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🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @Beavs Southern California

freelance concept artist + illustrator (available!) prev @Naughty_Dog + @wonderstorm_inc ✨ illustration rep: @BrightAgencyUS ✨ 🇨🇦NS ✨ she/her

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@badrimus @HindChristopher @BoarTown @possum_simp @DavidKneil @Jumbo15645284 @latestinspace I am baffled that you s… @Jushin Always was @javi_khoso @SvanDendragon Hahahhaha 💖It looks cool as fuck it’s literally just vibing
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @RachelMillerArt Why not it’s the frightening version @krismas_a When I saw this a week ago I was like hell yeah. This is good to meYeah this is the good shit.Me (a little buzzed) put on Darude’s sandstorm (frightening) please @krismas_a Lol I got mine today, I love it @kyriezombie @hchanooo FIG! 🥺💖 @BobbieCRIES Oh no, I’m sorry. I thankfully was only in the actual planning stage when I started panicking over it…
@Zlanier21 Hell yeah 💖I am honored to be considered part of the future of gaming! The future of gaming is diverse, accessible, and inclus…
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @gameism I genuinely don’t know why I let people convince me to do lists are bad. I love to do lists. @NightblueArt Oh I made it to like halfway through planning a week before I panicked and stopped doing it haha. I’m… @alexr790 What has historically been best for me is a weekly to do list. So I will use a calendar for meetings and… @KatieDeSousa @____ness Lol finding their grenades in the fridge like oooops don’t remember putting those in there! @TerezaRozumkova Yeah that’s completely fair. I’m glad it does work for you and others! We all gotta find our thing, this one wasn’t mine @BenJelter That’s closer to what works for me, like I have always done “flow time” between 1-4 which is just “do wh… this method works for you, that’s also cool. our brains are all our own unique herbal blend of disaster constant… @explodikid Your brain is perfect this is just an amazing testament to how different everyone’s wiring is. Cause ma… @Nytrinhia This is my way too! @explodikid I think I like it in some ways like blocking out a period of time for flow time but having the individu… @JeffAHamilton LOL I tried that once and I was like hey this is like a waking nightmare. Neat.What was I thinking turning everything into a thing I can see moving closer to me on a calendar? I’ve lived with th…’s this productivity method called time blocking that is an executive dysfunction hellscape. Imagine everythin… 15th of December is the final shipping day to get something pre-Christmas in the US, and if you don't know what… @badrimus @HindChristopher @DavidKneil @Jumbo15645284 @latestinspace Are you asking why the sun in our solar system… @IdiotAhad It’s a perfect name 🥰 @nebquerna Oh hello Gooby what an angel! @shoomlah I have an entire sequence of images saved to my phone of when he designed a dress because I know in this… @PopRelics Yes it matches goobyGooby likes to be held like a baby 🥺
Anyways I talk a lot on here about needing to take breaks and I stand by it 100% but I am just as mean to myself as… doing 0 personal pieces would be fine my brain rewiring just has starts and stops. I’ll take a step forward and 2 steps back.I’m always surprised every art v artist time because I spend so much time thinking I don’t do enough personal work,… @Bald_Fi @MitchyD In my mind that’s the catalyst too. @arvalis @AngelosLH Magazines aren’t open though or platforms where back and forth can be had so it would never get… course Twitter is bad too but sub Reddits are contained, allowing the farts to fester and bloat over time bringi… @GenePark Gene I thought tlou was bad. You ever look in the WoW subreddit? Or the ff one? Or literally any mmo sub?… think Reddit is the worst thing to ever happen to games. @jam_etc God I love your style so dang much
@MegZavala 🥺💖I might start doing mini gouache in the hobonichi again those were fun #artvsartist2021 I did almost all personal pieces in gouache or pastel this year. Gonna be more of that in 2022… will claim to not like cats but within 30 mins of being in a room with one start carrying it around the house to let it smell things
