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Critical darling. MA in Lemonade. Pop Culture scholar. Columnist: The Binge Watch @Dazed.Yorubaddie™ . Romcomoisseur. Prose&Pose. 📺@ITG_Ltd&📚@BFLAgency

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@hunteryharris An artiste!!Remember when JoJo did a cover of Weak by SWV at the age of 13 and ate it upStill Gazing in Awe at Jude Law this is delicious @tolly_t have anemia and my ex used to out sleep me. I started buying him iron tablets because why should I be bored . B…
Retweeted by bolu babalolawhatsyourfavouritevegetableletmeguesscucumber
Retweeted by bolu babalola @___I_am_Woman__ ok @laraeparker this is so sweet! best wishes for your surgery!!!what an angel
Retweeted by bolu babalolaI have listened to Dolly Parton's America (best podcast ever)..there is no way that queen naturally knew about LinkedIn...thank u @___I_am_Woman__ I know...what's the point ur trying to make? My point is she so distanced from the every day munda… the flip side,yt people self-identifying as 'woke' is also often used as a way to preclude themselves from being… people manipulating the word woke is an insidious form of aggression actually. It was a word used to describe aw… was a whole summer in 2014 or 15 where this was song was my theme tune. I listened to it every day lol. Doja… @joannajarjue The elite choice @dontsmileattee CuteeeRemember when they asked Kelly Rowland why she was texting on Excel in the Dilemma video and she was like "what's Excel?" @joannajarjue Don't botherHow does Dolly Parton know what LinkedIn is @bottrill AccuracyIf Stanley Tucci was your white best friend's dad he wouldn't say "loving the do!" he would say "those braids are r…
Retweeted by bolu babalolaLMAO y’all my mom does these makeup tutorials and just talks shit about my sister and I the whole time 😭
Retweeted by bolu babalolaWe need a Black men stop throwing Black women under the bus challenge. Cause if Black women ever gave up on yall…
Retweeted by bolu babalolaProud of her'm positive this is the moment @WendyWilliams decided she had to stan 😭😭😭
Retweeted by bolu babalolaAmerica is terrifying
The Good Place Doesn’t Need a Love Story this encapsulates literally all my reasoning for… didn't even mourn his relationship with simone...the disrespect @musafirani lmao the accuracy!!! @musafirani literally me @jasebyjason Honestly. Even the attachment I had to Amber cannot be replicatedSo proud of my honey @jasebyjason The darling is sending me. We were heated that season😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #LoveIsland
Retweeted by bolu babalola @aoiph I'm crying at this accuracy @BeeBabs "obviously we'll speak later about it" like Rebecca just fucked up on the till and Siannise is shop manager
Retweeted by bolu babalola @savquain No it wasn't lmao. She even told her that Luke t was into her. She needs to stop being embarrassing,it's a gameSiannise what is there to talk about with Rebecca??? Why does she owe u loyalty?? BABE? Babe. Get a grip #LoveIsland all this speech about who u wanted to pick is embarrassing #LoveIslandThis is Siannise's villain origin story. #LoveIsland @Muna_Mire Lmao truly @Oloni @victoriasanusi Skskdkjds @ChantayyJayy I'm so worried @brokenpromithes Amber alert!!! @jasebyjason Oh- @jasebyjason Not really but she liked the other guy less. Mike is finer lolNo man on this show has sauce. Island moving like a CW show with all these 20 year olds that look 35These are the oldest looking 20 year olds I’ve ever seen in my life I can’t deal #LoveIsland
Retweeted by bolu babalolaThis guy is actually finer than Justin Bieber you know #LoveIsland @supadupacurl 😂😂😂😂 @screamiirene Ur my fren'I'll go for ex is blonde, so' omg is this how these people mate fr??? Fascinating. Animalistic #LoveIslandSiannise is living on a different planet lol she overhypes every little interaction #LoveIslandSophie said has anyone died from insort
Retweeted by bolu babalolaConnor is the kind of guy that will kill Sophie's spirit..she needs to GET OUT!!! No Chris!! #LoveIslandI need to stop tweeting about Love Island because annoyin ppl flock to my mentions omg leave me alone I'm talking to my friends @JasMoneyRecords she is us @JasMoneyRecords the cutest! the sexiest! the funniest! the most talented! the most interesting to look at!I love her the most 💞
Retweeted by bolu babalolaskoit skoit thru ur n*gga house like a tomb raider you queen how we wanted Megan to pop out lol. 😭
Retweeted by bolu babalola @d_mushippi wouldn't recognise if it was walking down the streetEven I have given up on Riverdale I am sorry to say aiko: fuck all your free time you don’t need no me time, that’s you and me time My toxic ass:
Retweeted by bolu babalolajhene starting a song with "i know you love f*cking me, i can tell by the way you in love with me" is big pisces energycaroline calloway and @sassyblackdiva’s symbiotic relationship is more compelling than eve and villanelle. no one c…
Retweeted by bolu babalola @sassyblackdiva loool omg....of coursei’ve been crying at this bitch all day
Retweeted by bolu babalola @ruqaiya_h looooooooooooooooooooolfinally he gets SOMETHING for his hustlers performance
Retweeted by bolu babalolaliterary twitter drama is so spicy @eyeraque incredible @notfolu 🥺❤️ i'm gonna be in LA for it and if u do i will literally weep it would be an honour to receive it @eyeraque COZY WHAT??? LMAOMike is 100% the kinda guy who would walk up to a girl in a club, say he's a policeman and then go, " and i'm tryna… @judeinlondon2 lmaooo he is SO mad he couldn't get his cuffs out @SoftDrinkChamp thank you!🥺❤️ can everyone also get me this for my birthday this is so sweet i'm crying, the perfect gift @ashunruly_ mike has no respect for himself tbhi mean they say you should write what you know, so good for her he was asking her permission because CONSENT is important lol what a clown....the loss is imminent @jaytothelo this makes me happy @ZaraRahim @camillard 1. The Pool-House should be the name of the anthology series 2. Yes, you may have to learn t… did mike open his mouth lmao sounding like a dummy "are u asking for permission" mate was he talking to you's my birthday in exactly a month (yes pisces gang) what u all getting memarlene is shaking @NTS_Fiona Wtf @Micah_Milaje Sure but she says a lot of stupid shit too and invalidates completely correct view points (Adrienne f… Pathos of “Cheer” and the Extraordinary Deceptions of Cheerleading @Micah_Milaje Does she? Lol. She takes a valid point and then corrupts it.Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson started "dating" when she was 14 and he was 22...🤢There is plenty of vital discussion to be had around #sexeducation but nothing is as important to me as hearing Emm…
Retweeted by bolu babalolaI believe him x
Retweeted by bolu babalolaWhy is Amanda Seales on The Real? They are all annoying but she is annoying and also mean-spirited lolIt was such a blessed, lovely evening, a warm and safe space with the best vibes