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Fighting game player for @UYU. I also stream and commentate! Email:

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@UYU @UYURios Welcome to the team playaCome welcome the newest member of the #UYUCrew
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@souperfx @TheSpiritJuice Time to bother you two @TheSpiritJuice It was vanilla so I ultra can't talk but still! @jamalseto @NWSerpent fuck yeah @HdJammerz My mom definitely had this level of accuracy when I was growing up LOL @TheSpiritJuice I can't complain I was ex skill mashing and laughing like a fucker LOL @jamalseto @NWSerpent Man, thunder dragons are mad cheap. That's why I run zombies and banish the fuck out of them with doomking LOL @ATLRomanova Man tattoos like these really make me want to break my 5 year tattoo drought @NWSerpent Dude you should go in. Burning abyss is looking much better now that malicious is at 3! @NWSerpent Lmaoooo fuck yeah. This will be our next battle! @LordKnightBB That's too wild of a thought @Gaien_ @NWSerpent @Itz_Just_Nano I think Izanami is too busy doing evil things to duel imo! @Itz_Just_Nano The power from this image is ridiculous tho Accent core today was fun until I got slide head looped to death LOLAC Eddie is fucked up some Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Vanilla with @Foonanigims and @BeautifuldudeGG come join at…
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@LordSpectreX I really enjoyed talking to you that day and I hope we get to hang again soon, man. Good shit today by the way! @RVAJoker @LordSpectreX Dude, I saw those shines and immediately went in. I cannot resist LOLWatching REVO2019 reminds of my interaction with @LordSpectreX at CEOtaku where he cast out a yugioh deck on his st… @RaphTx Honestly it's really neat how they gave him moves that actually look cool. I feel like he lacked something like that till now haha @paradiseinvite @GGINOBOYZ Darkest timeline... @EvilHouseSplat Forgive me @nyphi7 Forgive me @GGINOBOYZ I have fallenI'm an Axl main
@whateverdude151 This was rad af @PepperySplash Lmao this is powerful @Gaien_ Lmaooo hell yeah. Basically Jona and I just yelling about yugioh on Twitter then it snowballed buahaha. @Gaien_ Azrael would definitely play some degenerate gorilla shit and it would be amazing LOL @Gaien_ Valk and Relius player* LOL @Gaien_ What's even more awesome about this picture is that it's basically accurate to real life. A Relius and Valk going ham in yugioh haha @Gaien_ @Nain_Za_Fantomu Please let me steal this LOLValk: "You cannot outrun time" Relius: "As proven by our meeting." Valk and Relius: "The Immortal Breakers challeng…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @Nain_Za_Fantomu Cursed equals power sometimes... @RathFGC Man, those were good times buhaha. Much love man I'm glad so much has happened to because of that chance encounter on netplayI would like to leave this here as a sneak peek of my sins. Gotta still draw a duel disk to really emanate the powe…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @Nain_Za_Fantomu Holyyy shiiiit you're too much of a powerful being for doing this. I seriously cannot wait AHHHHHHIn celebration of our TWT Dojo event #PEACEKEEPER we are giving away a massive merch bundle! Make sure to tune in…
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11月17(日)、TEAM HYDEは、北埼ダンボール工業様、MASTERCUPと共同でTEAM HYDE Presents supported by UYU TWT DOJO埼玉大宮 破壊王ゆうゆう杯…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @UisZtupid @MannyFresh_ Oh shit @TheMasterOfWar1 Maaaan I need to play code vein already @MannyFresh_ "this isn't Street fighter" sums it up well LOL. What a hype set hahaha @MannyFresh_ @MannyFresh_ Any match where Phoenix loses @GALLOIsFree @aroolee Foo is evil smh @aroolee I remember being so annoyed trying to fight Foo's Basara when I was learning VSP. I hate this little bastard lmao @aroolee Good ol Basara exploding in one hit LOL @RVAJoker Man, this made me feel ways for sure. Love ya, bro.
