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Little man is killing the @Dame_Lillard sidestep. 😅 🔥 🙌 (🎥: @Curtis_Allen20)
Retweeted by e s t a @sambram finally we agree on something 🤝This is an UNCLENCH YOUR JAW checkpoint
Retweeted by e s t athis is very satisfying to me hero @danasia_sutton @bbnoodz is potatoe tuxed up?! @bbnoodz damn thats fire
happy birthday @jacollier !!! 🤍
@zyahbelle psh i aint shit😂 u nice tho! @jacollier @mim0samami it was done beautifully too lol! @Keys0penDoorss right? i love that back court but damn😂i do NOT want to see portland first round lol @SymphaniSoto i been on this crazy too lol the rewards aint helpingthe bassline on janet’s ‘i get lonely’ @mim0samami @brooklinen i got it also im w/e bout them loldilla still blows my mind @ogmooselv teach me @mim0samami @MARKPEACED Free Francis shirts coming soonthat bounce pass from jaylen brown was 🤮🤮🤮making ambient tracks is the equivelent to writing in a journal for me. i suck w words
its a beautiful day🥴 @montebooker shit still crazy right?shit made us family😂 homies, look out for this good fella’s donuts hit different every listenLove you, miss you ❤️
Retweeted by e s t a
that boy sisqo as soon as the song start hill appreciation tweetin line for race wars. i heard hector is running 3 hondas w spoon engines keep it simple
@geezleen this unemployment aint it. yall hiring?i feel like the US can learn from this but idk 🥱‘children are the future my ass. im the future’ 😭😭😭 show was really different bro, you know how sick you gotta be to write something like this lmfaoo
Retweeted by e s t aTrump interviewing himself may be the best thing to ever happen to the internet...
Retweeted by e s t aeverything that happens is from now on
booker got that mamba bloodCOMPENSATING OUT NOW 🎾
Retweeted by e s t aUnited States Supreme Court: Justice for Lakeith Smith! - Sign the Petition! via @Change @nicholaspascual if j cole get an nba tryout i better get one toolakers been buns offensively @WhestCornell humidifier is crucial aswell or nasal draining too. @WhestCornell broooo thats the worst. how you treating it?
i hope people who dont know how to use chopsticks come out of this nice w it loli still listen to the andre 3000 & rick rubin interview oftenrearranging the crib again because quarantine @sambram youre the worst lol @hodgetwins @jusdonc @SangoBeatsAndy Beshear: Justice for Breonna Taylor - Sign the Petition! via @Change
@mim0samami you fasho got the good sleep to have the energy to do that LOL @DDDJAGANA get a cheesesteak 4 me @valineciaga damn @ me thenNahhhhhhh its too early for this gettin worse & worse😂 @kingfuckncarter @sambram sam. is really good @hanadOlad idk caruso picked that pocket and we only down 2 since he got in so @hanadOlad 👀like me best when i don’t have any crushes
Retweeted by e s t a playing fredericoooo today
Clippers: “We Run LA!” LeBron & AD:
Retweeted by e s t almk what you need. i got the key to the city @CoachCass_ @jonislike what business you got retweeting this jon🤣🤣🤣🤣 @AtmaRobie im interestednah corgis are the best one of the coldest
- when I talk about a 10/10 album, this is what I’m talking bout.
Retweeted by e s t a @DDDJAGANA *pawpi need a massage and chiropractor visit @TohaSound send! estaxesteban@gmail.combrandy album got some joints! @kraaawse wooo! this goes @thenamesdei who you listening too lol @kraaawse 100%! what you listening to tho @thenamesdei 😂😂😂😂i slept 3.5hrs last night why cant i sleep lol @SangoBeats a man of detail.
Retweeted by e s t a2 good ass games for the restart. lets go basketball
Retweeted by e s t awatching basketball makes me miss my friends 🥺 @highingfly_ the workout he did with dion the other day made him look fire tho lol
@kraaawse my favmy tumblr gets the exclusives‘all i had’ by eSta. Arkansas, with Love
Retweeted by e s t a‘Lalalaaa’ by eSta. entire project was created during quarantine and made by @insightful_ew @mrnajiboy @youngzilo @therealbowtye
Retweeted by e s t a @PaoloFabregar @highingfly_ @paolofabregar @paolofabregar @speakproper
@highingfly_ @netflix bobby shaw @speakproper listening to 14.59 rn lol shit slap!