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I'm a Student who like to study History. I like to travel with friends and I also like art. In my opinion, life without art would be dull and uninteresting.

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Otto’s Black Canary >>> @OttoSchmidt72 🥵🥵🖤
Retweeted by MilanAdded some damages to Hulkbuster ~~~~💦💦💦sometimes it happens i accidentally skip to read some words and sentences i…
Retweeted by MilanIn brightest day, in blackest night, please wash your hands with all your might! 👏 #ConnectedTogether
Retweeted by MilanWIP
Retweeted by MilanCannot wait for #DeathMetal; the sprawling cast alone is good reason, but every snippet of new art pulls me in!…
Retweeted by MilanWent with this fellow... haven’t drawn him much before...
Retweeted by MilanA mob of rioters just murdered a man in cold blood in Dallas. He was defending his store.
Retweeted by MilanThe feeling you get when you find out fractional investing is available for all on the Fidelity® Mobile App. #nowait
Retweeted by MilanThe art of Clara Tessier #Xmen #Mystique #X23 #Psylocke #Rogue
Retweeted by MilanWhen Jennifer Lopez was the baddest Latina in 1999 ✨ #JenniferLopez #JLo
Retweeted by Milan.@JLo’s “Thanks A Million” has been officially renewed for a 2nd season on @Quibi.
Retweeted by MilanTHE HOT SHEET: Jennifer Lopez!
Retweeted by MilanTHEE Latin queen of entertainment @JLo
Retweeted by MilanOh HI! I dunno what's wrong with me, I never posted this cover! Here it is for you, free of all design elements. Li…
Retweeted by MilanThis Rictor is so pretty I'm going to weep
Retweeted by MilanMore split depth Batman covers #10 and #52
Retweeted by Milan
Illustration based on Spider-Man 2 (2004) by One-Punch Man illustrator Yusuke Murata
Retweeted by Milan#XFAQtor Countdown - 60 Days To Go.
Retweeted by Milan43 years ago today #GeorgeLucas created a modern mythology & gave us a new language. Happy Birthday #StarWars...and…
Retweeted by MilanTony Timpa was suffocated by police during an arrest. He screamed “you’re going to kill me.” And they did. As he la…
Retweeted by MilanWhat did you think of #JLDarkApokolipsWar? Go behind the scenes with the cast of the animated epic 💥…
Retweeted by MilanHENRY CAVILL in Talks to Return as SUPERMAN - Report
Retweeted by MilanSnowbird and the Great Beasts, full figure 11x17´ copic markers
Retweeted by MilanI have spent all of my life, waiting for tonight.
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Retweeted by MilanFinally did the Wipe it Down thing #WipeItDownChallenge #wipeitdown #jeangrey
Retweeted by Milan @WillisWho So...the white people are cleaning the black people's mess? @cracksh0t How nice to see all of them together.
@Brennanator @CBR I hate the CBR community. I heard the site is owned by white and run by black (at least most of t…
Retweeted by Milan @CBR Remember when you guys did this? Fuck you and your miserable website is my point.
Retweeted by Milan @BlueSpider450 @WolverSteve @Warwolf78 @GGWOW1 @Shadewing @MavsOpinions @marvel_mmo @Matt_5972 @bronxfanatic
Retweeted by Milan @drew_moss OMG that's awesome. Love it!!!#Polaris #xmen #marvel #comics #goodnight
Retweeted by MilanGet an early look at @TomKingTK & @mikeljanin and @therightram & @FdoBlanco's stories in the Catwoman 80th Annivers…
Retweeted by MilanLook at her!!!
Retweeted by Milan @BoundingComics So glad I don't do CBR. Let alone visit since Polaris' thread is made by trolls and not by fans.OPINION: Breaking Down CBR’s Quickly Deleted Memorial Day Op-Ed Claiming Captain America “Wasn’t A Hero”
Retweeted by Milan @JamesHarren1 Amazing!
Variant cover of #XFactor 250! Looks #Amazing!
Retweeted by Milanshe’s so cute for whattt😭😭
Retweeted by MilanDid anyone notice this?? Is @JLo teasing a new song? I leave the link here:
Retweeted by Milan @ElixExotic Because you post this so maybe you should link it? @ElixExotic Tell me why I dont see her stabbing anyone but a bunch of black women and men attacking her. @ElixExotic Why allthose blacks attacking an old lady that can't barely defend herself? @agentfitz777 @JipperKripper @maliciousglee @RobertSecundus @karen_xmenfan @strictlyworse @cpfokken @Maxxie_Maxx @karen_xmenfan @agentfitz777 Oh yes...Looks like Havok and Polaris are gonna be having a reunion in whatever Carlos Gomez is working on! @maliciousglee
Retweeted by Milan @rianbowart @agentfitz777 Sweet.A quick portrait of Polaris I did to test my speed for my livestream on the 30th! Still took me too long but Im hap…
Retweeted by Milan @agentfitz777 @LoriHyrup @mymonsterischic @david_baldeon OMG she looks badass. @LoriHyrup @mymonsterischic @david_baldeon Yup and Polaris!
