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Bella @beerdad420 Stockton, CA

26. Northern California. Unfriendly latin socialist shawty. 🇲🇽 Sociology / Psychology degrees. MSW.

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They scare me #NintendoSwitch
#PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch ur make up half naked with the bad bitch music blastin is hella therapeutic n good for the soul x
Retweeted by BellaHonestly people who are voting for Biden are basically telling every single one of us, that have been sexually assa… @PayingAttentio8 @america_vest @WalkerBragman
Retweeted by Bella @PayingAttentio8 @america_vest @WalkerBragman Okay apologist.Not have raped women. Fuck off with this shit. @hellahorchataa Fuck that ho tbh @MusingsofCodyJ Me too bb, sending all the love. @julesesq @Mistie_Morning @LatinLegacy Ahahahahah, why didn’t she acknowledge the sexual assault comment I wonder 🙃 @Nivenwashere @CrypticNoOne Thank you! @Mistie_Morning @julesesq @LatinLegacy Oh she blocked me lmaoShe’s fucking trash @Mistie_Morning @julesesq @LatinLegacy So rapist vs rapist? Apologist trash. Thanks for outing yourself. @Mistie_Morning @LatinLegacy Nobody likes Biden, why would I compromise my morals / views to help moderates who wil… American when they realise they will have to choose between Biden and Trump as next President: #BernieDropOut
Retweeted by Bella @Mistie_Morning @julesesq @LatinLegacy You’re supporting a rapist, we don’t have to do anything. You are in NO posi… @Mistie_Morning @LatinLegacy You still have time to delete this.Biden Supporters using the hashtag #BernieDropOut & RIP Bernie vs them after the election in November when Biden lo…
Retweeted by BellaBernie ))))):thebackpack is so cute miss my friends too but am I risking mine and their health to be a selfish rat? No.Ew @ people who are hanging out with their friends and partying.Staring unorthodox on Netflix. I’ve been coughing all day, and my body’s killing me. Literally. Kill me.are germs even real I have never seen one
Retweeted by BellaIm bored, I need friends. 🥺
Retweeted by Bellaphone so dry i refreshed my email
Retweeted by BellaSomething like this >>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by BellaMy TA fully said her friend died and began to cry on zoom and the professor responded by saying that that’s why we…
Retweeted by Bellaa group of Karens is called a klan
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She should’ve stayed where she was💀
Retweeted by Bellabro what the fuck do you mean she doesn’t have the blue butterflies on her face in real life
Retweeted by BellaBitch...I just found out I’m blocked by Kim Kardashian
Retweeted by Bellatw suicide this is one of the most fucked tweets i’ve read. wow.
Retweeted by Bella @chibikyoko Ew!!!!!!!!!!!! @gxddesstee I’m agreeing with you! mediterranean folk do get tan but they don’t get black like you said! Danielle 1… @gxddesstee I didn’t say I was white anywhere, I stayed a generic basic statement about European folk that live off… @popunkprinsexx Who is “we” ma’am!!!!The whole misogynistic “meme” bullshit on twitter is so ugly / toxic and unfunny. There’s a reason they’re all single. @popunkprinsexx She’s truly so arrogant tho. @chibisiwizzle Sam has WARRANTS hahaha this bitch couldnt go to Europe 😂 @gxddesstee @GallichioXoxo @xxSleepinFrost @boyiinventedu @LifeWithCatOnYT @marinarolchigo @killuascam @gxddesstee @GallichioXoxo @xxSleepinFrost @boyiinventedu @LifeWithCatOnYT @marinarolchigo @killuascam’s here. Watch #SKRRT with Offset now on @quibi
Retweeted by Bella @GallichioXoxo @xxSleepinFrost @boyiinventedu @gxddesstee @LifeWithCatOnYT @marinarolchigo @killuascam @killuascam @BloodyNosedYote @Darkheartbeaut2 @Lithunium_Snow And when they make her incredibly light lol @Darkheartbeaut2 @BloodyNosedYote @Lithunium_Snow They do, Ariana was never that pale tbh, you can do a bit more di… @MisterJunkins @Lilac75207946 @_mxbella_ @livraemk @ginaisthatbitch @Lithunium_Snow Okay right. It’s like they forget she’s still a kid.Biden *literally* grabbed a woman by the pussy, and the Pink Hat Brigade is defending him...
