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Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available.

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Retweeted by GGTl;dr your feeling is basically your brain’s activity that happens outside your awareness. gives me anxiety MARKET, BABY
Retweeted by GGYes it's holiday szn and surely the virus gonna take few days off as well
Retweeted by GG @iambadung Yha di situla seninya... 🥴 @Bhiie 💯Jakarta:
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Ahh, that conversation pit.
Retweeted by GGI am deeply disturbed by this Nashville real estate listing that @AdamVingan just sent me:
Retweeted by GGCan't believe these buildings are designed by the same architect. @irnarale Belum sempat sniff karena kepalang turn off sama branding dan marketingnya 🥴Selebihnya tinggal bikin narasi senja atau zodiak dan cari vendor kemasan. @irnarale ...... rolple @irnarale who dis?Previously on they don’t make it anymore:
Retweeted by GGDirgahayu 3 tahun celana gemez Crossing Switch load times vs Trump press conference
Retweeted by GGKPK Deputy Chief Nurul Ghufron confirmed that the Minister was snared at the airport and said to wait for the offic…
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Me mixing together the Pfizer, Moderna AND AstraZeneca vaccines together
Retweeted by GGAt this point my pragmatism goes like: If I join at least I can see how myself/my parents get infected (dun really… guess who will be the debbie downer in this group 🎉Hot hatches are destined to be modern classics because no one make 'em anymore 🥴Xad third world problem: biggy family is going to spend tha weekend in a Lembang villa this weekend despite the current numbersTolong @BurgerKing_ID ada yang jual re gan mian *klik buy*tukang ngeuseup that clears things up.
Retweeted by GGYou know what screams "I'm insecure"? http://
Retweeted by GGthis is still my favorite quarantine meme
Retweeted by GGEvery jonmeyer video:
Waw~ #MyTwitterAnniversary khas kearifan lokal budaya ramah tamah adiluhung: apapun kesalahannya kan bisa diomongin baik-baik™ #lastRT @raidsuhanri @phenolphtaleinn @CommuterLine Minta diperlakukan baik-baik, padahal ngelanggar aturan. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by GGAda-ada aja kelakuan XY cishet medioker dalam pencarian jati diri via komunitas sembariAnd to balance it out (editor's note: best watched during workout) y.o. me probably watched Shokugeki no Sōma for t̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶c̶c̶h̶i̶ anime sake . 30 y.o. me surely watched it for the food.What your “pandemic fatigue” is doing to our healthcare workers.
Retweeted by GGNegara berflower Yakult yg mesti dingin aja dijual palagy vaksi–'Back to the Future Part II' premiered 31 years ago ⏳ Besides the DeLorean, which of these do you wish you had?
Retweeted by GGAmong Us...Cybersecurity edition
Retweeted by GG10/10 selera humor you read the article? The article: accept cookie, pop up ads, autoplaying irrelevant video *close*
Loh lagu The Stone Roses yang mana ini kok membuat kadang ingin pergi, kadang ingin sendiri. Ternyata.. ᴵ ᵂᴬᴺᴺᴬ ᴮᴱ ᴬᴰᴼᴺ
Retweeted by GG @catuaries di MRTnya berasa lagi di Tokyo, pas udah jalan kaki ke selatan langsung berasa di India 😭
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Retweeted by GGToday I learned that Roman gym owners sold Gamer Girl Bathwater
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Looking at an elaborate, beautiful painting/photograph right at the moment before dozed off so it might be the last… organik (dari minyak nabati alami yang akhirnya ambyar jadi ooze warna-warni nuansa terfermentasi setelah pem… kolinsky sable paintbrushes are so expensive
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This is good.😂
Retweeted by GGMonmap kalau berdasarkan panelisnya ini Mulan yang mana ya? Instan
Retweeted by GGI feel attac anda sedang thrifting barang2 preloved tiba2 ketemu naskah asli supersemar
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Gus bngt yawla @TristanPEJ @keinesasih Bgcd
Retweeted by GGHere's a set of tips I have for writing: 1. Is there a ghost in the story? 2. Why not? 3. Is there a house with an…
Retweeted by GG @keinesasih @bintangrafdi madame tussaud vibes @funkadrome karena kalau memusuhi yang lain either kalah banyak atau udah jadi bullying material duluan @bintangrafdi yang tidak diselenggarakan oleh~kurang s tapi yha kalau tau ya tau deJuga mindset pake kendaraan pribadi itu untuk pergerakan point-to-point yang independen, bukan untuk jadi yang ter~ @bintangrafdi Pentingnya skill identifikasi kendaraanKalau rutin mengemudikan kendaraan bermotor ada baiknya liat-liat: - (at)dashcam_owners_indonesia - r/idiotincars -… rumah + 1 mobil the one I had is Luo Ba Wang, the only one available on local ikomurz aside Hao Huan LuoVerdict : to my kiauseng palate the taste is very...totok. Tangy, spicy, and savory with plenty of textures from th… will eat again ada yang bikin @fleetjelek blom ni?portishead tuh thrift hop
Retweeted by GGBye Biden's island @tsetiady less introved 😶RIP admin @ryourise Ah classic white people in second gen states privilegeFleet ini sesungguhnya adala 🎣 bagi akun anon dan semi-anon agar @ryourise In my case, it is –even for work. Considering the infrastructure & weather here, I don't see why not 🥴
Not sure whether it's the zeitgeist or the age but I'm drawn to hiking gear as daily wear rn 🥴Is this rac~’all gotta listen to the Dolly Parton’s America podcast if you haven’t already.
Retweeted by GGCannot throw cause it's from PRADA/CHANEL/GUCCI/LV/BEE CHENG HIANG+9462 whatever other brands
Retweeted by GGWhat a concept y makan kari India tapi yang pake babi 🥴 karma yang membalasnya 🚫 Biarkan Dunning-Kruger effect bekerja ✅Udik u namanya snaptweet tauTwitter Premium ga ada story-nya.Kirain narasi muka orang korea sama semua terakhir ada pas World Cup 2002.The 14th Century Called...
Retweeted by GGKirain kalau dipost di IG autokebal"Getting tested for Covid-19 on a Thursday so you can go to a party on a Saturday is not a good idea." @Outstandjing Basically bahasa orbanya euweuh kahayangWhat did they say about that bad publicity is still publicity thing again? the architectural impression doesn't include basic amenities and surroundings just assume the property is shitty… traveling overseas was a thing (':
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