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Sometimes I go to the same places as the Royal Family. Most of the time I hang out with my cats & write fantasy stories. She/her. #VP22. #amwriting

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Normalize kissing your dog on the forehead before leaving the house
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @wordnerdonice Nooooooooo ☹️ @bookhoarding ALERT: David Bamber has a small role. THERE IS SURPRISE MR COLLINS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL....Captain Wentworth? just finished #EnolaHolmes and I have thoughts, the first and foremost of which is there is SURPRISE MR COLLINS @outseide Yesss! I have about a half hour left!
deeply shameful that we are in the middle of at least four national crises and the heart of each of them is “people…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnThis is the way’s #BiVisibilityDay friends! Ginpie birthday dad
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI don’t usually do threads but today I wanna tell y’all why these 20 seconds of footage of a kid in a blue and red…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnIf you're an adult American and you chose not to vote in the upcoming election, I just want you to know that I am g…
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@vincommunicado Instagram: Hey, just in case you missed it, you should register to vote!Nine years ago Gotye had the number one song in the world. And now he’s just somebody that we used to know.
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn"This is no ordinary book," Rupert said with a sly smile and a knowing wink and a mysterious sniff and a tepid coug…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @wordnerdonice You owe me 2 😉 (But seriously, yayyy Twin!!!) @NJGov For the honor of bagels @rosiesrambles Noah Centineo is not exactly how I’m imagining Malik, but he’s not *not* Malik, either. 1000000% a… @the_real_tyler 2nd favorite video of the day 😂
Retweeted by Maureen Zahnhalf of our writing time is spent trying to remember a word...blanking entirely on that word...rewriting the whole…
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the bisexual manifesto, 1990
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnITS THE 21ST LETS GOOOOOO
Retweeted by Maureen Zahnthat CRONCH when you bite into a dill pickle rt if u agree
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@laineislaine I’ll be right overSo from my TL, I gather that the Hand Egg Sports Squadron I like is doing poorly, but the Sports Squadron that I ac… her memory be a revolution.
This is Taco, we’re best friends. @_paulings Smol bb void 😍like some of us can't afford to wait for that but also they are literally rewriting history books as we speak
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI know the popular analysis is going to be “we’re screwed,” and I *feel you.* But nah. RBG didn’t go out like tha…
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@writerunyoga YES. @writerunyoga If you need help eating this, challah at me!It’s not wrong though Town Road was the purest thing we had. we loved every moment of it. every video. every remix. it was all perfect. now look at us. shame
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @waidr @waidr And then I call these girls Chirpy McVie and Squeakie Nicks @waidr I also used Barktoberfest for this mutt. His other nicknames included Bark Huffalo the Incredible Huff, Bark… how we couldn’t get masks?!!!!! How we all SEWED THEM for each other?!!! I hate these people with such a p…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnTbh, I the descent from sticky July days to October’s crispness, and absolutely LIVE for the first cool blasts in August and September.Me: I love Summer! The sun, the heat, my birthday! It’s the best time of the year! Also me: @AndrewHiller Happy New Year!the 1984 Dune sandworm but it's doing the Screaming Cowboy song
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn president of the United States has gone full on Hitler and there are still motherfuckers both sidesing this shit.
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @Sydkick Yes, please keep sharing these important scientific discoveries, thank you 😍😍😍
smol doing an A N G E R Y so technically one is a mini-series but please allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love it.…
@AnnakaKalton Thanks!!!I need this: @bookhoarding (Also sorry I’m really bad at plugging things 😅) @bookhoarding Can I, uh, shamelessly plug my Arthurian blog here? It’s full of charts and four-letter words and Pem… @writerunyoga Thanks!!!No, *you’re* celebrating your new job by buying too much at Home Goods. future @bookhoarding Omg same! I need a quality adaptation that has all of Wentworth’s letter, and where Mary and Mrs Smit… @writerunyoga
The smoke from the fires on the West Coast has arrived in New Jersey. Science matters. We have to make decisions b…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnMaureen: this is my name, this is how it’s spelled Mo: no Maurice: no Heather: no Madeleine: @wordnerdonice and I… @HBBisenieks Eleanor and Tahani send birthday wishes. Eleanor especially offers up a fishies and her favorite cap.
@HurkaDoesSports @waidr I can tell you all the names of the dogs in my neighborhood, can’t tell you a single human neighbor’s name @weredawgz Ooops, my finger slipped and I went to not w*l m*rt on a completely different device and pre-ordered and… i sleep at night knowing 20cashregular is the closest i'll ever get to a gas pump
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnJust applied for a position, & the company wrote back today they're extending their application window for a week a…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnDo you make less than $400k per year? Great, then you are part of the 91.5% of Americans who will NOT be taxed more…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @jsstansel And including *all* verticals in every. Single. Post. Even though the personas in those markets were wil… @jsstansel Every post has to be stuffed with as many hashtags as possible, including every variation or tenuously related tags.Some of you have never dragged your daughter's boyfriend through the sewers of Paris and it shows
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI think we can all agree that Pedro Pascal.
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnIt’s important to properly dispose of pizza boxes: because they have direct contact with food, they can’t be direct… @GayathriKWrites I’m not Hindu but I would 100% buy this subscription box
Saltwater thunderstorms over here spotted youths? In my local park?? Playing cricket??? In the US?????????Female. My kindergarten art teacher suggested to my mom that she and my dad might want to take me to a psychologist… name + horror + aesthetic putting in real work by making the smallest edits. #AmWriting #AmRevising
Also my TL right now: I doing Oscar Isaac? ROLL THE DICE TO SEE IF I’M DOING OSCAR ISAAC.🦇 🦇😍 @AnnakaKalton Stay safe! @waidr *snek. @waidr maybe Abel is Outside Only And At A Distance Fren @waidr ooh yes, doggo might see a danger noodle and would not Be Pleased @waidr snek is new fren. thems are the rules
I need this @CodenameMinaLi line: _____ dashed line: _ _ _ _ iconic line: "An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From thi…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @OfBoriken @iammoshow Happy birthday!!!September 11 Let's normalized talking about these tragedies too. Telling these stories too.💔😭
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @intelligentwat Wow, just... ugh.
This is where the story ends, for now. I hope I've Mr O'Brien justice. I hope I can tell it again, but my heart bre… wish I could show you the before and after pictures. In Bill's student ID, in photos with the love of his life, h… next morning, already in mourning, Bill's hair began to change. Just patches here and there, but by the end of…'s sisters were asleep and didn't hear the woman in rags. His neighbors slumbered on, unaware of the spirits th… scream tore Bill from his sleep. A horrible scream, pulled from beyond the land of Fairy; a writhing wailing of s… was a night just before Christmas. All the families in Bill's hometown neighborhood were tucked in, dreaming of… the elder O'Brien was sick. His parents and sisters hadn't said anything, because they didn't want to distract…