Retweeted by Milan @Marvel @StateFarm Jean can play with his mind. I'm sure Jean wins but o...k.Remember how good Prisoner X was/is? That book is amazing
Retweeted by Milan @karen_xmenfan It was actually the best book from all the AoX-man. @JohnBoyega Racism comes from different colors and different race. That's including black. @heartstring1111 @radiosketch @JohnBoyega And when do black fight for Asian or Latinos? X-Dose: #Polaris by @hodgesart. Looking forward to seeing #LornaDane in action in #XmenBlue soon from @Marvel
Retweeted by Milan @andthankyou You mean Lorna Dane, X-Men, X-Factor, Starjammers, mistress of Magnetism... Polaris? Yes, your art is too cute. 🥰
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Retweeted by Milan @MohWorldent JLo is a multi power houseRogue drawing on 9x12" bristol for sale. . For commissions and original art store Click the link…
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Retweeted by MilanDark Phoenix commission on 9x12” paper.
Retweeted by Milan @JasonJohnsonArt @nealadamsdotcom Awesome! @rianbowart @maliciousglee Polaris looks so cute.Some WIPs 💖🌈
Retweeted by MilanWind down sketch and think this is the first time I’ve drawn #jeangrey in her 90s costume in over 20 years so...bit…
Retweeted by MilanDay 25 of my X-men line up chronology quarantine personal project! X-factor and from the 80s bonus line up The New…
Retweeted by Milan
Happy to finally share this Batman: The Animated Series illustration I've been working on during quarantine! Hope y…
Retweeted by Milanreminder that @karen_xmenfan is the actual literal GOAT & this commission of me & my bestie as our x-counterparts i…
Retweeted by MilanWind down sketch and think this is the first time I’ve drawn #jeangrey in her 90s costume in over 20 years so...bit…
Retweeted by MilanFelicia, Part Three The Polishing.... Sketch from Virtual @WonderCon 2020 #Blackcat #marvelcomics @Marvel
Retweeted by Milan @Dylan_Macri You forgot Polaris. @LuisLaczky Nice. Can you draw Polaris? I'd love to see.Before work day starts. Whatever
Retweeted by MilanToday, we honor our fallen heroes. #MemorialDay
Retweeted by MilanSomebody got paid $3.15 to write this.
Retweeted by Milan @Aaron_Sparrow Cbr is nothing but trash. @Aaron_Sparrow Current images of CBR Headquarters... That explains their low salary and low quality of their artic…
Retweeted by MilanThat's what you get CBR.
Retweeted by MilanI love how @CBR took down this tweet, but not the actual article. Keep trying to hide your true feelings. It won…
Retweeted by Milan @TheJustinProper @CBR That site is trash. I hate that place. They should shut down for good. Many haters and trolls… @YellowFlashGuy @CBR is the worst place to be. Too many idiots and trolls...especially in the Polaris's thread. The…
For the next Black &White campaign! Here is a link for the Pre Launch Page, sign up for early bird specials and a…
Retweeted by Milaneco brutalism. brutalism with trees
Retweeted by MilanABE #HELLBOY #Mikemignola
Retweeted by MilanIdentity finally revealed!! This is like throwing #Superman #Thor #GamingBuddies
Retweeted by Milan @JasonJohnsonArt Well done!Well, some sad news to report today: due to the pandemic, Marvel had to cancel some of its planned variant covers i…
Lorna will too #WIP #pencils #outofcontext
Retweeted by MilanUncanny X-Men #279 from August 1991.
Retweeted by MilanCovers done! Just need some inks and colors, a logo design, some lettering and we’re good to go! #Parsec
Retweeted by Milan10mins - - - > 20 hours
Retweeted by Milan#SixFanarts from my @daveguertinart account. Join me for new art & adventures in between @creaturebox projects 🤖…
Retweeted by MilanBatman commission.
Retweeted by MilanI died and was rebirthed again 😍😍😍
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@andthankyou Thank you. She looks awesome. @Ughhhhhhfine @andthankyou You not a huge fan but you are. Polaris is not easily defeated and dont come…