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thirst traps & gaming • 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈🔞

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dress how you feel, I’m missing summertime 🤕 @dogvomitco the way monki yeets the gun and it recoils *chefs kiss**gunshot onomatopoeia*
Retweeted by bærryHey guys, ghouls, and cools. I got kicked out, if you'd retweet this and help me avoid being hooomeless I'd massive…
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Retweeted by bærry @ickyickyvic wait LOL exactly this @bonjourWilmer @divine_thom Not this... 😭Forgive me Daddy for I have sinned
@notyouruncleben Ya my mom bought me pants lol @angarsa5 I just need to level him up 😭 whats Cs tho is that copies 😭 I only got them once @angarsa5 my main squad rn is Keqing Mona Chongyun and Barbara 0:Lmao I had my lil hollister jeans, my lil fabric belt, froot of the loom undies 😭 lmfao an era @JCov1 💗going 😤📈 @dizzy_pup 🤧🤧💖 Thank u bby @Buff_Princess Dalt 🤧💖 @bigbadbull__ 😅😅🤠 meowdy5 years, still thrist trappin, just bigger @seismictossd @TheMeganStar these r so evil it’s beautiful 😪 @Joey_Chris__ I prolly deserve that 🤧 @chrisasaurus_ skyward sword is literally the stepping stone into botw (even graphically and also musically) and th… @chrisasaurus_ A lot of its hate was for the controls/stamina too. If it gets a HD remake with regular controls...… @Joey_Chris__ 🥱 phantom hourglass outsold @chrisasaurus_ LMAO you know what that’s fair @MysticOfLight Yes pls @chrisasaurus_ too much water 🤧 @Joey_Chris__ Yeah... but it’s like, differentSkyward Sword is the best Zelda @beardeddiegou @BahamutNexus yisss @FloralAngst @BahamutNexus I love me 🥺
hades game
Retweeted by bærry @keenen_andkel25 You already look so good might as well keep goin 🥴 @Dominicannabis_ me 🥺
@Micelodeon_ Idk Maybe later im kinda sleepy 🥱🥱😴 @JayKahnD 😭 Should be in November @DisgruntledMNK sure but I’ll be blushin the whole time >:0 @JRocXIII Ok so we’re playing together 😤 lookin cute in our lil fits, struttin in our lil lanes @dizzy_pup We don’t know the prices yet!!! Don’t worry I’ll take it out from my Master’s budget -.- I hate it here @dizzy_pup Also Pokemon did this themselves they want that moba money and I may just give it to them @dizzy_pup Yes I want a pokemon suit wearing moba, yes I’m self destructive @dizzy_pup All mobas are bad and inaccessible 😭 @dizzy_pup Lmao I just want to play a MobaI’m very excited for the Pokémon Moba @Buff_Princess oh hey @jygglypuffdaddy I wasn’t expecting everyone to fill in the blank, but I’m happy it’s happening 😭i wanna fuck ⁱⁿᵍ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵃ ᵗᵃᵗᵗᵒᵒ
Retweeted by bærry @Mas0nj4r Pls I volunteer @mynamedeek not you lyingtgif 🐮
Retweeted by bærry @JamesCrabb your talents amaze me like every day @dizzy_pup that’s bae 🥺 @ripleylamarr ah ily n imy 🥺 @bellemonstry Ily @bigolefreeak RIGHT its giving bare minimum, no collaboration, homework assignment remix @__tayy me: ugh I hate this it could be so much better! Also me:
Retweeted by bærry @keenen_andkel25 Lmfao 😭😩Shits so impersonal these days. No ad libs? No harmonies?😭 I hate it hereUnpopular opinion: it’s not a remix if it’s just a couple verses added in @DungeonGaro Garo pls 🥺🥰 @BahamutNexus 😌🥸 I think I will @jr0dxxx 🤠💖🥰 @FloralAngst You said I’m refreshed and I have TIME baby 😭This too 💀 @BahamutNexus @FloralAngst “Fist bump” bruh omggg 💀💀 @FloralAngst @BahamutNexus the way this is actually extremely accurate @FloralAngst CHARON I AM SCREAAAAMING LMFAOOO @beardeddiegou @mynamedeek deek- @yessinorrr AW LMAOI’m tew lazy to get up and do the damn tikky tokky(dick)Small waist, pretty face & a big ____.なみのり
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@TheGabiType Accountable queen @TheGabiType Stop yelling at Mr. Centro @Dominicannabis_ OMG LEGEND happy birthday 🥺🥺 @_Jaredcardona Holy shit that’s awesomeThrowback to daddy shark #Kisame
Retweeted by bærry @JamesCrabb The only thing that will shut me up is a trailer. CMON GAME FREAK L*T’S G*!! @dreamy_rain_bow *through tears, in visible pain* no we do n t..... @dizzy_pup Just to be clear I am in pain @ProfChestnut I’m with you 😭 “Try again” as in try let’s go again @dizzy_pup “Still no battle frontier” Lord I- LMFAAAOOOOOO @ProfChestnut Just fucking. Let’s Go Eevee remake. Try again 😭You know what? I don’t even want it anymore. Gen 5 remakes where @big_birkin bro why am I STILL hearing the A Team by Ed Sheeran! Move on! You need healing!Sometimes I feel bad for playing the same song on loop for a week but the radio plays the same shit for years so whateverModern Zagreus and Cerberus the dog
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Sailor Venus #SailorMoon #SailorMoonCrystal
Retweeted by bærry @honkhonkhonnk Whaaat I look so goofy here 😭 @nicholasdante_ ah a legend 🥺❤️ @IKEXPASTEL 😍😍😍 Stunning @muffinvers I still have it! The pants are booty shorts now tho 😂Their president got impeached twice, what a shitshow of a party @Smarmcharm Ahhh 💖 The old berry gets k*lled off every 4 business days @webwrecker_ Noooo 😭 I was so lame @mahoufruit It’s a fave of mine too lolol @0pvlent it was so windy that day 😭