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Dancer, Singer, Actress, Animal Lover, Jersey Girl.

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@MoonInCharlotte Thank you so much! @dancindanw @CallMeAdamNYC @TheBroadwayWiz @FeldmanAdam Thank you!🌟☕️☺️Thank you!🌟☕️🌟 for the endorsement!🙏🏻☮️☕️🌟 more coffee? (Yes.) Here’s a 24 hr. Flash sale on some very fine beans🌟☕️🌟 12oz. bags are also available☕️ (So… guys, I definitely just stood in the middle of the floor, not going left, not going right. #quarantine
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @WomenCallAction @abigail_hawk 🙏🏻☮️💙 @abigail_hawk @WomenCallAction Yeah, same, we’re alright. Stay safe😘 (<- That is the ultimate air-kiss) @abigail_hawk @WomenCallAction Hiya🙋🏻‍♀️ I hope you and yours are all safe and sound🙏🏻☮️💙 @WomenCallAction Same!#portrait #photography @thegoodfight @bbraxtonact2 🙋🏻‍♀️Remembering Beverly "Guitar" Watkins, born on this day in 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia. Here she is performing at Ladie…
Retweeted by Bebe NeuwirthNichelle Nichols’ Uhura. 🌟🙌🏻🌟#RoleModel @KellyAuCoin77 Right! @Broadwaybandit5 @womensart1 I agree! @JackViertel1 @LittleWrenn72 @MrJoeKeenan And that’s the first time I met him and his wife - in my dressing room af… @bbraxtonact2 @TheGoodFightCBS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @ReelQuinn @KellyAuCoin77 @BarzinAkhavan 😆I could watch this ALL DAY LONG.⚽️
@quinncy I LOVE OWENNailed it.
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @gracemutton ☺️👍🏻It’s a good time for some @rubyetc
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @MrJoeKeenan @JackViertel1 Oh, sorry. No, I met MacLaine after a performance of Sweet Charity in L.A. - we played t… @JackViertel1 @MrJoeKeenan Hi Jack🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m going to wait for Joe to weigh in before I answer.... @MrJoeKeenan Nope☺️ @OhNoSheTwitnt @Lucas_Fitzz 🤦🏻‍♀️ @benrimalower Thanks!☺️ @MrJoeKeenan Because she was so lovely.🙏🏻 @MrJoeKeenan Lynn
@DelShores @ActuallyEmerson ☺️As are YOU🙏🏻☮️💙 @jsrmsr Thank you!2 hours away from showtime, my dear ones. can’t wait to play for you, from my quarantine to yours - live on…
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @DanTilkinKOIN6 @AlaskaAir Be safe Danny @marlodjur Thank you. I’ve got a few photos with similar framing; I like it too. @BlakeGetchell 😊 @marlodjur Thanks🙏🏻🙏🏻☮️💙 @_SJPeace_ 💕💕💕🙏🏻 @buckleystuff WOW. I studied Labanotation that 1 yr I was at Juilliard, but I never saw or even heard of these! It’… @iamericcano Probably Brooks Brothers🤷🏻‍♀️ @EvanHandler @goldengateblond @ActuallyEmerson You too Evan! Stay safe and sound🙏🏻☮️💙 @RebeccaCaine @belfastensemble @conorcomposer @OutburstArts 🌟👏🏻🌟👏🏻🌟👏🏻🌟 @macantone Same. But exactly.🌟🤣 Mailou Jones (1905-1998) Harlem Renaissance artist, one of the first African-American female painters to achie…
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @goldengateblond @ActuallyEmerson Yeah, holed up and hunkered down in NYC. 🙏🏻☮️ @goldengateblond @ActuallyEmerson *You* are! (I hope two are safe and sound🙏🏻☮️💙) @goldengateblond @ActuallyEmerson 🤗😘 @ActuallyEmerson @goldengateblond I got to hug her once! And her hubs! 💕 @ActuallyEmerson 😘 @quinncy HIS WHITE FEET @ActuallyEmerson You’re so wonderful💕🙏🏻☮️
In case anyone who needs to see this didn’t — @scottabney ☺️😬 @QueenLesli 🤣Ditto absolutely are... 🎶👁👁 👁👁 🎶 @EmCooperMusic Thanks!I watched it and it was EXTRAORDINARY🌟 Chilling and gorgeous and beautifully performed. Bravi👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻(And… @sashacharnin @OlivierAwards 🙏🏻💜 @MJMcKean Maybe Pinter for a little quiet time? @Jeffery0301 Happy Birthday!☺️ @CharlesMBlow Super hero!🙏🏻Pilates cat contemplates Pilates. #Pilates #MarchMatness @takenleft1 🤗 @avocadoatlawnyc @LibyaLiberty 🙏🏻☺️ @DanniGeeNYC Danni! Hope you and yours are safe and sound🙏🏻☮️💙 @jasonoftroupe Thank you! This is a lovely song! I hope you can get your show back onstage when this terrible time…🙏🏻💜 @WomenCallAction Just wrote you a dm. @RebeccaCaine @KaffeFassettStu It takes a long time if you only use YOUR TOES. @LibyaLiberty @avocadoatlawnyc Save me a seat. *swoon*Music helps🙏🏻☮️ @Coombsie77 Same Nora!When stocking up for #SocialDistancing...If you see something labeled “WIC” please chose another brand. People who…
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Oh this is fabulous. A new online platform, Bookshop, has created a centralized online shopping platform for indepe…
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @DMurphyOfficial Aw thanks. Yeah we’re alright. I hope you and yours are all safe and sound. Virtual hugs until they can be real🤗💕 @PeteNeuwirth 🤗This is my very smart brother writing smart things.... #actuary #pensions #proudlittlesister @alyssalimp @Lin_Manuel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JMunozActor She’s wonderful! (Really strong too!)🙏🏻🌟 @GregKButler 🙏🏻Here it is! Available around the World. Tomorrow at 9pm UK time. The complex, unapologetic homophobe Iris Robinson…
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @quinncy It’s brilliant and also beautifulCat’s like “Really? That’s the best you got?”🙏🏻“Not every hero wears a cape” #COVID19Pandemic
Retweeted by Bebe Neuwirth @joelmchale Does this qualify as my super-power? @TheRealKostroff *curtsies* @Iilithsternin Thank you! @gmingay Thank you so much! @JessicaVosk 🙋🏻‍♀️ @blovesyoutoo @TheActorsFund Thank you! @gabskoehler @GilpinPeri @JaneLeeves @KelseyGrammer @SethRudetsky @JamesWesleyNYC @TheActorsFund Wishing you a speedy recovery🙏🏻 @GilpinPeri @MsHarrietHarris @TomMcGowan_ Periiiiiiiii!💕😘 @JimCaruso1 @SethRudetsky @JamesWesleyNYC Aw Jim. I just wanted to hug and squeeze them all💕💕💕 @Iilithsternin ☺️