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artist @wildbluestudios. aspiring master. ur #2 dad. have worked on wow, ij2, dauntless, etc. prof pic by @basilbaye they/them 🐋

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@Twabbis this is a gold mine @Twabbis teach me ur ways @Twabbis yes @gameism we honestly baked a lot as kids around the holidays and making crepes was a family tradition so i'm not totally intimidated 💪i absolutely adore how many of you are enthusiastic about baking so immediately. this is very sweet. @gameism ya this is why i have historically avoided it @appleciderwitch fuck @Twabbis help me @BenjaminHale7 can it be done?? @SpencerKayR i have a digital scale and refuse to use anything else.what basic equipment do you need to absolutely have in order to bake... bread and stuffi heavily prefer cooking over baking because baking seems so precise, but cooking is like "just throw shit in there… the holidays roll around, i'm assuming things are going to slow down and i'm going to be bored so: what if i tried baking
@Anim8der SORRY @Anim8der ಠωಠregardless, this is a good joke, please like my joke @wrongfrequenxy i'm good at this ok?? @spicyhamm thank youi had to repost this three times because i suck at delivering jokeswhen you passive-aggressively post about someone without @'ing them but you actually do want them to stumble upon i… proper outreach and enforcement, many workers don’t have access to our basic labor laws. Let’s put our m…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠if you're bracing yourself for spending time around fatphobic relatives that bring up your weight/looks a lot this…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠when i say "feel free to use my creatures in your campaign and let me know if you do"... i mean it!! it makes me so happy @gameism for realbrb crying god, this stuff seriously lights up my day @misadvencherus 💕💕 @CTULocal1 so far 100 schools have canceled school because teachers will be marching 👏🏻👏🏻💪
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠It’s cold in the Chi. Take nothing for granted and look out for your neighbor like we look out for our students. No…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠✨✨ HEY ✨✨ A friend is in a complex job situation and needs to find a senior or lead environment art job, if yall k…
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@gamejobhunter i'll let them know, thank you! @LittleMissLokii thank you <3✨✨ HEY ✨✨ A friend is in a complex job situation and needs to find a senior or lead environment art job, if yall k… @_mlktea they're in socal now, but links to any openings are appreciated, they're willing to relocate @ceschiii @jmarieray @basilbaye I LOVE IT @_mlktea @yourewrongabout that's not helpful though @yourewrongabout all bodies are different. you are not a skinny person in a fat body. you are not unlovable or unp… @yourewrongabout dear whoever needs to hear this today: diet culture is a scam. the weight loss industry is worth… @yourewrongabout yeet fatphobia into the sun, it has literally nothing to do with health remember: -US medical sch… you're bracing yourself for spending time around fatphobic relatives that bring up your weight/looks a lot this… @BluQuail hah i would but these are just for me :D @OfRainAndRuin i would if i could but also wow making meals literally just for yourself is therapeutic afhadn't made egg in a hole before. update: it's flippin delicious. made with the habanero honey peppers that i pick…'s this weird transition period that happens to every entry-level artist in every entry-level job in which you…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠Oh and no matter what, remember any good lead/senior/mentor knows that is DOES just take some time. If they're the right person for the role, t… think this is uniquely difficult in creative fields in which our self-worth, passion, and way of fulfillment come… your first job/internship, you find out really fast that you have no idea what's going on, even if you're confid…'s this weird transition period that happens to every entry-level artist in every entry-level job in which you… ~breaking in~ i don't think i've ever applied to a job without sending the link to some buds. every time a k… a student, i thought there was some dumb hierarchy among pro artists in which everyone probably wanted X jobs &… am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia, where the military, after weeks of political unrest…
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@KatieDeSousa it's pretty much a necessary part of my day at this point, i wake up so hungry and grumpy but this is always the cure ✨ @rhineville i adore these informative threads you've been doing 👍 @rhineville LOVE theseMore older art for new followers; Abbarae Personal illustration started over 4 years ago, debuted at #IW_18 as an…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠needed to use up the rest of the zucchini. if you don't have a good breakfast on monday mornings, then just go bac… Witch for the @beccahallstedt discord challenge. #characterdesign #digitalart #conceptart
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@CrabdominalPain 40 min in the oven at 375 baybee
@milkybeverage yeah same, UUUUUGH it's so obnoxious @RDialectics @legndofphoenix that's not bullying, it's justiceNeedlessly cruel feedback isn't critique, it's bullying. Don't be a dick.Nways She-ra got me shook every day, what a good showme as a preteen: boys are so stupid for being nervous around girls me in my mid-20s: a gal glanced at me on the tr…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠hey what's up i fucking believe in you
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠 @milkybeverage But that means a lot to me @milkybeverage I wish I could give it to everyoneI'm so incredibly 1000% grateful for those guys, but I and they both know it isn't the same Having someone to look…'s weird. I had so many really wonderful male mentors that were aware of what they couldn't be for me but tried t…'m still young. hopefully i'll experience that in some capacity eventually. but for what it's worth, i try to real… there's one thing that gets me emotional while watching a show, it's seeing girls having women to look up to/be… @KrisLigman an absolute unitused aldi veggie meatballs as breakfast sausage. zucchini, goat cheese. @Seriiiously i love of people really seem to LOVE their aerogardens, and their website is having a sale with some t… @Seriiiously which kind do you have? would a smaller one be able to grow basil?I was instructed by tournament officials to remove these defaced Terese Nielsen lands from my deck
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠Take this down NOW!! robots only do this when they are VERY DEPRESSED
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠 @JuFusroDAH The gals at our local secondhand video game/DVD/cd stores are...a mood @milkybeverage @misadvencherus You literally look like you're going to roundhouse kick with 100% anime VFX a shopli… @milkybeverage @misadvencherus MADDIE! THIS IS POWERFUL!Job seekers! Are you applying for a Game Designer role and need help with your resume/portfolio/cover letter? I'm o…
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As always: if the punishment is a fine then it's legal for rich people
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠 @CodeCrafty that's definitely a concern- mint and basil tend to takeover, so i think i want to have a system with separated containers @runeaxx thanks for sharin! @glassbottommeg BOO. good to know, though. i get a lot of indirect sunlight, but not a lot of direct sunlight? so i… @glassbottommeg are there any grow lights that are not *super* visually intense? @RebeccaPoulson good to know!i just want fresh basil and rosemary over the winter without having to buy a bunch of tiny one-use plastic packs x_xhas anyone tried indoor grow light systems like these, small enough to fit on a table? i want to try growing herbs…!
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠 @megraeart the best and most important meal of the dayhmmm beckfast fact about Bill Gates and capitalism. Decades ago he retired and began giving all his money away. He’s famous f…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠the other 364 days are increasingly specific national days for the victims of capitalism, also that's today too
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠And remember, the Union is your source for accurate information regarding the contract campaign and TA. If anyone’s…
Retweeted by becca | they/them 🤠 @ali_heston perfection @ali_heston my hearti've tweeted out forms of this over the years and now that i'm actually in the dating game, it's truer than ever @themermaidstyx its the truth ok??That’s #redfored in the North Carolina state capitol. You love to see it. #solidarity
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