@MegatenMaiden @SlappytheNinja 80 bucks for gold and bane?! Yikes @jav1ts @ecthrowdown Fuck yeah @MegatenMaiden @SlappytheNinja They looking mad nice rn for sure @ShenanigansXX17 Forgive me but I have no sympathy LOL. Honestly I can see that deck still being decent @Runitblack I feel you... @KoboldJager Strikers will still be strong but widow anchor being limited is really nice. They are definitely more bearable to deal with now @KoboldJager If you play pure orcust then you're probably fine but the mix and match days of splashing orcust in al… @Zafkiel27 They lose a lot of consistency by losing mermaid but I'm sure they'll still be playable. Also pure orcus… @UisZtupid I'm definitely about to buy 3 nibirus LOL @AphexArcade They won't touch zombies anytime soon that's for sure. If anything I feel like zombies are gonna be ma… @JoAizen90 @ZenotronZX99 Lmao this is wild @CrmsFGC Hella worth it if it means I get to hang with the Tekken fam! We definitely gotta play soon!!! @KoboldJager This list is nice. Goodbye mermaid @CrmsFGC I miss ya already bruhThe banning of mermaid is most likely the end for the million of orcust variations running amok which makes me sooo… @Tsuntenshi @Bloo4LYFE This banlist is pretty nice and Yu-Gi-Oh is legit extremely fun so I definitely second my fr… @DaiAndOh1 Malicious at 3 makes me so nervous LOL @Dtrik3 Fuck yeah. I hate those cards @xOpToss Go in my G @Octopimp You look at the power creep and go "lmao hot damn that's unbanned now?!" @Tatsoomuh Time to fight even more hero players lolThey finally freed stratos. I can't believe it...I know I talk about yugioh enough on Twitter but this new banlist is pretty nice. Good bye mermaid I hope you never… @Dtrik3 I do not. GOODBYE MERMAID at 3. Holy shit LOL @DogzeaNY Oh God I just noticed calamities there as well LOL ggs @AphexArcade I HOPE JACKO NEVER COMES BACK @DogzeaNY Orcust infinitrack eh? Nice! It's amazing how splashable orcust are in the current meta lmao. Nothing mak… @tkgodpling Not for poor Zato!!! 😂 @tkgodpling Don't do this to me, man... @Havoc_Noah @tsb_blaze @baceNYC Uzui is def my boy @DogzeaNY It's absolutely crazy, man! Didn't think that yelling about Yugioh on twitter would inspire hella people… @BeautifuldudeGG started a revival of yugioh in the FGC, and I think that's wonderful
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @Samifish11 Cries from Santa Barbara @Tsuntenshi @honoka_iidx Time for me to cry when Sky strikers dodge the ban list @Tsuntenshi Dingrisu... @RenBadguy_FGC Heroes are so rad. They have a lot of ways to played and everything! The dude I used to play a lot mained heroes haha @Callum_____m Gooooooood @Soffish_ @KoboldJager It's interesting. They made a lot of good decks cheap to buy now but there's a new banlist s…
@Foonanigims LMAO good. Sometimes you just gotta not let them banish anything ever LOL @BrandonDawkin17 @Ninjadogs I'll allow it for sure LOL @Soffish_ @KoboldJager Dino rabbits reign of terror is very much over LOL @Ninjadogs lmaoooo hell yeah lets goooooooooo @KoboldJager I would only be cautious if you're playing one of the tier 1 meta decks right now but it doesn't hurt to wait!We back in the game, cool to find out the deck i ran a while ago is still relavent just need to tweek it and add ca…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @KoboldJager HELL YEAHIt's super rad how many people DM/tweet me about going back into Yugioh recently. Now we can all whine about Orcust… @toxyn1440 Doomking is such a fucker LOL
@Ninjadogs I would only be really concerned if you're playing a tier 1 meta deck tbh. Banlist comes out in a couple weeks @wnesuki @imnotasandwichh That's too raw @Ninjadogs Honestly it's a really good time to get into Yu-Gi-Oh. Lots of very strong decks are cheap af now and th…