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Digs @drinkerthinker. Independent designer; Ursula Franklin fanboy; meme raccoon; started that @RWD thing. He/him. ​ Hire/email me:

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@maxvoltar @elmnt @davatron5000 ah yes, the timgularity @davatron5000 @maxvoltar > GO NORTH_ @maxvoltar Our industry keeps trying to automate its way out of having a conversation. @phyllisstein [begins pounding on table] DANIEL 4 PRESIDENT“Short-termism is a problem. It’s a results-driven industry, and people are individually ambitious; too few look ou… @ftrain fair point but [saves to camera roll] @debcha (Was glad to be able to take it, friend. 💖) @mccreath :zounds @keefTV Hoooooooooly shit. That must’ve been something special. @mccreath david how did you hack my drafts @AndrewCrow Tonight’s the first time I’ve gotten my hands on a copy. (My preorder from Powell’s refuses to leave Wa… a chance to see @GreatDismal read tonight. That was pretty darned okay. can't stop thinking about the time my brother met a guy who owned a pet python named Julius Squeezer
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@m_ott I *haven’t* read it yet, but I’ve got it bookmarked to do so. (And I can’t wait.) Thanks, Matthias!“[The browser landscape is] like a two-party system where one party has a crushing majority. Checks and balances ex… @lil_mermaid oh s h i t happy birthday lily!! i hope your birthday was downright incredible, you deserve it imo @livlab @livlab @livlab [chinhands](via @ericwbailey)“It’s important that in the development of these [artificial intelligence] technologies, disabled people aren’t put… @redsesame “they came for the poorly photoshopped pinterest-grade inspo, and i said nothing” — rené descartes @slb79 💙
@tangentialism Oh my goodness, what wonderful news. Congratulations to them! @speckledwords that’s the oneThere are currently three types of video game: 1) you are a special fighting shootboy who shoots things 2) oh I g…
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@ChappellTracker Stebe Van Helping, he’s strong and he’s my fren
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @meghscase @halvorson lahbby @heydonworks oof, this is relatable 💜 @heydonworks i too am in the tweet and i don’t like itoh no
The Mozilla Foundation’s released a lovely online version of their organizing guide: (via @alanmoo) @frank_chimero pinnable tweet imothe audience for this tweet is approximately 0markdown let me nest paragraphs and lists inside of <ins> you coward @alanmoo Oh YAY, post updated! The guide’s gorgeous, Adam. Lovely work. @scottjehl Oh, jeez—I love this question. I think I use “modern” in the first case, when the standard’s set. But t… @ManxStef omg @alanmoo Oh that’s marvelous news! I’d be happy to point to your version, once it’s live. @sazzy 👋
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @antimytheme me when mandy asked me to give the talk, also me when the talk got accepted 😅 @antimytheme as we knew them to beCurrent status: @TatianaTMac Oh jeez this is an excellent point, thanks for calling that out @TatianaTMac @jina I am beyond honored I’ve gotten a couple chances to be your opening act 😂 Congratulations on yo… @amberlturner I only saw it in, like, the last year or so myself!
Today’s #CleanSlate launch is just the beginning. We’re offering grants of up to $50K for projects that advance the…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte………………hello @hankchizljaw @adactio @clearleft @naconf AGREED and SAMESitting in on my first @resilientcoders community session in over a year. Been too long; feels really great to be back. @halvorson brb texting you a cool thread i saw @MinaMarkham excuse me how did you hack. my draftsThis is a real fine thread for conference organizers to read: (Conference speakers and att…“Power comes at the expense of complexity, fragility. The more powerful technology is maybe more likely to fail bad… owe it to yourself to read “Building,” @adactio’s wonderful talk from last year’s @naconf: @anabjain welp @jcolman Oh, hey—thanks so much for the link, Jonathon. I really, really appreciate it. (Also jeez, I need to upda… @oluoluoxenfree @subversionconf I bet they will 🙌 (And if there’s anything I can do to help boost the signal, please let me know)Today workers at Kickstarter are voting to form a union. The vote won’t be counted for a few weeks, but if successf…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @oluoluoxenfree Man, I can’t wait to hear how @subversionconf shapes up—the discussions you’re describing are so, s… @anildash @ewarren HELL yeah anilWeb pages are cool. Mozilla’s “With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility” in HTML.
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @mulegirl 🥰 here’s a HTML version’s a direct link to the PDF (4.6 MB): The content’s excellent, though it does feel a b… has released a guide for students to screen prospective employers for ethics issues, and covers the basics… @RellyAB @elizejackson HELL yes. I have been very fortunate to see Liz speak once, I hope to get a chance to do so again #naconf @zachleat This is amazing news, Zach. Congratulations! @netlify is very, very lucky to have you on their team. @thebestsophist c’est MOI @Phineas lord, same @thebestsophist YES i just saw it for the first time in like the last year! @ARGHonaut99 y u p 💖 @ChappellTracker chad @Fyrd I’d only noticed it in, like, the last year or so!alt: a truck speeds down a muddy road through a forest. The truck is on fire, and appears to be driven by a large brown bear.Current status:
That’s because he and his colleagues all voted multiple times last night to make sure there wouldn’t be any new inf…
Retweeted by Ethan MarcotteANNOUNCEMENT: I’m working on my first online course, Lightning-Fast Web Performance! I’m hard at work finishing it…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @hondanhon @jvanderlan Also: *yup.* @jvanderlan *Yup.*“Apple reportedly abandoned plans to let customers fully encrypt back-ups of their iPhones on the company's iCloud… @senongo! 🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte(via @karenmcgrane)“Given that history and the recent uptick in national strikes, Levin said there’s a sense of untapped worker power…, this is a really great story. @SamKap Hey of course! Hope you find something that works well for you. 🙌 @SamKap I buy local if I can, but otherwise or for me!
@criana same SAME @ChappellTracker omg me rn scrolling past the bad tweets @senongo The literal least I could do, Senongo. YOUR BOOK IS SO GOOD ok sorry 4 all-caps butI was lucky enough to read a copy of @senongo’s brilliant new book, Cross-Cultural Design. You’re going to want to… @MinaMarkham 💜To review: Iranian w valid student visa arrives at Boston Logan; gets detained & CBP orders he be deported; lawyers…
Retweeted by Ethan Marcotte @scottjehl this is why we’re friends @ericwbailey ericOne year from today, the next president will begin her first full day of work. She’ll inherit a government in crisi…
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