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Rhythm slashing VR game created by Czech game studio @BeatGamesStudio💥 Get it on Steam, Oculus Store & PlayStation Store. Contact us:

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What's your preferred hand in One Saber mode?
@xaviar99 Check out these songs, they have One Saber levels in three difficulties: Unlimited Power, This Time, Beli…'s @BeatSaber workout: "Crab Rave". It is a fun level.
Retweeted by Beat SaberWhew. Fitbeat is definitely a workout! Good job @BeatSaber team! Helping me reach my goals of getting in shape!
Retweeted by Beat Saber @Nielssie0420 Wow, that is awesome, thank you, Niels! ❤️ @Douwantsometac1 What happened? :) @FlufyJellyfish ❤️💙 @Dcote71 It is out. :) @cleverjuice @cadmium3 my favorite beatsaber level #BeatSaber #VR #OST (@BeatSaber)
Retweeted by Beat Saber @Health_of_a_100 Your moves 💯!
#BeatSaberThursday: Did you know that when enabling Left Handed mode in the Player Settings, all levels become mirr… was really fun @beatsaber
Retweeted by Beat Saber @wdmanguy Amazing skills, ArsenaLC! @veemobrigade Congratulation! Imagine Dragons Music Pack is the best start for Expert+ levels. :) @jaffathecake @mrpcoIIins and Blue, my new OCs based on @BeatSaber!
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@ZachfromZ And have you been successful? 🙂 @wdmanguy Which one is the winner? :) @Bran04don Good point, we will think about it. :) @loinmin This song isn't from the latest update, but we are still proud of you, Matthew. As always! ❤️ @KristianGab_ @RooskieTV Fingers crossed! @Allisaurus15 Thank you! 🥰 @itsallluck1 You are not. :) @jamieson2008 Yes, it is needed to buy it again. Unfortunately, we don't support a cross-buy between Oculus and Steam. @Teda92 We are really sorry but we don't support PSVR and Oculus cross-buy. @Mich_Gijsberts We are glad you like it! 👏 @MaximusMunoz3 Awesome work! Congratulation! 😊 @SniiKz_RiZe Whohoo! 🙌 @captaintaco2345 Awww, we love it! ❤️💙
@wdmanguy @mikkozman @i_love_shibas Reinstall SteamVR, it should help. @TanguySergent Is it fully recharged? @vr_zak It's not fixed, unfortunately. But we're trying to solve it.Can't fit the whole song but I love that This Time has a one handed difficulty now! @kayzo @BeatSaber #PS4share
Retweeted by Beat Saber @BeatSaber thank God for one handed saber. My wife just had arm surgery, but doesn't have to miss a beat!
Retweeted by Beat Saber @BeatSaber @kolezan loving these single saber maps. Got this on my first play through High Hopes single saber
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We've received tons of scoreboards with S and SS rank which you were sharing with us over the weekend. Great job gu… @CraigEbonce @Kohaku1910 @vrgamersbot @BlueColoredPony It is planned, don't worry! :) @hockeyman1764 👏👏👏 @Jasmine94289972 PSVR has new 90° maps. There are no 360° Levels for PSVR because of the hardware limit. @Karate_kitty_ ❤️💙 @mary_in_chief You can change colors in gameplay setup. :) @HellF1re24 What is a number of your version? @MaximusMunoz3 @JaredRedjar2007 Yes! @AlexLokkeberg Yes. :)Don't Saber & Drive. 😅 @FirelukeGaming @AntiMatterMorty @vanillacokerr Nice! 👍This song is a damn TRIP @BeatSaber thank you for the workout 🥵
Retweeted by Beat Saber @Cabble91’s your favorite OST 2 Song? You can probably guess mine 😏 @BeatSaber #ad
Retweeted by Beat SaberFull Combo Angel voices Expert on @BeatSaber ._. This song is 6:12, 166 bpm, 1202 blocks.\_(*.*)_/[‹][^][›]Lets Gooo
Retweeted by Beat SaberIt's my birthday today and this @BeatSaber block cake I got was super cool!
Retweeted by Beat Saber @xGhastlyy OMG, this is the coolest cake ever! Happy b-day! 🎉❤️
@vanillacokerr Just screenshot your final scoreboard with S or SS rank, that's all. 😊🤞 @KristianGab_ Expert+, Full Combo, Ghost Notes, Faster Song? 🤔 @vanillacokerr S or S, it is up to you. :) @Cabble91 @RossiterNolan any of the new 360°/90° levels with rank S or SS, take a screenshot of the final scoreboard and share the pi… @BeatSaber @freeek323 well done on the new update! love the new rattlesnake 90 degree map!
Retweeted by Beat SaberMy wonderful husband had to come check on me because I was crying in my @Oculus headset for having finally beat Bur…
Retweeted by Beat SaberDid you know that most of the new One Saber levels for @BeatSaber tries to mimic or even outright copy parts from t…
Retweeted by Beat Saber @hszrmtr Try to reinstall SteamVR.Wow I’ve really just logged almost 70 hours on @BeatSaber since quarantine.
Retweeted by Beat Saber @DesyHand Awwwwww ❤️ @killerpenguin13 Do you have any modded content installed? @dalevon_digital 🎉🎉🎉 @GreasyRick What is your platform? @Luisper06477145 We added 360°/90° and One Saber levels to existing songs, you should try it! :) @Cliffsellers PSVR has 90° Levels available, 360° Levels are not possible due hardware limitation. @ianrobbie We added 360°/90° and One Saber levels to existing songs. @loot_lore 1.29 is the latest version, your console is updated. :) @Lydia63182456 @CFolea You are never too old for playing Beat Saber. @Willemishere We added 360°/90° and One Saber levels to existing songs. @TheNic82 Nothing, it is probably bugged. But we are working on new leaderboards and it will be fixed there. Sorry for the troubles. @TheEnder_Bros PSVR is a closed platform and user-generated content is not possible there. @BeatSaber @freeek323 @kolezan @GreatYazer Thank you @freeek323, @GreatYazer, @kolezan and the @BeatSaber devs for…
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Who mapped thie masterpiece @BeatSaber ?
Retweeted by Beat Saber🔥 As always, here is the list of new beatmaps from the latest update so you can check who mapped them. @freeek323 VR VERSION IS OUT!!! 🤘💥🔥🥳
Retweeted by Beat Saber @JustXavOfficia1 We added 360°/90° and One Saber levels to existing songs. @BeatSaber cattos, i asked for this a while ago and now its been completed by the artists, tyvm.
Retweeted by Beat Saber @wdmanguy 🤜🤛I Ranked 1st Place in the world on LOVE U NEED U 90° WOOOO For now lol I LOVE U NEED U @BeatSaber ._. KISSES #PSVR
Retweeted by Beat SaberPlaying @BeatSaber with our new doggo watching for the first time. Can you guess what he is thinking?! 😅
Retweeted by Beat Saber @C0ND1T10NR3D got done with a 2 hour @BeatSaber workout and boy if that isn't the most gamer thing I've ever said 🙄 But ser…
Retweeted by Beat SaberHere is me playing the New KDA Pop/Stars New One Saber level!! @BeatSaber #BeatSaber #update #LeagueOfLegends
Retweeted by Beat Saber @stoll_chad Try to beat one more Hard FC song, it should help.The new BeatMaps in the latest @BeatSaber update are insane! Amazing update!
Retweeted by Beat Saber @Emerloscraft It was our one and only @freeek323! ❤️ @Trockenlink ❤️ @Directspoogles Do you have any modded content installed?