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Fighting game player for @UYU. I also stream and commentate! Email:

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@MarkMan23 When I went back stage to meet you at dreamhack Denver! We talked Claudio and Tekken with Hadou Rick!I got 2nd in Yu-Gi-Oh locals by harnessing the power of top tier spyrals. Let's play granblue now… the stunning conclusion to the Tekken World Tour 2019 season featuring UYU's own Double and LowHigh. Filmed…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @Bojack198 I can see the future. It's fucked up. @_dpiddy Wait till she has AOP, fam @gyarugarou A little bit yeah @surewin_619 I'm a trash ninja smh
@Freakmasta01 I can't be opened up by an instant overhead if I can see the future with my new eye. It's gonna be rad af @FRBak0 I understandI got steroids put into my eyeball today. Sharingan here I come. @Zenky0ne Looking good! @doonpa EC being toxic again SMH.... @LordKnightBB @doonpa Fighting ferry makes me so sad @Tsuntenshi @ChosenNinja45 @tsb_blaze I def would as well lmao @Foonanigims @MegatenMaiden FROG PLAYERS @MegatenMaiden @Foonanigims You paleo frog players smh @MentalMinx @slileyR @zhayeswrites @peroshirako @voyahora @DuelistEfra @JoselG5710 @KatanaBtzPaper @teguh_saka experiences dueling Bryant AKA why I need to move out. The reads... 20 isn't enough.
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @FluxedOver Damn @Foonanigims Man, you popping off after Last Warrior showed up was too much. HARD READS. @UYU EYES EMOJI X10
@DjandoM I'm definitely doing that lolol @Sp3ctro_ You have my sword @AlzarathEX PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME @RankNone Have fun brotha @DarkslayerArim That board makes me nervous LOL @autodidact_ @zidanel33t @tsb_blaze I'm still mad about that lmao @zidanel33t @tsb_blaze Man, I still think about the performance of the lead actress the most, it's honestly insane… @zidanel33t @tsb_blaze Yeah I think so too. Hereditary is overall a more solid movie imo @tsb_blaze I call Hereditary the best modern horror movie I've seen for a reason! I won't give anything away but I… @tsb_blaze Hereditary was directed by the same guy but it's a lot more effective. One of the best psychological hor… @tsb_blaze Did you watch hereditary? I forgot lol @UYU @LaDOSE_Flo @ASTROGaming @double4646 @ASTROGamingUK @Jeondding_tk @n0ned @SpaghettiRip @shen_gaming_uk @Arlieth I'm sorry you're on the 405 LOL @Arlieth I'm sorry... @HolyOrderShar Don't tempt me @MentalMinx I have to remember not to be foolish by not overextending my plays! @verimeloni @Miku_RockShoot Also yes you're right lolol @verimeloni @Miku_RockShoot LMAOOO I'M STEALING THIS SO HARD @Aggronize This is rad. Toxtricity is rad @A3Religion I get tight lmao @PepperySplash @Jukwol Lmao damn I was mad tempted to make a bad decision LOL @Jukwol I fucking need this LOL @NOSLOandy LMAO I'm absolutely gonna do that next time. Did you see AA? Exhaustion loops are sooooo funny LOLThe ultimate stream prop @Miku_RockShoot The deck is good for sure! Just don't call by the grave my doomking please lmao. Also bring your de… @Miku_RockShoot
GBVS house sessions featuring @Foonanigims and @KyleDannen @elyon_i @ZakOnestar Elyon the BOY
@WSOLogan Being well off for the rest of your life along with your family is way too good to pass up. @OnimariO1 @King0Rasta I fucking felt your pain when I got to air low mist findered into treasure hunt into death. What a character... @Foonanigims Truly a king @King0Rasta I will always die laughing when I remember how st headstompers you were like"Nah Julian the Johnny hate… @NerdJosh Game is godlikeNext Danger Time Night Raid Vortex is this coming Saturday (2/29/20)! It will feature: #BBTAG - 3on3 Teams #GBVS -…
Retweeted by UYU | BeautifuldudeDanger Time is a bi-weekly local anime fighting game event located at 581 N Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831.…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @TheSpiritJuice It can't be helped... @NOSLOandy I'm covering my tracks hell hard bro!!!
I'm not taking any responsibility, If anyone exploded last night SMH @SALTKILLSDEMONS Good job! @autodidact_ Truly an endless quest @coolcmcgee Take that backTake 2 shots for the Mamiya bike super @raiden_gi @raiden_gi You're a king. Bet. @Dtrik3 LOOOOLThis was a bad idea
@DSS_FGC As a shin player, I also understand what destiny brings for us... @unbansogos I'm feeling A @SvampenBuri HOKUTO UJOU HAGAN KEN @DSS_FGC Then we die @peacockjive @KittyKaboooom Amazing! Happy birthday!! @PepperySplash Kizzie was a prophet we didn't want to believe...Take a shot every time you see @PNDKetchup Old school NRS bullshit will always be my favorite shit in fighting games LOL @gcyoshi13 @Ninjaelephant31 @totoroslayer His evil spreads further @doonpa YesStreaming a GranBlue session with @Kizzie_Kay310 @BeautifuldudeGG @Foonanigims come in and watch the grind session…
Retweeted by UYU | Beautifuldude @slileyR Yes! Spooky! @xHyponicZero Don't get them started...
@Shinku_DZ Going all Gran @TSN_Bartender I got you @PBeef2Spicy I appreciate your character loyalty!! @_saintcola LMAO WOOOOW @RenBadguy_FGC Zombie world instills fear lolol @Octopimp You're too powerful @Ninjadogs It's the god lolol I died laughing @Ventus_CrossX Oh yeah I can definitely see your opponent getting upset after that LOL. Yeah I main zombies but I a… @Ventus_CrossX What deck do you run? Lolol @XxDarkTalonxX Thanks bro I miss ya @TanmanFGC It's fucked up, bro lolol @NoahNoahjacob7 If it's close to me then maybe, but probably not haha. @Arx_FGC @strongerkuma Dude, I think it has so much potential when paired up with the doomking engine. I'm soooo ex… @RenBadguy_FGC Lmao my b that was a typo I meant *He knew @EtherliteAir I've heard the netplay is worse LOLShort GBVS stream. Time to burn peeps or get burned as Percival @AALanline pure shaddoll