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John Dee's thotty nemesis, #1 Baroness Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven stan (He/Him)

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@GrantTucker @fishlove2020 the only erotic fish photo i respect is the one of @FrogCroakley @CharlTaylorPage it was @daniel_barker @softboyuk cursed @HooiWanV In chastity Permanently But also in a dungeon (not the sexy kind) @softboyuk deal @HooiWanV He deserves to be locked @HooiWanV who what @benvyle I both hate and love you for this tweet @Glitter_brawl Knock Knock It's....the console wars @bainser Well if I wasn't gay before @Charlietrypsin oh no @biochem_ninja Blood orange is absolutely me @biochem_ninja go on, give me a Vibe Check don't know who's writing the script but the Ayn Rand Institute has just been bailed out by taxpayers
Retweeted by LukeRoses are red There's not a cloud in the sky feel like this is the best thing to ever happen to sexy fish London @tousleshommes @catmancatman864 Obviously black[inside washing machine] duvet cover: climb in my brothers every single piece of clothing: we shall build a new life in the big sock
Retweeted by Luke @NuclearTeeth It's iconic @NuclearTeeth @CJABradbury @NatashaHodgson no the towels @emotionalpedant she is LEARNING and GROWING and this is a FIRST STEP! positive reinforcement!!! @emotionalpedant you could probably use at least one black candle, a minor celebration is still a cause to celebrate! it's progress!! @harrisonjbrock A friend of mine went as Cassandra to a Halloween party once, we spent all day making her costume
Retweeted by Luke @iggigg yessssHot 🔥 take - seeing care home executives who use zero hour contracts with no sick pay saying "how very dare Boris b…
Retweeted by Luke @iggigg Give scritch you MONSTER*Curb Your Enthusiasm music starts to play*
Retweeted by Luke @runawayballista yessssss
@baefilby YES i bought a frame for it today but misremembered the size so I'm gonna have to get a different one @chton @ZiziFothSi is it black? or...slightly darker black?my parents had so much cancer i managed to forget onewait i forgot one, it's four times between them @daniel_barker @chton most of my energies are too intense for mainI'm lucky enough to possess a Filby signed original and it's INCREDIBLE SLOTS: OPEN! Grab yours right here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by Luke @NatashaHodgson I've killed two men today also thank you for reminding me to put them in the dryerMy parents had, between them, cancer three times and a severe stroke that required a cocktail of medication for the…'m too hot to cover up this bod @treeix @kamilumin You're above average at least @rafflesthethief @GrantTucker I'm very powerful @jxeker Seriously babe?Him make noise but less than normal @scruffbutt Black Cherrynoisy babies @unfortunatalie "step on me hot evil lady" @charlubby So beautiful @rafflesthethief @GrantTucker yes hi hello @charlubby Briefly misread this as Carbonara but couldn't disagree @GrantTucker We all know you love to get creampie'dThis tweet has made me want to fellate a shotgun as though it were Sheriff Hopper @chton Coach me o n e s @chton Oh you're a one on one tutor? @Sitdownaj Yeah but he'd probably spit in my mouth @tetrishead_ Twice @OrcBro no we absolutely say thatwhat's that? I'm back on my Bolognese bullshit? be fair they hadn't really spoken much in 50 years and I'd never met her so I'm not actually that fussedme, when my dad's sister didn't even attend his funeral @jameshamilton devastatingFinally watching Stranger Things season 3 and : wow I am dangerously attracted to Hopperur mum deported people to their deaths but have that orgasm qween
Retweeted by Luke @OwenJones84 Useful for turning people against both at once, I suppose @CharlTaylorPage @daniel_barker It has a birthmark in the shape of Australia @daniel_barker It's otterly daft @Thathyperperson @vornietom Omg! Thank you!I like Roald Dahl but it would be weird if I could only talk about the meat processing industry to other adults usi…
Retweeted by Luke @paulfoxcroft Preparing the lube? @EwaSR Wow moodHi twitter can I get one neat summary of ADHD with a side of nerd to go
Retweeted by Luke @andrewjsimmonds @CarolineMoss has a whole podcast (gee thanks just bought it) dedicated to this! I know she's defi…'m not going to share the post with the video as to avoid retraumatizing anyone, but it can be found within this t…
Retweeted by Luke @Winskillfull @ZiziFothSi @halkyardo D A D D Y S P H E R E M O N E Si’m actually super here for this hat design. anyone want to help me mass produce them
Retweeted by Luke @unfortunatalie UfhgggggThere's an awful lot of people who apparently don't understand the power dynamics of bullying and the difference be…
Retweeted by Luke @StopItWolfe It's already Monday, babe x @StopItWolfe You @gshowitt OH WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE ANGELGone for a stroll, saw my people on a sign @mountain_stoats @EwaSR @ZiziFothSi @joelnb @kathytheballard A stoatalitarian @tom_usher_ I'm calling the Pret A Manager on youLots of blocking on who should use the word “daddy”
Retweeted by Luke @ChrisJonesGeek Oh ffs @EwaSR @ZiziFothSi @joelnb wanted to play a ranger whose animal companion is a horrible goose (he is the butler for… @EwaSR @ZiziFothSi I could run this @paulfoxcroft Paul I love you but we both know that Alyssa would stage a coup and upstage you within ten minutes @vornietom I remember a friend of mine once said that in most movies that don't pass the test you can replace the f… never forgive ~copyright~ for meaning we weren't allowed to whack this in the breakdown of Space, but if you l…
Retweeted by Luke @EwaSR I'm sorry @EwaSR They ain't wood and it's killing his wood @EwaSR He hopes it kicks in soon because this whole situation is starting to disgust himLemony Snicket just had his wig snatched @EwaSR Drugs aren't kicking in, he's just pushing rope and hoping @EwaSR You should never be bored as lucky pierre! Though mister mustache man doesn't look like he's really paying attention