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Critical darling. Author. Pop Culture scholar.Yorubaddie™Official Nick Miller stan account™ Romcomoisseur™📺@ITG_Ltd &📚@julietpickering.Love In Colour.

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@Ms_Ore 😂😂😂LOL @OrachaelO 😭😭 thanks so much Racheal!!!❤❤❤❤For real-Disengage from social media If you can. Watching, comparing, constant intake- it’s not good for you. Take…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @filmtargaryen 🥺 @ayoedebiri Ur a genius @AlannaBennett OmggTHIS!!!!!! A wonderful word on being "nice" from @BeeBabs
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @charlotte_gggg Nailed it @AmandaRosenberg 🥺❤❤❤❤
@imteddybless I love it, it amplifies the tweet @lozzieeej @theashleyray ❤❤❤❤ @AlannaBennett It's the way our minds work in conjunction @AlannaBennett I ADORE this for him!I need this with my whole body @hansmollman Fucks sake @charlotte_gggg Lmaoo "Comrades,"My dad has forwarded that interview to everyone in his contacts and is forwarding me every single response @zainabob Lowkey feel that will ruin the allure for me! @AngieWorldOrder Thanks babe!❤❤ @IamTobiOredein @BlackBalladUK @HuffPostUK Incredible !!!Wow.Four months in the making & @BlackBalladUK is taking over @HuffPostUK! As we say in this letter: “Black Britis…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @AngieWorldOrder It really helps if Americans wait to order 😭😭 I'm sorry!! @WrittenByHanna Happy birthday my dearest sis, I wouldn't have anyone else get on my damn nerves on here and still LOVE ❤❤❤‘People think of love as a fluffy emotion, but it’s not – it’s steely and powerful and it can bring out courage in…
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaInstagram has facilitated proper friendships with 1. A girl I met in the bathroom of a rooftop party in Lagos one C… @femsocialist So do I but it's Bad in ways it should not beexciting news! I’ll be writing a new monthly column for @GlamourMagUK. this week i’m going on about social media, b…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @imteddybless @GlamourMagUK YES BETH!! IT'S WHAT U DESERVE🥰😍 @Abidemi_17 Loooool I'm only joking! @ the pls say sike @Abidemi_17 disappointed!!! LolNo one will ever woke me out of the comfort of mediocre, corny, formulaic Hallmark-style movies and that's on Falling Inn Love!!!! @Scaachi Yep @arxhiiie Why??? They're fun and wholesome and dumbI love the ex-CW rotation. @DawnButlerBrent ❤❤❤ @ErinMFloyd written Nick Miller public love letters wtf
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @AlannaBennett It is my literal dreammmAND SHE IS TWENTY-THREE are lots of great answers from @BeeBabs in this interview with @ObsNewReview, but this one is my favourite...…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola...I'm looking respectfully @notfolu Only 23...manMy A Level English teacher liked a link to the Guardian interview on Facebook so now I know I have truly made itClash culture comes from Jamaica so it’s really nuts that Billboard would leave Beanie and Bounty off. Even crazier…
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @hummusandpizza 😭🥰 @rdcted His arc is amazing because it stays the same but also grows?????????? @HelencarolineF No @OreOgunb Babe!😭😭😭😭 @FUERTESKNIGHT Also u guys are in the acknowledgements lmao so ur already kinda in the book @NKrystal 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉 @naanking @camillard Literally a blissful summer 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 love at first sightIn honor of @BeeBabs book coming out next week, I’m re-listening to the exact moment we fell in love cc: @camillard
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @CandiceC_W I KNOW CANDICE THEE CARTY-WILLIAMS AINT TALKIN @jennyhan Lmao I love uHis name is Peter and he wouldn't even be dating Lara Jean if it wasn't for the Postal Service bc he didn't even kn…
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaNot remotely attracted to him but I do love his brand. Could not ask for more😂😂👌🏾 @floramargarine @Calvizzles Yeah I don't think they're dating @msxtinagyal 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤ @BeeBabs I really watched all seven seasons of New Girl last week just so I can get your references. LOL 🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Bolu BabalolaOnly locals like that Hampton story thread @Am_downtown It is tho @samanthamarie I saw that tooSmall town?? High school sweetheart??? Career oriented lady who falls in love with a tiny bookshop and the grumpy… bachelor party ep where Winston jumps into a fight to protect Schmidt and Nick ("not my babies!") And Nick says… @_Zeets @judeinlondon2 Yes!!! @Denoflobos Yeah @quintabrunson Honestly I consume these Nov/Dec!!!!The one with Chad Michael Murray....last row 2nd from the right. Cute afI love these lmao @ivieani 🤝❤this is such a non story lmaodelete the thread .. @Louiestowell @alexsheppard Then this is the book for her!!! Thank you!! Xx @mlsmorls 😭❤ @inezxvi ❤❤❤ @Scriblit 🥰 @MrBenjaminB thank you! x @ByKellyCohen Pls don't! @Farah_Lou 🥺🥰 @judeinlondon2 Thanks Jude❤❤ @musafirani Looool 😭😭😭 thank u sis @sarahmanavis ❤❤❤ @alexsheppard 😭 thanks Alex xx @sade_ona Thank you! @AlannaBennett 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤ @jasebyjason Bro 🥺❤ u know i had to representtttt us! @FUERTESKNIGHT You get a hug 🥺 @Ramblingswan If you order from it will come to Naij! @C_GraceT ❤❤❤My girl @BeeBabs said 🗣🗣🗣 nice is different than good!!
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @MrsFridayNext Thank you! XxZadie Smith on the podcast last week 💫
Retweeted by Bolu Babalola @IvieA LMAO SIS NI*GAS IS MAD "if I go crazy"lmaooo sociopaths I tell you @ayoedebiri love u sis! @mai_mxy I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this .........I feel it