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Frank & Becky @beckyandfrank Los Angeles, CA

Becky is Lead Character Design on Steven Universe/Adventure Time! Frank writes @TAIKOStudios! Also Capture Creatures, @Bustletown & Tigerbuttah! Rep @JenLinnan!

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@ABullett I still appreciate them!I draw soft cottagecore animals in a flowery, nostalgic style 🌼🌿💕 #OriginalContentArtist
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @MrJeffTrammell !!!!!!!!!!! @melcaylo I'm so sorry for your loss Mel. I remember you two flipping burgs together on the roof at your holiday bb… one is Puffy Jr! @benmekler @zach2themax Becky is still in a meeting. SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW THAT THE HOUR HAS's time for a new Perfect Tides trailer! new scenes, new seasons, still sad for no reason. Coming in 2021.
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Here's some more from his jazz fusion band Dr. Tree my friends know (because I talk about him constantly), my father is a jazz drummer. @radionz did a feature on on… #NobodyArtistClub, I'm a filipina traditional artist using acryla gouache. I like painting animals and nature (…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @lentilstew I like Nate!! @keetnoodles thank you for making beautiful art and sharing it with all of us!YES! America! Everyone stay the hell home. @ICELEVEL please take over cyberpunk. @ICELEVEL god the butt rock music in Cyberpunk 2077 is the most dystopian part, other than everyone saying gravelly… if trump and betsy are forcing schools to open in the fall we are all prepared to support TEACHERS GOING ON STRIKE YEAH?
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @thmslcn high cost of living but you are alive @lilynishita WHOA @rattusRose does burly know that they are baby @lizzamond Really incredible work!!! @artwmarc You're an amazing artist and I can't believe you're this good at 17! I wish I was this good when I was in my 20s lol @keetnoodles omg!!!! beautiful! @Khwany_kawawii oh my gosh this is such a great style!!My name is Elio. I'm a cartoonist and professor at @IllustrationCCC **Thank you for all the love and support**…
Retweeted by Frank & BeckyHey, I’m Rija and I love painting stars ✨ 😍 #NobodyArtistClub #under10kgang
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @ajirsti They're beautiful stars!!! @MirzaSaifBeg4 Your work is amazing!!!!Hi! I’m Khwan, Design student from 🇹🇭! I’m interested to be in game/animation concept artist in the future and I do…
Retweeted by Frank & Beckyhenlo #NobodyArtistClub #IAMSomebodyArtistClub. I'm a 22yo Filipino trad artist 🌸 I like to paint pretty people and…
Retweeted by Frank & BeckyHello! I'm Marc, 17 y/o artist from the Philippines 🇵🇭 still figuring things out, but i know i want to work in the…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky#NobodyArtistClub Hello! I'm a Korean illustrator and I draw animals and comics🍒
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@Raddishh Thank you so much <3 @ABullett This is the good stuff
Pick an artist to champion and yell about them from the rooftops. You'll enrich their lives and the lives of those…'s fuel for us when we can't just buoy our own spirits. I've had people recognize our support for their work and… complements stick out to me years later. People saying they liked a particular joke I wrote, or some goofy… independent artists, musicians, chefs that you like their work. It really matters. I guarantee you they don't… is my hood and it’s THE BEST
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @lilynishita Miss you as well!!!!!! @lilynishita I feel you :( @sonmi Oh lord I forgot this was real. Did you do it? @TIAPOD It hits my attention span so hard. I have to constantly re-center even if we’re doing something really interesting
@torahhorse butsome of the best games ever made, huge creative influence for me
Retweeted by Frank & BeckyHere comes Bippo! Another Bouquet Forest friend! @ekanerva Yes!!!!! Takayama!!!
