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Pop Culture scholar.Yorubaddie™ Romcomoisseur™Author of Sunday Times Bestseller LOVE IN COLOUR. contact: 📺🇬🇧@ITG_Ltd 📺🇺🇸@unitedtalent,📚@julietpickering

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doreen is just dreamy. she makes me sigh we stop using this woman’s (very recent) pain as a meme. Black movas need to be exempt from our fuckery on here.
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @musafirani no i'm doing the two week shred! @musafirani so sweet!Chloe Ting is so sweet, I love her, I hate her but I love her she's so encouraging. I'm getting through this by pre… way h.e.r sang "i just met your roommate, put him on my to doooooo list," deserved a grammy nom @victoriasanusi ayythis is what i say to people when i reply to a text three weeks laterever wanted to answer a text so bad that you can't. like ur immobilised by how much u wanna answer the text,The timeline just reminded me of something I'd forgotten. 'It's the Legacy of Slavery': Here's the Troubling Histo…
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaI’ve started rewatching the entire of New Girl as a comfort show because of Bolu and damn ! Nick and Jess’s first k…
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaIt's gorgeous in writing! My man was besotted from the pilot and would do anything for her!Get Fucked New York Times. This is grotesque and so disrespectful.
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaIt's Nick being in love with Jess from the very beginning and not even realising it for meDecided to do something different to unwind today and watch New Girl @IrisCZtown @earfgirl Idgi @Judnikki me too!!Next video will be of him cooking a hearty "sauce" of no specific origin, but likely Italian @Judnikki he's literally marketing himselfHi all, looking for someone who can write critically on the political significance of LGBTQ+ involvement/representa…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalolalol this is so mean, it's not a crisis it's an emotional awakening that will lead to the growth and complication of… @janebelfry Omg!! This is such a LOVELY notable alumni to have!!! She really is!not me having both lamps on all day @camillard this is why I say that SHAME is important!! @camillard i was thinking this but then i remembered that some people on this app are 16, which frankly should be i… @notfolu this is it! the *commitment* . You really fall for *them*Rachel Leigh Cook is perfect and charming on made-for-tv romcoms, I have watched enough to know that when I see her… looking back at the men who spoke to you when you were younger like "WHY WERE YOU TALKING TO ME??????"The amount of grown men who specifically prey on young women for sport is so so distressing. The older I get the more disturbing it getsme, talking shit on old colleagues like they don't have twitterLie detector determined that was a lie
Retweeted by Bolu Babalolathinking about how nicki minaj has been on songs with bon iver before 🥰Everything is just so much more annoying. This anecdote is not funny. I am passing membraneHe's so boyfriendy been in a Zoom meeting on your period and have the urge to just say "I am bleeding profusely right now. Can we… mean to tell me the grammys just heard Kaytranada’s version of be your girl?
Retweeted by Bolu Babalolawho cares @artfulhussey I just cba looool @arayyay I think it's okay too! I agree! But there is a certain kind of writer who self-aggrandizes and makes compl… @arayyay I just didn't think it was that deep lmao. Im not insecure about my writing and I know I will still probab… @jasebyjason Precisely @selfieriddim Lmaoooo EXACTLY. Grow up! 😭💔 oh Meghan @bridgetminamore Um @vincentdesmond_ Handsome boy!!! @ifursure Exactly! @Jollz HorridThe most ghetto ass shit
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @ifursure truly! Am I still gonna moan about writing sometimes? Probably! But I know it's self-indulgent af lmaoY’all be weird, lol. But K!
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @YasminNoEplz Exactly !!Tbf Yummy is clearly a record made with intention just not the one he claimed to have lmao'I am very meticulous and intentional with my music. That's why I made Yummy.' @A_King_Made @ObiomaUgoala So shit. Like their croissants tho @A_King_Made I didn't but they taste like shit tho. If I am forced to I always microwave lol @notfolu @camillard @AmandaRosenberg I can do Fri! @helloalegria @harpersbazaarus Well done Mi! I inhaled it 10 mins ago. Loved this ❤❤❤for @harpersbazaarus, i wrote about why 'lady di' meant so much to black (british) mothers; and let's be frank - st…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @MichelleHux Oh it would be untenable without!! As soon as I saw that update I said "oh no how do I get out of it" @MichelleHux I turn mine off but it's still HASSLE
@MichelleHux It's just so stressful to think aboutNot American TikTok teens catching up to the Princess Diana theories that every brown and black immigrant family ha… at the worms for brains in the comments @YasminNoEplz SO stupid. They're not reporting about schools because they know what the answer isI just want them to shut down schools man. Why is my mum still having to go in to teach during lockdown it makes no fking sense @DJAyizan It is a common occurrence! Thanks for the blessings 🙌🏾❤❤❤ @CharlotteBHC 😊 @multiplebears I wish I could say, it's a gift @AlannaBennett AYY CONGRATS!!!It was the "." after Bon Iver for me @camillard We literally love these songsnicki minaj could do “skinny love” but bon iver could never do “did it on ‘em”
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @TracieHunte Idk where it comes from looool @ztsamudzi I would like to see it!baby’s first billboard in LA 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺ok bye🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @musegold @iamcierarogers @shopbabes QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENBonus, for giggles just know Maura woke up this morning to realise that the sound of Curtis breathing jars her. She is gonna crack on with Chris soon
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola Maura actually wants Chris
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaMaura and Chris would have been a great match. Lmaoo she likes him better than Curtis
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaIt's my genius for me did!! And neither of them ruled it out they were either already dating or were on their way to. Either way I d… @musafirani What does that tweet even meanWho watched the reunion special a month or so back???? THEY WERE GAGGING FOR EACH OVA! They have a great laugh together! I love this song!It has pleased me. I was waiting for this to happen, honestly their chemistry was cracklin @victoriasanusi i'm screaming why is this so specific i love uppl don’t respect usher’s singing abilities enough for me...deeply upsetting, troubling, discomforting!!
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @ztsamudzi LMAOOOO NUBIAN QUEEN AHAHAHALast year, I criticized the archaic World Music category/term & examined why it serves no one, especially not Afric…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @DJAyizan Babes. This last Mental Jukebox. I thought I could listen to it while working. It's not possible. I keep… goodness sake looooooool"the white man bon iver" has me crying @zaleel_ why is she so funnythe white man bon iver LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @camillard of all people! it's what they deserve. NO WOMEN IN THE R&B ALBUM CATEGORY.It's sad because Journals was truly an R&B album and was great @camillard i am so grateful to him for this, like genuinely @camillard i'm literally in pieces