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Sometimes I go to the same places as the Royal Family. Most of the time I hang out with my cat & write fantasy stories. #VP22. #amwriting #commonertour2019

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Geralt: i have an idea. Jaskier: no murder. Geralt: i no longer have an idea
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @c_nightjoy, watching Picard: *sees one shot of the Golden Gate Bridge* MEANWHILE, IN SAN FRANCISCO...The black-throated bushtit
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the poet the poem
Retweeted by Maureen Zahnthere's not a day that goes by that i don't think about this photo
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @Trollbreath42 I like big books and I cannot lie. @Trollbreath42 Yay!!! (And, yes, don’t fall into the trap of “oh, I’ll fix this after the beta read!” That path le…
@aimeekuzenski @HBBisenieks @oldscout @ChelseaCounsell @oldscout @ChelseaCounsell Fair point (pun half intended)! I guess I’ll revise my dream home to include a finished… @ChelseaCounsell All I want is a room for sleeping, a room for books, and a reading nook. How bout you? @c_nightjoy 100000%🍕 ⊂_ヽ   \\ Λ_Λ   \ ( ˇωˇ)    / ⌒    / へ\\   /  / \\ レ ノ  ヽ_つ   / / jersey got t…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @ChelseaCounsell YuuuppClearly this needs a repost
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@HBBisenieks social media teams, are you ok? @weredawgz important Hey. Hey friends. Guess what day it is? It’s see a cover and pre-order AJ’s new book plz day.
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @Trollbreath42 I was going to call it Maureen-Con, but I like ZahnCon much better! gets to play with dogs all weekend. There are spots where you can sign up (if you want) to talk about anyt… @karenthology YUP. don't know who needs to hear this but FIRST 👏 ANNUAL 👏 IS 👏 NOT 👏 A 👏 THING.
Retweeted by Maureen Zahnrt if u ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ᵈᵒᵍˢ
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@waidr doggos >>>> people @waidr such smol. many handsomes. i am ded. @OfBoriken Nah, it’s stil twice as warm where you are.Zahn 2020: Milkies for the handsome meow meow
It’s been 0️⃣ days since I’ve last have “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” stuck in my head. @wordnerdonice
just a man with a dream
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnSuffer, as I have suffered
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*whispers* Wham!
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnFood and music aren’t too far off I guess @waidr Barbarian/Druid/Warlock
@wordnerdonice Last Jedi was the best star wars because it gave girls everything they want in a movie: - girls with magical p…
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Gross coffee is gross, please send help. @Trollbreath42 Ok, cool. I’m also registered for 4th Street and a maybe for Balticon (that depends on how ambitious… @Trollbreath42 Are you going to Balticon and/or 4th Street? @Trollbreath42 Heh, exhausted aliens friends! @Trollbreath42 Just @ me next time, geez. (No, but really, this is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot la…’s a Matt Pond doing covers sort of day. the whole I dislike mankind. — John Keats, January 15 1820.
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnMe: I’ll just put on this documentary on Dublin while I read. It’s the perfect background noise. I’ll get so much d…
@AndreaGStewart Or, we *make* the occasion! @AndreaGStewart Omg same! @weredawgz OK,so like a good chunk of my day job is photography and actually *shooting things with my camera*, and… you and your bestie make cameos in the social media of your favorite band. @outseide Yay, see you there!!!___________ /🥯 🥯 / /🥯 🥯 🥯/ / 🥯 🥯 🥯/__ \ 🥯 🥯 🥯| \🥯🥯 🥯| / 🥯🥯 🥯| / 🥯 🥯 🥯/ / 🥯 🥯 🥯/ \ 🥯 🥯…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @BestKenEver There’s a slight inflection on the middle “N” that we have in the Central Jerz, my Southern Jersey friend.The Central Jersey accent is this weird mix of Standard American, Philly, and NY so it comes down to two words: Tre… @HBBisenieks Youse go down to the Rita’s next to the Ac-a-me and get some wooder ice.
if you stop using the standard created by mediocre white men for just about anything, you'll realise a lot of "grea…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI have a non-fiction addition for Problematic Bookshelf. TBH, I might skip the shelf and remove it entirely from my… and Prejudice as #TheWitcher gifs. Mr. Darcy relaxing at Pemberley. - Bianca
Retweeted by Maureen Zahnnew recruits are not aware that the generals are married
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnHi, can we discuss how the puppets in the 1986 Genesis hit “Land of Confusion” are TERRIFYING? @OfBoriken I’M ON MY WAY TO SNUGGLE HIM @OfBoriken Guinea Pig in battle armor
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI... have nothing to write tonight? And I’m finally feeling OK? I don’t know what to do??? (jk I’m totally going to…
I feel like Trogdor’s gotten plenty of glory in the last couple years so on this #trogday, let us celebrate 17 year…
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnJanuary 13, 2003: Strong Bad Email #58: "dragon" is released Happy TrogDay Everybody!
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @writerunyoga I don’t like spiders but I appreciate and respect (from very, *very* far away) how happy this little one looks with its hat.
2020 @Aimee_Ogden @ZaliaChimera Absolute perfection. @waidr I’m fine with them, just know that I’m pronouncing his name “Jeralt.”Watching “The Witcher” and it’s really bothering me that Geralt is pronounced with a hard g.the world is difficult so here are some dogs
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@OfBoriken Those mofos. I hate them.Beetles are the best insects send tweet @Drunk_Austen What if he played EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM A WHOLE SERIES OF PERIOD PIECES FEATURING OSCAR ISAAC
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnI mean, Oscar Isaac + pool exists - Bianca
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@BestKenEver @933WMMR I got out on the technicality of not being physically in Jersey.DAMNIT IT’S A CLASSIC ROCK BLOCK AND THEY WENT INTO “THUNDER ROAD” AND I JUST WANT TO GET COFFEE @933WMMRIt’s illegal in my home state to get out of the car before the end of a Bruce Springsteen song, and I’m only halfwa… guess since everyone else is doing it Eggs: Greek omelette from a Jersey diner Bacon: for my future dog Steak: i… Lego French Revolution Set
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This is a very dapper horse Crème Eggs cure colds, right? Asking for a me. @wordnerdonice Is. Love.
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❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #HockeyIsForEveryone | #WallpaperWednesday
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnWondering why you still feel sluggish after Christmas, even though you recently ate an orange
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnJournalist: 'What exactly is Islamophobia?' Me: ○ It's China rounding up millions of Muslims and putting them in…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn"I've spent much of my life in the Muslim world where I've been treated with overwhelming kindness and generosity."…
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @Trollbreath42 Veruca Salt and Hole are entirely underrated. I’m not as familiar with TacocaT. Guess I’d better c… gender today is the smell of autumn leaves and french fries.
Retweeted by Maureen Zahn @intelligentwat Ugh, that’s awful. Let me know if you do wind up needing something. I have a 2011 MacBook Air that…
“Could you do me a favour and put all that in an email?” - Translation: I haven’t been listening and I want to escape
Retweeted by Maureen ZahnLook, writing books isn’t that hard. All you have to do is build an armored giant out of all your fears and then fi…
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@dmbeucler *has a cold* I’m so excited to go home and watch “Anne with an E” Intern: I don’t know what that is. Me: Anne… your child texting about new jersey? TBH: taking bagels home DTF: disco those fries WTH: want taylor ham? WPR:…
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