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Feminist witch; Dr of film. Writing about Star Wars. Championing women in film @MAI_Journal & @feministartfest. Film critic for Sight & Sound, BBC, etc.

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@matgb I too just got hailed on! @NavalAirHistory Loool @GreedyRunner Ha yes. But then it wouldn't be a question, and would start with a 1st person VO. 'There was a time,… @vellis6 Ha, very on trend @rlsgla Not entirely. Could have been a weird anxiety dreamAnyone remember the time before the storms came when we used to go outside? @meganfinola @goulcher I'm good! Hope you're well too? You still in London? x @enchantedbyfilm @amyharris7721 @cheshellen @BritFilmMelanie @BoltonsMotors @MTWSoton @sarahsmythlou @DavidSForrest @meganfinola @goulcher Omg Meg! It's been ages. Gorgeous pic x
I wonder where the 'draw me like one of your French girls' sketch is now... How many were there? Is it in an offici… @CineFeline Oh will look it up. There's something stylistically similar and both sites of fantasy/history brought b… @joelcacooney Is that from Avatar?'You see people' 'I see you' MY HEART 😭😭😭 the score and aerial shots make this a companion piece to Jurassic Park (has anyone written about this?) and y…'ve seen this film in excess of 20 times but on every rewatch I forget a) how 90s the main title looks and b) that… ill and sad so now seems like the perfect time to drink wine, eat the ice cream I found in the freezer but… @DrBenLitherland Yep. Also basic rules about respect and manadatory unconscious (well, conscious, in many cases) bi… @DrBenLitherland Lol. Wish I could get senior colleagues to agree to edit out the sexist ones that personally criti… @BlackPlumes1850 Thank you! It's a good way of adding to them very slowly. A post-viva one is a great way to commemorate it!A couple of years ago I decided that every time I write a book I'll get a tattoo. So, here's my new tarot and horos… @ruth_gilbert Wow. This is through-the-looking-glass dystopian.Your friendly reminder that if you're on strike right now and have a Mubi account (free for students) you should go…
@ruth_gilbert Can you IMAGINE the angst if that'd been recorded over?! I got similarly invested in R&J and What's Eating Gilbert Grape @linda83ross Same. Adam Driver, Cate Blanchett, Dev Patel... none of them will ever come close to my all-consuming… @joelcacooney Good question. Patriarchy? Weinstein or something similar? A not very good agent? Turned down scripts… @GraemeVirtue Should have been the headline!Leo was definitely already a star and my 11yr-old self would have fought you to the death if you'd suggested otherw… @ruth_gilbert Thank you!My favourite film of 2019. You know what to do #ReclaimTheFrame with everyone on the picket lines this morning. I'm suffering with a probable chest infection so won't b…
Everyone working in higher ed should read this. Universities need to step up and we need to stop assuming that exis… @ladymede Omg.Hey friends! @dardishi festival is this weekend at @cca_glasgow! It’s a 3 day festival jam-packed with events lead…
Retweeted by Becca HarrisonThis is the final supercut for my 'Indy Vinyl' project. Partly by reproducing media reports of sexual violence, it…
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@NickXHall @stemorgs Hang on... WHAT. I feel like I'm going to need to come back and read this tweet in the morning… @NickXHall @stemorgs I'd love to do a course that begins with that question and then resources students to practica… @stemorgs That'd be cool too, and it did cross my mind. I think we'll kind of cover that within this framework thou…'ll soon release my final Indy Vinyl supercut. It confronts the fact that the US indie films in my corpus stem fro…
Retweeted by Becca Harrison @iangarwoodfilm This is a really useful thread! There's a couple of things in here I haven't read beforeCampaign to stop everyone on this website using the words 'gaslighting' 'erased' and 'abusive' unless they've sat a… @tangoldman It's taken long enough to get to this point... and it has made me realise why I often find teaching so challenging! @stemorgs Once it's finished I'll happily share. Currently I have fairground rides, trains pt 1, electricity, proje…
I've just written a new undergrad course all about the history of cinema and tech and the joy of putting together a… summary of most men tbf @tom_bond It's never OTT to discuss the origins of a word. Identity, representation and possible appropriation all… @tom_bond And yes, 'talking about it first' NEEDS CITING. THAT'S LITERALLY HOW CITATIONS WORK. I wish one person wa… @tom_bond Jesus it's really not hard. 'Inspired by'. 'Drawing on the work of...' 'Responding in part to.' There are… @tom_bond They didn't demand a starring role. A black word has been appropriated by a very very white org. Black wo… @tom_bond I'm not a fan of the way it's played out and blamed one individual. But a) they haven't claimed to invent…
This weekend I've watched or read as three different women have all had their reputations trashed in public over th… @BenHalligan @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia I have but not sure I get the Leia vibes though (maybe an Imperial-esque outfit I guess?)
