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We’ve only just started Mercury retrograde shadow and today I almost got hit by a truck and then sliced my hand open! Yay! @NickPahlBigStep @weatherindia @kun5k THANK YOU this was killing me! I read about this AGES ago!!!She once claimed she'd NEVER lie to us! forgetting the fact that her job is to lie. "The party told you to reject…
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth @AlyssaMastro44 Think we’re gonna find out he’s got money in a rival tuna brand? @funder Also no way he’s ever eaten anything that healthy...200,000 Americans dead and um, huh. ok...the president of this country is talking about imaginary violence by Bumbl…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethIt’s fall! Time to get sad for no reason at 6:30 pm when the sun sets now.
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethFucking GOLD. Can’t stop. @DanCrohn Or 🤭 in person!
@SenatorRomney Traitor. Spineless fuckSHOCKER @DanCrohn Wherever will you find someone who can reach now?!I wish 75% of my coworkers knew just how few fucks I give about themDoes anyone know if Jerry Falwell Jr. is still scheduled to speak at the next Trump MAGA Rally? Or is he just goin…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethWho in the world is eating apple pie when you can straight bake an apple?
Having this high moment where I’m thinking about how the earth just grows plants that taste so delicious and differ… get the pleasant (not) experience of looking for something and then realizing it’s among the things he conven… kind of shithole president calls the grieving granddaughter of RBG a liar on national TV?
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethAwkward that Amazon shows where your delivery person is on a map so I know that my package isn’t delivered because… details.
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethIn case you didn’t catch on, say bye bye to democracy or fucking vote fuck is this? this again means 6 feet rule is entirely not enough indoors
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethMassachusetts going 100 to zero real quick. Degrees, that is...Weird how just an amazing conversation can be the most insane turn on. Is this 30? 😂it's weird how old rich white men are trying to get rid of abortion when they're always begging me to get one
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth
@Imapolitically1 Squeaky food is the worst!
Guys it’s hat seasonRaise your hand if this is the closest you’ve come to feeling like you did November 9, 2016Her rest is earned. It is our turn to fight.
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethThis guy unmatched me because I like spicy margs 😂time to get an iud ladies
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabethasking the govt if i can get my handmaid uniform early so i can wear it for halloween
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth @justinademetry So it’s your fault 😬😉This is gutting and awful. But accepting something is a forgone conclusion is how it becomes one. No, McConnell doe…
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabethi realize i’m basically a stoner who makes jam at this point but uh....schumer is gonna shut down the senate or we…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethOh we fucked now #RIP #RBG
@radcouch Can’t they just text you? Seems aggressivehow come every white boy takes his parents' divorce as a sign from god that he needs to become a comedian
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethOk Nelly is still hot?!Ok we’re in the stage of quarantine where I’m now obsessed with Dancing With The Stars
@DanCrohn Phew I was worried @madstoener Not related but why are you so pretty? Stop it. 💁🏼‍♀️ @DanCrohn You outta green ? 😂 @ChaosDara Hahahahahaha I know! I was having a moment last night 😂😂😂
@ChaosDara I feel like it takes a strong man to be like yes please HAHAHA could be biased @ChaosDara Honestly I’m more likely to assume he pretends to want to fuck her and she pretends to enjoy it and neit… immunity is 2 million dead Americans. I have no idea what the fuck herd mentality is but it sounds like it sta…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethHas anyone else noticed that thinking about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump fucking feels similar to thinking about your parents fucking? @Ackrinyc @PalmerReport Lmao I was convinced this was sarcasm because it’s impossible to believe someone could be s… @mmpadellan Hence why he does so well with scared, less educated peopleHoly shit. Trump says he's not responsible for "Democrat run" states and cities. George Stephanopoulos says, "th…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethSomeone I met who was in a fraternity explained to me that they are Greek in the sense that all the men have sex wi… does no one talk about how the flash light is the most life changing part of cell phones? They kept trying to c… @msmeganl I’m telling you it’s gonna happen. He’s got it and he’s genuinely good. We’re gonna level up on Tom Hanks… Zak Efron going to be the Tom Hanks of millennials?
Didn’t realize men who made reservations existed. #blessedI have been reporting on women immigrants being systematically raped & abused in detention facilities for over a DE…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethI don’t like when vegetables are squeaky when you eat them @DanCrohn Well I think by could? 😂 @radcouch Wow what a joy @DanCrohn I’ve never had the flu shot. Think I should get it? @MattBellassai I had the WORST herniated disc a person can have (seriously) and I’m still totally fine now so you good!!I’ve seen three UFO sightings on Tik tok what’s going on 😭😭
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth @Imapolitically1 🥰oh my goodness you flatter me @davidlmarsden Usually don’t kill bugs but moths in my bedroom are the exceptionActually it’s like once every two weeksSomeone explain the Instagram algorithm to me bc I’ve got 1 celeb a month checking out my story it it’s weird! They…
Last six months of my Saturn return not disappointing 😑The nice woman who works at Dollar Tree just gave me a comprehensive candle delivery schedule and my world has openedOk I’m way too excited about this steam mop
@DanCrohn Is it finally ok to ask a dude to get tested 😂Whoa some days I just laugh and laugh and laugh and not even in a crazy way
Remember how we used to kiss strangers in bars? 😂😂😂someone please tell me how fedex is both the most expensive and the slowest shipping service ever. My package has t… he just say? this guy needs to be slapped out of his delusion Jeff Bezos gave all 876,000 Amazon employees a $105,000 bonus, he'd be left with exactly as much money as he had…
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth @justinademetry On my second day back to work and I was over it the day before I went back Hahahaha @danadonly HAHAHAHAHA I feel so seen. Except none of my exes have ever dated someone hotter than me 😬 May the odds be ever in their favori personally love it when my exes start dating someone hotter than me bc i find it reassuring to know that a girl w…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethIf i see one more person post a 9/11 story that somehow directs attention back to them, I’m burning it all down @ddheruiz Ummm you should have asked BEFORE the date so no. Do you really wanna start liking someone and then find THAT out?? @beastoria26 Uninjured Dodo just wants scritches
Retweeted by Victoria Elizabeth @DanCrohn I always forget that there’s weird astrology believers who are also somehow bigots? @DanCrohn No way this dude tricked me by leading with his sun sign 😬 @NicfromO Omg my heart. I can’t take it. 😍😍😍😍 @NicfromO More. Please. We need all the puppy pics. Give me that sweet injured puppy shiiiiiitWhen you mention to a guy on hinge that the last season of Ancient Aliens got way too weirdly Trumpy and he unmatch…
You don’t believe in love spells? Here have one of my salt crusted hassle back potatoes and we’ll see if you change your mind 😂 @DanCrohn You’re braver than me. I fully can’t be bothered 😂 if I started dating right now none of my friends would… @DanCrohn Download hinge. Filter everyone out but liberals. Problem solved.The thing that is sad is, I get everything is politics on Twitter, but f**k can we all not agree that 11-year-old g…
Retweeted by Victoria ElizabethWow this is sad there anything worse than feeling like you have a hair on your face when you don’t?I realize I’m late to the party but finally watched Avengers Endgame 😂 @DanCrohn They were making the people in them still take the fall for accidents! You don’t want that shit’
I will kill someone before I let anyone convince me to incorporate ballet flats into my wardrobe again. Eat it @iamnovibrown Taurus 5th house 🥰 @TinaDubinsky @msmeganl Yeah honestly I would LOVE to live in Vermont but I can’t handle the weather there either.… you treat me is your karma. How I react is mine.