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@QTPiK8 Ooft. @AlixFox ...alix @mjc_photography i love you so muchI love Dungeons and Dragons too much soz
Retweeted by LukeHey! Are you a Mass Effect fan with apparel to match and fancy being on The Bin Show? Available this coming monday…
Retweeted by LukeKarl Gingerfeld and Foxy Friend would like to remind you that Trans rights are human rights, @fightmilkband are the… @AlexWattsEsq WIG @thebrainofchris @AlexWattsEsq True, I'm just dunking on him for how bad he was later @AlexWattsEsq @thebrainofchris badly @EwaSR I mean probably! @EwaSR Making yarn does take a lot of skill and labor, man that's gonna be some SICK yarn tho @EwaSR hwhat @LaidBackInSong @knifefemme It's such an iconic line @knifefemme I feel like don't trust a hoe would be a weirdly good fight song @EwaSR BIRDS were once LIZARDS but they got BORED and learned to FLY"If you see something that doesn't look right, tell British Transport Police and we'll come round and pinch your ni…
Retweeted by Luke @LaidBackInSong Have you not read about the Vatican chemsex parties? Priests FUCK @knifefemme Toxic by Britney Spears, Behemoth by Moulettes, Woman by Kesha @heyjamiedrew YESPretty sure they're plotting together, hopefully it's to throw me a lovely party @EwaSR which one are you @heyjamiedrew They got BORED and decided to FLYPSA : BIRDS used to be LIZARDS @james_blue_cat Splendor is fantasticErasing 5 million non-Jewish holocaust victims to own Putin
Retweeted by Luke @EwaSR Yeah I'm watching subs and it really does demand 100% focus @EwaSR Joseph Joestar is the finest GILF @CharlTaylorPage @daniel_barker Dark Bargain : it's the island from the four-part Decemberists song @roolmcc Ah, yeah, I assumed you'd have like a chair you could hang them on @HooiWanV JoJo's Bizarre Adventure @thatssokeshaun JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (part 3) @roolmcc Take them offAnyway fuck it maybe I should just become an exorcist @dashiellsilva @scottscribbles Brb getting an axe @dashiellsilva @scottscribbles Stop being horny @iggigg @AliceAvizandum New assassination technique : link them to the opening of an Egyptian tomb, then just braze… @BootsMcGoot It's emotionally horny
@LeavittAlone @trashfuturepod I wish this wasn't true @BootsMcGoot It's over, isn't it? Or maybe Giant WomanAny good reads for someone wanting to catch up on this American Dirt thing?
Retweeted by Lukethis is a story about a @AllianceLGB founder saying there shouldn't be lgbt clubs in schools because of 'predatory…
Retweeted by Luke @HKesvani Putting another man inside your wife? That's Hella Gay @fightmilkband Luke to become social media manager @fightmilkband Alex to wear a different ridiculous wig at every live performance"Food? For me?""ah-hah, it's fuck time!" - @ZiziFothSi , upon hearing the foxes screwing in the neighbour's garden @td_ward His colleague, who had much of the credit stolen from him. It's one of the blood feuds I inherited.My grandfather invented the hovercraft friend is back (ft. Karl, having a Gingers in my Garden meeting) @martin_costello @smalltown2k It's called the hanky code, Martin @ElenaBjxrn Shit, all I've got is good looks and shitposting @LeavittAlone i summon @HxOvAx @Glitter_brawl @ZiziFothSi @beardsandennui @FrogCroakley omfg this is WONDERFUL @Glitter_brawl @ZiziFothSi @beardsandennui @FrogCroakley Oh no Also do you still have that picture because it sounds ADORABLE @ZiziFothSi @beardsandennui I'll show you the whisky trick today @LeavittAlone John why didn't you do this, I could have been your put-upon assistant @CharlTaylorPage @sacha_is_good @CharlTaylorPage @sacha_is_good Obviously it'd be The Black Parade @CharlTaylorPage @sacha_is_good I have some god tier funeral shit I'd bust out for this event ngl @LeavittAlone John you're so extra and I love you @HisCursedness This is why I only use selfies Also because I'm hot @LeavittAlone John that is insanely good information @LeavittAlone Those are good answers! I love a forest and navy, also white and chestnut tbh. Have you considered maroon?I'm three days offset from the actual start of #goblinweek, but regardless. For your consideration: this ballerina
Retweeted by Luke @LeavittAlone Favourite colour? @LeavittAlone I like your posts @choremander Omg these are actually super cute
@MotoThePup We both know that's not true @MotoThePup Eye don't see why @MotoThePup you're going to get eye chlamydia? @TyronWilson @taber @stepheniscowboy This is a nice selfie though @mangmangmang @allwrongthink Ask to take a picture!! @mangmangmang @allwrongthink I want to see this @repeattofade She's a statement queen @CharlTaylorPage You legendgood edit at the end of this
Retweeted by Luke @beardsandennui according to at least one source? @Brainmage Grow the stubble and I'll consider it @kaptinhansum You know he'll invent a NannyBotThis is @Beardynoise
Retweeted by Luke @kaptinhansum im so glad you've seen thisShit, if Foot Twitter is a thing maybe I should do an onlyfans of me opening bottles with my feet @spacedog17 Oh no I should probably avoid posting the pouring whisky with my feet video then @EwaSR @Wangleberry @Brainmage Wrestling his intellectual superiorWhen you approve of something but you're also a goddamn monkey went to The Big Tesco but it turns out there's a match tonight so getting home is going to SUCK 🤡 @beardsandennui Girl I can't even drive @rockpapershot i love my frosty grandma @fightmilkband space greggs @kteamarsden I just need one that exists, for now🐻 🌵
Retweeted by Luke @Brainmage I could find you imagery of that if you wantWhere tf do I buy a hairdryer @EwaSR no yes yes @gossjam @BootsMcGoot this is the absolute bestIf you've been following my occasional Turkish cave cat over the last couple of years, Grindr now has a kitten. Mee…
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