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@BeefedUpStud sign them petitions, baby!
Retweeted by Mike LitorisIf any of you have ways in which I can help please let me know, I want to help anyway I can
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please spread this to counter misinformation. @YourAnonCentral is NOT the real anonymous hacker group. they're a t…
Retweeted by Mike Litorishope you attacking people for not being active enough is because you care about the cause and want to motivate othe…
Retweeted by Mike Litoriswhite ppl treating this shit like coachella
Retweeted by Mike LitorisLil Nate constantly on insta using his voice for good, that man deserves way more views fed up, shit gotta change and i’m for anybody who’s willing to spread that message shoutout to…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @fxckjuice I’ll body herWE RAISED 1500 DOLLARS IN 20 MINUTES FOR FREEDOM FUNDS LETS GOOOO
Retweeted by Mike Litorisjosh is doing a charity stream he's raised over 2000 dollars for bail funds and in less than half an hour hop in an…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @succubussara_ Re add all the women made me nervous the first time so I left @fxckjuice Y’all being quiet tonightAdd me to your gcs 😸Thread of bail funds across the country LA: Philly: Chicago:…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @BeefedUpStud
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @BeefedUpStud
Retweeted by Mike LitorisDoes anyone have some fundraisers I can rtEven tho me and Liz ain’t get along please don’t dm her mean stuff shit ain’t cool team🤝circulated these yesterday but doing it again for good measure. good causes to support rn: george floyd memorial…
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@SJSchauer A very shitty person @ar1e11e She on youtube rn looking up how to do spellswhite girl gonna take out copyrights n trademarks on BLM
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @KURTKOBAIIN Very beautifulBro I am crying their parents really deployed them out thereBro what is the 6th grade JROTC class gonna do LMAOOO crowd: at least we got Randy, right? Randy Orton:
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@Doom_Mi Looks really good :)to all you true religion wearing, n-word using white folk that claim they’re for the culture... don’t get ghost whe…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @jusalotofpain Maybe they do 2 for 1 deals for us @latroix_ Which oneTinderdistrict becomes worse with every passing second news this morning in los angeles as it appears that twitter user @tinderdistrict was discovered alive and we…
Retweeted by Mike LitorisThis is 90% of the National guard. I wouldn’t be scared of them fat fucks.
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @RayLewis1997 It’s a sickness that’s incurable @pokeugly Bro was a trendsetterIf y’all see me one day with Pauly D style hair don’t say anything, just act like it’s naturalBro whatever MGK did to get his hairline back I will also do. What kinda magic did this man have access too. @yslvic Vic opens my eyes up to the truth again @Angelmamii5 We believe in youHer apology is gonna be “I suffer from anxiety and depression I wasn’t thinking right” @thesn0wmexican That shit was a threat HAHATinderdistrict is climbing up the power rankings for taking the most L’s of all time
Retweeted by Mike LitorisPlease also consider giving what you can to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (@MNFreedomFund), they're combatting the har…
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I think imma take a break from twitter I ain’t really having fun on here anymore, also here’s a pic of Grimes I wan… wanna battle @BeefedUpStud
Retweeted by Mike Litorisgod tier turnip prices today i’m feeling pretty generous just DM @ijustbIuemyself and i’ll get back to you shortly!…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @BeefedUpStud Really shows off that wagon man, shits fat
Retweeted by Mike LitorisCan’t believe I’m 23 years old dming people asking if I can come to their to sell my turnips @JaySlump_ You ain’t gotta lie to me manPlease check your turnip prices for me @ChiefKeef Who’s your top 5 favorite wrestlers?So I follow my old fav wrestler John Cena in da gram and he be wilding 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 he jus posted this and I died what’s…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @bigracks So you just gonna lie to me @MyFavsTrash Bro ? @pokeugly I need some wind chimes to really make it feel like home @thousandxknives You mean it? @Forever21 I need a refund broPlease give your honest opinion I feel kinda insecure since they’re so tight @hayleyshitty @cmonriss You actually do have nice hair and style it very wellI could not have defeated her @gothxboifriend @pat_thicc @cmonriss She ain’t never seen someone with my form, I’m coming at angles she never seen @cmonriss Like I ain’t watch wwe religiously since I was 5🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m handling this in secondswho would win in a fight?
Retweeted by Mike LitorisMost those monsters in the goosebumps books I could’ve handled in a best of 5 Greco Roman wrestling match @paulrudd420 Stop this @mopykav My bad @mopykav I don’t even have a joke I just want you to be my girlfriend @WaterproofSpoon HAHAHAHA @BeefedUpStud You seen this?
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @fxckjuice Meow 😸I could have gone much lower but the fabric restricted me @fxckjuice Bro what @BeefedUpStud thanks i literally hate it
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @UglyJewishKid Woof woof :3 @BeefedUpStud :3 ~~~ <3 >\\\<
Retweeted by Mike LitorisMeow lolIt's lil booty season😍🤗 Da big ones about to stank 🥴🤢😭🤣🤣
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @BakeHatesItHere I pray for you every nightMe proposing to @milkinhisbag being a water bender and making exact replicas of myself with my own nut.
Retweeted by Mike LitorisThis is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen this bad boy a listen and also rt 🔥 first episode of @talksweaty2me is here! i sit down with @lilsasquatch66 and we talk about which one of us st…
Retweeted by Mike LitorisI have got to find some friends in central Florida
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @fxckjuice Meow lolI get dry mouth when I’m anxious so if I ever do eat pussy my tongue gonna feel like griptape to her @saintbaddy @fxckjuice Hi step sis lol @fxckjuice @saintbaddy Man @BeefedUpStud @fxckjuice oh fr? @fxckjuice has turnips going for 600 bells right now !! Make sure you dm him for…
Retweeted by Mike Litoris @COSTCOBACKWOODS @fxckjuice He called me Howie Mandels nephew oncePlease rt this :).@fxckjuice has turnips going for 600 bells right now !! Make sure you dm him for the dodo code.…