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wrote every mean spirited word on wwtdd for 7 years, now movies/TV. My names not really Brendon. email = bearsaremean@outlook

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Giuliani is helping Trump with his impeachment defense. Giuliani claims Trump didn't incite the crowd to violence…
Retweeted by brendonGuys! The obvious solution worked!!!!!
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@edroso @daveweigel wait until trump pardons the people in the Capitol antifa false flag operation, theyre gonna drill them… what if... @timthebass "its instant, like a drone strike, whats the big deal!"the plot was pretty complicated to be fair @bbcdoctorwho we painted our front door police box blue @vornietom I think its in that font because its from the show, the scene where a cat in a fedora played Johnny B. G… @GridAssassin @Chascabass @Nickelback everything
Retweeted by brendonGive legends their flowers while they’re still with us
Retweeted by brendonHis guns would be so quiet Calls in Pillow Salesman to Discuss Possibility of Instituting Martial Law Lol. Best headline ever.
Retweeted by brendon @TheLoganTrent @drmistercody i audibly sighed when i read thatit was a pillow emergency! "Mike we need a waffle blanket, STAT!" have you seen this GeoCities masterpiece btw. On…
David Rasche would be a pretty good trump, not as an impression though, just a easily/constantly befuddled moron @jose_marinjrEvery single day I think about a Coen Brothers movie set in the 12 hour rube goldberg machine of idiocy between whe… took a Trump riot in the Capitol, but POTUS finally sinks into the 20s in his approval rating on his way out
Retweeted by brendonThat hashtag is apparently the face slicing thing btw, I should have mentioned that partAnd he wasn't even the first one fired! Sidney is even crazier than that! How? How is that even?This is still the funniest thing in the world to me. A parade of absolute legal retards, so wildly and hopelessly o… he wasn't even the first one from that team to get fired! Sidney was even crazier than that! How? How is that even?yep that's Tommy Tubberville clock management alright @SarahClapp @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse Is that really in the spirit of Be Best, Sarah? That's not rhetorical btw, is it,… @AdamParkhomenko Blue Lives MatterThis is am amazing thread... from a GOP congresswoman -->
Retweeted by brendon @tomselliott Dude you wrote "NBC/NPR affiliated Jade Sacker" then wailed about manufacturing misinformation. The fu… @NoahAbel @SarahClapp Im still not clear on how broad it would be though, it has to be for specific fed crimes, rig… @NoahAbel @SarahClapp Yeah, I can barely even read so what do I know but the "no one can be thier own judge" argume… @ThomasMilburnjr You better not be discussing it, don't think I won't tellThis is disturbing on so many levels.
Retweeted by brendonthis party hooter shit got me honking like a goose
Retweeted by brendon @badsandwich @tigersgoroooar Its the exact thing you told her not to do! @lavitaminguy @RTMannJr @SenJohnKennedy @RepMikeJohnson @RepClayHiggins @SteveScalise @LAGOP @AGJeffLandry @GOP The… @TomiLahren How are you still so bad at this? Did you really think you had some clever twist at the end that no one saw coming?Ok well I already purged because Im only now seeing this, and I was quite the busy bee, but those people all sucked… @jtcrump Im really cool, I could see them wanting meJaren Jackson Jr. has very specific ideas about what being a 7-footer means
Retweeted by brendon @tarchiba That's our move, you dont see it coming @tarchiba That would be your biggest threatHe was late to the insurrection and got busted at his hotel
Retweeted by brendonHow shitty are our troops treated overseas if theyre sleeping on the floor and eating MREs in Washington DC. They'r… @JPriceOrlando Do they even have food other than MREs @chrislhayes Ingraham is one of the worst people on earth DOD cant even find a place for troops to sleep in DC, and thats where the DOD is, its the town where these f… @IngrahamAngle @voxdotcom The people who never started with the lockdowns are complaining that they'll never end
@ChrisAx40 I don't need these hurtful and accurate attacks on my character, how dare you @IngrahamAngle Serious question; the fuck is wrong with you this as Barron instead of Bannon and then just kept scrolling because that still sounds like a completely typi… to me🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by brendonMy free speech has been canceled
Retweeted by brendonDid the DOD just drive away after the troops got off the bus? They have food, right?"Fireman in the firefight with the fire extinguisher" is just lazy that FD stands for fire department he should also be charged with excessive irony"I understand they like me very much," Trump said. "I've heard these are people that love our country and they just… In a shocking move, Captain America may be getting ready to make his return to the MCU as Chris Evans nears…
Retweeted by brendonDefinitely reading these two exclusives together: 1. 2.