@ladymede Next time I peel myself off the sofa I'll send pics @SimoneWebbUCL I went through a phase of doing a lot of half marathons a few years ago. Never ate while running (to… friends made me valentines cards from our pets and they're so cute they've cured my post-wine headache, sorted m… @razzbingo @peterbennyson Pictures? I don't know what this is but it sounds delicious (I was sold at aubergines)
@AndrewMoor1 I... I don't know?! I want to believe that they are but something's telling me no @ValerieComplex Ohhh we should def go for a fancy dinner date at the next festival we coincide at @ValerieComplex 💜💜💜 (this has made my day, I withdraw my cancellation)Seriously how has no one said 'Rey of Light' already @Marlow22 Different rules apply if they're contacting me from beyond the grave though @jendavies @MikeSamuel8 I was reading a bit about it last night! It has an interesting history... didn't get that f… @razzbingo yeah true BUT if someone went all-out goth VD I would be into it @markboynz Thank you! That's very kind. I like this idea of positive affirmations rather than the more cynical academic valentines hashtagI have not received any declarations of undying/undead love. I am not haunted by the appearance of a handmade gift… @LizzieLay Ha of course! It all looks pretty up our respective streets. I'm hoping it makes an appearance at Cannes… @pennyb @Nicky___R Yes!!! Trying to unpick all the emotions = bad and logic = good academic nonsense is an added complication @pennyb @Nicky___R Exactly. I did a biography of a silent film star and found the line between 'men destroyed her r… @pennyb @Nicky___R (sorry Penny, not research-plaining you there. Replying to Nicky and realised I'd responded to y… @pennyb @Nicky___R Agreed. This can go the other way, too - I started some work a couple of years ago about the lim…
@outwither Ohhh what about coal? I have a whole early film project about materials and coal and imperial imports/ex… @hagenilda This, plus the fact he's one of the warmest, most sympathetic actors around. I love him in everything he… @MikeSamuel8 I DID NOT KNOW THIS. There's def an essay/article in here...This does nothing to diminish my opinion that everything is improved by the presence of Dev Patel @NicoleFroio It's a great article and gets at (more thoughtfully than me!) some of the great elements of the film.… @mjk1974 I'd need to watch both films again to do a detailed analysis - just recall those were my initial impressions a few months ago @mjk1974 Oh I was thinking more of the scout camp than in the family home @NicoleFroio Ohh interesting! Going to read this on the train home. That's another aspect I hadn't thought aboutAnyway there were things I was uncertain about in that film but its courage in saying 'hey, actually US and British…'s ages since I saw Jojo Rabbit but remember thinking it transplanted Moonrise Kingdom into Nazi Germany and made… talk about The French Despatch has reminded me of one of the bravest things (to my mind) about Jojo Rabbit..… w/ @BeccaEHarrison of Emma, Sonic the Hedgehog and Do No Harm: A Manual for Modern Torture (aka Eminent Mon…
Retweeted by Becca Harrison @jendavies Was that the one that I saw in the distance and then it DISAPPEARED off Vicky Rd before it got to my sto… an epic day of meetings, more meetings, dashing to Edinburgh to do radio, dashing back to Glasgow for dance cl… @LauraJaneMayne That's not to say we can't help people do nec academic tasks and tell them what to expect. But how… @LauraJaneMayne I have this chat with all prospective supervisees before they start. The strikes do the rest 😔. I'm…
@CarmenChloie @_jarking I find business cards really useful! At festivals, conferences, events, etc., and often peo… my personal headcanon terrible Hollywood men have ceased to exist so I'm thrilled to see Knives Out was the most… rape, assault Months in the making and the most important ⁦@BBCNews⁩ investigation I’ve done. These students w…
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@Scientits @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia So am I! Just want to see it in print now @ValerieComplex @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia Thanks! I'm so excited for Oct. @MegenJM I was asked to suggest an artist/artists but the publisher had the final say. Then they asked me if I had… @lrbobrien @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia I think they're re-releasing a lot (all?) of them with new artwork @MillicentOnFilm @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia ha in this case I really can't take any credit! I'm really nervous a… @LaurenGallaway @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia I know... I got genuinely tearful when I first saw it @cake_emu @AudreyEstok @BloomsburyMedia yep, the 'who' is an important theme in the book! and I really wanted the c… the cover of my BFI The Empire Strikes Back book is no longer embargoed and I'm so so excited to share i…
@cgl_119 Ahha, that makes sense! (I thought LW was great fwiw). There's a broader question here about what the purp… @ReadtheShakey I too would have made this joke. Probably unapologetically. @hagenilda Exactly! Got lulled into a false sense of security writing the short book on study leave. Now I'm back t… @hagenilda I get sick of explaining the basic premise and why it's important over and over again only to have funde…