those supporting her, and everything. "Killing…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @breadwitchery !!!!!! praying for lil Sammy and sending love to u 💖💖💖 @GameDesignDan mr sand man please tell us why you had to hide away for so long @haraiva please tell me this story one day cécile i'm very intrigued @bonerman_inc up to u! @moth_jpg i don't even have that skill now :(when u die, you get to bring one skill you have now with you for your New Game+ do-over of your life. what do u bring @cintavu love u lovely friendGame writer followers/mutuals looking for work, drop me a DM please! Might have an opportunity coming up soon 🤫 Pa…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @elirainsberry @humblegrove @nolongerhome this is gorgeous omg"everything just feels really flat right now." 🏡 listen to a bit of one of the first pieces you'll hear when playi…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺A rare opportunity! @LeagueofGeeks are looking for someone to join our production squad 📊 You'll be workin' with…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @LJSGrant gorgeous!!! @Pioldes lucas's videogamesi can't help but wince when i see people touch or hug in tv shows now. what are you doing. where's ur fucking hand sani @cuddlepuunk 💛💛💛deer gamersI finished this .VRM model for @Synt1c recently it was so fun working on such a cute & stylish character! If you a…
Retweeted by max turnbull 🌺 @millicentgames bleach friends foreverme, 24 years of age, taking a puff of my inhaler: [deep exhale, eyes closed] ooooooooh yeah that's that good shit @paarsec @Hbomberguy i think... italian greyhound = IG => iggy??? its tenuous @paarsec why are italian so hot
@innesmck can i get a slice @coda_robo now we're talkinit sure feels like there are a lot of words that sound like they should mean something but do not in fact mean anythingcan somebody who understands american politics explain whether this second impeachment means anythingImmortals: Fenyx Wright: Ace AttorneyBetter late than never for #PortfolioDay ! My name is Ash and I'm an environment artist! I am seeking fulltime/fre…
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