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@theopsknowme We about to run thisThe berrics weekly vids, stay gold, mike mo was taking souls in SKATE, people wore them ugly fallen shoes>>>>>2009-2012 skate culture was elite @unlliterate Go back to the buttcheek partIf you smoke cigs while pregnant it comes out like hey Arnold but if you vape it comes out with a fog machine like a Rockstar in the 80s
Retweeted by Mike LitorisIt sounds like she’s on the verge of crying @humidfluid I’m excited as hell for that @BeefedUpStud
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @strawssuu LMAO @BeefedUpStud
Retweeted by Mike Litoris men deactivate their accounts for a few days to be productive and do farm work, then return once it’s done
Why isn’t arsenal trying to sign VlahovićRemember when needledrop gave Lil B “I’m gay” a 0/10, that’s when I knew that man had horrible taste and opinion didn’t matterOne time I told juice one of my favorite movies was HER and he goes “yeah cause that’s your life dude” been mad abo… @thisisnotjuice @firereact That’s sickening dude, send it to me so I can throw it away for you @pupb0icarti These are my cats Britney and Chainsaw @pupb0icarti Hi pupboicarti @ilyrusty @Jonny_baloona @OsamuJas Facts @overtime @AndreDrummond buy this ASAP @rturocantu It’s so hard to figure out when stuff is playingThe olympics are horrible they playing commercials while the competition going on ???
That’s genuinely so ass they did Fleury like that, they’ve disrespected that man so muchMarc-Andre Fleury is the best goalie/teammate I have ever played with. A lot of people would agree. Treats everyone…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @Kodak_Zac They’ve disrespected that man so much honestlyThere’s gotta be a way I can save fleury from this tradeI am 37
Retweeted by Mike LitorisManga look pretty good now tbh will never recover from this ate this up @KREAYSHAWN FactsNah this don’t even look fun to play now, terrifying how they are so strong @makjako @thisisnotjuice @iPhong5c Why can’t I just be a hater @spacehailey @winstirnchrchl That’s my baby😌 @ar1e11e No damn way LMAO
Retweeted by Mike LitorisTom and Jerry got better fight scenes than this @YungWristSlice I can’t even argue this @BeefedUpStud Good thing you're not a cow, the TL would never hear the end of it
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @mopykav @jesusissouth He’s valid then @unlliterate 🤭 @unlliterate Oh so I can’t lie sometimeswtf
Retweeted by Mike Litoris
@mopykav @jesusissouth Im not gonna name people, but their name rhymes with moeI knew we needed toxic masculinity back when the homie sent sskshdkwbrdks in the groupchat like it was normal
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @zsivy_ It’s sickening people would say this kinda stuffThis my twin @bwana43228494 Why would you do thisGet this Italian man propaganda off my TL
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @joglo___ We can pretend I’m Greek if you want @joglo___ Why can’t we be together @bobbyteriyaki @disxpix You get it @ar1e11e I’m feeling good, google heart attack symptoms real quick @oFabz She stays loyal and I continue replying to Hayley Williams tweetsMy next gf gotta be okay with being in a one sided open relationship @iPhong5c @MerriamWebster add it into the book @liIpochaco Get their ass baeu guys just say anything on this app and call it relationship advice lmao
Retweeted by Mike LitorisIf you’re not cool with your wife taking facials and backies from others then you’re just insecure @PetrYan8 @GigasBurner @McGregorRousey @b1bson LMAO @maaldit0 Probably Hakimi honestly @DemonicBellla There’s a lot of haters among us @ar1e11e Why are you outting me @cyb3rdrip My tiktok feed is nothing but updates of himBen Afleck got the hardest back piece of all time idc got wave checked by ANTIFA
Retweeted by Mike LitorisShe callin me her lil Vienna sausage when I pulled out my boyfriend meatYou see me watching this on the train just mind your damn business
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@liv_cowherd I am Livit’s my birthday lol:)
Retweeted by Mike LitorisBad hoes follow this 👇🏻 @thisisnotjuice Can you handle an 11thnah fr cashapp me for my birthday i need to eat ten hot dogs $juicespringsteen
Retweeted by Mike LitorisThis is the funniest text I’ve ever got @yeoldeironlung Falens outfits got me livid @FREAKYPRlNCESS I just finished season 9 so I like Christina because she sauced all the girls I can’t stand, BUT Ju… been watching so much bad girls club that I honestly think I could go into the UFC and go undefeated with the fighting skills I’ve learned @actuallywhyth0 You see the potentialThis is good I think @thisisnotjuice I stare at that one a lotHappy birthday to my best friend this is the only b day that matters, everyone cashapp him money @thisisnotjuice
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @CeepersJreepers @dom_sux I don’t think she could handle a country fella
@bakedkaytato Dislike👎🏻 @ihatemylife0002 I need Fred durst coming out wearing 15 inch inseam shorts and the fitted cap ASAPsteppin out 🤠
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I’m actually so excited for the dislike button, I got a lot of people I follow who selfies I’m tired of seeing @maaldit0 I’ve had enough of your tweetsSending her a semen cinema >>>>>>>
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @noxheav3n LMAO