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄Wishing all my ff14 playing followers a very short queue time into chinstrap elves and bunny boys town 💖 @Eskiworks Horse-drawn carriage driver @JamalKurosawa Now that I can get into. Also I think my brain fully invented kotik being on that board which,.. dun… @JamalKurosawa Oh lol they replaced him. I have complicated feelings on rewarding the teams as you can’t separate… @kateburning @gabbyzapata This is close to my house and I highly recommend it. Traffic gets wild so plan to park and walk a bit! @kasettetape Plz I want this so bad @arvalis @Brynn_Metheney Me 🤝 Rj Up too early/ late tweeting @JamalKurosawa So they can still… win an award? And Bobby Kotik is still on their advisory board? That’s not really removing them @Brynn_Metheney The worst is you can always see every muscle clearly defined. Like okay calm down over there, Hogarth. @vaccaro3d well if you ever wanna run keys hit me up! beavs#11721
okay it's leveled out and now i gotta delete it so i can focus but THANK YOU @roorosey Ruby i want an icelandiiiiiic :( they're so perfect. weird little gaited fuzz balls. @emeemay the other explanation that does make a bit of sense is most of the song tells a story about a guy and thei… @smariano_ai i am just as baffled as you are by this but it's A THING APPARENTLY @Balefuego so many people already. I AM AMAZED @arvalis Damn. Yeah this one cut right to the bone @A_Zedig_Diboine Riggin an elaborate hanging bar system above my cintiq so I can just dangle above it like some sor… @viitahenri Oh shit YES @craigperko Or develop a system where I can paint comfortably laying downAll my creative juices are spread evenly when I’m laying down but when i stand up gravity pulls it to my feet so it’s not my faultI like laying in bed thinking about painting knowing full well I won’t feel like it anymore when I get up. That “I’… Did you know the reason LA’s public transportation is so bad is the car companies drove out all other options?…
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄this is the most menacing performance of darude sandstorm I've ever seem
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @vaccaro3d Anthony I didn’t know you played wow lol you horde? @IGN
Lol I got another one! Radio silence all of a sudden. This one is super weird I tried looking at his profile it’s a… @Meta there's literally no way to report that this person is using a fairly effective scamming technique on your ma… @lozzadraws like i had this brief moment where i was like "this is a woman trying to be safe before she shows up at… @DreadfulK it literally aaaalmost could have had me if it didn't seem so wildly suspect to send someone a verificat… @nickdrawthing @KyuKyong robokiller is the one i use. some real calls end up getting blocked but they can just leave messages lol @Meta there's no way to report buyers on marketplace but yeah... found one? @KyuKyong my phone is already barraged with scams because i live in LA and it's just spoof call central. i have an… person does have my phone number now but what scammer doesn't have everyone's phone number according to how ma… well! i tried selling some furniture on facebook marketplace, someone wanted to buy it, asked me to send them b… @Zlanier21 Laying in a ball weeping because we took the lotr which town are you quiz on uquiz @AnneMunition Holy shit Anne. This quiz! LolWhy’s the which lotr town are you quiz making me emotional @clapifyoulikeme I just wanna make sure @devongiehl sees thisOh my god
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @jmarieray @pixelgarbage Hey you’re good at this thing why don’t you never do it again and instead just talk to other people about itWow... no surprises here
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Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @Veritonsils Can’t wait to hear you all be like “Gary’s been in layer 10 of KLOMB for the past 72 hours straight an… @its_zrb All these songs are on my pushing keys playlist hahaha @DeyotteDylan Me neither!Huh. I thought for sure Taylor would be in there but yeah this makes sense @Brynn_Metheney Brynn I am so very sorry. Sending you so much love @Veritonsils You all look like you’re going to an eyes wide shut partyI have a high fantasy art project (think DnD or LotR) for a known IP that I'm in desperate need of an artist. Send…
Retweeted by 🌟Alexandria Neonakis🎄 @camilatorrano Haha yeah that’s him @kurestinarmada Omg it cracks me up. I get so charmed by his spelling. I’d never tell him or correct it, he learned… @kurestinarmada @MattWilcox @mattwilcox My dad and I are super close. We’re just joking around. You make a good poi…