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cosmic horror & nihilism meets militantly empathetic anarchism ✊🏾 suburban wine mom of techno 🍷borg/continuum

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@Broshuda Bahnhof lichtenberg. Blargh
glad i didnt notice the 24 CC standup youtube stream before i started working. id use any excuse to not do work... @FilthyBrokeRex ah right! yeah, i just didnt even click the link. boilermaker were like a che cafe/loose san diego…
@FilthyBrokeRex elliott pre fame, right? havent listened in forever @lila_engel and yet somehow reminiscent of slapstick40 more to 1k, make me feel wanted
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @lila_engel truth is, i really needed to buy a new one anyway, so it gives me an excuse when i get my apt back. but… @lila_engel LoveD @lila_engel My Subletter threw it away because she is frightened of carpet moths and thought there were some living in it40 more to 1k, make me feel wanted
the only solution to climate crisis and refugee issues is the complete abolition of military spending/resource usag…
@_savile 🖤
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless voidMy knee hurts so much and I’m pretty sure I just figured out it’s been almost 6 months since I had anything to live for
@matdryhurst (the news, probably) this just in: China pledges to work on the problem of racism in facial recognition technologies
@woolypixel 😘 @woolypixel If it helps assuage your fears, I have spent very little time in the apartment since the wedding stuff… @Peacho_N ah, my day to day is absolute shit, but at least its kinda funny in how absurdly terrible it can be and i… only had sex one time in the last six months, but i just said "oh yeah, OOUuhhhhh yeah, OOOOH YEAH" pretty loudly… @Peacho_N yo peacho you are making some awesome shit! check out my best friend from highschools current project, i…’re too rational is just code for I don’t like understanding why I’m wrong
Great timing mr roboto. I just listened to this 3x today!
In a universe so absurd as to create consciousness of ones own mortality, all jokes are funny and they are played o… @rosebudbaker but they are still pretty shit at painting self portraits in the showersure. like having to taste things for 10,000 hours until you are a "genuis" at likcing people. malcolm gladwell, tr… @cat_phalanx Don’t waste your time wishing, the real answer is living in a giant clay wine jug, having fun conversa… @matdryhurst Clarification: not the only choice, the ONLY. This ain’t no existentialist hayride. @matdryhurst I’m currently just getting my epsom salt bath on but suffice to say listening to gaucho and contemplat… @matdryhurst mine is about nihilism, steely dan, smoothness and nothingness, ego death, anarchisms necessity in the… the DSM-5 name for the syndrome where ur so tired/spaced out that u automatically keep clicking the "fans of"… @matdryhurst just means it will be easier to pitch your book outlines (from atop your -interdependently networked- hermit peak)
Football helmets have facemasks so that the players can’t kiss during the game
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your government and your candidates = theranos @drmistercody @DOB_INC Needs more TVsi think i might use cognitive behavioral therapy to change my listening habits. from now on its randy newman or nothing at all
@webofevil @cstross isnt that why they named it twitter?
Rotting TMNT suit with theme song slowed down 400%
@mapM_ how did you get so stupid? also, im an anarchist @Snadbad as i recently mentioned to [redacted] medicare for all is just code for bombing iran @existentialcoms to be fair, the fact that we chose the only form of economic model that as a rule will kill all of… @_noncompliant_ @_morelian @PhotonzZz we all knew that to be self evident time i go to tweet, theres a little angel on my left shoulder telling me, dont do it. but theres also a devil…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless voidSapiosexuals will be about 2 cum n be like, "In Conclusion,"
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless voidMy disabled spouse was told by his new employer that he should've been more "up front" about his abilities in the i…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @_noncompliant_ @_morelian @PhotonzZz no spoilers!!!! @kamalnaeem @RussellELButler *pan-european @kamalnaeem @RussellELButler hashtag whitenessasgreatfilter @kamalnaeem @RussellELButler i would argue that the creation of white identity was the "discovery" of the new world… tinder and in 24 hours i have already become the therapist for a number of emotionally fragile people. call me sisyphos, maybe.Hey just showing up for a couple of sips at your impy stout tasting before I go home and have an early night like
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void5 more days of having a balcony to yell take off your pants fromegg bap, egg sandwich, cold brew coffee, ice cream that im pretty sure is hazelnut flavor, 3 bottles of water, and…’s a fun little bit of trivia for you to impress your friends with
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless voidin poland there is a Zabka on every corner. which is convenient, because yes i do always need a hotdog, a bottle of… but unironicaly
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @nthnashma congrats on describing german culture so succinctly most romantic thing anyone ever said to me is that they matched with someone who looks like me on tindermotorola started out making car radios 🤯HAWT BAAAAAANGERZ!
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @olsonpower i hate when i bite into a biscuit and taste maneveryone smokes a bunch now and wants to die and has detailed opinions about art and it felt cool and interesting u…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @Broshuda in 3/4 of coursemy new favorite thing is to audibly boo youtube videosHey, who wants me to come visit them in about two weeks???im getting resentful in my old age @MagicRealismBot @nnnooellle is he out of rehab then
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @msswiggy @LMGM everyone knows im a mix/mutt. mostly hot mess and trash fireover here greatly enjoying my polish brunch (cold bread, pickles and vodka)If you feel bad today, just remember that Jordan Petersén is in rehab'i dont know how to be, diane. it doesnt get better and it doesnt get easier. i cant keep lying to myself, saying i…
ZOMG who wanna start a Sunday drankin pottie withme where we ironically listen to no doubt Sunday morning until we… @gabrielszatan Don’t you know that I love JewsSeriously is the drinking age in Poland twelve or am I rapidly approaching death?They should offer a monthly tear out ticket book. If you give them the ‘chleb’ one you get TWO beersI just paid at the communist themed bar with a credit card @tomashemstad ill tell my mom you said soI inject heroin into my arm that’s scarred from times prior, my eyes roll back into my head as my manager pounds on…
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@IHateNYT I know the tweet about no was a Russian bot but I went with it anyway @thealexbrooks yeah, screamin jay hawkinsI was beginning to think Foucault’s writings on the “disciplinary society” were becoming irrelevant. But then my ni…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless voidi woke up in the middle of the night with ELECTRO-ENCEPHOLAGRAPHY stuck in my head, is this the 'sign' that i am to…
@djdocsleep i was/am a very cranky person! and i was actually pretty down for meeting you because you *are* cool, b… @djdocsleep no need for thanks. totally deserved and just super happy that you got the shine! xo @Zukamus good!!!! @Zukamus Oh, buddy, that’s rough! Fingers crossed and pressed thumbs and all that. You always got an ear/shoulder f… @Zukamus The ole poopshoot finger“Debt is the most efficient means ever created to take relations that are fundamentally based on violence and viole…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @violetakaviolet im not sure this one actually applies, but #whitenessasgreatfilter ?
Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner Excitedly Hoping Nation’s Newfound Approval Of Whistleblowers Will Get Them Out Of…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @glorbis my brother lent it to me, but i didnt get to finish it cuz of my unexpected return to bln. i should prob g… @ilanabryne @violetakaviolet @groovenick The Foundation? @CarlHigbie Carl I spent 13 months in Afghanistan having to explain to Afghan civilians in my AO why you and your f…
Retweeted by muscle shoals, endless void @gabrielszatan @LMGM keep servin up those-a spicy tweetballs