LA and California’s leaders saved lives early in the pandemic when they shut down the economy. It was painful, but…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @GavinNewsom PAY. PEOPLE. AND. BUSINESSES. TO. STAY. HOME.Help! My cat is a chameleon!!! @upandoutcomic Disney cast members like this are so wonderful and special and I'm so glad you got to have this experience. @kcgreenn i just want a hot clown @skronked Hahaha this song has been in my head all week. @heyshanmurphy YES! @kcgreenn Tripping The Rift.wmvCan someone work out what this gentleman is saying?'s some Bouquet Forest art I didn't post! It's just a fun series of illustrations and character designs I've be… @TannerTrue All it takes is 4 weeks, a real lockdown and masks and it's over. And they just can't get it together to make it happen. @benmekler man i love patties. usually have them in new york (though the spot at the los feliz farmers market is dope).
@RollaineDraws @MayorOfLA @GovNewsomCA @HerbJWesson I ordered everything on their brunch menu (and also a few of my… @flarb @MayorOfLA @GovNewsomCA @HerbJWesson They're doing brunch pick-up this weekend. Last day is Sunday. Already… is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and I'm heartbroken. Where's the help for restaurants @MayorOfLA?…’s 13.3 billion dollars to allocate towards the reopening of schools? Where the fuck was all that money when…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @djeljosevic What is this what have you done @albertxii My brain still spins that this one statement alone isn't cause to remove him from office.
@jimmythechang JIMMY!!!!!!! @DaveOshry Hey! Big fan of your work, is co-op still coming for Dusk? I've been really digging it.this tho
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @benmekler I know it’s quaint but weren’t these shitty little goblins meant to be nowhere near the campaign because… @radrangy @MossAnimation That was totally the stylistic goal :) Don't cry for the Buggies, we've got a lot more in the tank!S8E4: The Fantastics vs The Midnight Express! This TV classic lasts through five commercial breaks and (I'm assum…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @Kahjahkins Be Quiet SilentWings all the way.
@Thelinky_ WOW I LOVE THEM! @El_Funko For real dude! I enjoyed the gentle Tarkov tutorial I got after the raid last night! I understood the gam… @ninjamac Adam!!!!! <3 @lizzy_six I was one of the Star character designers so I appreciate that haha :D @TightsFights They gotta get people out of there for at least a couple weeks and have a reset. @kirbymekler No such thing @lisadraws HI LISA!!! @Chromorbid ;)"Here was a pitch we were developing". Dang it Frank, learn to type and proofread lol ANYWAY I HOPE YOU LIKED THE B… that's The Buggies! Maybe one day they'll come back! We learned a lot working on this one! Here's one of the…! They found a tiny village!'s some of the gentle adventures they'd end up on! don't forget their big pal Buppy! our cast Parfait, Daffodil and Snappy!! Wanna see a show that didn't go anywhere? Here was a pitch we were developing! We wanted to do a young kids sh… @djeljosevic more like GOOD NIGHT! @tobytobyjones @cartoonfuntime @philrynda A lot has to go when you’re time limited. And none of it really goes away anyway. @Cheyenne_Curtis Write a really short story with your characters as a mini comic (12-24 pages). The shorter the bet… @cartoonfuntime @tobytobyjones @philrynda It's so tricky having to cut things out, just because western animation s… @cartoonfuntime @tobytobyjones @philrynda Now that's a good advice!!
@theironwrist Yes! The best advice was from Ed Murietta, who was at CN at the time. He'd reviewed portfolios from e… to launch A Map to the Sun with my favorite comic shop and comic shop owner @floating_world!! WHAT: Livestr…
Retweeted by Frank & BeckyThis was over 10 years ago when I was fresh out of college, but even then I knew that wasn't the path for me haha.Hey everyone! I have a bunch of plein air paintings from the past couple years for sale. I'm selling them for $150…
Retweeted by Frank & Becky @SaiyanSerenityV They believed the only work I was suited for was as a background designer. BG design is super hard… good friend of mine had a VHS of this in Japanese with a Japanese label on the VHS. They watched it and afterward…"Remove all the color work from your portfolio" - Disney Feature Recruiter @peachchild Which day is this on?! I have to see!!!