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@notdetails For something that ticks all three boxes, I can strongly recommend Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth. (Its…
@ARGHonaut99 @tjluoma that checks out for me! at some point, i think they realize the “rich fish out of water” scht… @rizbizkits Riz, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your family. 💙💙 @tjluoma “an *entire show* about MAD men?? read the room, kevin” @tjluoma tj i don’t think i’ve watched anything remotely challenging since 2015 @tjluoma Wow yes *I’m with you*. That said, I think you’ll find that SC is ultimately worth it. There’s a heart an… @tjluoma (I’m personally of the mind that there’s too much damned television/movies/books/whatever to stick with so… @tjluoma I thought the first season was *fine*; starts picking up at the end of S1, I think, but it constantly impr… wolves within me: the posting wolf, and the privacy wolf
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @eaton —oh jeff i am so excited for youmost people don't know that the "h" is silent
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @argyleink @scottjehl (I’m not disagreeing, mind; I’ve just never heard this particular definition of “conditional loading” before.) @argyleink @scottjehl Hm! I’m not sure I’m quite following that, personally: if a stylesheet’s loading *priority* i… is a gift each and every year, but especially this year @scottjehl @argyleink ah, okay, cool—that was my understanding, too. i didn’t think there was any actually-conditional loading happening?BEHOLD THE ETHICS BOARD OF ANARCHY
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @AdmiralOPG @miniver truly, the one good batman
@notdetails temporarily embarrassed billionaires dressing up in tight-fitting body armor to mete out extrajudicial “justice,” each of usevery batman is a policy failure @yayitsrob @blissbat ‼️‼️‼️ “HISTORY”THE REVENANT (2015)
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @MadameMiso That’s just so nice of you, Michelle—thank you. Your work inspires me, too.
TY for these recs. @LawyersComm @fairfightaction @DemocracyDocket are first up.
Retweeted by Ethan MarcotteGonna try to remember two things @prisonculture says today - 1) hope is a discipline. 2) cynicism isn’t generative.
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotteunlocking specifically to grace everyone with shredpeggy in these horrible and terrifying times
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte
Current status: horse build pvp
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @sclawr Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, Stephanie. @kissane I’m so glad today was better, friend. I hope the trend continues; been thinking of you all. <3 @miijkke @Brilliantcrank @markboulton @autogram_is —okay holy shit mike i love this @miijkke @Brilliantcrank @markboulton oh this is *fascinating*, thank you mike also sounds like it lines up nicely… @jina AHHHH THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS, JINA @asana is so very, very lucky to have you. Congratulations!Hi. This is stunning.
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @Blackamazon I’m so, so sorry. 💙first of all i have a name
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @Brilliantcrank web archive to the rescue status: @franDevinney @Brilliantcrank totally! @markboulton @Brilliantcrank Hm…the Fonmon castle library one, maybe? Anyway, those examples were just downright w… @stuntbox Been using it for a few days now. I really like it! Hoping there’re more extensions coming, but the editor’s lovely so far. @Brilliantcrank That sounds like the example grids from (the sadly defunct) Gridset, maybe? (screenshot via… "But rather than qutting, isn't it better to stay and change things from the inside?" EMPLOYERS: "We're…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @jaffathecake it still is.. in my heart“His people are going to suffer and that’s their problem.” A pathological disregard for human life.
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte“The blame is not with the teachers. They’re trying their best to make the unworkable work.” — @dansinker,
I don’t have anything rousing to add, that’s the whole story. We need the goddamn CDC. The end.
Retweeted by Ethan MarcotteI work with a whole lot of stellar people who have poured half a year of their lives into the hugely stressful work…
Retweeted by Ethan MarcotteWhich I don’t say as a gotcha, but as a reference point for how much people still want to trust the CDC. We need th…
Retweeted by Ethan MarcotteI just want to note that a lot of great public health folks bent over backward to justify this change bc it came fr…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @cydharrell —that is another one i guess 😭 @chickerbp —shit, this is great, thank you brandy @cydharrell strong contender for 2020’s tagline right there @sixfoot6 <3 @hankchizljaw obligatory: LOVE TO SEE IT
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @colly CACKLING @beep it's great that they're getting clothes
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @tdnvl For me, it’d be “organizing their coworkers” first. But yeah. @roseveleth WOW YAY ROSE @eaton @metrokitty better late than fuckin’ never, i supposeImagine if Facebook launched new products alongside a draft of the press release they’ll be issuing in six months,… @lil_mermaid omg 😭😭 @zachleat Yeah. Hell of an illo.“As employees started to worry about Facebook’s proximity to the Right, Facebook’s [management team] seemed intent… @sarah_edo ME @jordanchez Oh, I haven’t used that before; I’ll look that up, thank you.
@onekade Most days, yeah. <3Some of the iPhone’s best features are its Accessibility settings, and *this* is patently brilliant. @rstevens —FUCK @hannanimal YOU LOVE TO SEE IT“Broadband access is a serious issue out here in the mountains. We live only 1.3 miles from town and my house barel… @accessamy Oh, that’s amazing. Thank you, Amy. @jessamyn Yeah. The “last mile” problem up there is just…well, I don’t have the words for it. @jessamyn [bangs table repeatedly] RIGHT YES @jessamyn Oh my goodness, I can only imagine how complicated that is; I was (very briefly) involved in a local effo… @liamjnugent For me, it’s about acknowledging that in many ways, *we* are the “others.” @kaizendad I *wholeheartedly* agree, absolutely. However, I might add I don’t think we’re off the hook for what we’re building *now*.The products we design and build are, too frequently, built to exclude people I care about. If you don’t know anyo… I talk or write about designing for reach and access, these issues aren’t theoretical. I have family that can… @scottjehl)Much like any service that assumes easy network access, “online learning” often has some harmful assumptions about… @deathbearbrown omg i love this @dirtystylus @jedc Yeah, I’d missed the details too; thank goodness for researchers. @jedc (fwiw: @cameronmoll I’ve been using a for running, and it’s been really steady during conversations too. @davatron5000 “conservative youth group” has…other vibes for me @200okpublic @SydCSS Aw, yay! Be great to see you, Ben! @phyllisstein daniel you are a good friend but i‘m not entirely convinced that hour is real @flangerhanger Lou, that’s so nice of you to say—thank you! (As an aside, I’m a really big fan of your CSS portraits.)So excited to be able to (remotely) celebrate @sydcss’ 7th birthday next month! See you there?
@_jenlowe_ ooh thank you, I’d been eyeing that! @AbsP I’m so, so sorry for your loss. 💙 @dirtystylus not at all, friend <3 good tea; nice website“Building for the web is a funny business, though—if you want to, you can easily find a reason, any reason, to hold… @dirtystylus CONGRATULATIONS! The site’s a beauty, friend. Subscribed to the new feed, and I can’t wait to read more.Current status:
@nicolelzhu dank squad @skullface same also we gotta yeet this virus