Retweeted by Bella @drewisgooden i meaaaaaan...
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Retweeted by BellaMessage from celebrity *important*
Retweeted by Bellayou lying about coffee? call that cappuccino 🧢😜
Retweeted by BellaI wish twitter and WHYppl never learned the word “simp” my friends stopped saying that like 2 years ago, and now it’s back 🙃 @wonderlandswoo @izzyhollandx
Retweeted by Bellayeah this place stinks. i’d much rather live in my studio apartment with no dishwasher
Retweeted by BellaEveryone keeps saying butter sock but the only terrifying thing was Jades eyebrow piercing did NOT stutter
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Retweeted by BellaFuck it who wants to just stay up all night
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Retweeted by Bellacrying in a GTA nightclub
Retweeted by BellaImagine spending years in research just to be referred to as ‘et al’. Nah I’d be fuming
Retweeted by Bellago yo ass to sleep
Retweeted by BellaMen on twitter stress me out lmao @WentzMVP @eastfeed Nah. This is an L. Adele is a treasure.
Retweeted by Bella @juliaef_ let’s not forget this one
Retweeted by Bellathinking about 70s conversation pits don’t text
Retweeted by Bellame all day me at 3:30 am: in quarantine:
Retweeted by Bellahmmm 🤔
Retweeted by Bellamy girlfriend did my makeup and took a bunch of cool photos and tbh I’m about to act up 😳 I’m gon make me do someth…
Retweeted by Bella🗣🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by Bella @NicktheGatorfin @magdacsiebert every british word feels like it is just dancing around the possibility of being a slur
Retweeted by Bellathe united kingdom must be destroyed
Retweeted by BellaHusband just told me, “watching the federal government deal with COVID-19 is like watching the Ministry of Magic de…
Retweeted by Bella‘If 2020 was a person, their name would begin with J’
Retweeted by Bella @Riverbank_uwu WHAT!!!!! You must!How do you tell someone you’re not coming to their wedding because still throwing it during a pandemic when your wh…’m bored wow @Riverbank_uwu I love horror and psychthrillers!! My favorite anime still was future diary hahah. But I’ve watched… I said, if I am mutuals with your abuser, please let me know. No ands, ifs, or buts. Unfollowed. I do not support that.
Retweeted by BellaIf your significant other is an essential employee still working, PLEASE remember to be patient with them. I haven’…
Retweeted by Bella#TogetherAtHome @WHO @GlblCtzn
Retweeted by Bella @sincerely__ivy I love the wrapping paper I have every color except brown @gmoney1197 @sincerely__ivy SameI just cried watching Onward lol
Retweeted by BellaWhen I tell you I’m sad / and upset and tell you why, then you choose to ignore the issues, that’s a you problem. I… quarantine already got me bored of next week
Retweeted by Bella @Riverbank_uwu I haven’t watched anime in FOREVER. Like I get into this mood where it’s all I want to do sometimes… @Riverbank_uwu Ty bb @liluludi @pinchegordita Okee!!!!! I’ll DM u!!!!! @ryan_jamieson @MusingsofCodyJ @jeremypgreen @SellmanWriter @dafydd2277 @awalkerinLA @Stonekettle Nah. You can’t gr…
@FLAMINGSKULL698 @Sacajamia_ @yaboiozyman2 @peachyyva @SC0RSESE Yeah no, she’s trash. Nice try. @iamcardib Me looking inside @iamcardib PU$$Y for the album:
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