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Retweeted by BEENA?! @thisismollym Molly you're amazing!! I'm glad you're feeling like you'll be okay @greedomie
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Lost Pokemon of the Week: In 2020, this frog Pokemon was discovered in leaked files dating back to Gen 2's develop…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @anotherglassbox Daaaaaaaantales of dunk and egg is so precious to me i can't have HBO running it through their smarmy lil fingersplease no im so tired @princeofpictou ok good night @princeofpictou meow
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Retweeted by BEENA?! @nicole_rifkin HAHAhello I've decided to stop neglecting my INPRNT shop and put some new stuff up on there Proceeds of each print wil…
Retweeted by BEENA?!for transparency, I didn't make a donation for Dec-Jan because I didn't want to be asking people to donate so close… #TERFs instead of arguing w weirdos, allies should donate to my surgery fund i still havent reach…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @anotherglassbox I don't believe you @anotherglassbox I'm getting mixed signals @anotherglassbox considering how many times you've shared this I don't think you hate it
Doug Ford tells Ontarians in a range of their native languages from Italian to Cantonese that they will not get mor…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @anotherglassbox @_tanyamok nuh uh @anotherglassbox I know I would've done a better job but I got hungry @anotherglassbox also did you notice how close i put the aura to you @anotherglassbox yes but i DID apologize @anotherglassbox im sorry exhibit 1 + 2 @1PriyaMistry happy birthday Priya!Hello. It's my birthday and I know this is a cheeky long shot but I'd love to illustrate some book covers. If anyo…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @anotherglassbox that's also what i sound like trying to speak hindiin June it'll be my five-year anniversary. help me celebrate <3 I've been trying to raise funds for this surgery si…
Retweeted by BEENA?!have been very emotional about pokémon recently and my pokémon brain will only get worse as we get closer to the 25th anniversary!!!!!have not stopped thinking about pokémon in the last [checks wrist] two weeksSCREAM BERNIE GORE!
Retweeted by BEENA?! @hugedads Don'tGonna take a break before I do the Kanto part of the game. I started replaying Silver because my mental health was… on my commutes playing a core pokémon game and pokémon go at the same time Lance's ass
@princeofpictou not according to gojira @princeofpictou #PortfolioDay I am Keelin, an illustrator from Toronto! Hire me (: I love colour and I am nice. 🕸️:…
Retweeted by BEENA?!HA HA HA #PortfolioDay 2!!! TEXTILE EDITION!!!!!! These are my fave quilts. 🕸️: 💌: keelin.…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @cockr0aches ilu!! @Necara that is @cockr0aches's baby and he's very good! @ceruleancadmium i dictate my oatmeal days by how ripe my bananas are @ceruleancadmium good ripeness on that banana @anotherglassbox the premier will take this as an opportunity to make a press statement about nothingRealizing it's four bands not three
Retweeted by BEENA?!also I drew a bunch of my friends' pets for this piece!From earlier this month, illustration for @PorchDotCom on pet ownership during COVID. It took almost a whole year b… words by @FancyBurlyQ for @BuzzFeed - transitioning during the pandemic 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
Retweeted by BEENA?! @jdebbiel Happy birthday Deb!!Toronto folks: if you're out of work and have office/admin skills, the city is hiring over 100 temps to do covid ma…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @genevieveashl3y Wish we had that kinda equipment when I was at Sheridan @ChuckSkeleton god yes
@anotherglassbox Baja blast flavoured limes @mmmigs_ in order of the screenshot: typhlosion, heracross, ampharos, poliwrath, noctowl20 hours. All my pokémon are at level 39 cause I'm too old for grinding. Gonna go find the giant silver bird before… @anotherglassbox same @KendraJKTweets friendly reminder to drink water uwu @lyleisland I am from Mississauga and can confirm you would get featured in a news article for doing such a thing @princeofpictou what a convoluted way of saying "Yes you look bad" @ToliBera idk what photo youre talking about and im afraid to ask @princeofpictou do i look good in any of themunless I look nice in it. send it to me so I can show my momanyone who has a photo of me is legally obligated to delete it
forgot how hard the team rocket music in pokémon GSC goes @pallavi_tee i just keep buying things online so i have something to look forward to on a weekly basisI am looking for black illustrators in Britain. My apologies for this open call. Can you help?
Retweeted by BEENA?!Dear friendos:
Retweeted by BEENA?!the No Frills discourse
Retweeted by BEENA?! @dodivinidracone @svrge94 oh my god
Retweeted by BEENA?!This is gonna be my E4 team! Only 5 pokémon because I'm saving the last spot for Houndour. Which I can only get in… 6 hours today cause I had things to do but here are my new friends @johnleedraws take care john!
for like 8 months i thought covid was one of those joke diseases where you ask "what's covid" and the other guy tells tou to suck his nuts
Retweeted by BEENA?!tis the 20th anniversary of him fucking leaving the band, so I could not resist...
Retweeted by BEENA?! @ChuckSkeleton why so serious @bailierosenlund doing nothing is the bestgaming
Retweeted by BEENA?!I wanted to get Politoed on my team and named him ONION but I have to trade to evolve Politoed and I can't do thatI've spent almost my entire day playing Silver and have put 8 hours into it so far here are my boys so far. I was s…
also booted up my SoulSilver! my roommate is replaying SS and doesn't have her Pokéwalker anymore so I'm lending he… a new game. Similar food theme. Named my rival after Guy Fieri because his character arc is similar to how we… @kevinvqdam nobody but me has to understand @kevinvqdam I WAS A FOOLI can't believe I allowed my mortal enemy Bobby Flay into thisbooted up Silver for the first time in at least 5 years? I screamed when I saw I named my pokes after food network… @cleopatriia the coffee is so cute I'm dying#TBT: It’s been 20 years since the first legal gay marriage in Canada on January 14, 2001 between these two couples…
Retweeted by BEENA?! @linaw_u homestuck @bumbleskum Every time someone brings up the remakes I'm like "pffbt they won't announce a remake now it's too soon… @ChuckSkeleton ur cuteAlso I hope the Sinnoh remakes come out in 5 years the devs need a breakI hope Sinnoh remakes looks like SwSh because I hate every pokémon fan @anotherglassbox your career is over
@Akitron my enemy Bobby will put a poblano pepper in it and serve it on top of crispy fried rice and win @deadprincehaze available for knot members for 7376937538 yen @deadprincehaze @deadprincehaze gunning for that top 0.0000001% of fans this yearseattle residents please take down your birdfeeders, there is a plague (not a joke)
Retweeted by BEENA?!The 1,200 daily calorie diet is unhealthy, unsustainable, and total ass. So why do so many women think they should…
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