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wholesome slut. serial laugher. caffeine fiend. sad but hot. 18+. cash app/venmo: $beckylaflor ✨@kennagonerogue 💖

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@YaBoySavage_ didn’t hear a clear answer @YaBoySavage_ wanna lady and the tramp style a noodle yes or no @naturallie PLEASEEEE @joshbestill ur feelings r valid but ur wrong 😌✨ @naturallie a dream 🥺 @naturallie can we hold hands 👉🏼👈🏼 @nateandmufasa sometimes! @nateandmufasa i just talk to the voices in my head lol @Keally22 i am in love with u that is all @SkinnyKingSahil 🍑 @YaBoySavage_ come prove it @YaBoySavage_ who is ash, dom?? 🤨 @YaBoySavage_ 😳 @ghostratt anything for u <3 @joshbestill can i pls 👉🏼👈🏼just me, my oversized daria shirt, & my dumptruck ass 🤠
@DylPixel_ no u aren’t that’s why i haven’t married u @benblang shhhh @thatguyuknow401 sorry u had to find out this way @joshbestill never u <3 @daintysl0th my gf @DuncanNoDonut i do what i can u knowi can’t help i like uglies! someone’s gotta do it!constantly fighting for my life in gcs bc of my taste in men 😩 @naturallie ily angel @steph_kleid me too sis 😇 @foulweathered I AM YELLING @webkinzstan1 JZNZOJSOZZNJ HE WISHES (but yes) @tamsalexa YUPif we had sex and there wasn’t a chain dangling in my face no we didn’t ❤️ @broo43011 yes absolutely when i turn my face u can see it! she is nice n sturdy 😌 all noses r beautiful, bump or n… @offbalancexx ur the sweetest <3 @talknice2urself hehe mwah ily @NSFWkissing 🥺no u 💕not me starting to rlly love my nose bump 😳 she is v pretty 2 meAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…*starts naming all my exes* single day women continue to absolutely amaze me with their strength and beauty just WOW @skylermaybe i missed u sm ily!!! @jamiehyphenlynn this is ur best work hands downmood board
Retweeted by becky with the good hair @skylermaybe ahhh hiiii yes u ARE @onanupbeat 🤝💋 @ghostratt 😈 teehee @discotits69 u r my world <3 @onlinesuffering I ACTUALLY SCREAMED @YaBoySavage_ gtg lol @YaBoySavage_ i hate u @iwantt0dream i’d marry u so hardwho u gonna believe babe, me or those lying ass presidential candidates? @thatoneleafgirl ugh ilycan y’all please just sub to my onlyfans i can’t afford to be a whore for free these days @joshbestill am i getting grandfathered in to this or @nonfatmilky IM BLUSHING @daintysl0th thank u ilysm hehe 👉🏼👈🏼I’ve never met a red flag I didn’t ignore
Retweeted by becky with the good hair @thatguyuknow401 heyyyyy @psychic_pussy69 🖤🖤 @tweeterthotiana PLS KISS ME @YaBoySavage_ send it again @carkslev ILYSM AHHH @leftiloosi this is good newson my way to devour ur soul 🖤 @webkinzstan1 girl cut it
@CdyRnkn was nice knowing u cody! @AlexiaMarion @SkinnyKingSahil i’ll be waiting @SkinnyKingSahil @AlexiaMarion it’s true, she is these thingsjust now realized i ran all my errands today with my nighttime acne treatment dried n crusty all over my face 🤘🏼😎 @slapthepopeup i cackled @holamikoo ooh i’m getting flustered 🥵 dm @holamikoo i love when u talk dirty to me like thiskinda wanna start doing more freaky things in bed like actually sleeping 😩🥵💦 horny fact: i am fucking exhaustedmentally i’m in the scooby-doo movie protoplasm tank @LexWest99 i’m begging @offbalancexx taste 🥰 @offbalancexx tokyo drifting and why’d you only call me when you’re high @kiefybitch this is so romantic @darklingrising 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 @br_eee mwah mwah @talknice2urself of course love @SamRolfs *jerk lolTHIS BRUH
Retweeted by becky with the good hair @jaywiththeslay i don’t do those i simply exist @nateandmufasa 🍅🍅🍅 booo (sorry about ur sand dollar tho) @honeybluuud lmaooo i absolutely adore u @denise_ven i appreciate u always, love u sm @jmariannne I AM SO SHY RN 🙈 @webkinzstan1 and be secksy 🥵 @phatnugget150 😇 @kennagonerogue u r the loml @kennagonerogue HEY BABE @jasinjasout FR LMAOexcited to announce that not only are men super fucking weird and aggressive in real life, it’s also online to women they barely know!
Retweeted by becky with the good hair @leftiloosi HAHAHA ilyi am so close to being done with this app i guess i’m lucky my bootyhole is pretty enough to make me $ or i’d be outta here loland let me add: this is not an attempt to “cancel” anyone. if you wanna follow someone who disrespects women be my… @webkinzstan1 everything is always our fault someway somehow.i’m tired of men playing victim when they pull this shit daily. it’s ridiculous. like at the end of the day this is… i’m going to be as transparent as possible. we did have a flirtatious friendship here and there, as he has with… like the pot calling the kettle black. the difference is, i don’t hide behind some little alt account to atta…