Retweeted by brendonThat Lincoln bust being carried away had better not belong to the permanent White House collection:
Retweeted by brendon @laurenboebert Is it really this easy to write for conservatives? You fuckers really will just clap and bark to any…
Retweeted by brendon @laurenboebert Is it really this easy to write for conservatives? You fuckers really will just clap and bark to any… from me: On December 8, a foreign account sent multiple prominent rightwing figures a large Bitcoin donation. F…
Retweeted by brendon @SarahClapp I don't think he'll pardon himself because his gimmick is that he's super tough and super innocent, and… called them deplorable once 5 years ago and their feelings are still hurt, they think about it every single… whole lot of Gravy Seals just lost interest in taking their Cosplay Commando act to DC next week.
Retweeted by brendon"The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief for the District of Columbia National Guard. Command… shut up until you find the weapons of mass destruction you sent me to war for.
Retweeted by brendonWho are some of the previous country music emo rap stars? who wears the crown now? I tried to Google it and it just… and Ivanka won’t let Secret Service agents use their bathroom. Monsters. So agents have to drive to the Obama…
Retweeted by brendonone reason Daily Show is so bad now is where do you even go with this? what exaggerated scenario would frame this g… @ericbatterson My source swears by itword on the street is itll be as Capt America think @Marvel should put him in a movie.
Retweeted by brendonEvery man in congress has worn the same suit for their whole career.
Retweeted by brendonyour repugnant role in the confederacy to defend slavery will not be soon forgotten, Delaware get that this is a daily show bit but my god some of these are so incriminating in hindsight
Retweeted by brendonwhy wont my dvr record Drive Across America with Chris Berman, what a cool looking show that is. hes just one of th… @justin_halpern @VinceMancini oh no I heard them, those spread everywhere. just like Vinces mom.that reminds me @justin_halpern, I apparently muted you like 6 weeks ago and had no idea, I just saw that today. It… really need to work on this more, I havent been able to focus. Not gonna beat myself up though, Scorsese still on… @OneArrogantSOB wait that doesnt work does it, this is a US map. whatever, twitters free. @OneArrogantSOB yeah and in Europe they voted for yards instead of feet @badsandwich I swear to god I searched around a bit before hitting tweet, its so obvious but I didnt see it either.… @MLambHK @badsandwich "Were not larping why does everyone keep saying that, were very serious people" @OneArrogantSOB i will call the cops on you I swear to god, this is an outrage badges people cant color your roots Laura @IngrahamAngle youre the reason we're still doing this, youre the oldest baby ever, at no point have any of you don… @BarstoolBigCat subs keep me from twitching the whole time and fucking with my phone or whatever. Im so in the habi… @benshapiro @joshtpm @hunterw even your defense here is that you're too dumb to know someone talking about zip tie… @jaketapper if they mention it at all its to say it was nothing and BLM protests were worse. other than that its li… @danadonly feels kinda the graham is right if we impeach trump then it's a slippery slope to impeaching ghosts
Retweeted by brendon @mastaprincess prison time? @KolleenCarney V @KolleenCarney Same. Nothing can top that patronizing clap but the fact that I even considered it is amazingtrump is such a failure the House Leader has a special outfit for his impeachments. wow. women are so creatively me… @maddow opens with a history story